Datehook Up: The Free Online Dating Ticket

Dating Sites in the US have become the go-to places for singles looking for love and companionship. Today, there are countless dating sites offering the virtual matchmaking feature. Even with a large number of date sites, there are specific names that have become a brand name in this context.

One such US dating site that provides solutions for searching singles is This is uniquely a free site with no subscription fee. Whereas many people think it may be useless to link up with a free dating site, the contrary is true. Free sites such as this one will offer services that pay for use sites may not provide. Notably, Datehookup offers more away from the profit mindedness associated with subscription date sites. This makes is possible to get a memorable experience as you search for your dream mate.

The Datehookup Experience

Unlike conventional pay sites, Datehookup comes with free options for on-site forums, custom profiles, and access to friends. The site interface stands out from many others, given the user friendly interface, and high quality blogs for all users for free. Users are able to save their search history, and get ideas on the best date partners to look out for. This is apparently one of the sites that allow members to send unlimited messages to other users again without paying a dime.

The Datehookup experience is one to die for. There is easy navigation and simplified linking, with leading social media networks. It is possible to get more hook ups through the DateHookup Fan Page on Facebook and Twitter, together with the site’s hookup Blog. For users who have a thing for mobile devices, there is more to it through the apps for Android and iPhones.

Since the site rolled out in 2008, it has managed to attract millions of top hits on leading search engines. The number of users runs into millions and keeps growing, all from the fact that it is easy to use and free.

online dating site
online dating site


Overview and Membership

Date Hookup has been proven to offer some of the best free on site features known to exist only in paid sites. The experience is fairly uncomplicated and discreet for singles willing to mingle virtually. The ease of navigation even for non users makes it a site worth the risk. One off visitors can get to browse through the site without having to sign up. When it comes to building the user profile, the process is almost effortless.

Customized Matching

Once onboard, it is easy to send or receive emails which are not regulated or limited by a minimal character requirement as seen in other sites. With, you can write up your interests and hobbies and filter them out to a match that complements your list. It is possible to narrow down to a specific match pattern according to your profile info and proximity.

Communication Tools

Dating sites that offer creative options for communication are preferred by users looking to get a grasp of their prospective mates. At Datehookup, you will benefit from use of photos that can be customized to fit your profile. There is an easy to navigate inbox feature where you read your emails. The Datehookup blog offers an extended version of communicating making it easier for interested users to get to know you better.



eHarmony: Successful Online American Dating

Online dating has become a darling to many across the globe. In the US, thousands if not millions turn to dating sites to appeal to their dream partners. Most dating sites here come off as free or paid services. In a country teeming with millions of searching singles, the eHarmony site ranks as one of the most popular sites preferred by many.

eHarmony has been attributed with millions of search engine entries as individuals chase the dream of landing the perfect mate for friendship, companionship, and even marriage. At the same time, the site ranks as one of the adored sites by people searching for erotic and intimate escapades. The site strives to make the virtual dating experience memorable. Apparently, this is one site that has received impressive reviews, given the level of success stories from satisfied users.

 The eHarmony Approach

Conventional and unpopular dating sites are likely to leave you with dead end dates. The eHarmony site believes in creating the wow moment for each user who signs up. The site is unique, since it offers more than just profiles and pictures. The site caters for different individuals with varying emotional needs. It is also a popular avenue for both short and long-term relationships.



eHarmony Membership and Overview

Since its inception in 2000, eHarmony introduced a spectacular matchmaking technique. This made eHarmony the internet pioneer in using a scientifically proven method of matching up site users. Once you sign up for the eHarmony service, you won’t have to sweat it out with your profile picture and bio data. The site is crafted in way that it does it for you. Whereas the sign up procedure may look demanding and rigorous, it is bound to reproduce perfect results for every user depending on the info provided. The intelligent compatibility system will easily provide the best matches, or simply suggest the partners that you are likely to be in tune with.

 Unique Features

Being a Christian dating website initially, eHarmony strives to maintain the highest level s of confidentiality and security to personal data. There are restrictions for profile eligibility and validity. Even though it is perhaps one of the sites which require hefty fees for paid membership status, it is equally successful and reputable. The highly preferred 29 DIMENSIONS compatibility method has been attributed to the high number in membership with over 20 million active users.

Users enjoy the helpful site generated emails that notify them each time a probable match for your profile is identified. The number of couples heading into marriage after hooking up on eHarmony is always on the rise. This means it is one of the best options an individual seeking to find love on the internet can get. The costs on the site will range from slightly above $60 to $250 for one month, to a whole year’s subscriptions. The good thing is that the rates get discounted quarterly, as the year progresses. Individual looking for a one of subscription deal will be required to pay up to $252, with the possibility of getting hefty discounts too.


Perfectmatch: Ideal Matchmaking on the Internet

Millions of Americans find online dating convenient and handy, especially with the challenges fronted by a busy lifestyle. The demanding career-life balance can be attributed to the presence of millions of single citizens. This is where virtual dating sites become the ideal answer to many across different states. Adult Americans infused with the intention of developing romantic or sexual associations turn to popular dating sites, such as the website.


Perfectmatch Overview

One of the notable features that set the site apart from others is the unique Duet Total Compatibility model. Since its inception, the site has leveraged on a user’s behavior and personality to churn out the best and most probable partner characteristics. This system puts into consideration a user’s lifestyle, preference, and behavior traits. Perfectmatch was developed with an individual’s value, and ideals set in consideration. The compatibility feature also evaluates a person’s love style, and reviews their taste for affection and money. For any reputable online dating site, this is a high profiled concept which helps narrow down to the best match relative to a users demographic info.

What attracts more users to perfect match is not just the duet concept, but the proven efficiency of the system that makes it one of the most sought after date sites not only in the US but also globally. Once a user enlists for service, there are easy navigation tools and discreet procedure not found in any other dating domain. The site has become a brand within millions of singles since its inauguration in 2003. The continued association with relevant global brand names helps add to the sites reputation and growth.

Any person seeking the long term dating experience is sure to have the site on a bucket list entry of sorts. The site has attracted more following through a progressive media campaign over the years. In the US alone, it is responsible for millions of entries on search engines and the entries are ever on an upward trend.



Distinctive PerfectMatch targets 

The secrets that keep the site’s popularity growing stem from the emphasis put on key personal attributes and elements, which are requisite for any long lasting relationship. caters for a variety of singles including: widows, widowers, and divorced persons. There is no bias for persons with varied sexual orientation. What’s more, there is no discrimination against race, background, ideology, or religion.

  PerfectMatch Membership

This site requires an elaborate sign up process. There is an advantage in having a well detailed personal info on your profile. Even though this procedure is tasking, it is not as long and dreary like with many other virtual date sites. There is also an ambitious plan, which users can opt for basic or free and unpaid membership. Paid and unpaid members get to enjoy the Duet Compatibility feature. Those who pay up and attain the Platinum status will enjoy emails from potential partners on the site. Other advantages here include: improved search rankings, unlimited search options, emails, and maximum of 8 photos for their profiles.

PerfectMatch Subscription Fees

Once a user subscribes to the site, payments come with different sets with Premium users paying $59.95 monthly, with Platinum users $34.99 a month with low monthly renewal options that cost $29.95.  American Express, Visa, Mastercard, ordinary checks, and money orders are accepted for payments. Check out for more details.


Zoosk: The Ideal Shortcut to Your Significant Other

Online dating sites across the globe receive traffic running into millions of adults looking for friendship and love. In technologically forward countries such as the US, popular dating sites enjoy more of a cult following. These sites want their users to take pride in getting a desired partner, thorough their superior matchmaking concepts.

Zoosk’s Outline

Since its inception in 2007, Zoosk has had quite a following. Success stories with trendy dating sites drive more singles with the craving for partners to enlist. For a site such as Zoosk, the scenario is no different. This is one site that boasts of an advanced Behavioral Matchmaking concept, which enables users to get discreet partners without going through the harrowing experience of filling out long questionnaires. With this site, all you need is a specific online behavior pattern, and a unique preference pattern to get a potential mate.

Zoosk is not just an ordinary dating site; it strives to engage mostly younger users from 25 to 35 years. Users also known as Zooskers are found all over the globe, with a tentative presence in over 80 countries. The site is a darling to users drawn from over 25 foreign languages globally. Unlike traditional date sites, Zoosk has managed to enlarge its user base into millions by integrating an ambitious social media drive to foster a creative matchmaking process. The integration done with virtual dating apps has made the site a dominant force within the online dating fraternity.



Distinctive Zoosk Features

Notably, there are dating apps which cater for Facebook, android, and iPhone users. The site is also visible across leading social networks including Twitter and Google. Additionally, the Zoosk blog and the YouTube platform has helped boost the site’s reputation. The popularity of this site is further boosted by the possibility of signing up from mobile devices. The short sign up forms also gives the experience a classy outlook. If you sign up, there is the Zoosk chat option which makes it easy to chat with other Zooskers across the globe. Zoosk’s interface is relatively easy to maneuver,when searching for possible mates.

The good thing with Zoosk is that you will always get notified for your daily match. This makes it easy to identify a partner who you would be interested in almost effortlessly, but subject to paying the subscription fee. Zooskers stand to benefit from using Zoosk coins, which can be earned from executing different tasks on the site. Getting your profile linked up with social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter gets you more coins. Eventually, your profile gets to the top of search results, if you have collected more coins. There are virtual presents, which also increase the amount of attention for your profile. Zoosk coins can also be bought from virtual banks including PayPal from as little as $5.

Zoosk Membership Fees

Getting a dream partner on Zoosk is made easy by the option to link with email programs. This way it is easy to find more friends. Even though there is the free membership option, users can choose from the paid program, which entails renewable monthly payments of up to $29.95. There is a three month subscription option that costs $59.95, a six month subscription at $74.95 all acceptable via PayPal, credit cards and ordinary checks. For singles on the search, there is more to the site that was nominated for a best Dating App category in 2011, and its memberships continue to swell by the day. For more info check out

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