Top 10 addons in 2015 / 2016 including streaming & sports

Less than a year ago we reviewed the top addons for Kodi. The application is changing so rapidly that we feel that it’s a must to update our review. We have checked literally hundreds of addons and apps and came up with 10 that every movie, music & sports fan should have.

  1. Addon Installer. Before anything else, download the addon installer which serves as an addon store for Kodi and allows you to download all the other apps.
  2. Phoenix. The best addons for streaming movies and TV shows. Features 1000s of live channels.
  3. Open Subtitles. If you are not a native speaker or you watch films and TV shows in other languages you should download Open Subtitles and get all the content translated to your mother tongue.
  4. Money Sports. Requires the Plexus add-on installed.
  5. AWXI – allows you to better control your audio and video features.
  6. YIFY Movies HD – The best torrent option for movies and TV series.
  7. Genesis – Formerly knows and GoTV & GoMovies.
  8. – Great for watching music videos with a jukebox function which plays songs based on a set genre
  9. Tunein Radio – Access 1000s of free radio stations
  10. US TV Now! – Free live US TV Channels (SD for free, HD additional fee.)

I hoe you enjoy your Kodi ! If you need a safe & anonymous solution for downloads & surfing, you can see the top 10 vpn solutions here.


YouTube reportedly to acquire streaming site Twitch for $1B

Will YouTube buy Twitch?

Reportedly, YouTube may have made an attempt to buy Twitch for one billion dollars. There are several key points as to why they would do this and why they didn’t do this in the past. Here’s our speculation on why YouTube might buy Twitch.


The rumor came across the internet through anonymous sources on the Deep Web. The Deep Web is, essentially, the dirty part of the internet where no government has complete control over. The positive rumor is that YouTube wants to but Twitch for the ability to expand its viewer base and to make money. The negative rumor is that YouTube simply won’t be able to buy Twitch because it would create a video manager monopoly that has exceedingly little competition and the U.S. Justice Department wouldn’t allow for this to happen.

Why Google-Owned YouTube Wants to Buy Gaming Video Site Twitch

Why would YouTube buy Twitch?

Twitch is the largest gaming video content based website on the internet, second to YouTube when it comes to overall subscribers. If YouTube were to buy Twitch, this would be a power play that could challenge the Sony streaming play feature. Undoubtedly, this would also increase their overall revenue because of the type of users that use Twitch.

Since Twitch is the competitor when it comes to streaming video content, YouTube would also be removing a core competitor in the gaming world.

The Severe Repercussions

There are some extremely severe repercussions if YouTube does manage to buy Twitch, exclusively because of what happened when Google bought YouTube. Twitch is a video game streaming website and when Google bought YouTube, there was a mass auto-block that happened with copyright infringement on video game based channels.

Since Twitch is one of the only sites that doesn’t manage copyright issues, those that use Twitch as the other option for streaming games would no longer have that option. Twitch also hosts controversial footage of games that are banned in some areas. The fear is that when and if Twitch is bought by YouTube that the gaming community will experience something similar to what happened when Google bought YouTube.


What it all boils down to is whether the U.S. Justice Department will intervene on this rumor. Many believe that Twitch is in trouble, with not enough to keep up with its growing popularity. Buying Twitch would save them from their own self-destruction but it would also give YouTube a potential monopoly  in the video content market. At this point, there is no definitive statement that this deal will happen or if it is even possible.

More about Streamers and Streaming


Cuevana.TV Torrent Website

Cuevana.TV Torrent Website

There are two, the first website is where you can download the program for your computer and the second buevana website is where you can play the movies straight from your browser. There’s a unique way to how buevana or works that’s different from Popcorn Time. or Buevana One

The site is an all Spanish website that allows you to download a Spanish based program to torrent videos much like Popcorn Time in English. The buevana program is specifically built to handle high-speed connections while most torrent streaming sites or programs like like to throttle the download speed to prevent any drop in ping.

In addition to this, the or buevana program utilizes a dump feature so that you are both downloading and dumping at the same time. It’s like receiving an illegal letter at the same time it’s being shredded; it’s very difficult to detect. This is unique to the or buevana program and provides the ultimate protection against those who arrest illegal torrenting because the data is not stored on your computer but transferred through it.

Free access to movies & TV with Cuevana by CNN_International or Buevana Two

Essentially, this is the Spanish based version of the torrenting program or buevana. Unlike Popcorn Time, hosts such files from their actual website in full 1080p experience. This is rather new when compared to the other programs of similarity.

In addition to this, the sites that do provide a web based service like the program usually require you to sign up. There are many reasons why these websites do this but they also completely block you from watching their content. allows you to watch the same content that you would find on the buevana program without needing to sign up to any website.


The speed from is truly remarkable, as most of the videos will load within seconds of pressing the play button. This is best both the buevana program and the website are connected to each other. This provides the user with the best experience and the fastest possible speeds.

Don’t want the program?

You don’t have to have the or buevana program in order to download the movie. Instead, you can go to the website and download the movie directly without the use of a torrent user. This is truly the first of its kind in the business of downloading illegal movies. Be sure to check out

The best alternative to is Popcorn time


como instatlar o desinstalar popcorn time

Descargaryutilizar Popcorn Time

El programa popcorn time es un Netflix gratis como streaming programa que le permite transmitir contenido torrented. El programa no utiliza a un proxy para descargar peliculas torrented, así que se recomienda que utilice a un proxy mientras está usando este programa.

Cómoinstalar Popcorn Time

  1. Para Mac – o para windows
    2. Haga clicenlaconfiguración de tiempo de palomitas de maíz.
    4. Pulse OK para permitir que Windows ejecutar la configuración de tiempo de palomitas de maíz.
  2. una vezfinalizadalaconfiguración de Popcorn Time habráun botón “finish”. Haga clicenel botón “Finish”.
  3. laventana del programasecerrarácompletoytequedarásconlo que estáensuescritorio. Con el finde

accedaalprograma de palomitas de maíztiempo,tendráquepulsarsobreelbotónInicioopulseelbotón de palomitas de maíztiempoApp.

Cómodesinstalar Popcorn Time

Puesto que este programa es a diferencia de la mayoría de programas de Windows, usted no encontrará un desinstalador para él. En cambio, este programa tendrán que ser eliminados y no hay las claves del registro para ello.

1. Haga clic en mi PC.

2. Haga clic en C:.

3. Haga clic en usuarios.

4. Haga clic en su nombre o administrador si su nombre no está disponible.

5. Haga clic en AppData.

6. Haga clic en itinerancia.

7. Seleccione el tiempo de palomitas de maíz.

8. Haga clic y presione suprimir.

Dependiendo de su uso de este programa, usted puede encontrarse eliminar más gigabytes de contenido como el programa descargar la película para reproducir la película.


Cómo utilizar Popcorn Time

El programa ha sido considerado un programa de interfaz de usuario amigable, sin embargo, existen algunas características que pueden ser confusos al principio. Esto es debido al hecho de que el programa de palomitas de maíz tiempo fue inicial un programa basado en Mac.

El botón amarillo en la esquina derecha es para “minimizar”.

El botón rojo en la esquina derecha es para “cerrar”.

El botón del medio entre esos dos botones ha cambiado de color sobre los registros de cambio pero se ha mantenido como el botón “pantalla completa”.

En el lado izquierdo encontrará categorías para encontrar películas. Esta será la mejor manera de elegirá gratis Netflix como películas para su placer de streaming de la barra de búsqueda sigue siendo algo defectuoso. En el centro encontrará una lista de títulos de la película junto con sus fotos. Simplemente haciendo clic en estas películas se iniciará el proceso de transmisión de la película.

Con el tiempo, te darás cuenta que el tiempo de palomitas de maíz tomará cada vez más espacio en tu ordenador incluso si solo abres el programa a ver nuevas películas en streaming. Esto es porque el programa de palomitas de maíz tiempo descargas enlaces torrent a todas las películas que exhibe.

Una vez completada la desinstalación puede reinstalar desde uno de los lugares anteriore


XMBC vs Popcorn Time Comparision

A new media program has surfaced to the top of the internet to compete and now the XMBC versus Popcorn Time games begin. Users of Popcorn Time have become diehard fans and with the recent obliteration of the main program, the XMBC versus Popcorn Time becomes more and more popular.

Media Options

In the XMBC versus Popcorn Time fight, Popcorn Time loses out against XMBC because the XMBC allows you to integrate all of your media and not just movies. Popcorn Time was a program that simply downloaded torrent-file movies and allowed such movies to be streamed. In the XMBC, this option comes as an addon with the rest of everything the XMBC does.

Library Availability

The Popcorn Time library availability was impressive upon release but in the XMBC versus Popcorn Time fight, Popcorn Time simply can’t compete with a program that allows you to install any torrent library you think should be added. This means that the XMBC has an unlimited torrent library with its addon.

User Interface

The user interface for the XMBC in the XMBC versus Popcorn Time fight is a blessing and it preforms preferably towards a TV media device. Looking at a Smart TV or a Roku screen is similar to looking at the XMBC program screen.

In addition to this, everything has a description, rating, and a speedometer to let you know whether the movie will give you problems during streaming. With Popcorn Time, the program simply locked up when the torrent download speed wasn’t fast enough.

Side Note About the XMBCtorrent file

Installing the XMBCtorrent file may also “break” Microsoft Silverlight. The easiest way to solve this problem is to un-install Microsoft Silverlight and then re-install it.


Since XMBC is simply a media program and not specifically a torrent media downloader, the Popcorn Time drowns itself with the most recent clearing of its libraries. This means that when you use the program that you have no worries about the program ever simply disappearing or the libraries made available to you from ever being cut off.


The XMBC program is equal to that of Popcorn Time and it would be wise to use a virtual private network to make sure that your XMBCtorrent addon doesn’t wind you up in trouble. However, what XMBC does do is it prevents other countries from blocking your connection to their content. This means that when you find a better library in a different country through a proxy, and you add it to your addon’s library, that you never have to worry about having no access to the content you want.

In the XMBC versus Popcorn Time, the XMBC wins simply because of how versatile the program is and the use of an addon to provide the torrent service means the developers will not come under legal pressure to shut down.


Top 5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time came out a little over a month ago and, since the developer’s downfall, the program has received a lot of attention. However, the Popcorn Time program itself no longer receives updates and nearly all of the content being removed so that they no longer have to deal with the legal hassle. Here are the top 5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time for users who loved the program.

Editor’s Choice: XBMCtorrent

The XBMCtorrent is an addon file intended for the use with the XMBC client. This turns a normal media playing program into a torrent provider as well. The XBMC interface is exquisitely designed and looks better than Popcorn Time in general. Click here for more info about downloading and installing XBMC

Top 5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time: Flixtor

Flixtor literally stands for “flix that are torrents”, which means this program is practically identical to Popcorn Time in almost every way. The huge difference for this program is that you no longer have Mac-based buttons on the Windows program.

xmbc popcorn time alternative

Top 5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time: UNTV

UNTV allows you to have a program that can easily be configured to watch all type of media. However, UNTV or “A TV” is mainly built to provide you with torrent-available TV shows and the program doesn’t intensely focus itself anywhere else.

Top 5 Alternative to Popcorn Time: Zona

Zona is a program that is identical for Popcorn Time users and does little more than copy their service. Zona is originally in Russian and can be difficult upon install, but this is also a good thing for those who don’t mind using English subtitles as this program also allows access to Russian torrents. In addition to this, your Zona can be linked to your Android phone for mobile access.

Top 5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time: Ace Stream

The final alternative, Ace Stream, is meant for those using Windows 8 simply because the program is better suited as a Windows 8 Application than anything else. This program is fully customizable for the user and you can add torrent links if the program doesn’t automatically detect any.

These are the top 5 alternatives to Popcorn Time and will provide you with either the same experience or a better experience. Each of these programs has automatic access to libraries of torrent able files that can be stream across your computer screen.


Popcorn Time for Mac

The Popcorn Time application is actually supposed to be a Mac application that was shortly transferred into a Windows program thereafter. The similarity between the installations of the two is exactly the same.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is an application that takes torrented movie titles and converts them into a list of movies that looks similar to Netflix. This makes downloading and watching torrented movies extremely easy. Instead of running like a normal program, Popcorn Time doesn’t require the use of a registry key but instead acts like a mobile browser, hiding within the AppData on a device.


You begin by first downloading the Mac version setup of the site you have chosen to download Popcorn Time at.

This will give you a .zip or a tar.gz folder that you double click on to unpack it and extract the files.

These files will be loaded into a default file system.

popcorn time mac install

Problems with Installation?

With Mac, there may be a moment when the file will not be able to download or extract properly. This is often caused by the web browser that you choose to use. When downloading a file to the Mac OS, the web browser will automatically dictate what the install file’s name will be for an easy install.

Troubleshooting Popcorn Time on a Mac

The program is an outsource program that runs as a Mac application. Since Mac has two firewalls, the potential problem that you will experience with Popcorn Time is the fact that the program downloads torrents.

Make sure that your ipfw and Leopard firewalls are allowing network access to the Popcorn Time application.

Can you be caught when you’re using Popcorn Time?

This is a notorious issue, especially for those who use Mac’s because of the Apple information leak on personal accounts in the past. Popcorn Time utilizes the application domain to store and dump the downloaded files. This means that almost as soon as the movie is finished, the move is then deleted from your computer.

To slow down the progress of being caught using Popcorn Time, it’s best if you use a VPN or a proxy server while using Popcorn Time. To decrease the likelihood of being caught, you should also stay on the VPN or proxy server for longer than the time you use to watch the movie. This is because it is extremely noticeable when you take your IP address off the internet and when you turn it back on.

To download popcorn time for mac click here


Troubleshooting Popcorn Time – install, uninstall, firewall configuration

Popcorn Time is a rather new program with an open source code, so there will most likely be a problem or two when you first install the program. This is because the program is new, which means it still has yet to be one hundred percent unstable.

Windows blocking the download of Popcorn Time

This problem occurs with Windows 7 but there are sometimes complications in just downloading the program itself. This normally comes from the internet security parameters set by Internet Explorer, the default internet browser for Windows. The settings tend to be picky about what you do and don’t download, so it may or may not affect you.

Disabling Internet Explorer

Left-Click on the Start Button

Left-Click on the Control Panel

Left-Click on Programs and Features

On the left-hand side, left-click on “Turn Windows features on or off”

Select Internet Explorer and make sure that it is unchecked.

Left-click Okay.

Click here to perform a clean installation of popcorn time 

The Personal Firewall blocking Popcorn Time

Everyone has a different firewall that they personally put on their computer but nearly all of them will react the same when a notorious program tries to install itself on your computer. BEFORE you install this program you should either turn of your firewall or add the downloaded file to your trusted files.


Windows is slow or acting weird after installing Popcorn Time

Some versions of Popcorn Time are infected with Malware. Several Hacker groups abused the open source code and released infected versions of Popcorn Time. If you suspect this may be the case, download Mcafee or any other top Malware Removal software and run a scan.

Windows Firewall blocking Popcorn Time

In terms of updating virus databases, Windows firewall tends to be the last one to update. It is best to disable Windows firewall entirely if you have your own personal firewall so that it doesn’t cause conflictions between the two firewalls.

To disable Windows firewall, follow these steps;

Left-Click on the Start Button

Left-Click on the Control Panel

Left-Click on Windows Firewall

On the left-hand side, left-click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”

For keeping the Windows Firewall on, you simply choose “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”

Corrupt registry keys from the first install of Popcorn Time

This is a common problem with installing programs on a computer and then the firewall or privacy settings prevent the program from installing correctly. However, Popcorn Time runs within app data and does not install a registry. If you get a message saying “Registry” error, it is best if you perform a full virus cleaning on your computer.

These are the major troubleshooting issues with Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time is an open source program that funnels torrents to your computer similar to Netlfix. However, since the material that’s being funneled into your computer illegal, you must be wary that some of the content might contain viruses.

Click here to perform a clean installation of popcorn time 


Where To Download Popcorn Time – Mac and Windows

Popcorn Time Official Download Links

To download Popcorn Time for Windows click here (techspot recommended)

The current place to download Popcorn Time for Mac is here;

Since its release, Popcorn Time has suffered numerous blows from the movie industry because of its free Netflix like streaming of illegal movies. The original spot for this application was Windows 8 App store, in which this program was downloaded by thousands before the movie industry was able to inform Microsoft of its existence.
Once removed from Microsoft, the new downloadable place was GitHub and then later also taken by Techspot. However, GitHub has been known to deliver malicious content with its downloads to an unaware user but this is still the official download page for the Popcorn Time developer team; if you want an unstable version.

Popcorn time download links
Why You Should Know Which Site To Download Popcorn Time
Techspot is a well known site for testing out programs before they host them. This allows them to choose whether or not a program still has too many bugs to deal with. The downloadable versions of the free Netflix like Popcorn Time coming from GitHub are beta programs that might begin to act strange on your computer. Techspot will only allow downloadables that do not cause problems to the user because it does not rely on file sharing like GitHub.
In addition to this, the Popcorn Time streaming program does not allow you to update from the program. Instead, you have to download a new version every time you wish to update the program’s interface.
Additional “Need to Know” Fact About Popcorn Time
Another spot that you can download the free Netflix Popcorn Time program is However, looking at the source code (web page HTML) for the website will allow you to learn that when you click on the download button the site will index your I.P. address. is also hosting the Popcorn Time program but when the beta number for the official page does not match that of the Afterdawn page it makes the downloadable file very untrustworthy.
Currently, YTS is hosting the program and there will be continued updates as YTS is a pirate movie site. YTS has been around almost as long as Pirate Bay and can handle the legal pressure that comes with streaming illegal content. It is best to continually check with YTS as they may make a version solely for their site and discontinue the previous beta version.


How to Install or Uninstall Popcorn Time

 Downloading and using Popcorn Time

The Popcorn Time program is a free Netflix like streaming program that allows you to stream torrented content. The program does not use a proxy to download torrented movies, so it’s suggested that you utilize a proxy while using this program.

How to Install Popcorn Time

1. Download the official version of Popcorn Time for windows (several locations including Techspot) or for Mac

2. Right-click on the Popcorn Time Setup.
3. Select Open.
4. Press okay to allow Windows to run the Popcorn Time Setup.
5. Once the Popcorn Time Setup is finished there will be a finish button. Click on the Finish button.
6. The program window will close out complete and you will be left with whatever’s on your Desktop. In order to access the Popcorn Time program, you will need to press on the Start Button or Click the Popcorn Time App button.

How to Uninstall Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is an open source program. Some hackers misused the original code and released versions that include malware. Uninstalling popcorn time will not remove the malware. You should considering downloading an anti malware program such as the ones here.

Since this program is unlike most Windows programs, you will not find an uninstaller for it. Instead, this program will need to be deleted and there are no registry keys for it.
1. Click on My Computer.
2. Click on C:.
3. Click on Users.
4. Click on your name or Administrator if your name is not available.
5. Click on AppData.
6. Click on Roaming.
7. Select Popcorn Time.
8. Right-click and then press delete.
Depending on your usage of this program, you may find yourself deleting well over gigabytes of content as the program does download the movie in order to play the movie.
How to Use Popcorn Time
The program has been considered a friendly user interface program, however, there are some features that can be confusing at first. This is due to the fact that the Popcorn Time program was initial a Mac based program.
The yellow button in the right hand corner is meant for “minimize”.
The red button in the right hand corner is meant for “close”.
The middle button between those two buttons has changed color over change logs but it has remained as the “full screen” button.
On the left hand side you will find categories to find movies. This will be your best way of choose free Netflix like movies for your streaming pleasure as the search bar is still somewhat malfunctional. In the middle you will find a list of movie titles along with their pictures. Simply clicking on these movies will begin the streaming process of the film.
Over time, you will notice that the Popcorn Time will take more and more space on your computer even if you only open the program to look at new streaming movies. This is because the Popcorn Time program downloads torrent links to all the movies that it displays.

Once Uninstall is complete you can reinstall it from one of the locations above.