Champagne: Everything you wanted to know about Sparkling Wine

When we talk about the famous types of alcoholic drinks, then one particular category instantly comes into mind. It is commonly known by the name of champagne. Although many wines which have high bubble content are also referred to as champagne, but it’s a special type of sparkling wine which is produced from grapes harvested in champagne region of France and it is produced under some strict jurisdictions declared by French legal authorities through a quiet unique fermentation process. These wines have gained tremendous reputation for being a valuable gift and are extensively used to celebrate and mark special occasions like wedding parties, on attaining victories many athletes shower it and drink to cherish the memorable moments and even in some casual social gatherings.

Champagne come in various types and taste, however they can be broadly categorized into some most common types of sparkling wine available in the market. For instance, brut is one of the driest of them all and is very low in sweet content. This type of champagne is quiet popular in social events like wedding and birthdays. While it’s less dry variation is called as Extra dry which is slightly lesser than brut but is considerably much sweeter then it. A different variation of sweet champagne exists by the name of Sec champagne which is created using grapes from different vines, while its much sweeter version is Demi sec .The sweetest champagne of them all is called Doux champagne and it is usually not famous hence the reason for its lack of availability in the market.

All these types can be further clubbed into two major Categories, Vintage and Non vintage .When grapes are harvested above one year and their quality is good then the resultant wine out of such produce is known as vintage champagne. One of the major prerequisite for vintage champagne is the input of 80% of harvested grapes which must be more than three years old prior to its release .This makes it quiet costly .The other one is known as Non vintage champagne which is produced from grapes harvested within different years.

With so many producers in the market, it gets pretty tricky and confusing to choose a particular brand. However amidst all this diversity, one can still choose a particular brand by analyzing certain factors. Look for the types of grapes used in its manufacturing since this is the bloodline of any champagne, being well acquainted with its basics may help significantly. If you don’t want to go into hassle of researching, then just simply go with popular brands like Moët & Chandon whose composition consist of all major types of grapes enabling it to achieve that classic taste which appeals to a large variety of consumer and which has also helped it to earn the tag of most renowned and best selling champagne in the world.

Another brand which has stamped its legacy in the world of champagne is known by the name of Dom Perignon. Name after the Benedictine monk of France who was the brainchild behind it, this brand has class written all over it. It has gained huge recognition it the Hollywood industry and this has further augmented its popularity around the entire globe. Its 1990 vintage champagne is considered to be of supreme quality and has been duly endorsed by majority of champagne enthusiasts.

If you are having trouble in deciding a particular brand, then you always have the option to take advice from avid wine drinkers, who have all the in-depth knowledge about grapes and experience of trying out various brands. Some of them have even maintained blogs and social forums to discuss everything about champagne which might come handy in such times.