5 Best Travel System Strollers

New to parenting, or soon will be?  There’s no use in buying a stroller and then having to purchase a separate car seat, unless your purpose is doubling your expenses!  What you want is a travel system, one purchase that combines both your stroller and car seat into one convenient, compatible package.  So what are you waiting for?  Save yourself some time sorting through a slew of sites, and take a look at our recommendations for the 5 Best Travel System Strollers for your baby!


Editor’s Choice:  Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30

Now here is a system that has it all!  With 6 wheels featuring all-wheel suspension, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride while on the go, or fold it up and stow it away with one hand when you’re ready to head home.  A 5-point safety harness keeps your kid in his seat, while the KeyFit system secures the seat to the stroller.  Multi-position memory reclined seats, trays for you and your child, shopping baskets and storage pockets; this travel system combines everything you need into an attractive package you’ll be proud to push.  Starting between $300-$330, the Cortina KeyFit has your baby covered, from the time they’re an infant to when they’ve packed on 50 lbs. 


2)  Graco Alano

Slightly lighter than the Chicco Cortina, the Graco Alano certainly fits the bill at $180-$200.  While it may not be as easy on the eyes, it does share many characteristics of the Cortina, but sacrifices the one-touch breaking system.  Cheaper than the Graco Stylus Classic Connect, don’t underestimate this close contender at #2.


3)  Britax B-Agile

When mobility is the name of the game, you might want to buy the Britax B-Agile.  Although it seems light at 16.5 pounds, don’t forget to add in the 9.8 lb. car seat.  Almost futuristic in appearance when you reverse the seat, it has 4 wheels in a trike-formation, which may be a stability concern for many parents, and the reviews simply aren’t there; and at between $330-$400, why would they be?


4)  Eddie Bauer Adventurer Sport

Quilted, sleek and sexy, this is the stroller system for sophisticated parents.  All of that sophistication comes with a price, however, and I’m not talking about the price tag hovering around $230, that’s ok for an Eddie, but you’ll be building your mommy-muscles with this 47 pound monster!


5)  BOB Motion Travel System

It looks good.  Seeming to combine aspects of the 4-6 wheel models and trike construction, this appears to have struck a solid balance with regards to design.  A lot of included higher-tech materials ensure safety, and it does extend its own life by allowing you to use it until your child reaches a whopping 65 pounds, but at over 52 pounds itself, and a price tag of $500 plus, looks can be deceiving.