Kate Middleton’s Best Outfits and Styles

Kate Middleton is a very busy woman, judging by her many portfolios. Aside from being a mother of three very charming angels, she is a Princess of the United Kingdom, the Duchess of Cambridge, a reputable philanthropist, and a notable fashion icon. Whatever occasion or circumstance that you find her, Middleton never fails to impress – whether it is a fancy ball, a formal event, or just taking a vacation, she always looks poised, polished, and professional. Here are some of Middleton’s best styles:


Top 5 Trendiest Sunglasses Right Now

Looking trendy is not just about the clothes you wear or the cars you drive. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact and in the case of sunglasses, that big impact could be what gets you noticed.

Though most people are happy with knock-off frames, the real fashionistas understand that if it’s not the real thing, it’s just not good enough. 2014 is off to a great start with some of these fashionable frames.

Miu Miu

1. Aviators go gold, thanks to Gucci

You heard it here first. Gucci has released a pair of Aviators, the classic pilot-style sunglasses in 24K gold. Now, we know not everyone can afford the hefty $1,200 price tag, but if you’re planning on spending a few hundred dollars on a new pair every season, you won’t have to anymore. These reflective lenses have actually been dipped in 24K gold and while they may not be right for the ‘man on the street’, J-Lo certainly thinks they’re right for her.

2. Porsche speeds up the Aviator race

If you thought dipping Aviators in gold was a little much, how about taking it down just one notch? Porsche have designed a set of Aviators that come in gold, silver or their very impressive ‘titan’ color, and have been dubbed ‘upgraded’. We’re not entirely sure what the biggest difference is between the old Aviators and the new ones, but Porsche claims to have constructed a modern take on the old favorite. They retail at about $500.

3. Le Specs break convention for the Rudeboy

They’re not the fanciest brand, nor do they have the biggest price tag, but Le Specs have designed something a little different with their Rudeboy sunglasses. These are a very reasonable $80 and what distinguishes them is the diamond-shaped glass in the round frames. In theory, this is a design that breaks convention and should not look as good as it does, but the celebs who have been turned on to this fashion trend have to disagree.

4. Miu Miu takes a trip back to the 50s

The Miu Miu Rasoirs have a very unique shape, or at least you’d think so if you’ve never seen images of some of the fashionable frames from the 50s. These can only be described as the wingtips of eyewear, having elongated frames tapering to a point in some of the hottest shades out there. Though they’re not dipped in gold, they will still set you back about $330.

5. Prada add their 49mm

Last, but certainly not least, Prada also have a spot on this list with their Retros, a set of sunglasses that combine the best in plastic and metal to produce a slightly unusual shape that retails at $365. With all of the unusual and fancy sunglasses on this list, you may be wondering what makes these frames so special, and while their shape is inventive and their materials sturdy, the only real reason to buy them we can think of, is that Beyonce has a pair, and this queen of style never goes wrong.