Amazing Facts About Celine Dion

The chances are you have heard a Celine Dion song over the years. Whether she is standing on the tip of the Titanic with her amazing ballads or even performing the soundtrack for the new Deadpool movie, you can’t deny the icon has had an amazing career. The award-winning superstar has just turned 50 and shows no signs of slowing down. Join us as we break down some of the biggest ups and downs over her life – including love, loss, and the strength to overcome life’s challenges.


Celine Dion Remains The Same Superstar, Despite Turbulent Personal Life

The chances are you have heard a Celine Dion song over the years. Whether she is standing on the tip of the Titanic with her amazing ballads or even performing the soundtrack for the new Deadpool movie, you can’t deny the icon has had an amazing career. The award-winning superstar has just turned 50 and shows no signs of slowing down. Join us as we break down some of the biggest ups and downs over her life – including love, loss, and the strength to overcome life’s challenges.


The Private Jets and Yachts of These Celebrities Will Have You Stunned

The era of purchasing expensive sports cars to show off your abundant fortune is long gone. Now, it’s all about purchasing classic luxury yachts and jets that the common man can only wish for. So, let’s take a look at the jets and yachts of some of the wisest celebrities who know how to make ample money out of their time!

John Travolta

Of course, you would expect John Travolta to own an airplane. After all, he has a pilot’s license to his name and is passionate about aviation. He possessed four airplanes, which amount to a total of about $50 million. However, he gave this one away as charity to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society.


10 Celeb Facts You Wish You Didn’t Know

We all misbehave, that’s for sure. But what would’ve happened if we were monitored and under constant surveillance? Would we still do it? Celebrities, being public figures, have to watch their every step in order to not end up on tabloid covers and bad-mouthed by everyone else.

Wrecking Ball

Some of them just can’t resist and some of them don’t care what other people have to say about them. Here are 10 celeb facts you wish you didn’t know, and they would’ve wanted to erase if they could.

1. Bieber Does it Again

Once a sweet boy with an enchanting voice that made every teenage girl scream, Justine Bieber has become a real trouble maker. This teenage star just can’t help himself. He’s been the subject of one too many tabloid articles for his many visits to jail.

2. Attention Seeking Lohan

We all know Lindsdey Lohan. How could we not? She’s tried everything: constantly getting high and drunk, partying hard, being a lesbian, name it – she’s done it. She recently shook up the press by releasing the list of every celeb she ever slept with, married or not. And the shocking part is that the list is quite long. For any fans of her teenage comedy movies, her behavior is a big letdown.

3. The Kardashians

Ever since the Kardashian reality started years ago, people can’t seem to get enough of them. Divorces, outbursts, spoiled brat behavior and lots and lots of nudity and intrigues keep fans spellbound. You either love them or can’t stand them.

4. The Wrecking Ball

The biggest concern right now is probably Miley Cyrus, who seems to think she’s the only girl going through puberty. From Disney’s sweet kid to Miley “Wrecking Ball”, her transformation has shocked fans.

5. Amanda’s Under the Influence

We all remember Amanda Bynes from Nickleodeon series and lots of popular teenage movies that she starred in. This was a rough year for her as she managed to end up in a psychiatric hospital for throwing a bong out of window and setting a driveway on fire.

6. Oops, I did it Again

Britney Spears might be still the greatest disappointment to girls everywhere when she married Kevin. She lost everything, shaved her head, misused drugs, almost lost her children to Kevin and stopped wearing panties in public. But, everyone has the right to change, so let’s forget about all of her outbursts and give her a little credit for landing on her feet after few rough years.

7. Abusive Brown

Chris Brown really crossed the line once he’d beaten up his girlfriend. That will surely be remembered for some time. And will hopefully make him think twice next time he tries to do something like that.

8. Famous for Being Famous

And who could ever forget about the queen of scandals, young heiress, Paris Hilton. She is lives a care-free life without ever having to worry about being penniless. She has filmed porn, made a few remarkable sex scandals, abused drugs…and, yeah she made a music record.

9. The Olsen Twins are Back

One of the well-known Olsen twins, Mary-Kate, destroyed the twins’ image, once she started using cocaine and became anorexic. Those things put her in rehab, but since then things have been going pretty well for two of them. They’ve released their own line of handbags.

10. A Glorious Comeback

Dear friend of Paris, Nicole Richie, is still remembered almost for nothing but about her heroine addiction, car accidents and party misbehaving. She’s now happily married to Joel from Good Charlotte.


Top 5 Celeb Crushes to Make Your Heart Melt

Everyone likes to see a fine looking couple, especially when two celebrities are involved. Celeb relationships often have to withstand many rumors, gossip and paparazzi, but a lot of them go onto lead happily married lives. It’s hard to maintain a relationship, but it’s even harder thing to do when you’re constantly being photographed.

Brad and Angelina

The more intrigue involved including infidelity, betrayal and fighting the happier the tabloids and paparazzi are. Great majority of celeb crushes end up being just a crush, but there are those fairytale stories magical enough to melt your heart. Here are some of top celeb crushes that have captivated the imagination of the press and devoted fans alike.

1. Megan Fox and Ryan Austin Green

You must be having some difficulties imagining this gorgeous actress and fantasy of every man, settling down to raise three children. But, that’s the case. Megan and, her few years older hubby, Ryan are happily married for four years now, and things are going pretty well for them. He must be the luckiest man in the world according to lot of disappointed men out there, dreaming about this beauty.

2. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

These two are among almost every top 100 good-looking celebs. Breaking up and constantly making up, they sure know how to draw attention. Ex Disney’s Sweet singer/actress and number one teenage sensation, are having a rough time managing their relationship, with Justin always getting in trouble. Their crush causes tons of buzz, as they end up on every tabloid front page. Let’s just hope they decide what’s best for them.

3. Robert Pattison and Kirsten Stewart

Friends, colleagues then a couple! A lot of girls were left heart-broken and jealous, once these two hooked up. Things between them were going great, along with their mutual movie, when Kirsten decided to cheat on him with director Rupert Sanders. But, as this celeb couple claim to be in an open relationship, we wish them all the best.

4. Rihanna and Chris Brown

Everyone loved seeing these two together. This lovable couple have been together since their teenage days, and fans were thrilled seeing happy. Everything changed few years later when Chris showed his ugly and violent side, leaving Rihanna bruised and beaten. They’ve split up, of course.

5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Maybe the happiest and the best looking celeb couple ever to walk down the red carpet, leaving people breathless and some maybe even envious. After these two hooked up, many looked at Brad with resentment for cheating on Jennifer Aniston, and in the end breaking up with her. Eventually this celeb crush turned out to be a great match. After all, they’ve since started a family together. After many years of being together, the media still loves this couple.


How to Talk to Your Favorite Celeb

Life is unpredictable, and you might have an opportunity to talk to your favorite celeb in a club, park or any other public place. You will surely not be able to resist approaching your favorite movie, rock or pop star, but try to resist the urge to shout out loud. That won’t be comfortable for you or your celeb.

Meeting Celeb

Stay Calm 

In order to not seem so desperate, imagine this situation as any ordinary thing and keep cool as much as you can. Anything you do as a starter might influence the rest of your conversation. You need to act as casual as you can and walk to your celebrity calmly, but try not to look too suspicious, because that might create an awkward moment where you might get rejected and ignored.

If your favorite celeb has company, try to introduce yourself politely without being too pushy, because nobody likes to be interrupted in the middle of a conversation. Try starting a conversation with a simple: “Hi, how are you?”, then the rest of the conversation will flow naturally. When in this sort of situation, you will be full of adrenaline and your palms will sweat. If this is the case, avoid handshakes and try to consider meeting with this celebrity as a normal, everyday thing to do.

Be Complimentary

If your opening line is accepted by the celeb, continue casually by saying you’re a big fan, but avoid fanatical behavior because that is very inappropriate and your conversation might end where it started. If everything goes well tell your fav celeb something to compliment his previous work, but don’t get on and on with it, because you might get the opposite reaction to what you initially expected.

Movies and music can be very moving and inspiring, but don’t get your personal life involved, for a compliment could easily be misunderstood and bring the conversation to an abrupt end.

Don’t Intrude or Overstay Your Welcome 

Be aware of how long you’re talking to your idol, because he might get bored and feel like you’re intruding. If the conversation continues well and he tries to keep up with you and continue with it, don’t constantly stare at him/her and laugh importunately at everything your celeb says. Strained smiles and laughing are awkward and transparently artificial.

You should definitely avoid subjects from tabloids and other press related things; nobody likes intimidating questions and prying into their personal lives. If you get rejected right after you try to start a conversation, don’t make a big deal out of it and be rude. Just say: “Sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day!”, and try to sound as calm as you can and do your best to avoid bursting into tears. Your favorite celeb might end up coming to you to apologize and might even offer to give you an autograph.


Just stay cool; try not to be pushy and enjoy your opportunity to meet your fav celeb. It’s only later, that you can let the crazy out and show off his autograph or the photo that you may have been lucky enough to snap with him.


10 Things You Should Never Say To A Celeb

You’re walking down the street, as usual, going to school, job or to your favorite cafe to meet your friends. Suddenly, your favorite celeb comes out of nowhere, and you get the opportunity to tell your friends a remarkable story. Meeting the person you admire can be really tense situation. Surely, there are a lot of things you would like to say to him or her. But in order not to embarrass yourself, you need to follow a few tips.


1. Don’t Ever Scream 

Maybe your favorite celeb just wants a little time off of publicity, which is usually the case. If you manage to tame yourself and just discretely approach to him/her, he or she would surely appreciate your effort to not point out his/her identity, and could agree to give you an autograph.

2. Don’t Look Suspicious

Your favorite celeb could suspect that you’re some kind of stalker, and you definitely don’t want to make that impression! Put your greatest smile on, but try to hold yourself from bursting to bubbles once you try to shake your fav celebrity’s hand. It might even work for you.

3. Avoid Movie Character Names

Nobody likes to be called by wrong name. Don’t presume you know him/her just because you’ve read a couple of stories in the news papers or seen all the movies they’ve starred in.

4. Don’t be Critical

Don’t ever try to say: “Oh, hi! You look a lot fatter in real life!”, or for that matter, “Ohhhhh, I thought you were taller!!!!!!!” Nobody likes to be criticized, especially movie stars, for they are often criticized for the way they’re dressed or for gaining a couple of pounds, which is surely stressful thing to be exposed to.

5. Don’t Take it Personally

Even, if they’re not interested in talking to you, it may not be because of their tremendous ego. Maybe they’re just not in the mood or they are simply having a bad day. What you should definitely not say is a curse word or start yelling on purpose so that everyone would know who he is. Act polite and move along. You can badmouth him later to your friends and get over it. Rejection is always painful in a way.

6. Don’t Talk about your Private Life

Don’t embarrass yourself. Nobody is comfortable listening to your private stories; neither is your number one celeb. Keep your conversation pleasant and brief.

7. Don’t Promote Yourself

Avoid saying things like: “Hey, I have some demos you might want to hear!!!!”. That usually doesn’t work.

8. Avoid Stalker-like Behavior

You can go ahead and try to ask them: “Hey can you give me your phone number?”, but usually that doesn’t go on very well. You might be even considered a stalker, which you’re not and cause some bad reactions, as well.

9. Don’t Ask Too Much of Them

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, but you should not ask a celeb: “Hey, let’s go have some coffee with my friends!” Celebrities are often very busy, and being rejected by your role-model might hurt.

10. Don’t be Pushy

You should definitely avoid saying: “Hey, you! What are you doing here? Are you meeting someone famous, as well? Can I meet her, too!!!??????” That’s too pushy and might be very annoying.

Celebs are just as human as everyone else, so basically, don’t say things you don’t want said to you.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Celebs

Katey Segal, while working on the TV show Married with Children, became pregnant and the discussion ensued about whether to hide it behind objects or write it into the show. The decision was to write it into the show; however, seven months later Katey Segal went into the hospital for an emergency caesarian and delivered a still born child. The Married with Children Producers addressed this by writing it off as if Peggy Bundy had dreamed she was pregnant and the scenes barely made it to the show.
In the early 1990’s a roast was held in New York City for the infamous Whoopi Goldberg. Her lover and friend Ted Danson showed up to the event with a black face, which initially offended other guests. He began blurting out racist and off color commentary in which another guest Montel Williams removed himself from the chaos.
The Eagles and Black Sabbath were scheduled to records albums at the same time, next door to each other, in Miami. As The Eagles sang Hotel California they were shut down by the raging beats of the music next door. Recording notably took at least twice as long and cost twice as much, but in the end it all worked out well and the Eagles won an award for the song.
Even though many actors come and go from the Saturday Night Live shows, there is one single person that has worked for the show since its beginning in 1975. Don Pardo was the announcer for the show until he retired in 2009 to his home in Arizona. He was asked to stay on as the announcer but no longer wanted to fly to New York to do so. From then on, at a young 90 years old he continued his work for the show. Also, extremely cold air was and is pumped into the Saturday Night Live studio to make the audience more comfortable. Apparently, when viewers are uncomfortable, they are far less likely to laugh and stay tuned to the show. Everyone that has seen the show Saturday Night Live, they know that the audience involvement is a key underpinning of the show.
Christopher Walkin was not always a celebrity actor commanding millions for the films he stars in, years ago when he was young he worked as a lion tamer. He loves cats because he feels they are respectful in that they do not empty their bowl when they eat, they leave a little behind as a thank you. It is for this reason that Christopher leaves a little of his own food on his plate and takes outside on a pizza plate for the nearby animals to munch on.


10 Weird Facts about Celebs

Remember the movie Silence of the Lambs? How could we forget? Despite the movies success, Anthony Hopkins appeared for a whopping total of sixteen minutes when the movie was released. Apparently that is all Anthony Hopkins needed in order to win an Academy Award.
The release of The Avengers was long overdue for avid movie watchers. The original ending of the movie was meant to be Robert Downy, Jr. falling back to Earth, waking up and saying, what’s next? The talented star nixed that idea, asking for something more original and indicative of the unexpected nature of the movie series.
The actor Neil Flynn originally auditioned for the role of a doctor on the tv series Scrubs. He did not get that role, but instead was cast as the hospital janitor. The janitor was only designated to appear in one episode; however, the menacing playful nature of what came to be known as Janitor with Dr. JD caught viewer’s attention and they kept in around.
David Bowie gave a stellar performance in the Labyrinth, but one job task he fell short on was juggling in the little girl’s room, showing his mystical powers. A professional juggler was hired to shoot the juggling seen, but instead of just taping the juggling and splicing David Bowies profile over the jugglers because the technology did not exist when the movie was made. The juggler actually practiced with a stand in, by standing behind the person with his arms around to the front and juggling the items blindly. Apparently it was a very exhausting process that tuckered out the professional juggler.
Christian Bale took on the chilling role of American Psycho, despite his representatives advising him that it could harm his future acting career. The inspiration for the character came from an appearance made by Tome Cruise on the David Letterman Show. In the book, the characters all sported Rolex watches, but bail was not offered one by the Rolex company which is why which why the well- known line in the book was changed to ‘don’t touch the watch’ instead of Rolex.
The Family Guy’s, Seth McFarland was trained by the same music teacher as Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand. Seth McFarland made a big band styled album where he sang and played the piano and released it.