The Private Jets and Yachts of These Celebrities Will Have You Stunned

The era of purchasing expensive sports cars to show off your abundant fortune is long gone. Now, it’s all about purchasing classic luxury yachts and jets that the common man can only wish for. So, let’s take a look at the jets and yachts of some of the wisest celebrities who know how to make ample money out of their time!

John Travolta

Of course, you would expect John Travolta to own an airplane. After all, he has a pilot’s license to his name and is passionate about aviation. He possessed four airplanes, which amount to a total of about $50 million. However, he gave this one away as charity to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society.


Parents vs. Their Celebrity Children – Genetics Has Always Played Well!

We are all interested in digging deep into our favorite celebrities. Good looks and tempting styles are a game of genes. From appearances on newspaper front pages, candid shots, and countless paparazzi spying on you, inheritance brings wonders.

Heartthrobs at age 30: Clint Eastwood proved himself a heartthrob back in his prime time. Throughout the 2010s, Clint Eastwood showed off his charm with grizzled eyebrows and grey-white hair yet he was considered an outstanding actor and director. His performance in Dirty Harry and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly cannot be neglected. One fun fact about him is that this sure heartthrob does not clearly list down the number of kids he has fathered. But he is super proud of his one child, Scott Eastwood, who inherited the genes for being a heartthrob himself. The likeness between the two makes it nearly impossible to rank the better one!


Warships That Are Changing Our Future

They are massive machines that ride through the waves and are run by many men.  We are listing some tremendous tankers that are the jewels of the ocean and play important roles in defending our borders. Warships have a long history and are always being developed and upgraded. Naval battles are epic struggles on the high seas far from land so these ships need to be tough.  Here are 29 warships that are currently at sea and ready for action at any time.

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Navy Man Returns Home to Get the Shock of His Life

US servicemen and women do a courageous job every day performing their sworn duties overseas protecting our civil rights, freedom, and homeland. This means they can be deployed away from their friends and family for extended periods of time, keeping in touch through electronic screens and chats. Unfortunately, this takes its toll on relationships, as Navy Seaman Chris Daugherty can attest.


The Stories You Never Knew About the Osmond Family

What do you know about the Osmand dynasty? With almost half a century in the entertainment industry, this family has accumulated more than a few skeletons in their closets. Let us open the door and have a look at some of the Osmonds’ tales and journey. This story is quite an epic taking a tour through many decades…


The Most Terrifying Animals on the Planet

There are millions of species of creature that roam this earth; ranging from small to large, timid to lethal. Here are some of the most fatal creatures across the earth and you just might be surprised at how some of them made the list.


An Inside Tour of the Most Lavish Celebrity Homes on the Planet

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Ah, to be part of the rich and famous. With their large homes and beautiful accessories, it’s no wonder they’re always seen smiling. The burdens of credit debt or waiting to cash that recent paycheck are problems that don’t exist for Hollywood’s elite. Surrounded by state-of-the-art security systems and relaxing in their home cinemas, it appears that finances are one thing they don’t have to worry about. Here, we outline some of the most extravagant homes that help celebrities sleep well at night.


Tax Return Season is Here! Compare Top 5 Tax Software 2015

Year 2015 has started and we need to get down to submitting our 2014 tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service will start the 2015 tax filing season on January 20, 2015. Getting your tax return right can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

While using a CPA or tax professional is a valid option, it can be costly – typically $200-$800 per person. Therefore, using a tax software is often the best solution. These software cost only a fraction of the price and can calculate and submit all tax return forms for you. Most of them have the federal filings for free.

You till typically need your W-2 form and enter the data into the right boxes. Then you may want to claim certain expenses: the top online software can help you with finding the right type of expenses that you can include and lower your tax liability by hundreds of dollars.

Best online tax software
Best online tax software

These are the top tax solutions as reviewed by our experts.
TurboTax has several different versions: Premier (read our review), Deluxe (read our review) and home (review.) Their free tax preparation software can help you fill out simple forms, like the 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040. For more complex form you will have to use one of the paid versions.

Other vendors that you might consider are: H&R Block tax software (our review) and quicken (see review here)

To see the full comparison please visit our comparison chart

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Happy tax season!!


How To Choose A Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoins were introduced in 2009 but still many people have no idea about how they work. Even if you know how to purchase this digital currency, it’s another story to use them in transactions. And this where a Bitcoin Wallet comes to your rescue.

Bitcoin walletThe bitcoin wallet allows you to trade bitcoins with other people just like a regular currency. It actually gives you the ownership of a Bitcoin Address that enables you to sell and buy bitcoins.

All the bitcoin wallets are compatible with each other and just like emails, you will receive bitcoins in your account even if you are offline. However, it is not an easy task to choose the right bitcoin wallet. Below are some useful tips for anyone looking to choose the perfect bitcoin wallet.

Getting Started with Bitcoins

Bitcoin Wallets are a great place to begin your journey if you are new to the bitcoins. The wallets like bitcoin-Qt and Bitcoin Wallet will especially be helpful in this regard. You need to have a computer with internet connection to run this software. It typically takes 24 hours to synchronize with the system and it is more resource-intensive as well. After synchronization, your computer will start checking and doing transactions automatically.

Types of Bitcoins Wallets

There are actually two types of bitcoins wallets that are software wallets that run on your computer and web/ mobile wallets.

The Software Wallets

As mentioned above, you have to install software wallets on your computer. The basic function of these wallets is to give your computer control over your wallet. The computer will do all the trading on your behalf and you will only be responsible for protecting your money while doing necessary backups. Here are some of the most popular software wallets.

• Multibit:

Multibit is perhaps the easiest of all the wallets to operate because it is simple and convenient to install. You can start using it within minutes because it will synchronize with the network wasting no time. It is a good wallet for nontechnical users and supports many foreign languages as well.

• Electrum:

Electrum is another great client that is fast and simple and doesn’t require too much memory or space to run.

• Bitcoin-Qt:

Bitcoin-Qt is no doubt, the backbone of the entire system because it is the original bitcoin client. It offers the highest level of stability, privacy and most importantly, security. The only drawback is that it requires lot of memory and space and offers fewer features in comparison to other clients.

Web and Mobile Wallets

You can virtually carry the bitcoins wherever you go using web and mobile wallets. With the help of features like NFC or QR code scanning, you can actually pay with bitcoins in brick and mortar stores. Similarly, web wallets require a lower level of security and enable you to use bitcoin without any hassle regardless of your location. Some important web and mobile wallets include:


It is a hybrid and extremely useful wallet for mobiles and smartphones. It also runs on iPhones but in restricted mode in order to comply with Apple policies. However, it works perfectly with Android and offers typical Blockchain features such as web wallet backup.

• Bitcoin Wallet:

Bitcoin Wallet is one of the best clients for both Blackberry and Android. You don’t need to connect it with any other service because it works at its own. It also supports NFC and QR code scanning.


You need to be very careful when choosing any bitcoin wallet because they store you bitcoins. Any incident or problem on their side can result in loss of your bitcoins. This is important because no bitcoin wallet provider offers any insurance on bitcoins like banks do. Therefore, search the internet thoroughly and only select the wallet with good service history and users reviews.