top sports new and reviews and well known columnists is one of the most popular sports news website that is owned by ESPN Inc. It was launched in the year 1993 with the domain of From the time of its launch, there has been so many different sections added in the website for instance, My ESPN, ESPN Video Games,’s Fanboard, Page 2, ESPN Search, ESPN Fantasy sports, ESPN Insider, and ESPN Motion. It has also done partnerships with,, Scouts Inc,,,, Golf Digest, Baseball America and

The website has got separate sections for Soccer, IRL, MLB, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, NFL, College and NBA. Each section provides columnists pages, teams, news wires, players, injuries, transactions, standings and scores. Some of the popular columnists of are Michael Smith, John Buccigross, Jim Caple, Chris Mortensen, Pat Forde, John Clayton, Scoop Jackson, Andy Katz, Gene Wojciechowski, Bill Simmons, Buster Olney, Adam Schefter and Jayson Stark.

From the year 2001 till 2004, website was the part of MSN portal. ESPN also launched its Spanish version website in the year 2000. The website has got some of the most prestigious awards like People’s Voice Awards for best sports service in the year 2005, news Association’s online Journalism Award for General Excellence, Webby Award, People’s Voice, EPpy Award for best internet sports service and Media Magazine Best of the Net Award in the year 2003, Time Magazine rated as the best sports site on the web, Webby award for 2nd time, GLAAD Media award for outstanding journalism article on the topic ” Sports World Still a Struggle For Gays.” written by Bill Konigsberg in the year 2002 and many others. is probably the most comprehensive sports news website, covering almost all kinds of different news, which sometimes can be a bit inappropriate for kids. A normal age of a sports fan should be at least 13 years to become’s member and to get access of forums, blogs, friend lists, personal profiles and other features of MyESPN. Most of the content on the website like analysis and stats are pretty much straightforward, but there are some sensitive issues that have to be covered by the writers like gambling in sports, racism and doping.

As far as the overall website is concerned, it is informative and extremely descriptive. It has got an easy to use and a simple layout that can be navigated by people of almost all the ages. At the top of the website, you will witness the screen that will be showing the live scores of the games. At the bottom of the scoreboard, there are tabs for so many different games to give detailed information about each and every sport.

The entire structure of ESPN website makes it possible for the visitors to many of the activities using the homepage. Visitors can select stories and material with the help of tabs, but mostly, you will get almost each and everything on this page. It’s because of this level of interactivity and impressive content that is offered by ESPN that convinces most of the people to re-visit their website again and again. Another thing that has impressed me is that all the departments of ESPN have got almost exactly similar layout that is of ESPN’s home page. It’s a good method to make people more familiar to the website.


Top 5 Healthiest fruits you should eat

Fruits are surely the healthiest part of anyone’s diet. Affluent of vitamins, fructose, oxidants and containing natural sugar, fruits can probably be one of those few food choices that a person can easily take without any apprehensions of something going wrong, unless in cases of allergic reactions, diabetes, etc. They are also helpful for those pursuing weight loss diet strategies.

I have taken time to establish a list of top 5 fruits that I consider to be the healthiest, and suitable for everyone in almost all the cases. They are:

1-      Berries

The berries contain antioxidants. They are good for skin, hair, and overall heath.  Moreover, it decreases the hazard of cataracts, arthritis, and macular degeneration. They are 70% full of water, hence making them juicy. Berries are good for the diet and losing weight. It has Folate, which reduces heart diseases.

You can have the blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.  All the berries have fiber and vitamin C. This helps prevent a person from age-related memory loss, eyesight problems, and also help in achieving glowing skin and hair.

Raspberries have 54% vitamin C, 52 Calories, and Potassium 4%. Strawberries have 98% Vitamin C, 32 Calories, Omega 3’s 56.0 mg, and Sugar 5gm. Blueberries has 35% Vitamin C, Antioxidants 4.77 mmol, and Vitamin K 25%.

2-      Papaya

This fruit is full of Vitamins B, E, and fiber. It breaks down the protein and helps in digesting the food. It has antioxidants like vitamin C, carotenes, and flavonoids. The papaya protects from the causes of cancer. It also has the anti-flammatory effects. It is full of minerals, magnesium, and potassium. It helps in boosting up your immune system. It heals the wounds and saves the blood from turning into clots.

There are very low calories in papaya, which make it ideal for the weight loss purpose. It cures the ringworms, fever, dengue, infections, etc. It is also very helpful in gastric, heartburn, bowel syndrome, and constipation.

3-      Guava

Guava is a healthy fruit, widely used to cure the constipation, cold, skin care, dysentery, cough, diarrhea, weight loss, scurvy, and high blood pressure. This fruit is full of Vitamin A, which makes it help cure eyesight related problems. The nutrients in it help stimulate the metabolism and the weight gain. It is very much successful fruit in decreasing the prostate cancer risk. Guava contains 381% of Vitamin C, Antioxidants 1.20 mmol, Potassium 12%, and Vitamin B 34%.   

4-      Orange

Full of mineral and nutrients, orange is a widely grown and highly consumed fruit of the world. The presence of antioxidants makes it best thing for the immune system, eyesight, cardiovascular disease, healing wounds, and ultimate lungs protection. Eating orange is better than having the orange juice. The orange’s fiber helps you in having the regular digestive tract, decreases the symptoms of diverticular disease, and controls the blood pressure. It has hesperidin, which regulates the blood vessel function, decreases the inflammation, and lowers the cholesterol. Orange has 75% Vitamin C, 23% Vitamin B, and 47 Calories.

5-      Apple

Known as a miracle food, Apple is another most consumed fruit of the world. Apple is the working fruit for everyone. It is full of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and falavanoids. The B-complex Vitamin in Apple helps you in controlling the red blood cells and nervous system. The fiber helps in preventing the bad cholesterol and many other diseases to happen. The Vitamin C helps in augmenting the infectious agents. Apple has 4.6mg Vitamin C, 6 mg Calcium, 107 mg Potassium, and 85.56 g Water.

Advertisements Review formerly known as CBS, started in the year 1994. It provides statistics, live videos, e-commerce, scores, information, mobile apps, news, products of fantasy sports and much more. Its headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. CBSSports is one of the top notch sports news website covering sports like NASCAR, National Football league (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), National Baseball Association (NBA), NCAA College Basketball and Football, National Football League (NFL) and other high school, college and professional sports.

One of the highlights of this website is that it has got some of the best sports writers namely Tony Barnhart, Gregg Doyel, Dennis Dodd, Gary Parrish, Jason La Canfora, John Heyman and Bruce Feldman writing for the site. It also features Dave Richard, Sergio Gonzalez, Nando Di Fino, Scott White and Jamey Eisenberg as fantasy sports experts. is completely owned by CBS Corporation, which also operates in many different fields like music, radio, production, broadcast, entertainment, media, cable, publishing, syndication & media. has got portfolio of different brands that includes, MaxPreps, which is a leader of high school sports and college network, which has got around one hundred and seventy five athletic official websites for universities & colleges from all over US.

In the year 1997, a partnership of marketing was made with CBS Sports for the creation of CBS Sportsline. It also got billed as “the nation’s premier online media service devoted exclusively to sports information, entertainment and merchandize.” Other than providing sports news, Sportline also started fantasy sports because of its increase in popularity. A deal of was also signed with the search engine giant Google to use its technology & advertisements.

In the year 2004, CBS Corporation purchased SportsLine USA and its name was changed to It is to be noted that similar name has been used in its mobile and television platforms as well. The announcement of acquisition of was made by Viacom Inc in Dec the 2004. Viacom Inc is one of the leading sports media companies in the industry, which was willing to pay 2.75 dollar of amount per share for the total of 26.6 million shares of Sportsline. started the production of games in the year 1997 to enter in the business of fantasy sports. A partnership was also being made with Daedalus World Wide Corporation, which develops products of online fantasy sports. Initially, a subscription fees was charged for fantasy games, however, in the year 2000, the website started providing free products. This decision caused them a massive loss and that why they again shifted to their paid subscription system.

All the news on the website gets updated in real time and it has got as much as thirty two correspondents that provides information and updates from every NFL city.

If you are also a big of NFL, NHL, NASCAR and other sports then you must visit to get all the latest scores, articles, reviews, news and much more.


Top Ten Green Technologies that Can Change the World.

Technologies have always been blamed as the destroyer of our environment. Cars emit carbon monoxide, industries are producing waste material which is polluting water channels, and so on. In fact all different sorts of pollution are in one way or other are made related to technology. But if we see the other end of picture we will find that many technologies are striving for the betterment of environment.

Recycling Plants

Our waste can easily be transformed into energy by recycling plants. There are many companies out there who are working to turn biomass into ethanol. Many cities have plants install that can convert the waste into energy.

Electric Cars

Automobiles are blamed most for the environmental pollution that is why scientists and motor car companies have been working to bring electric cars to our roads. Still the technology is not at advanced level but hybrid cars are there in market and they create far less pollution.

Hydrogen Fuel:

The best alternative for the fossil fuels are Hydrogen fuel and it is pollution free. This technology is also in its process of growth. Scientists have been working to obtain hydrogen cells easily. Some of the car companies are also working to produce cars that will only emit clean water.

Making of Petroleum Products from Almost Anything

Nature converts the carbon based sources into Oil by processing it for millions of years, now this can be done by a process called thermo-depolymerization. The only difference is of time that artificial process can be completed in far less time.

Nuclear Energy:

US nuclear plants are providing 5th part of the energy to its country. If you remove all those nuclear plants and use coal plants, carbon emission would make unbreakable records. Nuclear energy is one the gift of Technology, had it not been there, then Ozone would have been vanished by now.

Green IT:

Well how computers are making Pollution? One could wonder for a long hours. About 2% of pollution is committed by our Computers. Logic is as they are running on the energy source which is generated by fossil fuels. Now what Green IT does is that it makes laptops phones etc energy efficient. There is software in the market which runs in background and tunes your PC to use minimum energy.

Li-Ion Batteries:

The technology has improved itself not in the way it creates energy but also in the way it stores it. Li-Ion batteries are used widely in all mobile devices and in computers etc. The batteries are extra energy efficient and they last longer and they are indirectly having positive impact on environment.

Wind Power:

Converting wind power into useful form of energy is another achievement of technology for better environment. Moreover it provides inexpensive source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels they do not emit any sort of waste material.

Tidal Power:

Our earth is 70 percent covered with oceans, and those oceans carry surplus amount of tidal energy.  That tidal energy is used to rotate the turbines to make electrical energy. In this way no waste is produced.

Solar Energy:

Solar energy can be used in two ways, one is to use photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight directly in to electrical energy and other is to use the sun heat to run the turbines; mirrors are used for this. Both ways are extremely environmental friendly.

With all these technologies we cannot say that world will become pollution free but at least it can b improved or we can at least control the mess we have already made. 


Top 5 Fitness Websites

Who wouldn’t like to:
• Increase immunity to fight off diseases in a body?
• Have a healthy body and soul?
• Look fantastic?
• Have fun outdoors?
The answer to all those questions is; there is no one who would not like all this…But achieving all this. Well that is the crucial part. How is one supposed to keep in shape and work for a living… going to the gym every day. Paying exorbitant fees every month. How can one possibly do all of it and meet deadlines at work and social engagements? Well, now we have websites available that caters to our every need. They give individuals their personal diet plans, exercises and workout keeping in mind. How well endowed they are. But here there is confusion as to which website to chose and why? This article is going to answer all of those queries. Following is the list of the best, highly rated websites based in the USA which helps individuals to keep in shape and not fall out of proportion.

Each and every individual is different, their wants and needs vary, based on which age group they belong to and which ailments they suffer from. Exercises not only to keep fit, but also to fight Obesity, Arthritis and Diabetes. Fitness .com caters to all individuals from ages between 14 -70+, providing diet plans with food recipes and exercises to lose fat and not muscle.

2 Gym
This website has exercise demos and instructions to perform different exercises. Workouts designated to different users customized as per their needs. Individual regular training support. Good and flexible packages for different time periods.
Gym America applies knowledge of experts on how to reduce weight, shape body and much more combined with technology. This place believes in achieving results and working hard to achieve them.

3 Men’s
This website caters specifically to the alpha males of the species. This site helps men folk to have super crazy muscled bodies… Abs to kill for… and exercises that don’t knock macho men out flat but exercises that they can fit easily in to their daily routines and see visible changes in a very short span of time. This website helps men to become more macho, strong and appealing.

4 Train with me
This site is buzzing with information. Once you get your bearings here you can work things out for yourself. This site makes very good use of online fitness training. It has around 200 exercise videos instructions included. This site also has a discussion forum on which members are active and communicate openly about their weight reduction and body building issues.

This site is a comprehensive library of expert fitness advice at no cost… yes for free. This place gives information on how to stay and lead a healthy active life. One can learn how to remain fit from scratch, the basics and then create their own diet plans and manage weight .This place tells us a lot about workout equipments and why to buy them or use them.


Healthy Quick Breakfast Strategies

Breakfast is the most important meal in keeping your day healthy. However, it has been generally observed that it is also the most skipped meal of the day by many. A good start to the day with a healthy refreshing meal will definitely keep you energetic and strong and will allow you to meet all your working requirements for the entire day perfectly.
Consuming good breakfast also helps in keeping your lunch meals lighter, giving you options to either keep it restricted to a bowl of salad or fresh fruits or even in skipping the lunch altogether as well. Such a strategy can easily help you in losing your extra pounds as well.

It is reported by USDA, that your breakfast must make up the 18% of your total calorie count that you consume in the entire day. Many people find that a hassle and a time consuming task in the morning, more so when they choose to instead snooze in those extra minutes, or are getting late for work. So for all such people, in order to have a rather quicker breakfast, you may follow the below suggested healthy quick breakfast strategies which can be taken alone or in combination with others:

• Flavored yogurt is a perfect breakfast idea if you are always in a hurry; you can purchase any of your favorite fruit yoghurt from a supermarket and can have it first thing in the morning just by grabbing it out of the refrigerator.
• A protein shake is also a very healthy drink which can provide you with the best nutrients and keep you energetic throughout the day. Moreover, you don’t need to spend much time over it. Just blend the fruits and milk together with some nuts and a protein shake is ready. If you want a quicker protein shake, you can purchase bottles of protein shake from the supermarkets as well.
• Eggs are also always considered to be a really good choice for breakfast and they are can be boiled or fried really quickly.
• Peanut butter is a perfect treat to have as the first thing in the morning just take one tablespoon of peanut butter and spread it over the slice of bread you can have it while you are on your way to the work as well, so what’s quicker than this?
• You can even have a bag of nuts being prepared in advance which you can carry at work easily and munch them while on your way to work and during your work as well. Just take a zip lock bag and add raisins, almonds, walnuts, and other nuts and carry it with you everywhere.
• A glass of milk with some figs and dates is also a perfect and quick breakfast idea; it will keep your blood sugar level maintained with a dosage of iron, calcium and vitamins to keep you healthier.
Breakfast is the meal that should never be skipped no matter what; however you can tailor the breakfast. Make sure that in order to make it quicker, never compromise on the healthy nutrients.


Daily Nutritional Requirements for a Healthy life

A healthy and a balanced diet is what leads to the provision of all the required nutrients, however the thought that keeps everyone confused is, what exactly is this balanced diet? And what nutrients are necessary in order to live a healthy life? Well, there is a huge list of nutrients which you may require to fulfill your nutritional requirements.
Every age group has different nutritional requirements which are a must to fulfill in order to pass a healthy life. Daily nutritional values as per RDA are as follows:
1. Proteins:
Protein being a very important nutrient required in the body for the strengthening of the bones and muscles and better functioning of mind is found in diverse food items and is mainly consumed in the form of fish, meat, bananas and eggs.
Children, in their teenage require 46grams to 52 grams of protein in a day whereas; the adults need to consume at least 45grams to 55 grams of protein on a regular basis.
2. Carbohydrates:
Carbohydrate being an important source of energy for your body boosts up your stamina and is made up of a combination of starches and sugar. Carbohydrates are noted in potatoes, rice, pasta and dairy foods.
The quantity of carbohydrates being demanded by the body of teenage children is about 300 grams however, the adults may require about 310 grams of carbohydrates on a daily basis.
3. Iron:
Iron is an important nutrient in our body and performs several important functions. The iron takes the oxygen from our lungs to the entire body and in the case if a person becomes iron deficient the consequences can be worst. The foods that provide the iron in the body are apples, beetroot, meat, cherries, oatmeal, bread and tuna fish.
The amount of iron required in the body of a teenage child is 40 milligrams per day whereas; an adult requires 45 milligrams per day.
4. Calcium:
Calcium is a very essential nutrient for the body. It is the calcium that makes the bones strong and working and apart from the bones it helps in muscle strengthening as well. The foods that are full of calcium are the figs, wheat, almonds, cereals and all the dairy products.
The daily requirements of calcium by children amounts to 1300 milligrams whereas, the adults require 1000 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis.
5. Vitamins:
The three most important vitamins demanded by the body are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. these vitamins help our body in growth and better performance. The intake of vitamins is important for teeth, hair, skin, and hormonal balancing. The foods that are full of these vitamins are oranges, cereals, egg yolk, fish, nuts and the foods that have dark colors.
The daily requirement of vitamins for kids is, Vitamin A 2000IU to 2500IU, Vitamin C about 65 milligrams, and Vitamin D 50 IU. As far as the daily Vitamin requirement in adults is concerned, Vitamin A 5000 IU, Vitamin C 2000 milligrams and Vitamin D 1500 milligrams to 2000 milligrams.
6. Vitamins
Fat is considered by many people an unhealthy nutrient for the body however, it is just a misconception. Your body needs a limited amount of Fat in order to produce energy. The foods that may provide you with fat are egg yolk, cheese, oil, and butter.
The amount of Fat demanded by the body of a child is 55 grams to 78 grams whereas an adult requires less than 70 grams to 95 grams.

The entire details given above include the key nutrients to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements and in order to maintain a healthy body you must consume a blend of different food items that fulfill your requirements and keep you healthy.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Celebs

Katey Segal, while working on the TV show Married with Children, became pregnant and the discussion ensued about whether to hide it behind objects or write it into the show. The decision was to write it into the show; however, seven months later Katey Segal went into the hospital for an emergency caesarian and delivered a still born child. The Married with Children Producers addressed this by writing it off as if Peggy Bundy had dreamed she was pregnant and the scenes barely made it to the show.
In the early 1990’s a roast was held in New York City for the infamous Whoopi Goldberg. Her lover and friend Ted Danson showed up to the event with a black face, which initially offended other guests. He began blurting out racist and off color commentary in which another guest Montel Williams removed himself from the chaos.
The Eagles and Black Sabbath were scheduled to records albums at the same time, next door to each other, in Miami. As The Eagles sang Hotel California they were shut down by the raging beats of the music next door. Recording notably took at least twice as long and cost twice as much, but in the end it all worked out well and the Eagles won an award for the song.
Even though many actors come and go from the Saturday Night Live shows, there is one single person that has worked for the show since its beginning in 1975. Don Pardo was the announcer for the show until he retired in 2009 to his home in Arizona. He was asked to stay on as the announcer but no longer wanted to fly to New York to do so. From then on, at a young 90 years old he continued his work for the show. Also, extremely cold air was and is pumped into the Saturday Night Live studio to make the audience more comfortable. Apparently, when viewers are uncomfortable, they are far less likely to laugh and stay tuned to the show. Everyone that has seen the show Saturday Night Live, they know that the audience involvement is a key underpinning of the show.
Christopher Walkin was not always a celebrity actor commanding millions for the films he stars in, years ago when he was young he worked as a lion tamer. He loves cats because he feels they are respectful in that they do not empty their bowl when they eat, they leave a little behind as a thank you. It is for this reason that Christopher leaves a little of his own food on his plate and takes outside on a pizza plate for the nearby animals to munch on.


10 Weird Facts about Celebs

Remember the movie Silence of the Lambs? How could we forget? Despite the movies success, Anthony Hopkins appeared for a whopping total of sixteen minutes when the movie was released. Apparently that is all Anthony Hopkins needed in order to win an Academy Award.
The release of The Avengers was long overdue for avid movie watchers. The original ending of the movie was meant to be Robert Downy, Jr. falling back to Earth, waking up and saying, what’s next? The talented star nixed that idea, asking for something more original and indicative of the unexpected nature of the movie series.
The actor Neil Flynn originally auditioned for the role of a doctor on the tv series Scrubs. He did not get that role, but instead was cast as the hospital janitor. The janitor was only designated to appear in one episode; however, the menacing playful nature of what came to be known as Janitor with Dr. JD caught viewer’s attention and they kept in around.
David Bowie gave a stellar performance in the Labyrinth, but one job task he fell short on was juggling in the little girl’s room, showing his mystical powers. A professional juggler was hired to shoot the juggling seen, but instead of just taping the juggling and splicing David Bowies profile over the jugglers because the technology did not exist when the movie was made. The juggler actually practiced with a stand in, by standing behind the person with his arms around to the front and juggling the items blindly. Apparently it was a very exhausting process that tuckered out the professional juggler.
Christian Bale took on the chilling role of American Psycho, despite his representatives advising him that it could harm his future acting career. The inspiration for the character came from an appearance made by Tome Cruise on the David Letterman Show. In the book, the characters all sported Rolex watches, but bail was not offered one by the Rolex company which is why which why the well- known line in the book was changed to ‘don’t touch the watch’ instead of Rolex.
The Family Guy’s, Seth McFarland was trained by the same music teacher as Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand. Seth McFarland made a big band styled album where he sang and played the piano and released it.


10 Weird Celeb Phobias

No one is oblivious to unique fears and phobias, not even celebrities. No two phobias are the same, nor are they only for one gender.
The talented Madonna may seem fearless in her stage presence with her long career of performing, but even Madonna crawls under her bed during a storm. Apparently the sound of thunder makes her shake in her boots.

madonna phobia storms
Madonna crawls under her bed during a storm

The gorgeous Orlando Bloom lights up the big screen as an actor and most people think he is far too strong for his knees to be weakened by any one thing. As strange as it may sound, Orlando Bloom is deathly afraid of pigs. Surprisingly pigs are one of the cleanest outdoor animals, when it comes to pet pigs, but the wild breed of pigs are harmful with their long sharp teeth. Wild pig’s tend to root and turnover the soil destroying the landscape and cause a lot of damage to farms. Pigs root up the ground looking for roots to eat.

orlando bloom fears pigs
orlando bloom and kirsten dunst

The Australian born Nicole Kidman has a level of balance between talent as an actress and a subtle girl next door beauty. The country of Australia is well known for their authentic wildlife and the breadth taking views, which makes it a bit strange for Nicole Kidman to be afraid of the tiny fragile butterfly. Maybe it is the butterflies’ fragile state that makes her fear she might hurt them. Even though Nicole Kidman has walked many red carpets by invitation, she begins to panic before walking the red carpet most every time. It could be the pressure of numerous cameras flashing in her face and everyone calling her name that spooks her nervous system.
The Baywatch alumni Pamela Anderson displays her fit physique as she runs down the beach providing aid to swimmers in distress. Her hourglass figure has made her a household name and numerous young men’s first celebrity crush. It will surprise you to learn that the one thing that makes her flip out is actually looking into a mirror. Good thing she has an excellent style team to mitigate the risk of being on the worst dressed list.
The young Kelly Osborne has been in the public eye since childhood and seemingly handles the fame well. With such a famous father, she really never had any other choice but to embrace the camera. Kelly Osborne’s greatest fear is being touched by other people. In their youth her brother liked to taunt her by pretending to touch her which always started a fight.