Five Best Breast Pumps for Moms on a Budget

Nature has provided mothers with an inbuilt, completely organic, perfectly blended source of nutrition for their little ones. For many reasons, it may not always be convenient to feed your baby straight from the source but pumps can cost you quite a bit if you don’t shop around. Her are the top five breast pumps for moms on a budget .

1. The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

This pump costs only $25. It features an innovative system that allows you to pump directly into bottles for a more hygienic and safe storage experience. Because it is manual you can easily adjust the speed of pumping with precision to whatever level is best for you at that point in time with no need to pump both breast at once if one happens to be producing more than the other.

2. The Harmony

A product of Medela, this manual pump features a particularly comfortable design that eliminates much of the discomfort sometimes associated with pumping milk. It simulates the natural sucking motion of an infant with its patented 2 Phase Expression system which starts fast to stimulate milk flow then moves slower to collect the milk. You can purchase it for around $40.

3. The miPump

Made by First Years, this pump comes complete with its own tote bag at just $80. It can be powered via plug or batteries and pumps both breasts at once. It was designed with comfort in mind so it allows you to pump longer. Its LED display lets you see suction levels and the timer.

4. The Evenflo Dual Electric Breast Pump

This pump features a silicone insert that can be adjusted or removed for a better fit for breasts of all sizes. Its small size and light weight make it easy to use discretely and portable enough to carry around wherever it’s needed. It comes with larger bottles so that greater quantities of milk can be collected at each pumping should the need arise. It costs $80.

5. The Affinity

Electric Pumps tend to be far more expensive than manual ones which is why this model from Lansinoh earns a spot on the list. It features different suction settings and speeds and pumps both breasts simultaneously with an ergonomic adjustable design that helps you relax when you pump. It’s available online for just under $120.

There’s nothing quite like being mom and with the right breast pump you can take steps that ensure better health for your child not just as a baby but over the course of his or her lifetime.