Best 2014 Antivirus – Top 10 Anti virus by Expert Reviews

With hundreds of different viruses and malware programs emerging every year, protecting your PC from wrongdoers has never been more important. We checked two well-renowned online service comparison sites to find out which antivirus software is the top 10 antivirus of 2014., a reputable and objective source for expert reviews, ranks as follows: McAfee –

Chromebook: The Best Bang for Your Buck


Considering a Chromebook? With the many different models available, finding the perfect one to suit your needs can be challenging. But don’t let that overwhelm you. Here’s are the top reasons to consider a Chromebook. 1. Speed Chromebook is fast! Like, crazy fast. Over computers can take minutes to get going, with surprise updates adding to

Recommended Chromebooks for Students


Among the binders, crayons, paper, pencil boxes and new clothes needed on the list of supplies for this coming school year, you may see an additional item that you might not be sure what to do with; the Laptop. If immediately you begin thinking of a device costing around $1000, boy have I got great

Review: The NEW Chromebook 2

Over the 2013 Holiday Season, Amazon was able to record that of their best-selling laptops; two out of three were the Samsung and Acer Chromebook! Remarkable, considering that since its original release in June 2011, the idea of an inexpensive, lightweight, simple machine brought on its share of skepticism; due in part to the inability

Chromebook 5 or Chromebook 2?

So, you bought your Samsung Series 5 Chromebook over two years to 3 years ago and things between it and you are going just fine. You haven’t had any issues with your Chromebook nor has it become insufficient for your needs. However, you’ve heard about this new Chromebook; the series 2 and you’ve begun wondering…

The Chromebook Pixel: Too Costly?

For the past week, I’ve been having the pleasure of reviewing various Chromebook models and have primarily stayed on the lower end of the spectrum – under the $400 manufacturer’s suggested retail price. I steered clear of the Chromebook Pixel. Which makes a lot of sense; considering that the original expectation of Google was that

Chromebook: The Perfect Toy?

So, School’s out for the summer and my rising ninth grader wants to dominate my Home Office because this is where the PC Desktop is. Only there’s one problem – I’m using it! See, I work from home and earn my living by writing and coaching; which means I must have access to the Computer.