Top 10 addons in 2015 / 2016 including streaming & sports

Less than a year ago we reviewed the top addons for Kodi. The application is changing so rapidly that we feel that it’s a must to update our review. We have checked literally hundreds of addons and apps and came up with 10 that every movie, music & sports fan should have.

  1. Addon Installer. Before anything else, download the addon installer which serves as an addon store for Kodi and allows you to download all the other apps.
  2. Phoenix. The best addons for streaming movies and TV shows. Features 1000s of live channels.
  3. Open Subtitles. If you are not a native speaker or you watch films and TV shows in other languages you should download Open Subtitles and get all the content translated to your mother tongue.
  4. Money Sports. Requires the Plexus add-on installed.
  5. AWXI – allows you to better control your audio and video features.
  6. YIFY Movies HD – The best torrent option for movies and TV series.
  7. Genesis – Formerly knows and GoTV & GoMovies.
  8. – Great for watching music videos with a jukebox function which plays songs based on a set genre
  9. Tunein Radio – Access 1000s of free radio stations
  10. US TV Now! – Free live US TV Channels (SD for free, HD additional fee.)

I hoe you enjoy your Kodi ! If you need a safe & anonymous solution for downloads & surfing, you can see the top 10 vpn solutions here.


Facebook’s Snapchat Slingshot

Facebook’s Snapchat Slingshot

Last year, Snapchat refused Facebook’s offer for three billion dollars and left Facebook mixed feelings about the ordeal. Then, this year, there’s speculation that Facebook’s Snapchat will be called Slingshot. There’s a few reasons why Facebook would want to cash in on this growing market and how many of their current features are equipped to do something like this already.

Facebook’s Messenger

Currently, Facebook’s instant messenger is a standalone program that doesn’t require the use of the Facebook application in order to work. Facebook’s Snapchat will use the same principles of the instant messenger, the only difference is that there won’t be any save information and you’ll be able to post it to your timeline.

The instant messenger has the ability to do every that the website’s messenger can do without being integrated into the main application. Although, the pictures that you send take some time loading and instantly sending a picture between the two parties is not instant. However, the technology to do so is still there.

Facebook Developing Its Own Snapchat With 'Slingshot': Report


The Way Slingshot works

Slingshot is an instant messenger of photos and they were somewhat addled to refuse Facebook’s offer. Slingshot is designed to take photos with its application and you can send them to anyone in your contact list that also has Slingshot.

The reason why they’re a little addled is because shortly after Facebook’s offer, Slingshot got into a lawsuit from the FTC about falsely claiming messages didn’t stay on the machine they were sent from. Slingshot was also found guilty of taking a user contacts list’s data. All of this took a huge chunk out of the company that is showing difficult to remedy, as their users now know about their transgressions.

Other similar applications on the market are Chatous and other top anonymity applications.

Making Money

Facebook’s Snapchat would essentially make money by charging for extra features and putting up advertisements on occasion. The instant messenger charges for some of its cute built-in pictures that come from meme’s or movies. Facebook’s Snapchat Slingshot would do something similar.

In addition to this, Slingshot could also be incorporated into Facebook’s growing list of mobile games. There are many possibilities that could happen with Facebook’s Snapchat Slingshot and, as of right now, their intention is not well-defined.

Now Don’t Get Excited

While the rumors about Facebook’s Snapchat Slingshot may be valid, the project itself may not follow through unless they can find a good way to market it. With everything that Facebook already does, having a third standalone application and gathering popularity would be a hassle since you can just post your pictures to the timeline anyway.

10 Best apps for perfecting the Selfie


Review: How HelloWallet Makes Budgeting Easy

The economy has taken a downturn and it seems as though everything has increased in price, but salaries haven’t. This being the case, we all need a little help figuring out how to cut corners and save, without sacrificing everything we have, and still having a little money to spend on the things we enjoy. HelloWallet may be the tool we all need to have on hand to ensure our lifestyles don’t suffer, just because the economy has.

Personal Finance

Financial planning made easy

One of HelloWallet’s most exceptional features is that it does more than help you pay your bills or save a little cash for a rainy day. This is an app that will help you plan your financial future and if things go from bad to worse, it may be the only way you can ensure you hang onto the assets you worked so hard to acquire. The app pulls its information from consumer research and behavior, the way a financial planner would, and then recommends the areas in which you need to allocate more and less money. Pension funds, 401Ks, medical savings accounts – they’re all included in the areas in which HelloWallet will help you save.

Once you create an account, the home page will come up, showing you how much money you have, how much you should have, how much you spent, etc. This is the place in which you should be able to see, at a glance, whether your finances are in trouble, or running along smoothly. Once you have entered all of your details, the app will allow you to set goals for yourself, so that you can determine how long it will take you to save for a boat, how many months’ salary a trip to DisneyWorld will cost, or whether you can afford that steak dinner.

Stay on top of your money

In addition, you can link your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial accounts to the app, which means you get to follow the movement of your money. If there are erroneous bank charges on your account, strange transactions or even an influx of cash, the app will let you know so that you are always informed. The app is also adding more features as the economic climate changes, and it follows financial trends, which means that if something big happens in the world, your app will know it, and let you know, so that you can keep planning.

One thing you may have to budget for, which could be a little hard to accept, is that HelloWallet is not a free app. As of late 2013, the app comes with a hundred dollar a year price tag, which isn’t much if you think about how much you could be saving. The app has become so popular, that it is now being marketed to businesses in an attempt to help employees save money. If you’ve ever had a shopping trip and returned home empty handed because you were worried about money, or you had buyer’s guilt and had to take something back, this app will help you get peace of mind, so the next time you spend, you’ll be able to do it without worrying how you’re going to pay your rent.


5 Apps That Take the Sweat Out of Weight Loss

The benefit of exercise cannot be stressed enough and yet, when faced with the thought of running shoes and weights, we all seem to be able to come up with some excuse not to hit the gym. Well, today is the day that it all changes, thanks to these smart apps that will have you burning the pounds with the least amount of effort, and maximum enjoyment.

Weight  loss

1.Editor’s Choice: Fitocracy

What if weight loss were less of a chore and more of a game? This is the principle upon which Fitocracy has been built. The app gamifies weight loss, setting goals for you and rewarding you when you achieve them. You can add your friends to ensure you beat them at their own weight loss game, or simply try to achieve more today than you did yesterday. This social app is about the fun and competition, and if you lose weight using it, that’s great too.

2. Lose it!

Track the choices you make every day and you’ll probably find that with a few alterations, you can lose a lot of weight. Of course, who has the energy to track every bite of food they eat? Well, with this app, you can simply scan the barcode of the food that’s about to go into your mouth, or favorite a few foods, to choose them over and over. It’ll all be added to a database that will show you how much you’re eating and how much more, or less, food, you need to ingest.

3. SparkPeople

Losing weight is difficult and when you need to do it all on your own, it’s easy to give up. But resisting that temptation just got easier, thanks to SparkPeople, the social weight loss app that allows you to track and share every aspect of your life. You can connect to the online community to see how you’re doing, get tips and even download demos to show you the best exercises for targeting your problem areas.

4. 7min fitness

If you’re from the old-school of working out for an hour a day, this app is going to change your life. It gives you smart, seven minute workouts that fit into your day, making it easy and more convenient to workout when it suits you. Target tums, bums and thighs in the beginner workout, or choose the heavier workouts to build muscle, burn fat or train for an event.

5. Weightbot

Tracking your weight is a difficult thing to do on a daily basis, but not with this app. Weightbot is your personal trainer/dietician/robot workout partner who will keep you motivated every step of the way. Simply input your weight, food intake and exercise every day and leave it to the bot to figure out where you need to speed up, cut down or even which days should be your rest days. You tell the bot what’s happening in your life and it will tell you how to make everything better. It’s like having your very own weight loss butler on call at all times.



5 Apps that Might One Day Replace Facebook

Facebook has been going for a number of years now, and with recent purchases and a lot of changes, there seems to be no danger of it becoming obsolete. However, many people have dubbed it the dinosaur of social media and are looking around for newer more interesting apps. Facebook may not be around forever, and if you’re a smart better, why not hedge your bets with some of these alternatives?


1. Google+

Many people have commented time and again that there is no way Google+ will replace Facebook, but considering the sheer number of features it has, it may just be a waiting game. People the world over have explained that the way they see Google+ is a “Facebook without the moronic posts”, and this may be just what makes it more popular someday. You can still share photos, find your friends and use it on web or mobile, but the fact that you won’t be bombarded with pictures of everyone’s lunch, updates on their gym habits or ‘selfies’ may make Google+ the grown-up version of Facebook.

2. Path

This is another social media app that is available on mobile only. You get to create your own private journal, and share it at will with anyone who is interested. Like Facebook, you can set a profile picture or use a background image in your profile, but unlike Facebook, the string of mindless ramblings is much smaller.

3.  Pair

This apps takes this functionality to the next level by personalizing the app. It is a social media app but one that you will want to share with one other person only. Perfect for long distance relationships, this app lets you see what your boyfriend or girlfriend is up to, let’s you share your thoughts, feelings and pictures with them, and keeps the whole conversation just between the two of you.

4.  EveryMe

An app that takes everything good about the big 3 (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and combines it to create a bigger level of interaction. The app works on social circles, which means you pick the circle you want to talk to and share with, and stay in touch based on common interests. This app is quite clever in that it obviously understands that you may have more than one circle of friends, and it allows you to share, chat and post pictures relevant to that circle.

5. Twitter

Remember Twitter? Though it is nothing like Facebook, being a microblog site as opposed to a social media site, this app may have the longevity of the mosquito in Facebook-style Jurassic Park. Twitter is showing no signs of fading the way that Facebook is and if you’re looking for a new place to share your thoughts and feelings, to find out what your friends are up to or learn a few new tricks from some of the old dogs of Twitter, this may be an ideal place to do it.


5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Inevitably, every entrepreneur has gone out on their own because they saw the potential to make money, changes and a better life for themselves by owning their own businesses. From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, they’ve all had their ups and downs, and have had to figure out how to be great at running their own businesses without much help. These days, we are lucky enough to have knowledge and skills distilled into app form, allowing anyone with an idea and a little funding to create a great business with very little knowledge at all.


1. Editor’s Choice: EchoSign

So you’re out at a lunch meeting and you receive a document that needs your signature right away. Without your laptop or printer, your options are limited right? Wrong. With this app, you can create a signature that you can place on a document on your phone. It will store all of the documents you receive and create a digital paper trail so that you can find that contract any time you need it.

2. Skitch

When you’re away from your desk, but need to make a note, you can do so, but not on a screenshot. This is the premise of Skitch, an app that allows you to use any screenshots you’ve taken on your phone and make notes on them. So whether it’s a document you want to comment on, or the design on your new website, it all just got a lot easier.

3. Hukkster

Being an entrepreneur, you know that all the cash you have is going into your business and you have neither the time, nor the money, to buy those tailored suits or fancy gadgets you need. This app will browse all the sites where your must-have items are on sale, and recommend them to you so that you have a chance to buy them at a lower cost and with little time spent.

4. Pocket

Save articles, contracts, images, videos, anything from your phone into this app, and you can access it whenever you want it. This app allows you to pinpoint things you find interesting and then keep them all in one place so that you can share them, or access them yourself later. This innovative app makes it easier to show your kids that funny YouTube video of a cat chasing a dog, and find the article about future trends you were reading this morning with minimal effort.


When you go to sleep at night with a clear inbox, and wake up with one that is crowded, you start to wonder if the subscriptions to newsletters and magazines is even worth your time. This app will ensure that your emails are organized according to priority, so you’ll be able to see the top marketing trends of the day without having to get through 15 joke emails first. You can add the email addresses and services you think are important, and start your day the right way, with important, relevant information in your inbox that keeps you on top of your game.



5 Apps Every Designer Needs

Though not everyone keeps tabs on apps for specialist careers, as a designer, you probably should. If you are bored with Photoshop, tired of CorelDraw or have done everything with DreamWeaver you can think of, it may be time to look around the app store for these five gems, all of which will spark creativity and give you a new lease on designing.


1. Adobe Ideas

Creativity can come from just about anywhere but sometimes consolidating it is tough. That is why Adobe created this amazing app that allows you to draw vector images on your iPad, save them and then use them when you’re back in the office. If you’re on a trip out to the woods, about to have a night out or simply relaxing at home, inspiration could strike. This app gives you everything you need from Eyedropper, Eraser and undo/redo tools to catch those ideas as they strike and keep them forever, in vector form.

2. Paper

App developers FiftyThree knew what they were doing when they designed this app. It is a beautifully designed digital sketchbook that allows you to create, draw, write or just doodle. One of its most impressive features has to be the expressive ink feature, which lets you draw with a finger, but doesn’t make lines that are as thick as your finger. Even if you’re drawing stick figures, you can make them as thin or thick as you need to at the touch of a button. And when you’re done, simply save the file and email it to yourself.

3. DesignPad

If you’re a layout designer and you’re too far from away InDesign on your computer, simply whip out this app and let it help you create a layout on the go. You can add text boxes, align pages and pictures and even create cool headers. If you think sitting on the bus or in a taxi is a waste of time, have a deadline but need to be in the doctor’s office, or you have a bright idea while waiting in the bank queue, simply use DesignPad to create, save and share.

4. iDraw

An iPad app, iDraw does pretty much what its name gives you the power to draw. One of the best features of this app is that besides the general design tools any other app would give you, this one allows you to create a font, align and group objects as you would on your Mac and even change the proportions of your design. A quick share on Dropbox and the rest can wait until you’re back in front of your screen.

5. Fontbook

Sometimes, being away from your computer allows you to be more inspired than browsing through websites and if, like many designers, you want a specific font at your beck and call, you don’t want to wait until you’re back at the office for it. This app gives you over 700 fonts to use as you need them, and ensure your design is as great on screen, as it is in your head.


5 Alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate and with the cost of phone calls and text messages climbing, it is handy to have an alternative that costs less, that quickly and easily relays messages and of course, that is intuitive to use. But this app is not the only messaging app around and if you’ve decided categorically not to use any other, you may be missing out.


Some of the best to try include:

1. Viber

This is an app that is quite similar to WhatsApp in terms of the way it gathers information from the contact on your phone, to allow you to send messages. However, one of the ways in which it excels is that it is not simply a messaging app, but a phone calls app. It uses data to make phone calls and that means that not only is your messaging cheap, but your phone calls can be cheap too.

2. Facebook Messenger

Nothing new about this, but many people are now beginning to recognize that they can use it instead of sending text messages. For the most part, you probably want to contact people which whom you are friends on Facebook, so using Messenger makes a lot of sense. Of course, it has some drawbacks too, including that when Facebook is down, Messenger is down, but if you’re on Facebook most of the day, as so many people are, it is a handy tool that works when you don’t really want to.

3. Line

Yet another messaging app, but one that works slightly differently to WhatsApp. Line will register your phone number with a database that then checks to see whether your contacts are registered. So why is it so different? Well, for one thing, messaging is no longer restricted to your phone. You can use the app on your PC too, so that while you work, watch movies or play games, you can message your friends too.

4. Skype

This is an oldie, but a goodie. You’ve probably used it before to send funny messages to people in the workplace, but it has so many extensions, you may not have been getting the full benefit of it. Skype has merged with MSN or Hotmail, and that means while you check your mails, you can Skype your friends, call them, send documents from one place to another, or even stream a video. Skype definitely outshines WhatsApp in terms of privacy, as it gives you the option of approving who messages you.

5. LiveProfile

An app that you may never have heard of, and though it is not one of the most popular, it is slowly becoming a firm favorite in people’s lives. After registering an email account, the app will allow you to find contacts, chat to them, start a group chat and send pictures. It certainly is a useful one to have around if you need to send documents to a study group, or pictures of your kids to their grandparents, but it is so similar to WhatsApp that is can’t really be called as competitor.


Top 5 Apps to Teach Kids Maths

Math has often been classed as one of those subjects that you can either do or you can’t. Well these apps challenge that theory, by showing that though people learn things in different ways, anyone can become a maths genius. Kids who hate maths are about to beg for more because these apps will teach them how to work their way through problems creatively and give them the chance to have fun with numbers. Here are the top 5 apps to teach kids maths.

Maths Apps

1. Einstein Math Academy

Why not register your child at the Einstein Math Academy? Don’t worry about paying school fees because this app allows your kid to work through math problems free of charge. This app will work well for those kids who think they’re no good at math because they’ll be taught math literacy as well as how to problem solve. This means they get the lowdown on what symbols mean and how to use them, and not just problems, problems, problems. Music and color add to the journey and rewards will have your kids begging to learn.

2. Mathmateer

Mathmateer, as the name may have already told you, is a club that kids can belong to where they solve problems in order build a rocket ship. This has been voted as one of the best kids’ learning apps around and once kids get a taste of it, they won’t be able to stop. They’ll be taught how to solve problems, obviously, but also how to recognize problem patterns, work with fractions and even square roots.

3. Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Peter Pig’s Money Counter gives kids the chance to learn about money through their virtual piggy bank, Peter Pig. The exercises and tasks are read aloud and kids get to solve the problems to fill their piggy bank.

4. Marble Math Junior 

Marble Math Junior is another of those creative math games, that teach kids how to solve problems by getting them to navigate through a maze. So what makes the app different? Well for one thing, it can be personalized to suit your child, so depending on your child’s age and ability, they will get easier or harder puzzles. This app is not-generic and if your child has been falling behind, they will be able to catch up fairly quickly.

5. Mathly Hollows

Mathly Hollows is kind of like the Harry Potter Math Academy. It allows your kid to become a wizard, of maths that is, and rescue friends, acquire pet monsters and defend the math school to become the Master Math Wizard. This is a fun app for kids of all ages and for those parents who are concerned about the applications of an app like this to their child’s schooling, know that it is aligned to the Core Standards for schools.

The world is changing every day and the way children learn is changing too. At some time in the future, all schools will doubtless be using apps like these to help kids learn, but you can change your child’s future right now, by letting them learn maths in a way that is more creative and definitely, more fun.


Top 5 Apps for Learning a New Language

Bonjourno! Comment ca va? Auf Wiedersehen – you may have always wanted to learn a new language, but without much time on your hands, and not much money to spare, how can you possibly do it? Those who hope to live in Europe one day, or who are just passionate about languages need to get these apps, which will have them talking in some of the most fashionable tongues within minutes. These are the top apps for learning a new language.

1. Duolingo

This is the everyday learning app, the one that will ensure you get your dose of language lessons at a time that suits you, to become an expert. The app is completely free and can teach you some of the modern European languages, including Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. You can learn on your own, but if you have a friend who wants to learn too, you can both sign up and play interactive language games, that help you have fun while you learn.

2. Busuu

This is one of the newest kids on the block and it is quickly rising to popularity because it does something other apps don’t do, that is, it lets you talk to native speakers of the language you want to learn. There are tasks that will teach you the language too, but that practical experience is invaluable, and will help you learn any language from Russian to Chinese. This 35 million speakers registered, this is truly a multi-cultural language app.

3. Memrise

Something new in language learning, this app gives its users an analogy to help them learn. The language skill they hope to get is a plant and by coming back to the app and learning, they are watering it and helping it to grow. The more you learn and the better you get at the language of your choice, the bigger your plant, and entire garden will become. What is so great about this app is that it allows you to see your achievements, and sometimes, especially in the field of language, this is not so easy to see. The app has been very successful in its initial stages and as such, there has been talk of growing it into other educational areas.

4. Google Translate

Okay, so this is not just a learning app, but it is a translation tool and that means that if you are ever stuck with a phrase you don’t recognize, you can translate it quickly and easily, and will probably remember it for next time too. The app must be online for it to work though, so if you find yourself in an area with poor signal, you may have a problem.

5. Babel

This is a throwback to the site that has been teaching people grammar in different languages for years. French, German, Polish, Dutch – check, check, check, check. What makes this app really stand out is that it helps you learn pronunciation and not just the words for certain things, so the next time you’re trying out your language skills, you’ll sound like a native and not like a tourist.