Top 5 Diapers for Newborns

A newborn baby is going to have very specific needs that require extra care to satisfy. They can be so tiny the diapers used on babies just a few months older will be way too big on them,  leaving you with a leaky mess. Here are the top 5 diapers made especially for newborns.

1. Huggies Little Snugglers

Huggies has been a key player in the disposable diaper industry for decades. With their reputation and your baby’s comfort in mind they created this particular diaper with sizes for preemies and larger newborns. They have cutouts to protect delicate new navels and they turn colors when wet.

2. Tiny gPants

These semi reusable newborn diapers from the gDiaper company are something of a compromise for parents who would like to be more eco-friendly but aren’t ready to go fully cloth. The reusable outer pants come in several adorable designs and are used with disposable but biodegradable absorbent inserts. They can add up to long term savings.

3. Pampers Swaddlers

Another familiar brand, Pampers Swaddlers also feature a pad that changes color to alert when it’s time for a diaper change. They are available from preemie to newborns. Not that you should leave your baby in the same diaper for a whole day, but they also boast 12 full hours of protection from leaks.

4. Honest Company’s Premium Eco Friendly Newborn Diapers

This relative newcomer is known for the exclusion of toxic chemicals and additives from its entire product range, diapers included. Its inner layers are made from sustainably harvested plant based materials without fragrances or lotions. Its odor protection comes from natural citrus based odor blockers. They may be slightly pricier than some other brands but they are also a bit less likely to cause diaper rash.

5. Kanga Care’s Lil Joey Cloth Diapers

Though reusable diapers fell out of fashion for decades, new concerns about landfill space and sustainability have caused them to make a resurgence. Kanga Care’s Lil Joey diapers for newborns have a permanent absorbent microfiber so that they approach the convenience of disposables. They fit babies as small as 4lbs and as large as 12lbs.

With the right newborn diaper your first few months with your baby will be that much more enjoyable with greater comfort for both of you and fewer accidents all around. Just don’t buy too many all at once, most babies don’t fit into this size for very long.