10 Hottest Wearable Tech Gadgets For 2014

Experts predict that in the near future, people will not carry their tech gadgets but will actually wear them. In fact, wearable tech has already become one of the hottest trends in 2014. This particular technology is quickly changing the way people exercise, communicate, socialize and how the society operates in general. From smartwatches to unbelievably sophisticated tech glasses, there are endless examples of how wearable technology is impacting daily life.


Following are the top ten hottest wearable gadgets that look likely to take the world by storm in 2014.

1. Fitbit Force

The Fitbit Force is the latest addition to the already outstanding series of fitness trackers by Fitbit. This hyper and subtly designed wristband allows wearers to check total steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned in a day. It even enables users to keep a log of sleep patterns, food intake and various health information such as blood pressure.

2. iWallet

iWallet will be a great device for the people who are overwhelmed by the security concerns. It is a revolutionary, biometric locking wallet in which you can store credit cards, cash and other personal information with the help of a latest cutting edge technology. Pickpockets need to beware of this device because your smartphone will automatically sound if it happens to be 15 feet apart from iWallet.

3.  Lupo

The Lupo gave a good account of itself in the first ever Wearable Technology Show hosted by West London’s Olympia center. It is a “lost and found” digital gadget for your smartphone and quite different from many other similar looking devices. It not only the acts as tracker and alarm whenever your mobile goes missing but you can use it to lock your screen and control the flicking and clicking through presentations.

4.  Sony Core

You can carry Sony Core with you and can also attach it to other wearable devices. It is a tiny sensor that helps you to monitor your physical activities, keep track of your lifestyle and record some important ‘life events.’ You can sync the Core with a cool Android device to relish your glorious personal history by watching it on a side-scrolling timeline.

5.  JayBird Reign

Jaybird Reign helps you live a healthy life because it keeps track of your physical activities and rest patterns and monitors your health on daily basis. It also has an exciting Go-Zone features which indicates when you should get more active. Similarly, it can also advise you to take some rest if you are already in Go-Zone range and on a right path to healthier lifestyle.

6.  Magellan Echo Wrist Band

Unlike other similar wristbands, Magellan Echo only enables you to control various fitness apps running on your smartphone. It is compatible with applications such as iSmooth Run, Wahoo Fitness, Strava and Map My Run etc. It is relatively low cost and uses an ordinary CR2023 coin battery that further reduces your expenditures.

7.  Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

These smart glasses are similar to Google Glass in function. The device runs on Android 4.0 and comes with 4 GB of storage, Wi-Fi and GPS. You can connect it to the smartphone through Bluetooth to launch various apps. It displays everything right in front of your eyes on a 800X400 pixel screen. It is a great wearable gadget allowing you to understand the actual concept of augmented reality.

8.  Interactive T-Shirts

Geeky T-shirts is an old fashioned but if you complete them with some electronics and switch off the light, they will react to sounds around you and will virtually dance on your chest to give you an experience of your lifetime.

9. Swarovski USB Necklace

This particular wearable gadget exudes an extremely classy vibe unlike other out-of-the-ordinary flash drives. It is a continuation of the already famous series of crystal studded USB drives by Swarovski and becomes a perfect gift for you tech girl on all occasions. Furthermore, it endorses the opinion that tech gadgets can be sophisticated and classy simultaneously.

10. Google Smartwatch

Google is no doubt, the biggest digital company in the world and they have yet again come up with an exceptional wearable gadget, the Google Smartwatch. The smartwatch comes with an amazing interface that enables wearers to swipe between various applications such your Google+ account, weather info, calendar and time. This futuristic watch tops our list because it is backed by Google and offers endless opportunities to the users.


5 Alternatives To Google Glass

Google Glass, the latest wearable Android powered device by industry giant Google has totally revolutionized the tech world. It enables users to send text messages, get directions, snap photos and do a lot of other things without even taking smartphones out of their pockets. The device is complete with forward facing camera and extremely sophisticated heads-up display (HUD).

Google Glass

However, Google is not the only company in the world that has introduced wearable glasses technology. There are several other companies that have come up with their unique and compelling products equipped with all the latest features that you might expect in such devices. These competitors are even hoping to beat Google in ultimate wearable glass technology race.

Following are top five competitors that can give Google some really tough time.

1. Meta’s SpaceGlasses

Unlike other glasses, Meta’s SpaceGlasses do not use technology in the same way it’s used in other devices. Instead, SpaceGlasses have adopted the augmented reality to take the concept to the new heights. The technology still has some shortcomings similar to those you will experience if you use Microsoft Kinect. The experts working at Meta are hopeful to sort out these problems in coming months and therefore, this particular brand of wearable glasses has all the ingredients to give Google a run for its money. A pair of SpaceGlasses is available only for $667.

2. Recon Jet

If you live an active lifestyle and move around a lot, then Recon Jet is your best deal as it has especially been designed for people like you. These glasses are not only stylish but they are lightweight and robust as well. They are equipped with latest polarized lens and can connect to both Wi-Fi and smartphones simultaneously. The device has a HD camera, incorporates a dual core processor and runs on Android 4.2 OS. Most importantly, you only need to spend $599 for these instead of the hefty $500 for Google Glass.

3. Telepathy One

Telepathy One actually seems futuristic and sleek unlike other devices on this list. Most importantly, it performs all the functions that other similar devices do. It can connect wirelessly to a smartphone through Bluetooth and can take videos and pictures. The most exciting feature of the device is the virtual 5-inch display that displays images and videos right before your eyes.

4. GlassUp

While the main idea is almost the same, GlassUp manufactured by an Italian company is different from Google Glass in many respects. It has a built in projector, the basic purpose of which is to display images in front of viewers right eye on a transparent screen. You can only read your Facebook updates, tweets and emails etc. because the device is read only. The major drawback of GlassUp is that it does not include guided control or voice control. The best thing about GlassUp is that it is available only in $399.

5. Vergence Labs’ Epiphany Eyewear

These glasses won’t give the impression that you are walking with a computer on your forehead. They appear as just another pair of stylish Ray Ban glasses but contain a powerful minicomputer underneath the surface. If you purchase these glasses, you will even enjoy on board storage. The device consists of 10 processing cores and it also features a powerful camera capable enough to snap 720pm. Storage options also vary and currently range minimum of 8 GB and maximum of 16GB.