These People Are the Inspirations Behind Some of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever Written

Many will agree that musicians have a particular image in mind when playing their music, explaining why some of the most beautiful songs were inspired by real people. So let’s discover the backstories of those of these love songs and discover who inspired them. In most cases, the individuals who inspired the music was a person the singer loved. However, in other cases, the songs are inspired by persons who the musicians adored. Though many of these musicians were brave enough to title the name of the song after their muse, some were subtle about the name. So are you ready to discover some of the women and men who inspired some of the most beautiful songs of all time? If yes, then read on.


Top 10 addons in 2015 / 2016 including streaming & sports

Less than a year ago we reviewed the top addons for Kodi. The application is changing so rapidly that we feel that it’s a must to update our review. We have checked literally hundreds of addons and apps and came up with 10 that every movie, music & sports fan should have.

  1. Addon Installer. Before anything else, download the addon installer which serves as an addon store for Kodi and allows you to download all the other apps.
  2. Phoenix. The best addons for streaming movies and TV shows. Features 1000s of live channels.
  3. Open Subtitles. If you are not a native speaker or you watch films and TV shows in other languages you should download Open Subtitles and get all the content translated to your mother tongue.
  4. Money Sports. Requires the Plexus add-on installed.
  5. AWXI – allows you to better control your audio and video features.
  6. YIFY Movies HD – The best torrent option for movies and TV series.
  7. Genesis – Formerly knows and GoTV & GoMovies.
  8. – Great for watching music videos with a jukebox function which plays songs based on a set genre
  9. Tunein Radio – Access 1000s of free radio stations
  10. US TV Now! – Free live US TV Channels (SD for free, HD additional fee.)

I hoe you enjoy your Kodi ! If you need a safe & anonymous solution for downloads & surfing, you can see the top 10 vpn solutions here.


5 Best Apps to Discover Your Next Favorite Song

Many people have music echoing in their ears all day long. They listen to songs on their mobile phones, on the radio, on mp3 players, tablets and even online. If you, like so many out there, are always on the hunt for the next best thing when it comes to songs, you need to try one of these apps.


1. Pandora Radio

This is the app for music lovers from all over the world, and what makes it so special and unique is that, rather than give you a variety of genres to explore, which could generate confusion, this app gives you the chance to create your own playlist, based on songs you already own. This app will take a song, a genre, even an artist and give you a list of other songs and artists that are similar and that you might enjoy.

2. Songza

Songza does require a sign up the first time you open it, but even that is not complicated. Sign in with your Facebook account and you’ll get a library of tunes ready for your ears. You can pick the channels you might like based on genre, which is pretty standard, but where this app begins to heat up is in the fact that it allows you to choose channels based on certain activities, such as going to the gym, your mood or even a culture you like. As you go along, you can add the songs you listen to, to your collection in order to hear them over and over again.

3. AccuRadio

The app for those who don’t like overcomplicated apps, AccuRadio arranges its channels by genre and allows you to listen based on the types of music you like. Where it really distinguishes itself has to be with its own channel that is a space in which you can find new music you might like, as you go.

4. TuneIn Radio

This app is a middleman between you and various radio stations. It is a hub in which you can choose the channels and decide on which suits your musical tastes the best. If you like music, but you’re not in the mood for a song, how about using this smart app to find a business show, a sport show or a talk show so that you can mix things up and stay informed. Had enough? Simply switch back to the music and the show goes on.

5. Live365

This app is a one-stop shop, a vast network of channels that all collect in one place, and allow access at the touch of a button. Add songs to your playlist, listen to songs you’ve never heard before and best of all, share it on Facebook or Twitter, so that your friends know just how trendy you are. One of the most unique features of this app is the ability for the user to select a song, and then tell the DJ they don’t like it. It’s like being in the studio yourself.


How to get a record deal

 Ever heard the phrase music calms the savage beast? Well it seems that’s not all it does. In fact music is a major industry, with dozens of equipment manufacturers, voice trainers, art schools and various labels and record companies being part of the multibillion dollar industry that is the music business. Money makes the world go round and music is a way of getting that money fast, clean and in style. Whether you are a rocker or rapper or some egg head crunching that synthesizer, whether you are a classic pianist or a jazz guru music can make you go places you would never have dreamed off. From palm lined beaches, bikini clad beauties and super models galore music is the industry that lets you hob nob with both royalty and media royalty.

So the question arises “how to I attain my dream of being a rocker/rapper/jazz guru?” well that’s easy the first step is to work your way to a record deal and thus onto the map of the industry. A record deal is a declaration by a major corporation or studio that you are a “somebody” and that you have the potential to produce quality work that can sell good. So how to get a record to deal? What to do so that a record company notices you and your act? Well we will try to answer that to the below.

  • For starters study other successful acts before you embark on your journey as a music legend. Study up on what you think their selling points are or why they are where they are. You have to have these noted down if not totally figured out.
  • What are your strong points, are you a natural vocalist? Or are you great at base. Know your strong points and work on improving them to the point of perfection. If it’s a group act then try to encourage a variety of individuals to join up and supplement the shortcoming of fellow band members.
  • Marketing and getting yourself out there is the biggest point there is. Set up blogs, websites and Facebook pages with videos of your jam sessions and mosh pits posted online for the world to see what a star you are.
  • Make sure you steer clear of shady managers and seedy joints as they can be a downer for your up and coming career only hang out with the best. Make sure that the members of your act have a chemistry with each other and know what your group is aiming for.
  • Make sure you copy right your music and your act so that it stays your original work so as to ensure that no one can steal your bling.
  • Once you land a record deal make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the contract, if you don’t then it’s wise to get a lawyer and to move and get on with it as some record companies have bad reputation.
  • Enjoy stardom.