Buy 3D Printer Plastic – tips and advice

In today’s 3D printing market, when you go to buy 3D printer plastic it can be difficult to determine exactly what type of ink you need. Especially with terms like microns, ABS, and PLS or PLA being tossed around can confuse a beginning printer enthusiasts. However, when you buy 3D printer plastic, it doesn’t have to be confusing at all. Here’s a 101 for when you buy 3D printer plastic for your first time because 3D printer Plastic is rather expensive.

Keep It Cool When You Buy 3D Printer Plastic

The material that you use in your 3D printer is plastic, which means that it will melt given the right temperature. It’s important to keep 3D printers in cool and cold environments to prevent the melting of the plastic or the clogging of the 3D printer.

Understand the Micron

When you buy 3D printer plastic sometimes the spool provider will say that that the plastic is “X micron ready” with “X” representing the micron amount. This is a miscommunicating advertisement because all plastic is usable by a 3D printer.

The 3D printer plastic is melted and pushed through the printer’s needle, with the micron count determine how precise and small the plastic can be melted down to.

Buy 3D Printer Plastic; Consumer Use

The most common material that you will find when you buy 3D printer plastic is ABS and PLA. The truth lies in your 3D printer manual as to what types you can use but if you can use both of these, then you will want to use PLA if you plan to make structurally sound material. PLA is an engineering plastic while ABS is a standard repair plastic, making the PLA the stronger plastic.

Buy 3D Printer Plastic; Commercial Use

When you buy 3D printer plastic for commercial use, depending on what 3D printer you have, you can use anything that has an easily melt-able temperature.  Some 3D printers can utilize even gold and organ tissue as a printing material, but some of these are experimental. All of the materials you can use are mostly labeled inside of the 3D printer’s manual but some materials not listed can be used, which is why you may need to call that 3D printer’s development center to find out.

Recycle or Buy 3D Printer Plastic

Lastly, there have been some articles and instructional media that show that you can use plastics that are available in your house as recycled plastic for your 3D printer. The reason why you should buy 3D printer plastic instead of recycling the plastic is that you can take a lighter flame and melt the recycled plastic within seconds, you cannot do that with ABS and PLA plastic; it may take a few minutes to an hour depending on how dense the plastic is.


Top 5 3D Printers as reviewed by our editor

3D printers are rather expensive and with all the available options it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you, which is why we have made the top 5 3D printers. Each printer is built for a different type of consumer and is the best in their market. Which one will you choose to be your 3D printer?

Top 5 3D Printers – Best Business Printer: MakerBot Replicator Z18

This 3D Printer makes it into the top 5 3D printers by providing the best business provisions available to 3D printer users. The MakerBot Replicator is wireless, multi-spool, phone control capabilities, cloud serviced, and (most importantly) one of the largest building chambers available.

MakerBot Replicator review

 Top 5 3D Printers – Best At-Home Printer: Cube

The Cube product line is the only safe for children 3D printer available on the market, which makes the Cube product line the best at-home printer for the top 5 3D printers. This may not be a performance grade printer product line but it’s the best line to introduce the average person to printing in 3D. The Cube product line is simplified, easy-to-use, and difficult to maneuver away into dangerous products.

Top 5 3D Printers – Best Cheap Printer: UP! Mini 3D Desktop Printer

The Up! Mini 3D Desktop Printer is the cheapest 3D commercial printer available on the market, making it one of the top 5 3D printers available. This 3D printer is extremely simplistic in design and provides you with all the basic 3D printing capabilities, even prototyping.

Top 5 3D Printers – Best DIY Printer: The MakerGear M2

The MakerGear M2 makes it into the top 5 3D printers by providing the best DIY user experience. Everything about the machine is completely visible and the software behind the 3D printer is difficult to learn, which is best for learning all the aspects/programming needed to design your own 3D printed templates.

Top 5 3D Printers –  Best Prototyping Printer: MakerBot Replicator 2x

The MakerBot Replicator 2x holds the place of the best prototype printer in the top 5 3D printers because of its high standard. The MakerBot Replicator 2x has the highest micron ratio, most complex software provided by MakerBot producers, the sturdiest system, all available file types, and highest power consumption.

These are the top 5 3D printers available on the market with each of the holding a different aspect of the market. 3D printing is not exactly new, with the oldest 3D printer being produced before the 21st century, but commercial and practical use of this technology has come to the consumer results. 3D printing has been claimed to take over every aspect of consumer products, from cars to products and to even human organs or food. Will you be willing to take the step into the new age technology?