Here’s All You Need to Know about Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Movie

It’s been almost 30 years since Jack Nicholson played the role of the Clown Prince of Crime in Batman – a film by Tim Burton. 10 years after the making of The Dark Knight (and brushing over a brief appearance in Suicide Squad), The Joker is set to hit the big screen again in what has been described as a solo feature, setting up his own new cinematic origin story. Director Todd Phillips fancies his chances on this one.


Just How Will The Avengers Reassemble To Kill Thanos?

The chances are you’ve heard of a little film this year called Avengers: Infinity War. The $2 billion smash hit is the 19th film in the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe and has been the talk of the summer with its emotional and shocking ending.


Amazing Facts About Celine Dion

The chances are you have heard a Celine Dion song over the years. Whether she is standing on the tip of the Titanic with her amazing ballads or even performing the soundtrack for the new Deadpool movie, you can’t deny the icon has had an amazing career. The award-winning superstar has just turned 50 and shows no signs of slowing down. Join us as we break down some of the biggest ups and downs over her life – including love, loss, and the strength to overcome life’s challenges.


These People Are the Inspirations Behind Some of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever Written

Many will agree that musicians have a particular image in mind when playing their music, explaining why some of the most beautiful songs were inspired by real people. So let’s discover the backstories of those of these love songs and discover who inspired them. In most cases, the individuals who inspired the music was a person the singer loved. However, in other cases, the songs are inspired by persons who the musicians adored. Though many of these musicians were brave enough to title the name of the song after their muse, some were subtle about the name. So are you ready to discover some of the women and men who inspired some of the most beautiful songs of all time? If yes, then read on.


These Photos Are Taken At The Perfect Time – Making For Some Amazing Moments

Each day we take millions of photos across the world. And while most of them end up stored away on our phones for private use, many of them are deemed worthy to share on our social media platforms. With sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat taking up much of our online time, no wonder we want to share some of the best photos out there. Whether it’s a selfie or our lunch, we love to share.


Top 10 addons in 2015 / 2016 including streaming & sports

Less than a year ago we reviewed the top addons for Kodi. The application is changing so rapidly that we feel that it’s a must to update our review. We have checked literally hundreds of addons and apps and came up with 10 that every movie, music & sports fan should have.

  1. Addon Installer. Before anything else, download the addon installer which serves as an addon store for Kodi and allows you to download all the other apps.
  2. Phoenix. The best addons for streaming movies and TV shows. Features 1000s of live channels.
  3. Open Subtitles. If you are not a native speaker or you watch films and TV shows in other languages you should download Open Subtitles and get all the content translated to your mother tongue.
  4. Money Sports. Requires the Plexus add-on installed.
  5. AWXI – allows you to better control your audio and video features.
  6. YIFY Movies HD – The best torrent option for movies and TV series.
  7. Genesis – Formerly knows and GoTV & GoMovies.
  8. – Great for watching music videos with a jukebox function which plays songs based on a set genre
  9. Tunein Radio – Access 1000s of free radio stations
  10. US TV Now! – Free live US TV Channels (SD for free, HD additional fee.)

I hoe you enjoy your Kodi ! If you need a safe & anonymous solution for downloads & surfing, you can see the top 10 vpn solutions here.


10 Best Alternatives to Pirate Bay

With Pirate Bay shut down, many users are looking to similar sites. We know the industry well so we thought to share this with you all:

1. KickassTorrents – One of the industry veterans with great choice of torrents – easily the #1 choice after Pirate Bay.

2. Torrentz – Another great torrents site. It won’t be easy to take down this one…

3. Extra Torrent – The URL may have changed but the great content is up and running!

4. YTS.RE – is relateively new and unknown but features most of Pirate Bay’s content. Seems like a mirror site really.

5. BitSnoop – Our Editor’s Favorite. Very fast with nice interface.

6. Mininova – Remember the good old Nova? it has resurrected in this place.

7. Torrent Download – Yet another free torrents site.

8. – a private community torrents site.

9. – Another industry veteran with lots of goodies.

10. 1337X – A new promising torrents site.


Remember to use these sites for exchange of legal content only!



5 things Celebrities can teach us about success

We get so caught up in the scandal is surrounding celebrities that we forget that sometimes there are positive and valuable lessons that we can learn from them, including about success. There are numerous lessons to be learned, but here are a few that are worth keeping in mind.


1. One can get over a divorce

Celebrity divorces of very public and seem all too common. While we can read a great deal about the divorces if we want to, including details should have been kept out of the public eye, but we often don’t notice when the individuals involved manage to put their lives back together again and show us that there is life—even love—after divorce.

2. Addictions are a lifelong battle

We hear and read about the struggles many celebrities have with various substances, and are quick to gossip when they fall off the wagon or go back to drugs. We lose sight of is how very hard it is to conquer addiction; there is no quick fix. We can apply this lesson and be more supportive and tolerant of someone we know who has this kind of struggle on their hands.

3. Guard your tongue

Whether you are making a statement, tweeting, or posting to social media be careful what you say. There have been several incidents of celebrities getting themselves into serious trouble of one sort or another because of things they said in unguarded moments or because they lacked judgment.

4. Take responsibility for your life and actions

We can learn this lesson from celebrities who have taken responsibility and from those who haven’t. Looking at what has happened to the lives and careers of those in either group teaches life lessons we can all use.

5. Make a difference to those around you

There are a lot of celebrities out there who are goodwill ambassadors for various causes or are high profile supporters of initiatives of one kind or another. For some people, the celebrities go about making significant contributions to human beings, communities, our planet, and the advancement of technology in a quiet and low-key way are perhaps more admirable than those who make a lot of noise about it and ensure that there are plenty of photo ops involved. These celebrities remind us that we are part of an increasingly small and globalized world with limited resources and facing numerous problems but that we can make a difference.

So, the next time you reading the gossip pages, tweets, social media, or chatting with friends, keep in mind that celebrities have several functions in our lives and that we can learn from them in addition to aspiring to be like them, or criticizing them, or just admiring their skills.