Halo 5: Guardians and Halo TV Series will be out Fall 2015

Halo Media 2015 Release

There are two Halo media platforms coming out in 2015, which is exciting news for those that enjoy the Halo gaming series and Halo Dawn. There’s very little information on the new Halo media as they just announced it at E3 but they have confirmed the next Halo game will be Halo 5. We’ll break this new Halo media up into two sections so that we can look at each section.

Halo 5 Guardians

The Halo media game is Halo 5, which is completely rules free. Halo 4 was supposedly going to be the last Halo game released since Destiny was coming out and everyone at the E3 press release conference was completely shocked by this new information.

There are no rules for this game other than the underlying tones that make Master Chief who he is and there’s very little information for Halo fans to guess at what will come inside Halo 5. This is because Halo 4 ended on Earth with the suit being taken off of Master Chief and everyone believed that “it” was over. This new Halo media swallows that idea and spits it out as the only piece of speculator information that’s provided is the Promethian based ship that explodes from the ground in the Halo media teaser release.

Halo the TV series

There is no name for this TV series but there is Steven Spielberg, who is directing its making. This Halo media comes from a small announcement that accompanied the Halo 5 Guardians trailer release, stating that there would be a TV series to go along with the game. Halo Forward unto Dawn had previously accompanied Halo 4 and was a huge internet sensation.

In addition to the Halo TV series, the Halo media is further increased by the possible movie release done by Ridely Scott, which will come in a multi-part series. There is no current information on what the movie is about and 343 Studios does little to release any information about any of the Halo media.

With the current release of Destiny, the release of another Halo media outlet has sent the gaming community into a frenzy. This is good because Microsoft is skeptical that the Xbox One will survive as it sails on record low sales of 1.2 million around the world, which is a 50% drop since the last time they released a sold count. This is a total of 2 million sales behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One could really use the powerhouse community of Halo fans to boost their sales.

You can also expect Destiny to be released for PC


Cysis 3 8k resolution – hacking instructions

There is something you, as the reader, must understand before attempting to perform the Cysis 3 8k Hack. This is an extremely hardware intensive hack and doing it wrong will “fry” your GPU or even your CPU. If your computer motherboard, RAM, processor, graphics card, and cooling system are not top of the line components, then it is highly recommended that you do not apply this hack to your game. With that said, this is how you do it;

The Program – MaLDo OnTheFly Tool

The program needed to do the Cysis 3 8k Hack is called the “MaLDo OnTheFly Tool”. This is an extremely simple tool to use and the installation of the tool is not complicated. Crysis 3 is one of the very few games that already has the 8k capability within the game but the developers have locked those settings in a way to prevent the average user from having access to them; to prevent a lawsuit over fried computers.

crisi 3 8k hack

Crysis 3 has blocked nearly all of the available CVAR’s in its game. Most games limit the amount of available CVAR but essentially, this is like raw texture data and blocking access to it prevents the game from crashing because of its own complexity. Unlocking these CVAR’s allows the user to increase the resolution and texture quality far past what the average computer can handle. The “MaLDo OnTheFly Tool” simply allows you to have full access to those CVAR’s.

Download, Install, and Use Crysis 3 8k Hack

Each computer is set-up differently and requires a different approach because of the hardware. Because of this, it’s best if you go directly to where the tool is provided so that your computer’s set-up will have the specific files and configurations that meet your computer’s requirements. Here is where both the tool and instructions for install can be found; http://www.atomicgamer.com/files/103392/crysis-3-maldo-onthefly-tool-v3-0

Multi-Player Ban

EA tends to ban those who try to use this tool whenever they play Crysis 3 in multi-player mode, but why? The EA server is designed to receive the exact configuration of your computer so that it can connect you to other players on a specific bandwidth. The higher quality game requires a significant increase in bandwidth and too many users with similar settings can easily crash or burn out their servers. So make sure you play with this tool in single player mode only.

crysis 3 8k

Cysis 3 8k Hack Expectations

Even though you may have an impressive hardware set-up, you should not expect to see more than 2-5 frames from the tool’s configurations. Many computers are simply not ready to experience 8k resolutions and those that can, can usually only achieve it if they are over-clocked or a powerhouse of computer hardware power (Double SLI or similar).

In addition to this, if your monitor is not at least 1080p then the monitor has a 90% chance of just shutting off on you. This is because there are too many colors to display and it causes the monitors motherboard to overload, and crash.

Crysis 3 8k Hack For Other Games

That’s right, the tool that you use to preform the Crysis 3 8k hack can be used for other games and nearly every next generation game released on the PC . This is because these games are getting prepared to fully utilize the new consoles but restrain the power of their games to ensure the users have a pleasant gaming experience that doesn’t kill their console.

This is the least bug-filled tool out on the internet right now and this one still requires quite an extensive knowledge about cracking PC games. Make sure that you absolutely know what you’re doing before trying out this hack for yourself.


Destiny For PC Release

The question for gamers this year is whether or not Destiny will come out for the PC. The creators of Halo are finally springing off with another large gaming environment and many gamers have called Bungie “insane” for not releasing a PC version. However, there’s a pile of odd coincidences that suggest that Bungie are staying safe with the consoles but will release a PC version when the time is right.

Destiny For PC Mistaken Link

If you look for the GameStop link for “Destiny for PC” in the Google search engine, you’ll see that the PC version is for sale in the link but not on the actual webpage. GameStop is a huge company and it seems highly unlikely that this would be a simple typo or coding mistake.

Destiny PC beta

The Destiny Beta Launches

Destiny is not the first game to release open beta parts for consoles, which was previously unheard of before the next generation consoles. Bungie is not used to handling more than just one network and have only dabbled within this programming area in the past.

The Beta launches are to help provide a seamless experience between every gaming network, not just the Xbox Live platform. This will allow the PlayStation Network to play with those who are on the Xbox Live network via Xbox360 or Xbox One. Since each system is programmed differently and they’re all coming to play in one area, they have to find a way for the networks to easily connect with each other.

All of this means that the developer has to be able to handle every network and determine how much bandwidth each player will need to have access to. The whole game is one world, where all of the consoles come together and PC always has the largest bandwidth to provide access to the highest quality gaming graphics. This puts enormous pressure on the developer’s servers and makes it difficult to fit in the consoles, which is why the consoles are being developed first.

New Destiny release

Destiny For PC Comment

To furthermore add to this speculation, a Bungie employee commented;

“There are 500 people up there. So we care a lot about the PC…” and then continues on to say “Getting it on four on the same day is something we’ve never even tried before. We wanted to get it right, and we didn’t want to add in tons more risk.”

So, why not just create a PC version first before making the console versions? PC gamers have the best of the best while the consoles usually have a standard set of hardware, which makes dealing with a PC version that can run at the same pace with consoles extremely challenging.  Making the consoles versions first and then using their corrections of those consoles first is a much better decision.

So will we ever see a release for the PC version of Destiny?

The answer is yes if you simply follow the logic of an expanding company. There are more PC gamers than there are of any console gamers combined and this is the first shot the Bungie company has to make a successful hit on the PC. It’s absolutely unavoidable if the company wants to expand their audience and how advanced they can make their games.


Titanfall Expedition DLC Release

Titanfall just recently released and many of the features it provides are still in beta stage. To make it worse, Titanfall doesn’t seem to want to add anything to weapon customization or fix the campaign mode, which many players are complaining about because they’re unable to unlock the “Titans” since most of the players are playing versus in either “Attrition” or “Hardpoint”. However, that doesn’t mean that Titanfall’s newest DLC is worth the purchase.

When does the Titanfall DLC come out?

The new Titanfall DLC comes out next month provided everything comes out according to plan. However, you may want to wait on the purchase of this Titanfall DLC if you do not have a Season Pass as a DLC coming out so shortly after the game has made a beta feature will most likely have some glitches.

Titanfall Expedition DLC

What will Titanfall Expedition DLC include?

The Titanfall Expedition DLC will include three new maps that are heavily related around creating complex environments.

Swampland; An environment that relies heavily on wall running with tress and the dark environments provide heavy amounts of camouflage.

Runoff; The environment is more about stealth than anything else, with pipes to travel through underground and a ton of water areas to hide in.

War Game; Another pilot training ground and the details on this map are very limited.

The new Titanfall DLC also comes with a feature to cosmetically change a Titan’s Decal. In addition to this, if you and your friends have identical hashtags then you’ll be able to meet up with them in games outside of private matches.

Season Pass or Pay As You Go

The Titanfall DLC costs $9.99 unless you have the Season Pass, which includes all three future DLCs for $24.99*, and comes out next month. Undoubtedly, those that have the DLC will be put in separate matches from those who don’t so that the game doesn’t constantly kick players.

If you round out the total price of all three DLC’s then you come out to thirty dollars, so the Season Pass is worth saving five dollars if you have it. However, this DLC will most likely have some glitches since the developers of Titanfall seem to produce content and overlook problems in a rush to keep their community connected to them, as seen with the “token problem” which has occurred since the game’s release. We would recommend to hold off on purchasing or downloading it for the first few days to see if anyone has any problems with it, but the expansion is worth the purchase for three truly unique maps.


Top 5 Free Mobile Games

Are you bored? Need something to do while you wait in line at the bank, the doctor’s office or on your lunch break? How about playing a game? There are many mobile games available these days but they all seem to be following the same pattern. You need to match three items, solve a math puzzle or click gems to make them explode. Now, there are new games on the horizon that allow you to use your imagination and your mobile to have a little fun when you’re bored.

Temple Run 2

1. Guardian Cross

This is slowly rising to popularity, probably because it is one of the best combinations of an RPG and shooting game you are ever going to find. With beautiful graphics that make it ideal for mobile, this game gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of worlds, with dungeons, villages and more. You’ll also get to use your ‘rifle’ a prop in the game to shoot down the bad guys and thus, save the magical mobile world you’re playing in.

2. Barrr

Where does a pirate go when he is thirsty? To the Barrr of course. This game is a virtual pirate world in which you can explore card playing, dark throwing, tattooing, ships and of course, the barrr. You need to keep the barrr in which you virtually work moving along and that means keeping the grog flowing and taking in the booty. If you like a quick imagination fix, this is the game for you.

3. Temple Run 2

Temple Run was a great game. Temple Run 2 is better. This is a game similar to Crash Bandicoot in which you will need to move your phone in order to keep your character from crashing into objects, falling down holes or being caught by the beast that’s chasing him. If you can keep going long enough, you win.

4. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is another game, like Temple Run, that keeps a character going, but this one uses the old favorite, Sonic the hedgehog. While this game is very arcade in style, it also has some story elements, so you are not just aimlessly running and collecting coins. You have a purpose. Of course, if you happen to pick up the most number of golden rings while you run, you may want to click the share button and let your friends know all about it.

5. Fast and the Furious 6

If we have to tell you what this game is about, you may not be right for the mobile gaming world. This racing game takes cars, tracks and hot chicks to the extreme and with its amazing graphics, you may struggle to believe you are playing on your mobile phone. Customize your ride and pick your crew, because this is going to be a bumpy ride with many obstacles in your path. No matter how long your wait is, this game will provide the entertainment, making you wish the wait could last forever.


Top Ten Steam Games- FPS: Half Life 2

Half Life 2 came out with a huge hit in 2004 and the series fell off the map shortly after because of the game’s fallout, but that doesn’t mean that Half Life 2 isn’t one of the top ten Steam games available. This game is a continuation of Half Life 1 and it does a remarkably well job in keep the story just as mysterious as ever.

Half Life 2

The Premise

The basic premise of Half Life 2 is to free the city from the same forces that tried to control the base you had to escape from. These shadow forces have taken over control and now you are the one person who can possibly free them from that control. Along your adventure to defeat the evil of the city, you will have to juggle the talents of being sneaky, deadly, and even strategic in order to make your way through the city. Even then the game grows more intense as the AI is built to grow in intelligence as you allude them more and more.

How long is Half-Life 2?

Half Life 2 is one of the top ten Steam games because it is still rather impressive as far as graphics come by and has a long lengthy storyline for an old FPS. The main story line, without additional material, is around five hours which is just shy of eight hours in the newest Army of Two.

Is Half-Life 2 graphically impressive?

Unlike Half Life 1, Half-Life 2 does a remarkable job with graphics and has remained as one of the top ten Steam games because of this. The graphics, while they may be nearly a decade old, can compete with some of the newer games set on medium quality. However, you can also add community mods and Steam graphic packages to enhance the graphic quality even further.

Should I buy Half-Life 2?

While Half Life 1 may be one of the top ten Steam games, Half Life 2 is a far more enjoyable game but it doesn’t have a multiplayer option. The game itself has a very intense storyline and was one of the very first scare games to have been released on the market. The graphics of the game are similar to those of scare games currently being released and it uses a unique physics engine to allow you to have more than one option during important choices, and even chases.

Released November 16, 2004



Top Ten Steam Games

Steam is filled with over a thousand games but the people have spoken and there are quite a few games that make it to the top of their genre, the Top Ten Steam Games. These games are judged by the Steam community depending on how many hours the game will last and how enjoyable the game was, including the price comparison to gain.

Steam Games

Top Ten Steam Games; MMORPG

Day Z – Early Access Game

Day Z is an apocalyptic game where you play with everyone else to see how long you can survive within the game. The challenge of Day Z is that you can retain everything if you stay alive but if you die, you lose everything and start back at square one.

Top Ten Steam Games; RPG

The Elder Scrolls 5; Skyrim – Release August 21, 2007

This is the fifth game release in the series of The Elder Scrolls and the ingenuity of this game is brilliant. You can be any class, race, and have any skills you want no matter what you choose in the beginning. Labeled as one of the longest RPG’s available, this game will take at least a month to beat the main game and not to mention the DLC’s that are available for it which further extends quest lines.

Top Ten Steam Games; MMOFPS

Half-Life – Released November 8, 1998

Half-Life is a very old shooter game that is still being played by many today because it provides the core of first person shooter experiences. This game has received the highest multi-player meta score on Steam and has held that score for over 15 years.

Top Ten Steam Games; FPS

Half-Life 2 – Released November 16, 2004

As the predecessor of Half Life, this game provides an eerie view of the first person shooter world and hours of intense game play that never gets old. Second to the first game, Half Life 2 was released in 2004 and has held the highest second place meta score ever since, only being beaten for first place by the first Half Life.

Top Ten Steam Games; MMO Simulator

Silent Hunter 3 – Released June 13, 2008

Silent Hunter 3 is a very unique simulator as it provides you with an exact duplication of what it’s like to be in full control of a submarine during war time. Having to control all of the elements of your submarine and going against opponents with just as much skill requires countless hours of dedication.

Top Ten Steam Games; Simulator

Thief Gold – Released May 22, 2012

Thief Gold is not normally seen as a simulation game but the complexity of the situations provided by this old game makes the game simulate the difficulties of being a master thief. The entire game relies on complete stealth and if you are hit with a weapon, then you die.

Top Ten Steam Games; MMO Strategy

Dota 2 – Released July 9, 2013

Dota 2 is an extremely famous free to play massive multiplayer strategy game that pushes the player to the limits in trying to figure out how to conquer an enemy, let alone survive. Basshunter, a Swedish celebrity, liked the game so much that he made a song about it which became a best-selling song and increased the game’s population to nearly double the size.

Top Ten Steam Games; Strategy

Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 – Released September 21, 2010

Sid Meier is the king of single player strategy games, making each new release even harder than the last. To play a full map of this game, you need to have at least a week to dedicate to the game. PvP matches within this game have also been known to last for months, depending on the dedication of the players. However, this game mostly strives to be the best single player strategy game that your money can buy.

Top Ten Steam Games; MMO Sports

Dirt 3 – Released May 23, 2011

Dirt 3 is a mean, gritty, and cross-platform racing game that pushes racers to the limits of their abilities. The game emphasizes on the complexities of driving on roads that were never intentionally made for racing, which makes the driving nearly impossible for beginners without the game’s driving aids. This unruly rough game with having you screaming as you turn your corners too sharp and too long, crashing into glorious defeat.

Top Ten Steam Games; Sports

NBA2K13 – Released October 30, 2012

Beating Dirt 3 by only four points, this game comes in first when looking for the best game in sports for a single player. This game is simply the best when you want a high quality game for sports but you’d like to have mini-sports games to along with it like jump shot. Baseball simply doesn’t have that advantage like basketball, even though they’re on equal grounds when it comes to graphics. The NBA2K13 simply gives you more options as a sports game.

These are the Top Ten Steam Games available judged by the community. These games have held their scores for over a year and even a decade in some cases.



Top Ten Steam Games- Sports: NBA2K13

The NBA2K13 is the second to newest version of the NBA game series but this is the version that’s available on Steam and is one of the top ten Steam games. This is a simple basketball game with improved player physics and graphics that have been applied every year since the first release.


What is the premise?

The premise of the game is to go through the entire campaign mode and play basketball while keeping an eye on how well your team is doing. Otherwise, there’s not much else to the game except for multiplayer but Dirt 3 beat out NBA2K13, even though they are both in the top ten Steam games available.

How long is NBA2K13?

The NBA2K13 will take a few hours to beat at most and that’s simply because of how long it takes for one match. While the NBA2K13 is one of the top ten Steam games available, that doesn’t mean there will be a lot to the game. In fact, the only reason why the Steam community prefers this game over the other basketball games is because this is the newest one and one of the only basketball games provided on Steam.

Is NBA2K13 graphically impressive?

NBA2K13 has everything you would want to have inside of a basketball game. Impossible tricks, insane hoop stunts, difficult opponents, well lighted floors, and fewer glitches than the last game. However, to say that it’s graphically impressive is simply not the case; it is only graphically impressive when you look at the games available for sports. Otherwise, the graphics for the NBA2K13 are sub-par even though it’s one of the top ten Steam games.

Is NBA2K13 worth buying?

If you like playing sports games like the NBA2K13, then you’ll get a good bargain for the game. This game can provide you with a ton of fun as you go through the tournaments and games on the harder levels. NBA2K13 can get intense as the AI gets harder because the AI is not limited on what it can do, unlike previous games. The AI will only be as smart as your CPU is strong, so if you have a top of the line CPU then that’s going to be one very difficult AI to beat.

 – Released October 30, 2012


Top Ten Steam Games- MMO Sports: Dirt 3

Racing games are a pinnacle in MMO sports as they provide gamers who like sports and gamers who don’t like sports with a competitive edge, which is why Dirt 3 was chosen by the community using meta score as the best MMO sport for the top ten Steam games.

Dirt 3

What’s the Premise?

The premise of Dirt 3 is to utilize actual physics in order to race through rugged terrain and extremely difficult obstacle courses. The goal of the game is to go entirely through campaign mode to unlock all of the cars that Dirt 3 offers. Once you have done this, then you can begin to participate in harsh player versus player over a cross platform grid that provides you with an intense heart-pumping race.

How long is Dirt 3?

Dirt 3 campaign isn’t very long simply because each race only lasts for around two to five minutes. However, some of the missions in the campaign force you to turn off your helping software so that you can drift. If you rely on this helping software, these missions will take forever to get past.

Once you’re done with campaign mode, then it’s time to go online to start earning achievements while you go against some of the ruthless players of the Dirt 3 online community. Be careful that they don’t force you to crash.

Is Dirt 3 graphically impressive?

Dirt 3 is one of the top ten Steam games because it’s intensive and on the level of next generation graphics. This game allows you to see the rain pellets sliding across your window shield if you’re driving in rain, barely see out of the window shield if there’s a blizzard outside, and your character will see a haze in hot environments. Make sure that your system can handle the Dirt 3 graphical prowess because it requires a lot.

Is Dirt 3 worth buying?

Dirt 3 is by far one of the most exhilarating and addictive games of the top ten Steam games. Not only does this game provide good graphics, an extremely difficult gameplay, but Dirt 3 is also cross platform so you will never run out of people to play with.

– Released May 23, 2011



Top Steam Games- Strategy: Civilization 5

The Civilization 5 addition to the Sid Meier collection is not a surprise and it’s no more a surprise that it’s the top in strategy of the top ten Steam games. This Civilization series has been around for a very long time and every series like it that has tried to compete against it has simply drifted off into nothingness. It’s not that those games did badly; it’s just that the Civilization series has been around for a long time and every edition adds a whole new twist to the game.

Beyond earth Expansion

The story begins where civilization ended: The spaceship to Alpha Centauri launched and landed in a new, alien world. You goal is to build out a new world for humanity using economics, trade, population and army. Beyond earth will not be launched as an expansion but rather as an independent game that runs on the same engine as Civilization V. There will be five different victory conditions, with dominations/kill everyone the most popular choice.

Civilization 5

What is the Premise?

The premise of this game is to build up your forces strong enough to conquer other empires and you cannot do this peacefully. Eventually, the land will run out and so will resources, so it’s a battle for time in this game to develop and conquer. These core basics of the game are why the Civilization series has always held the top spot for strategy in the top ten Steam games.

How long is Civilization 5?

The Civilization series is notorious for having a lengthy amount of dedicated time to it. If you are playing against someone, then you may be stuck on the computer for hours on end. Playing against the computer allows you to save and close the game, which is why the Civilization 5 is best for single player.

The reason why it takes so long when you face another opponent is because a human mind playing Civilization will be far superior to that of the computer. This makes developing a neck brake race to see who can become stronger first while keep control of their own land. This can make the battle seem almost impossible when you’re attacking one front while being attacked on another front.

Is Civilization 5 graphically impressive?

Civilization and games like Civilization have common levels of graphic, which means they aren’t that impressive. The game is more focused on controlling land and resources than how fancy the button will look when you click on it.

Is Civilization 5 worth buying?

If you like building empires and conquering the way you truly conquer another nation, then this game will be perfect for you. Long lengthy battles, up to date developments, and accurate reflections on civilizations make Civilization 5 one of the top ten Steam games.

 – Released September 21, 2010