Top Ten Green Technologies that Can Change the World.

Technologies have always been blamed as the destroyer of our environment. Cars emit carbon monoxide, industries are producing waste material which is polluting water channels, and so on. In fact all different sorts of pollution are in one way or other are made related to technology. But if we see the other end of picture we will find that many technologies are striving for the betterment of environment.

Recycling Plants

Our waste can easily be transformed into energy by recycling plants. There are many companies out there who are working to turn biomass into ethanol. Many cities have plants install that can convert the waste into energy.

Electric Cars

Automobiles are blamed most for the environmental pollution that is why scientists and motor car companies have been working to bring electric cars to our roads. Still the technology is not at advanced level but hybrid cars are there in market and they create far less pollution.

Hydrogen Fuel:

The best alternative for the fossil fuels are Hydrogen fuel and it is pollution free. This technology is also in its process of growth. Scientists have been working to obtain hydrogen cells easily. Some of the car companies are also working to produce cars that will only emit clean water.

Making of Petroleum Products from Almost Anything

Nature converts the carbon based sources into Oil by processing it for millions of years, now this can be done by a process called thermo-depolymerization. The only difference is of time that artificial process can be completed in far less time.

Nuclear Energy:

US nuclear plants are providing 5th part of the energy to its country. If you remove all those nuclear plants and use coal plants, carbon emission would make unbreakable records. Nuclear energy is one the gift of Technology, had it not been there, then Ozone would have been vanished by now.

Green IT:

Well how computers are making Pollution? One could wonder for a long hours. About 2% of pollution is committed by our Computers. Logic is as they are running on the energy source which is generated by fossil fuels. Now what Green IT does is that it makes laptops phones etc energy efficient. There is software in the market which runs in background and tunes your PC to use minimum energy.

Li-Ion Batteries:

The technology has improved itself not in the way it creates energy but also in the way it stores it. Li-Ion batteries are used widely in all mobile devices and in computers etc. The batteries are extra energy efficient and they last longer and they are indirectly having positive impact on environment.

Wind Power:

Converting wind power into useful form of energy is another achievement of technology for better environment. Moreover it provides inexpensive source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels they do not emit any sort of waste material.

Tidal Power:

Our earth is 70 percent covered with oceans, and those oceans carry surplus amount of tidal energy.  That tidal energy is used to rotate the turbines to make electrical energy. In this way no waste is produced.

Solar Energy:

Solar energy can be used in two ways, one is to use photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight directly in to electrical energy and other is to use the sun heat to run the turbines; mirrors are used for this. Both ways are extremely environmental friendly.

With all these technologies we cannot say that world will become pollution free but at least it can b improved or we can at least control the mess we have already made.