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These Amazing Drone Images Will Change Your Perspective Of Our Earth




A drone has become a welcomed addition to cinematography in recent years. With brand new ways to see the world, they provide us with new viewpoints deemed impossible only a few years ago. We can already see their impact in documentaries and recreational use: most new films rely on the standard drone overhead shot used for establishing the scene and aesthetic.


Here are some of the coolest drone shots that have been posted online. Some of these explore views that have never been captured on film before, making for some amazing ways to see the world.

Free Fall

Here is a wonderful shot of a country road in fall that perfectly captures the transitional nature of the season. As the leaves change from green to brown, the photographer shows us the purples and yellows that remain.

Calin Stan

The winding country road acts as an intrusive interruption to nature and how the impact of man can be felt through nature’s most transient experience. The drone looking straight down highlights just how powerful this shot it – as if looking down from the heavens.

Mars Landing

A similar shot to the previous slide, this image looks like it’s taken straight from a sci-fi film. The Arizona road indeed epitomizes Americana landscapes -the red roads with rural surroundings perfectly captures the freedom that America holds dear.

Aydın Büyüktaş.

The Mars-like craters have inspired the name of this photo, making it a larger-than-life piece worthy of display in the greatest art galleries. See the next image and how it contrasts to this…

Danger Zone

A contrast to the peace and quiet of an Arizona road, this drone caught sight of a rumbling volcano. Since drones entered the mainstream, we can now capture images in parts of the world that are otherwise too dangerous to explore ourselves.


This Icelandic eruption is too scary for humans to trek to, and think of the dangers! Today, we can send a drone to get sights like this. The lava looks like a lake of fire – very chilling, indeed.

Urban Sprawl

Yes, drones can capture the natural, but they can also examine the manmade. This highway intersection in Shanghai is a gem in infrastructure, with the drone in the perfect position to highlight its significance.


Here, the photographer witnesses the large city working in unison to maximum efficiency. In a city of 24 million people, roads like this will become more common as the years go on. But for now, they remain a marvel that is best appreciated from a birds-eye drone view.

Forrest Landing

Do you think the photographer stumbled upon this amazing site by chance or fate? Outside of Portland, Oregon, buried in 10 acres of dense wood, is this Boeing 727 plane.


What’s most amazing about this is that the plane is actually owned and inhibited by a man named Bruce Campbell – no, not the actor! He converted the plane into a home and uses it as his primary, yet unconventional, living space. Would you live in a plane like this if you had the opportunity?

High Above

Drones are great for seeing the wonders of the natural world, but we can also use them to appreciate the accomplishments of the manmade eras. Here in Barcelona, the drone is spying on the city’s Sagrat Cor Church.


It is located high up on the top of a large hill, usually covered by clouds swirling around the religious staple. Using a drone, we can now see the powerful image of Jesus looking over the people of the city from high up above.

Abandoned Beauty

Have you heard of the Republic of Abkhazia? Not many people have, but its tale is as eerie as the photos that survive it. The area was home to large amounts of killings and ethnic cleansing activities.


Once the horrific acts stopped, many people got up and left – resulting in this spooky photo of a building all but consumed by the nature surrounding it. Here, we can see the convergence of history and future, man and nature – living on forever in this photo.

High Living

Where do you go if you have noisy neighbors? If you’re sick of being around people the whole time, then perhaps you should move here. Located in the western region of Georgia, the Katskhi Pillar is a natural rock that is the home to a church with a very lonely monk.


Twice a week, food and supplies are dropped off to the monk, who is only accessible via a 131ft ladder. We would rather have some noise from neighbors, you know, on the ground!

Break In Worlds

A drone has caught this amazing moment in Norway, overlooking one of Europe’s highest waterfalls. Mardalsfossen waterfall is a 1,175ft vertical drop that is so high it rests above the clouds.


As a drone flies up to capture this unique view, we can see the swirling clouds create the illusion of the floating water. The peaceful nature at the top is in direct contrast to the chaos representing Hell and the underworld. Strange how water represents the lifeline to both worlds.

The Great Diver

What will you do for your 60th birthday? If you’re like this man, you might find yourself jumping off a waterfall! In this incredible feat of technology, human bravery, and good timing, this Yellow River in China holds the Guinness World Record for waterfall diving spots.


Again, the drone is the perfect tool to capture a bird’s eye view of the action, offering us an amazing look at nature and how man is merely a player on the chessboard of planet Earth.

Soaring High

In the perfect moment, there comes a photo that perfectly encompasses what it is like for nature to live from up above in the skies. It’s a man’s world, after all, and animals are just living in it.


Here, this beautiful bald eagle flies above searching for prey, and we can see just how it looks from above. What is usually a nice view becomes ominous once we realize this fella is looking for dinner! A great use of the drone to see life from an animal’s point of view.

Home Alone

If churches on the top of mountains aren’t your cup of tea, then how about cottages on the surface of the seas? One lonely misanthrope decided to leave society one day and live a peaceful world away from all those annoying humans you’ve heard about.


Although this is taken somewhere in between New York and Canada, the fact it’s on a flying drone implies that we don’t know how far we are from the next human! Would you live here if you could?

A Hard Day’s Work

Window cleaners have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, but you can’t deny the views are something special. Here, the cleaners in Moscow, Russia, are making sure the folks in the offices can see the magnificent landscape.


The drone caught them at work during tusk, adding a golden glow to the already majestic composition of the photograph. Considering the dangers of their job, we must appreciate it every time they venture alongside these buildings. Would you go up there?

Lively Lillies

In Vietnam, there lives a lady who loves the lilies. In a pond in the Mekong Delta, a woman gets out her boat and collects the flowers that grow up through the water and into the sky. She collects the lilies on the surface of the water and arranges them in the shape of one, large, photo.


This photo was submitted to the International Drone Photography Contest – coming in second. Perhaps the people who voted didn’t like lilies as much as the lady. What photo came number one?

Optical Illusions

You might be wondering what a boat is doing on the surface of a dry and cracked desert. Amazingly, this is actually a lake with such clear water that you can see through right to the bottom of the surface. You can see the subtle water rings created by the couple who are stirring the water.


Located in Virginia, Burke Lake is known for its amazing scenic views. The photo is called ‘Cracked Mud Boating’ taken by a drone photographer in the USA.

Hungry Hippos

They may not look it, but hippos are actually one of the most dangerous animals in the world. It makes sense that the photographer of this drone picture would want to keep a distance from these water beasts!

During feeding time, we see how close they stay with each other as they look for where they can get a meal. Because no one likes to eat alone, right? A mix of young and old – big and small – shows how family-orientated hippos are in the tribe.

Fantastic Forts And Where To Snap Them

This Dutch fort was built almost 300 years ago and now is open to the public as a historical museum. The star-shaped walls and protective moat still stand strong today making it a highly popular visiting site for tourists who wouldn’t usually visit the small town in Holland.


The forest surrounding it is maintained by the museum and can be spotted from the skies, as observed in this drone photograph. Would you go sailing around its borders? A perfect idea after leaving Amsterdam!

River Lines

This award-winning photograph is not the painting it appears to be! This drone traveled all the way up the freezing mountains of Iceland, rising 1500ft above the land, to show the world the amazing feats of nature. The swirling lines and majestic ice trails are something out of a Disney film.


This photo is actually part of an entire series called ‘Elemental’, which sets out to explore the elements of planet Earth. The Delta River in Iceland has always been famous – now it’s renowned!

Mexican Wave

A photo like this perfectly encapsulates where certain actions can get their name. This shot of Mexico City shows how citizens built a city and populated a space along rolling hills. It’s no small accomplishment, either: Mexico City is home to 21 million people, making it the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere.


The image shows thousands of homes all wrapped around the Earth’s crust, acting as a metaphor for the ups and downs of life’s challenges.

Driver Groans, Photographer Drones

One person’s misfortune is another person’s photograph. This lorry driver is in the middle of a pretty bad day after tipping over and spilling is shipment of materials.

Thankfully, Ilya Martyanov is there with his drone to capture the moment. We love how the photo is juxtaposed with the speedy cars running alongside’ showing yet again how life never truly stops.

Cold As Ice

We know that trees are as deep as they are high. Over time, their roots sink, twist, and turn deep into the ground and catch a firm grasp on planet Earth. What we can see here is the impact of that.

This black and white drone image displays the roots through the ice as veins in the ground. It really shows how plants are the lifeblood of the planet and how they can so easily live in the toughest climate environments.

Resting In The Reservoirs

This drone captures the charming view of a river in Singapore, currently the host to a canoe class. Here, we can see how the instructors and students have accidentally formed a smiley face.

John Wong –

Sometimes the best moments are photographed from a distance; when we are far enough away from the action to see a bigger picture. Here, we can see the smiles in the everyday acts.

Above The Polar bear

Photographer Florian Ledoux won the grand prize at the 2017 Skypixel awards for this image. In it, we can see a polar bear struggle to cross the ice caps in the Arctic. The photo is noteworthy not just for the melted ice, but for the perfect moment he snapped the photo.


He says: “Dear future generation, I hope we will still be able to see the Arctic wildlife as we do now. It is threatened as the environement is changing… I can guarantee you this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

Summers In France

When Jerone Courtial traveled to France, he was determined to capture something that wasn’t your average tourist photo. He and his gilfriend flew to Valensole and patiently waited.


Thankfully, he caught this image and was rewarded as Dronestagram’s 2017 winner. Today, he says it is his favorite photo that he has ever taken. Apparently, the 39-year-old spent a little too long waiting!

We’re Expecting

It can be a taxing experience to come up with a unique way to announce you’re expecting a child. For Thibault and Britany, they had the advantage of a drone to help them make the best reveal possible.


Together, they have experience in running shoots for film and television companies. So they found their favorite spot in Normandy and got drawing! From above, we can see the drawing as they work together to make a baby. Very cute!

A Colorful Country

Sadly, not much is known about this photo, other than it was taken by a photographer who refers to himself as Anders. The photo highlights the extraordinary contrast in the fields as they clash with colors divided by a river.

Anders via

There are many parts of the world that show us just how amazing nature can be. Thankfully, drones allow us the opportunity to see from up above and appreciate it as a whole.

Look Around

This image, titled Shadows From Above shows us how we really look when we walk around glued to our phones all day long. Yes, we are surrounded by people, but actually it looks like we are standing all alone.


We like how big the shadows are from up above; it reinforces how much of an impact we leave even though we may not realize it. Next time you’re on your phone, don’t be afraid to look up and explore the world.

Two Moo

Luke Bell took this photo which shows a similar perspective to the previous photo. Although the cows may look flat from directly above, it is their long-reaching shadow that leaves an impression for the viewer.

LUKE BELL/Dronestagram

According to Bell, he took the photo in South Africa after he saw them drinking in a nearby dam. He credits the drone for being able to capture a shot that otherwise would have been impossible.

The Angel Of The North

This impressive statue is located in England and stands 66 feet tall. Its wings spread a massive 177 feet across, making it an unbelievable site when driving down the motorway next to it. – Andy Robinson

The Angel of the North was erected in 1998 and was designed by Anthony Gormley. He set out to create a ‘sense of embrace’, which is even more powerful from the image captured by a drone.

Mir Mine

This amazing drone shot captures Mir Mine, the largest diamond mine in the Soviet Union. Today, it is one of the biggest excavated holes in the entire world. It’s incredible to see such a large man-made hole and the impact that humans can have on the Earth.

Eso ha vuelto

Today, Mir Mine isn’t used but can still be admired from a distance. Visitors can see the mine in its glory and think about its place in history.

Hurricane Harvey

The world can be an amazing place, but nature doesn’t come without its tragedies. Here, we can see how Hurricane Harvey absolutely destroyed parts of Texas and Louisiana, causing $125 billion worth of damage.


Along with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it remains one of America’s most deadly and costly natural disasters. 30,000 people were displaced, and we can see the extent of the damage from above.

A Bubble of Hierarchy

This drone image just shows us how important the hierarchal systems are in the ocean waters. As this shark swims, there is a circle of fish around him keeping their distance in case he gets hungry!

The natural shot is an amazing look into how the seas still organise themselves and protect against threats. Still, we can’t help but think how lonely it must be to be a shark!

Look Out!

Speaking of sharks, these two got close and personal to them in California. The girls were part of a documentary that explored the relationship between sharks and humans when they traveled on a paddleboard to see them.

The West Australian

Kelly says: “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be so close to great whites in their natural habitat. At times, the sharks got so close to my paddleboard that I could see their color, fins, and gills in detail. I was so in the moment that I didn’t realize how much adrenaline I had until I was out of the water.”

Traffic Jams

You think your morning commute is bad? Try living in China! This drone image was snapped on the Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway, which boasts a massive 50 lanes of traffic. Despite the width, it doesn’t prevent traffic from piling up.

Daily Choices

This photo was taken after a week-long holiday called ‘Golden Week’. According to sources, traffic was so bad that it lasted for 12 days with drivers moving one mile a day!

Caught In The Act

Uh-oh! This drone operator was caught taking a picture of this lion – and he’s looking directly at us. It’s an amazing split second image that captures the king of the jungle in his natural habitat.

Amazingly, we have this image to remind us how much lions are like felines – he looks and acts just like a cat. Next time, make sure the drone remains high enough to avoid swiping paws.

The Ultimate Recluse

If you (also) hate people then this castle is perfect for you. Wrapped around a moat, this drone shows us just how secluded the owners of this castle can be when they go home each night.


Still, it can’t be too easy to order a pizza or invite friends round. Either way, Dronestagram celebrated this image as one of the photos that best highlights the power of seclusion.

The Land of the Earth

According to the photographer, this picture is part of a larger collection that highlights the damage caused to the landscape by industrial waste. It may look pretty to us, but it actually shows the damage humans have caused.


The photographer says: “The rapid development of human civilization has brought a series of negative effects. The environment is polluted and the ecology is destroyed. Environmental pollution must be managed, otherwise, there will be no complete earth.”

An Italian Village

This drone image shows the beautiful mountains and hills of an Italian village, Santa Maddalena. The colorful shots make for a striking view of nature and our place within it.


The man-made drone can be applied to capture the incredible nature sites, such as this one. It’s a view that even the locals don’t see when they are living down on the ground.

Closer, Tiny Dancer

This is an incredibly simple yet effective image captured on a DJI Mavic Pro. We can see a dancr practising in the center of an old courtyard in Shanghai, China.


The photographer has commented: “Shanghai’s only nearly 190-year-old courtyard house with northern features is rarely seen in the south, where dancers dance not only skirts but also old Shanghai memories” We think it’s a great photo.

Lotus Flower

Another feat in human architecture, this Lotus Temple is located deep in Dehli, India. The structure was designed to represent a lotus and was designed by a famous Iranian architect.


What makes this photo even more amazing is the fact that the local area has since banned the use of drones in this specific part of Dehli, making this photo incredibly rare. Would you risk your drone for a photo of this masterpiece? No need now, we have the photo right here for you.