Top 10 addons in 2015 / 2016 including streaming & sports

Less than a year ago we reviewed the top addons for Kodi. The application is changing so rapidly that we feel that it’s a must to update our review. We have checked literally hundreds of addons and apps and came up with 10 that every movie, music & sports fan should have.

  1. Addon Installer. Before anything else, download the addon installer which serves as an addon store for Kodi and allows you to download all the other apps.
  2. Phoenix. The best addons for streaming movies and TV shows. Features 1000s of live channels.
  3. Open Subtitles. If you are not a native speaker or you watch films and TV shows in other languages you should download Open Subtitles and get all the content translated to your mother tongue.
  4. Money Sports. Requires the Plexus add-on installed.
  5. AWXI – allows you to better control your audio and video features.
  6. YIFY Movies HD – The best torrent option for movies and TV series.
  7. Genesis – Formerly knows and GoTV & GoMovies.
  8. – Great for watching music videos with a jukebox function which plays songs based on a set genre
  9. Tunein Radio – Access 1000s of free radio stations
  10. US TV Now! – Free live US TV Channels (SD for free, HD additional fee.)

I hoe you enjoy your Kodi ! If you need a safe & anonymous solution for downloads & surfing, you can see the top 10 vpn solutions here.


YouTube reportedly to acquire streaming site Twitch for $1B

Will YouTube buy Twitch?

Reportedly, YouTube may have made an attempt to buy Twitch for one billion dollars. There are several key points as to why they would do this and why they didn’t do this in the past. Here’s our speculation on why YouTube might buy Twitch.


The rumor came across the internet through anonymous sources on the Deep Web. The Deep Web is, essentially, the dirty part of the internet where no government has complete control over. The positive rumor is that YouTube wants to but Twitch for the ability to expand its viewer base and to make money. The negative rumor is that YouTube simply won’t be able to buy Twitch because it would create a video manager monopoly that has exceedingly little competition and the U.S. Justice Department wouldn’t allow for this to happen.

Why Google-Owned YouTube Wants to Buy Gaming Video Site Twitch

Why would YouTube buy Twitch?

Twitch is the largest gaming video content based website on the internet, second to YouTube when it comes to overall subscribers. If YouTube were to buy Twitch, this would be a power play that could challenge the Sony streaming play feature. Undoubtedly, this would also increase their overall revenue because of the type of users that use Twitch.

Since Twitch is the competitor when it comes to streaming video content, YouTube would also be removing a core competitor in the gaming world.

The Severe Repercussions

There are some extremely severe repercussions if YouTube does manage to buy Twitch, exclusively because of what happened when Google bought YouTube. Twitch is a video game streaming website and when Google bought YouTube, there was a mass auto-block that happened with copyright infringement on video game based channels.

Since Twitch is one of the only sites that doesn’t manage copyright issues, those that use Twitch as the other option for streaming games would no longer have that option. Twitch also hosts controversial footage of games that are banned in some areas. The fear is that when and if Twitch is bought by YouTube that the gaming community will experience something similar to what happened when Google bought YouTube.


What it all boils down to is whether the U.S. Justice Department will intervene on this rumor. Many believe that Twitch is in trouble, with not enough to keep up with its growing popularity. Buying Twitch would save them from their own self-destruction but it would also give YouTube a potential monopoly  in the video content market. At this point, there is no definitive statement that this deal will happen or if it is even possible.

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Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s new set top box intended to compete with major popular media streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast. The Fire TV was launched in the US barely a year after the Chromecast’s launch. Coincidentally, it was released to the US market at the time the Chromecast was being introduced to the UK market. This means Amazon had enough time to study the consumer’s response to the Chromecast and come up with something better. Below are some of the outstanding features of both devices.

Design and set up

The Chromecast is a very simple device that looks like your regular flash drive. In fact, all you need to do is plug in the dongle on one of your HDMI ports and you are connected. Nevertheless, you need a USB cable to power it. On the other hand, the Fire TV is connected to the TV using a HDMI cable. It also needs to be powered as it doesn’t have an inbuilt power supply. Once connected, the fire TV quickly logs you into your Amazon account so you are able to access all your account’s content.

Chromecast streamer

Supported devices and connectivity

The Chromecast relies on other devices such as Smartphones to stream information from the internet. In this regard, it supports any devices running iOS , Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Windows and android. On the other hand, Fire TV is a standalone top box that has its own apps that contain content.

Apps- Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire

When Fire TV was launched, it supported over 28 apps such as crackle, Hulu and Prime Instant videos among others. Basically, most of the big players in the industry are supported except for HBO. On the other hand, the Chromecast has a limited number of apps and mostly relies on third party products to optimize their apps in their favor.

Content- Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire

With the Chromecast, you can access a lot of content from Google Play, Rdio, VeVo, Songza Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go and Hulu Plus. If you are using Fire TV, your main source of content is Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Showtime Anywhere, Bloomberg TV and Netflix among others. Fire TV also gives you access to ESPN and the NBA league pass.

Special features

The Amazon Fire TV is also a game center where you can play hundreds of 3D games including blockbusters such as The Walking Dead and Minecraft. On top of this, it has a voice search feature so you don’t have to keep on flipping pages. You can mention the director, actor or title of a movie and it appears on the screen.

The Fire TV has the highest processing speed compared to all media streaming devices. It boasts a quad core processor and a 2GB R.A.M. If you own a kindle fire, you can easily connect it to the Fire TV to act like a second screen.

The Chromecast is an easy to use device as you only have to connect it to the TV and control all the rest from your android device.


The two devices have great features but are meant for people with different interests. If you are already in the Amazon ecosystem, it’s better to go for the Fire TV. This goes for game lovers as well. However, if you are always holding your mobile device, the Chromecast is the best choice for you.


Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV

Google Chromecast was launched only one year later after Apple TV hit the US market. In this regard, Google had all the time to do their homework and come up with something that would outdo Apple TV and other top notch media streamers. In some way, they won the consumer’s hearts as Google Chromecast sold out in its first week of release in the US. Apart from its unique features, the Chromecast was affordable and this made it irresistible. Apple TV, on the other hand, has some features that make it stand out. Forget about the specs and let’s focus on the practical features that distinguish these two devices.

Design- Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV

Apple TV is a small black box that can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port using a HDMI cable. It also has an in built universal power supply. On the other hand, the Chromecast resembles your standard USB card and can be plugged directly into your TV’s HDMI port. This reduces clutter on your entertainment center. Nevertheless, the Chromecast can’t get power directly from the HDMI port, and therefore, you need an extra USB power adapter.

Apple TV Streamer

Supported devices and connectivity

It’s a surprise that the Chromecast supports third party products while Apple sticks to Mac OS, iOS and windows. The Chromecast supports devices running iOS, Windows, Android, Mac OS X and Chrome OS. This makes it easy for anyone to use it regardless of their preferred OS.

Streaming options

Chromecast uses a streaming technique called ‘Casting’ while Apple TV uses ‘Airplay’. The difference between the two techniques is that one reflects part of the information from the streaming device while the other transfers all the information. Airplay allows you to stream the entire information on your Apple device to your screen. It allows you to stream selectively as well. With Chromecast, you can at most stream information discriminately. For example, you can only stream a photo or video and not the entire screen from your device.

Chromecast streamer

Apps- Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV

Apple TV and the Chromecast are both built for cloud streaming though they can stream content from your iPad, tablet, Smartphone or any other supported devices. This means that each has its own set of apps where you can collect information and stream it on your device. On the Apple TV, the apps are displayed on the screen. On the other hand, the Chromecast relies on third party product’s apps such as Netflix and HBO.  At the moment, Apple TV has more apps compared to the Chromecast, although some popular ones such as iPlayer and BBC are missing. The Chromecast has few apps, but Google promises more with time. Nevertheless, there is plenty of content that you can get from both devices. The Chromecast offers a wide variety of content through Google play store while Apple TV offers the same through iTunes store.


There are many aspects to consider before settling for the Chromecast or Apple TV. Nevertheless, it’s clear that if you are looking for a traditional media streamer that is independent, then go for the Apple TV. It’s also suitable for people who are already in Apple’s system. However, the Chromecast is in a way irresistible keeping in mind it costs three times cheaper than Apple TV. For only $35, you can be able to access YouTube and Netflix on your TV as well as enjoy other features.