Tax Return Season is Here! Compare Top 5 Tax Software 2015

Year 2015 has started and we need to get down to submitting our 2014 tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service will start the 2015 tax filing season on January 20, 2015. Getting your tax return right can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

While using a CPA or tax professional is a valid option, it can be costly – typically $200-$800 per person. Therefore, using a tax software is often the best solution. These software cost only a fraction of the price and can calculate and submit all tax return forms for you. Most of them have the federal filings for free.

You till typically need your W-2 form and enter the data into the right boxes. Then you may want to claim certain expenses: the top online software can help you with finding the right type of expenses that you can include and lower your tax liability by hundreds of dollars.

Best online tax software
Best online tax software

These are the top tax solutions as reviewed by our experts.
TurboTax has several different versions: Premier (read our review), Deluxe (read our review) and home (review.) Their free tax preparation software can help you fill out simple forms, like the 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040. For more complex form you will have to use one of the paid versions.

Other vendors that you might consider are: H&R Block tax software (our review) and quicken (see review here)

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Happy tax season!!

How To Choose A Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoins were introduced in 2009 but still many people have no idea about how they work. Even if you know how to purchase this digital currency, it’s another story to use them in transactions. And this where a Bitcoin Wallet comes to your rescue.

Bitcoin walletThe bitcoin wallet allows you to trade bitcoins with other people just like a regular currency. It actually gives you the ownership of a Bitcoin Address that enables you to sell and buy bitcoins.

All the bitcoin wallets are compatible with each other and just like emails, you will receive bitcoins in your account even if you are offline. However, it is not an easy task to choose the right bitcoin wallet. Below are some useful tips for anyone looking to choose the perfect bitcoin wallet.

Getting Started with Bitcoins

Bitcoin Wallets are a great place to begin your journey if you are new to the bitcoins. The wallets like bitcoin-Qt and Bitcoin Wallet will especially be helpful in this regard. You need to have a computer with internet connection to run this software. It typically takes 24 hours to synchronize with the system and it is more resource-intensive as well. After synchronization, your computer will start checking and doing transactions automatically.

Types of Bitcoins Wallets

There are actually two types of bitcoins wallets that are software wallets that run on your computer and web/ mobile wallets.

The Software Wallets

As mentioned above, you have to install software wallets on your computer. The basic function of these wallets is to give your computer control over your wallet. The computer will do all the trading on your behalf and you will only be responsible for protecting your money while doing necessary backups. Here are some of the most popular software wallets.

• Multibit:

Multibit is perhaps the easiest of all the wallets to operate because it is simple and convenient to install. You can start using it within minutes because it will synchronize with the network wasting no time. It is a good wallet for nontechnical users and supports many foreign languages as well.

• Electrum:

Electrum is another great client that is fast and simple and doesn’t require too much memory or space to run.

• Bitcoin-Qt:

Bitcoin-Qt is no doubt, the backbone of the entire system because it is the original bitcoin client. It offers the highest level of stability, privacy and most importantly, security. The only drawback is that it requires lot of memory and space and offers fewer features in comparison to other clients.

Web and Mobile Wallets

You can virtually carry the bitcoins wherever you go using web and mobile wallets. With the help of features like NFC or QR code scanning, you can actually pay with bitcoins in brick and mortar stores. Similarly, web wallets require a lower level of security and enable you to use bitcoin without any hassle regardless of your location. Some important web and mobile wallets include:


It is a hybrid and extremely useful wallet for mobiles and smartphones. It also runs on iPhones but in restricted mode in order to comply with Apple policies. However, it works perfectly with Android and offers typical Blockchain features such as web wallet backup.

• Bitcoin Wallet:

Bitcoin Wallet is one of the best clients for both Blackberry and Android. You don’t need to connect it with any other service because it works at its own. It also supports NFC and QR code scanning.


You need to be very careful when choosing any bitcoin wallet because they store you bitcoins. Any incident or problem on their side can result in loss of your bitcoins. This is important because no bitcoin wallet provider offers any insurance on bitcoins like banks do. Therefore, search the internet thoroughly and only select the wallet with good service history and users reviews.

Top 5 Bitcoin Exchanges

There are many companies around the globe that allow investors to trade bitcoins. However, most of them are spam and there are only a few that are legitimate. Here are some of the best companies in the world for people looking to sell or buy bitcoins.

Bitcoin exchanges1. MT.GOX

MT.GOX is one of biggest bitcoin exchanges in the world. The exchange allows individuals and companies to exchange bitcoins with people around the world in their local currencies. The platform is intriguing, reliable and you can start selling or buying bitcoins in few simple steps.

MT.GOX will wire USD to any bank across the globe. If you buy exchange 100 USD for X number of bitcoins, the company will charge you 0.6% interest.

2. BitStamp

BitStamp is ranked 3rd in the world in terms of volume and is an exceptional exchange to buy or sell bitcoins. The buying and selling process is so simple. All you have to do is open an account, verify the account and subsequently, load that account with bitcoins or dollars.

If you opt for instant sell order, your bitcoins will by automatically be sold against highest price offered but you can also set the price of your bitcoins by placing a “limit sell order.” The BitStamp will charge you 0.1% deposit fee in all cases where minimum deposit is $15. Your bank account is credited with funds within 2-5 business days. Furthermore, they also take 0.20%-0.50% commission on each trade depending upon your monthly trading volume.

3. Coinbase

Coinbase is also included in the top 3 Bitcoin exchanges in the world. You just need to connect your bank account to them and start selling or buying bitcoins within minutes. The company stores almost 97% of customer funds in offline bank vaults in order to eliminate the chances of theft and loss.

After making your first sale, they will debit your bitcoin account and deliver your dollars to your bank account. The buying process works in a similar way. Coinbase is relatively cheaper than other companies as it charges only 1% for converting bitcoins to US dollars and vice versa.

4. Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is a highly reputable and well known company for purchasing and buying bitcoins. It is a new site but has quickly emerged as one of the most reliable and authoritative companies in the world when it comes to trading bitcoins. The greatest advantage of Local Bitcoins is that it also promotes in-person trading. The company helps you to find the person selling or buying bitcoins in your area and arranges a meeting.

On the other hand, you can also explore the company’s site to find suitable offers from around the globe if you want to sell or purchase bitcoins from the comfort of your home. Local Bitcoins is the best and easiest method to buy or sell bitcoins because you can talk directly to the other party and pay through your preferred method.

5. Trade Bitcoin

In many ways, is similar to You can find local traders selling or buying bitcoin in your area through Trade Bitcoin is a trusted name in bitcoin industry and has been operating for many years now. Similarly, the company also allows you to purchase or sell bitcoins online.

What are the most important things you should consider before starting your website?

Frankly speaking, there is a lot more to be done after registering a domain and purchasing a reliable hosting for your website, but you don’t need to worry a lot because I will tell you each and every thing that is important to run a website.

1.     On-site SEO:

The overall process of search engine optimization of a website is called as on-site SEO. It only involves strategies that are directly associated with on-site attributes. Your website can rank higher in search engines, if you are going to use relevant keywords all around your website.

2.     Off-site SEO:

Once, you are done with your on-site SEO, you need to start your off-site SEO. In Off-site, you need to use link building and back linking to get the link juice of high PR websites.

3.     Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is extremely important to showcase your website in front of the world. As we all know that these days, people are spending their most of the time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others, therefore, it has almost become a compulsory task to keep updating your social media pages round the clock. You can also hire people who can manage your pages on all the popular platforms.

4.     Search engine listing:

Search engine optimization is the organic way of generating traffic on your website. It’s even more important than social media marketing because it gives you long time results; however, it’s not that easy to completely optimize your website in accordance with the top search engines of the world like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

5.     Website design:

As far as the design of a website is concerned, you should make it extremely user friendly, so that people from all age groups can access your website without any problem, other than that, do keep in mind that your website should always load quickly because these days, people are not having enough time to wait for your website to load.

6.     Online marketing experts:

You can also hire online marketing experts who are capable enough to run your marketing campaign on the internet. They are well-aware about all the latest search-engine regulations and the usage of social media websites; therefore, they can do a far better job than you.

7.     Link building:

Link building has got many benefits, but it requires a lot of time and hard work. You can hire a team of professionals to generate backlinks of your website all over the internet. It helps to build a repo of a website in front of search engines.

8.     Online marketing:

Online marketing is extremely cheap in comparison with T.V ads, placing ads on hoarding etc. You can use so many different platforms to advertise your website, some of them are free and some requires a small amount. These platforms include Facebook ads, ad banners on popular and high traffic websites, email marketing and many others.

SlideShare – presentations that get you up to speed on everything

A business is incomplete without presentations. No matter how great the basic idea is, it would fail badly if not presented well. The showmanship is considered as one of the biggest quality of a successful businessman. For this purpose, presentations are used in almost every business all over the world.

These presentations are sometimes required to be shared within and outside the entity. Before 2006, it was a heck of a task for anyone to share presentations and other professional content. In October, 2006, a web 2.0 based slide hosting service introduced itself with the name of SlideShare.

It allowed users to upload presentations, business documents, PDF files, info graphics and webinars. SlideShare converts the PowerPoint presentations into flash presentations which are then, easily shared and embedded. Since its foundation, it achieved countless milestones. Its importance in corporate world is evident by the fact that only 6 years after its foundation, LinkedIn acquired it.

Rashmi Sinha who is the CEO and co-founder of SlideShare, was named amongst the Top 10 Women Influencers in Web 2.0 all over the world. SlideShare was voted among the world’s top 10 tools for education and e-learning in 2010. It is now one of the top 120 most-visited websites all over the world. gets approximately 58 million different visitors every month. According to report, it has about 16 million registered users.

Sign up process for SlideShare is very easy and only takes a nominal amount of time. Alternatively, you can also log-in via Facebook account or LinkedIn account. The contents on SlideShare are properly organized and categorized which makes it easy for the person to search for the desired content. It accommodates PowerPoint, pdf, keynote and OpenDocument presentations

You can share the content with your customers, suppliers, business associates, co-workers, employees or friends. The contents can be embedded into other sites or blogs. This feature makes it more user friendly.  With the advent of technology, the use of social media has become a necessity. With slide share, you can share directly with your other contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and of course LinkedIn.

People have always wanted larger audience to communicate their thoughts, ideas and other useful information. With SlideShare, it’s easy to reach, engage and communicate with audience all over the world. International audience adds a star on the reputation of the business. It can also be used as an effective advertising tool. The brand name of the business gets known to the world by sharing of documents and presentations. It’s a way, and I must say, an effective one, to present yourself to the world by using SlideShare.

By joining the world on SlideShare, the geographical distance doesn’t matter. Whether you be in your office or home, or travelling abroad on a business trip or a family vacation, the contents of the SlideShare can be accessed everywhere easily. According to an analysis report, majority of the successful business, have benefitted from SlideShare. With comments option, you can have immediate feedback of your presentation or documents which helps in timely review of your performance.