Best Online Business Schools

Businesses only generate profit if they’re properly managed. With the right tools and training you can acquire management skills that will increase your chances of getting your dream job. Better yet, you may gain the expertise that helps you to start your own company. Because time is too precious to waste, here are some of the best online business schools that you can consider.

Business School

Henley Business School

Based in Reading, UK, this school gained a good reputation even before the introduction of its online courses. This online business school is accredited by several reputable institutions and its online MBA can be paid for over three installments.

The Administrative Services Department of Boston University

Boston University has an exceptional reputation and offers several graduate-level business degrees online through its Administrative Services Department. Specializations can be done in Insurance, Human Resource Management and other fields. Electives from Finance to Leadership and Marketing are also available.

Forbes School of Business

Ashford College in conjunction with Forbes Business magazine created the Forbes School of Business online. Based in New York, Ashford College has been around since 1918 as a women’s college and added this online component in late 2013. Forbes Media has existed in one form or another since the early 1900’s and has a strong reputation in the business community as a reputable source of information.

Despite only having been introduced recently, the combination of two longstanding institutions earns the school considerable legitimacy. Specializations are available in several fields including finance and accounting and degrees are awarded form FSB at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

The Jack Welch Management Institute

This school may not have the experience behind it that some other contenders have but its founder,  Jack Welch is legendary in the field. With a doctorate in chemistry and no formal training in business he created a new type of management and leadership style that is now studied at most high ranking business schools. Through his institute he gives a form of mentoring that combines with an MBA to groom new business professionals in the methods he pioneered. Certificate level programs are also available.


Harvard is a name that comes with a certain amount of prestige. Any business qualifications you earn under that brand will be treated that much more seriously for it. Harvard Business School is already quite respected and has recently launched HBX, an online learning option that is only available to select students. For those lucky entrants, the mention of this school is a surefire way to get a resume noticed.

Having chosen a school, remember that your success depends not just on the comprehensiveness of the course or the reputation of the school but on your dedication. Once you remain focused and do your best, online business schools can significantly increase your chances of success in business.


Top Bookkeeping Courses

Bookkeeping can be tedious. It is, however, absolutely vital to managing a business and as a result remains one of the most profitable fields to enter. If that piques your interest, here’s a list of some of the top providers of courses that you can chose from.


The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB)

This school has been around for almost thirty years and is one of the leading accounting courses. It offers comprehensive booklets for distance learning of the test material and tests at various levels. There are hundreds of AIPB testing centers to choose from nationwide.


This course provider offers both in-person and online methods of instruction. Students get a customized lesson plan and on completion of their studies are certified with the International Association of Bookkeepers.

The Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping

As well as being Canada’s main authority in the field, this institute offers several programs that are accredited and recognized as well as membership in a professional association.

Rutgers School of Continuing Studies

Rutgers offers a Certified Bookkeeping Program that is entirely online for the convenience of its students. It includes elements of fraud prevention which is especially important in the proper maintenance of bookkeeping documents. Testing can be done via Prometric Centers.

St Lawrence College

This University offers a certificate program more suited to accountants or bookkeepers who have experience in the field but have not been officially educated in it. It can fill the gaps in their knowledge and open them up to more job opportunities at higher levels. Several start dates are available year-long.

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)

This London based school offers a certificate in bookkeeping that is one of the best in the UK. With training centers throughout the world, they also offer specialized company deals as well as individual options.

 The Certified Management Accountant and Certified Financial Accountant

These are both recognized throughout the field and are available worldwide. The courses offered make one far more employable and can be a good for people interested in pursuing bookkeeping.

While this list lays out some of the best courses, there really is no shortage of bookkeeping courses both online and on campus. So do your research and consider the time you have available to. It’s also important to consider whether you want to pursue a career in the field. Or perhaps, you’re looking to manage your own business’ finances without hiring someone else. All of these should factor into your final choice of a bookkeeping course.


Top 5 Online Writing Workshops

Many of the most seasoned writers in history have used writing workshops and other similar resources to better their talents. With modern technology, you don’t even need to leave the house to gain some of the same benefits and to help you along your journey to literary stardom. Here are the top 5 online writing workshops worth taking a look at.

Writer's Workshop

 Writer’s Digest University

This site offers workshops in several different fields of writing, most of which can be completed in a few short weeks. Their introductory courses cover some of the basic elements of writing that we often forget right after elementary school and can be used to refresh us before we dive into the more complicated aspects of the craft.

Gotham Writer’s Workshop

In its face-to-face incarnation, Gotham Writer’s is one of the top writer’s workshops available in New York and this reputation carries over online. Its classes vary from 6 to 10 weeks in duration and they restrict class size deliberately in order to maintain the quality of instruction. As a result all students involved can still receive personal attention over the web.

Purdue University

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides the resources for writers who may want to polish their skills in technical writing. The focus on grammar on the site may prove invaluable for non-native English speakers who still wish to write in the language. Even native English speakers have been known to get hazy on some of the more obscure rules that are highlighted on this site.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. As part of its creative writing certificate program, the U of T offers online writing workshops with some of the world’s best authors. These are given alongside a robust slate of courses tailored to familiarize authors with proper technique at the beginning of their careers.


This fairly new website offers workshops and critiques to new writers with copyright protection on all uploaded work. The reviews are based on a well thought out karma system so that worthwhile, helpful critiques are encouraged rather than spam. The workshops are offered in addition to contests with cash prizes and this system can give new authors a greater incentive to let their work be viewed by others.

Talent is a beautiful thing to have and as a writer it can be easy to get just a little pig headed after receiving good reviews or even after looking over our own work. You have the ability to craft your own style, regardless of what writing workshops you attend and can use your new found skills to enhance your unique voice.


Top 5 Online Marketing Classes

Online Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful modern business. Particularly for entrepreneurs in small startups, the understanding of this skill can mean the difference between dominating the market and an early anonymous exit from their industry of choice. To help you learn online marketing within your already packed schedule here are the top five  online marketing classes you should consider enrolling in.

Online Marketing

Google’s Digital Marketing Class

As the world’s largest search engine, Google knows what they’re doing when it comes to online marketing. They created many of the search algorithms your company will be trying to work with for greater exposure. This course divides the information into easy to comprehend modules. Through their google partner program your company can be certified at no charge in the art of Adwords and other related systems.

Practical Internet Marketing Certificate

Formerly offered only on campus, De Paul University now offers its 6 week certificate in Practical Internet Marketing online. It gives the same course load and many of the same instructors as the program on campus but with all the benefits of distance learning. The class includes aspects of social media and successfully running an online ad campaign.

Internet Marketing for Smart People

For those who need the information but lack the motivation, there’s this free course from It gives you all of the major points on internet marketing through a series of 20 emails. You can always refer to previous emails for clarification on points that recur later and there are also several ebook resources. Most of these are also available free of charge, making this a particularly good option for people with tight budgets who still need the know-how.’s Online Marketing Class has been involved in online training for over a decade and offers several course videos in the online marketing track. The language is simple with new terms thoroughly explained when introduced so that learners can grasp the finer points of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and related topics without feeling overwhelmed. The content is available for a small monthly fee with different packages.


This company provides training solutions that can be tailored to you, a group or your whole company if you desire. They pride themselves in keeping their information up to date with almost real-time adjustments to search algorithms that may need you to respond in kind to maintain your company’s rankings. They also provide access to teaching staff at all times which is fairly rare on this list and can come in handy.

These courses make up the top five but it’s up to you to choice a course that suits your needs. Consider them all then choose the one that suits you best and you’ll have the know-how to boost your online marketing strategies in no time at all.


Top 5 Online Entrepreneurial Programs

More and more people are on the lookout for stimulating alternatives to the traditional 9 – 5 office job. Some avoid the traditional job market and launch startups right out of high school. As glamorous as that world may seem to an outsider, it is often more demanding than a full time job. It’s also important to keep in mind that for every billionaire success story, there are thousands more who fail.


If you’re interested in starting your own business, one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your new company is extensive training in the field. The following list describes the top 5 online entrepreneurial programs every entrepreneur should consider.

Entrepreneurship 101 from MITx in collaboration with Edx

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is world renowned for attracting some of the most talented minds and Edx is one of the pioneers of the MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courseware). Together they have made this program, available for free, which covers all the basics of entrepreneurship. The course lacks traditional lecture format which makes it easier. And it’s perfect for business owners who tend to have a more active learning style.

The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Master’s in Entrepreneurship

For students interested in more thorough entrepreneurial training, this course is a better fit. It has been ranked one of the best in America more than once and thoroughly addresses relevant topics such as innovation and proper risk management.

The Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Stanford University has a great reputation as a business school and this online entrepreneurial program has very strict entry requirements in keeping with that reputation. It is only available to professionals with at least 5 years experience and a good academic transcript from their undergraduate level studies. Though based online, it gives students access to Stanford’s faculty and as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the innovation processes required in enterprise.

The West Carolina University Master of Entrepreneurship

Another lengthier program, this masters degree not only teaches the skills required in entrepreneurship but as part of the program, participants are required to develop their own idea. At the end of the program, graduates would not only have a degree but a well critiqued and polished concept ready to launch.

McGill University’s Online Entrepreneurship Courses

McGill University is based in Canada and has helped train some of that country’s most successful entrepreneurs. This online program is made up of several courses that deliver information through analysis of case studies in interactive groups with other learners in a virtual classroom. There is also regular interaction with lecturers and facilitators to ensure that students remain on track.

Proper training will ensure your chances of success are that much higher. However the business market can be unpredictable and even successful entrepreneurs often have a failure story lurking in their past. The key is to keep going. Supplement your entrepreneurial training with regular consultations with trusted mentor and your business will reap the benefits.


Top 5 Online Courses from Leading Universities

Distance learning is nothing new. The surplus of online degree mills given online learning a bad name. Despite this, there are still many reputable universities which have decided to offer both in class and online. This gives people, who are unable to uproot themselves, the opportunity to benefit from world class education. Here are the top 5 online courses being offered by leading Universities.


Brown University’s Executive Masters

This Program is the result of a collaboration between Brown University and the IE Business School. It is currently one of the highest ranking MBA’s in the world and seamlessly incorporates aspects from other fields, such as the humanities, into a robust business targeting graduate level course.

The University of Southern Carolina’s Introduction to Information Technology

There is currently no aspect of life that technology is absent from. This course provides students with the basics needed to understand how technology impacts daily basis both in terms of hardware and software. The use of search engines is also covered in detail. This degree program boasts a particularly high employment rate.

Yales’ Introduction to Political Philosophy

Politics of the present has been shaped by the thinkers of the past and this course analyzes the influences of major philosophical thinkers on the current systems of politics and governance. The connections are made between philosophies and the systems that most resemble them in the modern world.

Dartmouth College’s Environmental Policy

The environment has been subjected to serious abuse from the Industrial Era to the present and rather than slowing down, human activity seems to be having increasingly negative effects on the planet. For those concerned about the future of the environment, this course deals with the policies that can be implemented to halt this at various levels.

Harvard’s Anthropology of Human Rights

Humans have a history turbulent history often marred by cultural clashes and conflict. This course studies human rights that are currently accepted, how significant they are and the need to negotiate and deliver compromises. This is done through case studies and debates and has particular relevance in the context of recent wars.

As technology improves, the differences between online education and that received on campus will become negligible. The emergence of new educational models such as Massive Open Online Courseware (MOOC) have the potential to revolutionize tertiary education.


The Best Places to Learn Spanish Online for Free

Being monolingual is not nearly as simple as it was in years gone by. A few hundred years ago it was not unlikely that you would go your entire life without meeting more than a handful of people from somewhere far away unless you happened to be a traveler.

Learn Spanish Online

As the world’s most widely spoken second language, you would be wise to start your journey as a polyglot by learning Spanish. But let’s face it, language classes can be boring and they don’t come cheap. As an alternative, here are some of the best places you can learn Spanish online for free.


This site gives basic lessons in several languages, including Spanish. It encourages you to use your newfound knowledge to translate parts of the internet. Your efforts are used to help make content available to users of all languages. Because so much of the site is gamified, you will be encouraged to practice frequently which is one of the most important parts of learning a language successfully.

The Polyglot Project

Similar to duolingo, this site gives you access to classic literature in the language of your choice and encourages you to translate it. It makes you familiar with some of the best uses of Spanish through its most celebrated authors. This means that when you learn enough Spanish to start talking to native speakers, you will have excellent phrases to incorporate in the conversation.

Language Exchanges

There are several of these quality language exchanges online. Sites like Livemocha and ConversationExchange allow you to trade languages with someone else. You set up a profile stating that you will help someone with their English if they’ll help you with your Spanish. The trick is to find someone whose profile matches your needs. You can do this even as an absolute beginner once you find a partner who is willing to work with you. You may start out as two strangers who don’t understand each other but after months you will acquire the common vocabulary necessary to communicate effectively with each other.


Immersion has long been considered one of the most effective ways to fully grasp a language. It can be a truly rewarding experience but if you lack the time to devote to moving to another country just to learn its language, those benefits are unavailable to you. At least they were until FluentU came into being. This free site teaches Spanish and several other languages through the use of real world video content. You can learn Spanish without drilling yourself on the structure of the language by piecing together the meanings with body language, facial expressions and other contextual cues.

With these resources you can flex your linguistic muscles and the speed of your learning will be limited only by the regularity of your practice.


What Services You Should Consider Before Signing Up For A Virtual Class?

It has been predicted that the global learning market will reach to 107.3 billion dollars by 2015 with more innovation in the field of Information Technology. E-learning is not meant for school or university students, in fact it is meant for everyone as long as they are ready to learn.  Even governmental organizations are now opting for E-learning to connect their diversified workforce and to make them learn new horizons.

If you are about to sign up for a virtual class for business or educational purpose, you must first make sure that it is worthy. There are some services that a good virtual class should offer. Ensure that they are offering some facilities in the virtual class you are about to sign up for. The first quality of a good virtual class is that it is always offering customized eLearning solutions. A customized class can add more value to the E-Learning program. If the course is not addressing your goals and priorities, then you can alter it according to your customized needs. Hence, such a virtual class will aid in making you meet your personal or business objectives well.

The second important service of a virtual class is its ability of interaction. Interaction is the characteristic of a good virtual class.  Learning can only be done in a class that has an interactive environment. Some people think that E-Learning might not be that much interactive but this way of learning is not one way. Interactions can take place through live chats and even video conferences like Skype. There are often follow-ups and assignments that seek feedback as well as evaluation to know how much the students have learned. If the virtual class does not offer any such interactive facilities, it’s better to look for another one.

The virtual class must also offer you rich media content support. If this support is not available to the e-learners, there is no use of enrolling yourself at the class. Media support content makes E-Learning much more flexible. Such applications can even engage interaction.  The class must also offer resources to the students according to their ease. A class can make you learn more if the resources and content are available for free without any hassle.

Most of the virtual classes are capable of providing multiple courses at a time. Look for a virtual class where you can learn more by paying less money. Of course, you will have to ensure that the class is worthy to attend otherwise if there is no proper learning, you will be wasting your time even if that class is free of cost.

A good virtual class has a combination of sophisticated IT instruments, which can ensure that the information to the e-learner is being displayed in different but understandable ways. Such a class is enjoyable for both the e-learner as well as the instructor. The instructor is also at ease to instruct his learners. If you find all these services in the virtual class you are planning to join, then you are free to sign up.