Best hotels in london – top 10 hotels by customer ranking

Which are the best hotels in London? We checked some top travel sites to see what their users think.

And the winner is...

According to Tripadvisor ranking:

#1 Hotel 41  – #1 out of 1076 hotels ($350 – $550 / Night)
#2 Egerton House Hotel (~$300 – $450 / Night)
#3 The Milestone Hotel  (~$300 – $550 / Night)
#4 Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences (~$500 – $700 / Night)
#5 Haymarket Hotel (~$300 – $550 / Night)
#6 The Halkin by COMO (~$350 – $550 / Night)
#7 The Chesterfield Mayfair (~$300 – $500 / Night)
#8 Covent Garden Hotel (~$300 – $500 / Night)
#9 The Goring  (~$500 – $700 / Night)
#10 Corinthia Hotel London (~$500 – $700 / Night)

These are all fairly expansive hotels. For a great value hotel we recommend #11 The Montague on The Gardens which can go as low as $320 with pay for 2 and stay 3 promotion which takes down the price even more. has their user review a bit differently:

#1 Ham Yard Hotel #1 out of 1178 hotels ($500-$600 / night)
#2 41 ($550-$700 / night)
#3 Haymarket Hotel ($550-$700 / night)
#4 The Soho Hotel ($500-$650/night)
#5 Corinthia Hotel London ($600-$800 / night)
#6 Charlotte Street Hotel ($450-$600 / night)
#7 Taj 51 Buckingham Gate, Taj Suites And Residences ($700-$1000 / night)
#8 Covent Garden Hotel ($450 – $600 / night)
#9 Egerton House ($400-$600 / night)
#10 45 Park Lane ($1000+ / night)

To get the absolute list of best hotels in London, we gave each hotel 10 points for being #1 on a list, 9 points for being second etc. This is the final list that we compiled:

#1 41 hotel – 19 Points – EditorChoice index winner!

#2 Haymarket Hotel – 16 points

#3 Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences 11 points

#4 Egerton House – 11 points

#5 Ham Yard Hotel – 10 points

#6 The Milestone Hotel – 8 points

#7 The Soho Hotel – 7 points

#8 Corinthia hotel – 7 points

#9 Covent Garden Hotel – 6 points

#10 The Halkin by COMO – 5 Points



5 Fabulous South American Sightseeing Destinations

With over 70% of Americans now overweight or obese, it appears for many that the premier travel destination in the minds of the general populace is the couch.  Ironically enough, 30% of us actually have a passport, and if you are indeed one of those few and proud who likes to be free from the land of the free, than you’ll want to take a look at our top picks for the Five Fabulous Sightseeing Destinations of South America.

Cristo Redentor

1) Editor’s Choice: Peru

Finishing solidly in first place is our #1 pick for sightseeing in South America, Peru. With so many formidable attractions, we could probably fill the entire list with destinations from within its borders, but we wanted to give some of the other countries a chance. Both a Unesco World Heritage Site, and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly one of the places you want to see before you die. At over 7,000 feet above sea level, however, take care not to die before you get there. Thought to be built as an escape for ancient Incan leaders, or even Pachacuti himself, you’ll be sure to lose yourself in the ancient mysticism of this marvel.

To get there and back, however, you’ll have to go through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which nothing to snub in itself. Another Unesco Site, southern Peru boasts the Nazca Lines, and will have you wondering if we are indeed alone in the universe. Head back in time to the border of Bolivia, and experience one of the largest lakes on the planet, Lake Titicaca. From the Floating Islands (Uros) to the terraced hillsides, be sure to take a time out at the lake, if the wonders of Peru aren’t keeping you busy enough.

2) Rio de Janeiro

Although Peru definitely takes the South American cake, you’ll not want to leave the continent without first having a taste of this Brazilian bon-bon. Be sure to experience the beautiful Tijuca forest as you make your way to one of the most famous icons of our time (and also another Unesco World Heritage Site), Cristo Redentor, or Christ the Redeemer. Blessing the city with arms outstretched from around 2,500 feet, this statue is both a wonder to behold, and a necessity for the city. You’ll want to go to confession after strolling along the world famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, as they are…quite revealing, and if you’re there in April, Carnival will present you with many more spectacles to behold.  Be good, and enjoy.

3) Ecuador

Don’t count Ecuador out, as it has wandered its way into our #3 spot.  Fly into Quito and head out into one of the best entrance points the Amazon has to offer. If the creepy crawlies and poisonous predators don’t welcome you to the jungle, you may want to board your own Beagle and discover the unmatched diversity of the Galapagos islands, as Darwin did. If ecotourism denoted economic standing, Ecuador would be the world’s only superpower.

4) Venezuela

Canaima National Park, more specifically, takes our #4 spot. Sharing a southeastern border with Brazil, its lagoons and waterfalls are sure to leave you…soaking.  Feel smaller both spiritually and in stature when you first set eyes on Angel Falls, the tallest, most majestic waterfall in the world. Canaima is a truly humbling experience.

5) Chile

Torres del Paine National Park is the 5th most beautiful place in the world, according to National Geographic, and it is therefore deserving of the #5 spot on our list! Partial to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, even this Oregon boy is stunned at the sheer diversity of landscapes and otherworldly offerings of this true natural wonder. If you manage to find your way out of this 242,000 hectare park, find your way to the Easter Island off the western shore. Unesco strikes again with over 880 mysterious Moai statues to marvel at in one of the most remote islands on the planet. The rest of the continent may be hot, but be sure not to forget your coat, after all, it’s Chile.


Seeing Europe on a Student’s Budget

Taking that time-out after college to do a bit of traveling is something that many students dream of, but with student loans to repay and a lack of any significant income, it can be difficult for most to see the world before becoming a part of it. Being a bit more educated and worldly is certainly something of value, and we’re here to tell you that you can still achieve this goal without incurring too many expenses. That’s why we’ve compiled some ways in which you can hit the road without taking a hit to your finances, and bring you ways to see Europe on a student’s budget.

Travel Europe

1. Airfares 

Before you can experience the wonders Europe has to offer, you’re going to have to get there first.  Luckily, in this time of heavy competition, there are tons of good specials. You just need to know where to look. What you want to do here is some research on budget carriers. Even in early summer, some providers, like Cheapoair, are offering flights from New York to Paris for as little as $700, roundtrip, including tax! If weather’s not a factor for you, consider going in the offseason, when rates are even cheaper. It may be the trip of a lifetime, but don’t treat it like one by going first class, and you should be fine. The first class education you’ll receive by travelling abroad will more than make up for it!

2. Public transport 

You won’t be taking taxis everywhere upon arrival, as you’ll want to avoid their fees, and of course, having to tip, which can drain the finances. Many cities are entirely walkable, like Rome, for example, and you’ll want to take them in with your own eyes, rather than through a car window anyway. Your main costs here will be getting from one major destination to another, and for that, you’ll need a train pass.

Eurail can provide you will some really affordable means to get where you want to go, without paying through the nose to get there. A Global Pass, which gives you unlimited travel throughout Europe (even the local lines, not simply the bullet trains) can be had for as little as $531 for 15 days. A month will set you back $842, but keep in mind that you, being under 25, will still qualify as a “youth,” so be sure to get your youth ticket. Select Passes allow you to hit any of 4 adjoining countries (France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, for example) at a more affordable rate. A short trip of 5 days will cost you only $376, but for 10, it’s cheaper to go with the Global. Get on the train, and get to where you want to be.

3. Accomodation

You will have to rest sometime, however, so consider, of course, the youth hostel system. Some in Berlin are extremely affordable at under $10 a night. This is where you’ll save your money, but if it’s still too rich for your blood, consider camping.  You’ll meet many other travelers in this manner, but be sure to pack the right equipment.

4. Get ready to enjoy

Remember, many of Europe’s most famous sights are free, so take advantage of this. Under 26? The Louvre is yours. And it costs you nothing to walk up to Trevi fountain and snap a picture, or stroll through the Piazza Navona. Walk around and soak it up, and make sure to share your experiences with others once you get back home.



Top 5 Places for Drinking Hot Chocolate in Europe

Trekking through unexplored jungles or surfing down the slopes of an active volcano isn’t for all of us. Some simply want to just sit back, and slowly savor a simply sublime serving of the finest hot chocolate you can dream of. For those of us who are true chocolate connoisseurs, nothing beats the elegance, sophistication, and quality that the café’s of Europe can offer, so we’ve cooked up a list of the Top 5 Places for Drinking Hot Chocolate in Europe.  Enjoy!

Hot chocolate

1)  Editor’s Choice: Angelina – Paris, France

There’s no topping it; there just isn’t. The venue itself may be more beautiful than the city in which it lies, but the atmosphere is only one attribute Angelina brings to the table. You could go pastries, cakes or croissants, but that’s not what you’re there for; you want a cup of the best hot chocolate in the world, and that, they will surely deliver you. A personal pitcher of rich, melted chocolate, accompanied by a dainty side dish containing the freshest whipped cream, the presentation is one thing, but the perfection is another. You will believe that Angelina has angels working in the back, once you sip a cup of heaven on earth.

2) Artisan du Chocolat / Choccywoccydoodah – London, England

London has historically taken the best things in (and from) the world, and made them their own. Just look at the British Museum. Tied for #2 are some formidable hot spots that will serve you something truly remarkable. Artisan du Chocolat has you covered with cups of creamy goodness to satisfy your deepest cravings, with a side dish of some of their finest hardened selections for you to nibble on as well. If you can pronounce it, Choccywoccydoodah is just that, nothing but chocolate, or is it? Their presentation will not be the only thing to blow you away, as the venue itself will blow your mind with a style and décor that has to been seen to be believed.

3) Caffe Sant Eustachio – Rome, Italy

You might not think “chocolate” when you think of Rome, but trust me, you will. Caffe Sant Eustachio features chocolate so rich you might be able to stand a spoon in it, all presented in true Italian style.

4) Wittamer – Brussels, Belgium

Belgian chocolates; ok, we’re back to talking chocolate.  Home of the world renowned Godiva chocolatier, Brussels is the place to go to get your drink on as well. The Wittamer Café serves up some truly remarkable hot chocolate with the utmost taste and class, and will leave you wondering if there is anything else you actually need to accomplish in your life, or if it’s ok to simply die now.

5) Café Mozart – Vienna, Austria

Mozart was truly a genius, and if you’re on your way to his place, you might want to check out the café that holds his namesake. You’ll have to pay for it (hey, it’s Europe), but what you’ll get is one of a variety of cups of cocoa that are as intelligently composed as the works of the master himself. A must see if you’re in Vienna.


10 Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers, you know who you are, you know what you like, and you may know about your chosen libation, but have you really ‘experienced’ wine? Wine isn’t just a drink, but rather something to be savored in the vicinity of fine food pairings, fine company, and finer surroundings. Welcome, sir and madam, and please enjoy our finest picks for the 10 Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers. We hope them to be to your tastes.


1. Editor’s Choice: Provence, France

For those of you who are old enough to remember the show “A Year in Provence,” let me assure you, this place is as beautiful as it was depicted. Not necessarily known for wine itself, don’t think you won’t find some of France’s finest offerings here, and you’ll find no better location in which to enjoy them.

2. Willamette Valley, Oregon

Oregon’s wine country on the west side of the Cascade mountains boasts some of the finest wines in the world. With an ideal latitude for growing conditions, you’ll spend all day (or all week) touring its many wineries, sights, and restaurants. Bring a designated driver.

3. Mendoza, Argentina

The largest wine region in Argentina not only offers up some stunning views of the Andes Mountains, but manufactures mean versions of one of my personal favorites, the Malbec. Hhmmm…Malbec…

4. The Tuscany Region, Italy

Nothing surprising here. Tuscany has long been fabled for its famous food and wine pairings, and as someone who has traveled through the region, it’s gorgeous. This one shouldn’t even be on the list. Give the others a chance, Tuscany.

 5. The Aegean Islands, Greece

Now, I don’t automatically think Greece when I’m considering a wine from the list, but the islands of Santorini, Rhodes and Crete not only have a rich history of trade in wines, but put out some mean products themselves with their volcanic soils. The views aren’t so bad, either!

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Not far outside of the city itself (careful, it’s not the safest place in the world) is some really rich wine country, with views that make you feel like you are. Elevated vineyards for elevated tastes.

7. Napa Valley, California

You can bet that most of the wines on your list come from this region. Great growing conditions and a powerful economy make Californian wines easily accessible to most of the U.S., and the world, and they’re worth it.

8. Baden, Germany

Bordering the Black Forest lies Baden, a wine producing region in southern Germany. Known for its reds, I’m known to like mine, and put that together with some German meats and sausages, and I’m as good as there!

9. Spain

Rioja, Penedes, or Ribera del Duero will treat your taste buds right if you come in search of Spanish wines. Which one to choose? Which wine to choose? So many choices!

10. Yakima Valley, Washington

The west coast scores the hat trick with the Yakima Valley checking in, though probably in third place out of the lot. Still, nothing shameful about their selections, and make sure to stop in at Walla Walla.



The World’s Best Treehouse Bed & Breakfasts

We all have our memories of eagerly scaling that spruce in the backyard to get to our own personal fortresses of solitude; with the boards that didn’t really meet each other, the crudely cut holes that served to provide us with views of those who may attempt to storm us, and our selections of our most personal and private goods in the corners.


Treehouses are making a huge comeback as those of us who get older always desire to become younger, and are currently being made and used by the best of us for not only our permanent residences, but also for our holiday retreats. Before you build one for yourself, sample some of the greatest by spending the night in one of our recommendations for the Best Treehouse Bed & Breakfasts in the World.

1. Editor’s Choice: Treehouse Treesort – Cave Junction, Oregon

The Treehouse Treesort in Cave Junction, Oregon has what you need to travel back in time and meet up with the nostalgia you seek. Featuring a variety of shapes and styles, all nestled in the unmatched Oregon wilderness, the Treehouse Treesort won’t let you down, and keeps the rustic feeling you want while incorporating some modern conveniences like toilets and TV’s. Although you’ll want to spend the whole time in your room, you’ll be more than conflicted with the variety of activities on the menu. Rafting, horseback riding, hiking, zip lining, cycling, arts & crafts, and yes, even tree climbing, you’ll take away just as much enjoyment from the outdoors as you do inside. This is the experience you’re looking for.

2. Ariau Amazon Towers – Manaus, Brazil

It may very well be the largest treetop hotel in the world, as it claims. This amazing eco-friendly resort has both standard rooms and private suites nestled in the canopy of the Amazon, and provides you with sweet service as well.

3. Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

A more European forest than that of the Pacific Northwest, Treehotel certainly provides you with something different. One room looks like a UFO, one, an almost invisible mirrored cube, and another will have you nesting in a giant bird’s nest. No matter the outwardly appearance, rest assured the insides are more modern than you can imagine. A truly unique experience.

4. Finca Bellavista – Southern Costa Rica

With some of the most beautiful rainforests on the planet, Costa Rica proves itself to have one of the finest treehouse bed and breakfasts that simply cannot be missed. Actually more of a sustainable community than a resort, you won’t be let down the rooms, the waterfalls, or even the spa! And hey, it’s warmer than Oregon, if you can make the trip!

5. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club – Hainan Island, China

“Hey honey, let’s go to China and stay in a treehouse!” Your spouse might agree with you once they take a look at the Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club. Only 4 houses here, but they are 4 good ones, and being nestled in a 5,000 acre Buddhist theme park with ocean views, if you do make it over the Great Wall, stop by and take a load off.



Trendiest Travel Destinations of 2014

You have your vacation spots, and then you have your travel destinations, and let me assure you, the differences between them are vast indeed. While many go to the beach, or pack up the kids for that trip to Disneyland, there are some of us that prepare ourselves for a different type of journey all together. When you are ready to find and explore some of the most unique places our planet has to offer, prepare yourself by perusing our picks for the Trendiest Travel Destinations of 2014.

Mihir Garh – Rajasthan, India

1. Editor’s Choice: Mihir Garh – Rajasthan, India

You have not even imagined a place that lives up to the hype like Mihir Garh. Simply the mere sight of it causes you to think that you’re dreaming; that you’ve stepped back into the past to experience a time and a place in India that only exists in movies and imagination. Literally translated as “Sun Fortress,” this is truly a place where modern royalty may seek solitude. With nine suites at over 1,700 square feet each, the utmost in elegance and luxury abound. If you can’t find any enjoyment in a private space bigger than your house, take in the legendary architecture, go on a royal picnic, or experience a village safari. You really have to Google this thing to see just how magnificent it is. Wow.

2. Icehotel – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Everything is made of ice. Everything. From the cups and the plates, to the beds and the walls, it’s all ice. You have to see some of the art and architecture that composes this virtual palace, however, as you’ll truly be astounded. The ultra-modern lighting effects will have you thinking (and feeling) you’ve entered the coolest place on Earth, and if the gourmet restaurant and ice bar don’t chill you out, take a look at the Northern Lights. Being here will make you feel like you are inside of them, anyway.

3. The Maldives

The Republic of the Maldives has long been considered one of, if not the most beautiful beach settings on the planet. Once you step off the sea plane, you’ll feel like you’re in a screensaver. If you want to experience most people’s picture of perfect, the Maldives is the place for you.

4. Mont Saint Michel – (Pondorson), France

If you’ve seen the movie “The First Knight” with Sean Connery and Richard Gere, than you’re about to hear about the inspiration for Camelot. France’s fabled island fortress is indeed that, with a roadway to the gates appearing only at low tides. Originally said to be constructed at the request of the Archangel Michel, this is certainly one of the places you must see before you die. Once you’re inside, there are a myriad of places to visit, shops, and restaurants to keep you busy, if you’re not too stunned to move by simply just being there.

5. Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel – Aguas Calientes, Peru

You may say this is just a hotel, and not a destination, but that would be a mistake. They of course have all the 5 star services of our best hotels, but the room designs, the setting, the surroundings and the proximity to Machu Picchu ensure this is dream vacation. With too many awards to count, count yourself lucky if you make it here at some point in your life.


Top Spots for Volcano Surfing

For those of you who aren’t keeping up with the latest crazes, there is a sport where you actually surf or slide your way down the side of an active volcano. This extreme sport may be too much so for some, but for those of us who’ve tried it, it’s an experience like no other. If staring death in the face is your thing, put your parachute away, and join us as we take you to some of the hottest spots (literally) in the world for satisfying your soul through volcano surfing!

Volcano surfing

1. Editor’s Choice: Nicaragua

Outside of Leon, Nicaragua is without a doubt one of the hottest spots in the world for taking on a trembling mountain. Cerro Negro is one of the premier travel destinations in the world for those of us who want to soar down a volcanic slope. While it will take you about an hour to get there, and the trip down is only 45 seconds in itself, you’ll be more than happy to pay the $25-$30 in associated fees to have a chance to grab this gripping experience for yourself. Soaring down slopes of jet black volcanic ash and powder, you’ll be provided with some of the most stunning views you can imagine, but don’t let the sun get to you, because it’s hot enough as it is.

2. Tanna Island’s Mount Yasur of Vanuatu

Talk about active. Tanna Island’s Mount Yasur of Vanuatu is one of the most visibly belligerent volcanos on the planet. You may recognize Vanuatu from “Survivor” fame, and you may also consider yourself a survivor, if, in fact, you do. More grey than black, the ash itself is sure to satisfy, but you aren’t worried about that if you’re on the island of fire. It is entirely likely you’ll be dodging dog-sized lava bombs as they erupt from the earth, and rain down from the heavens. An umbrella can’t help you here; perhaps the only thing that can is a crucifix.

3. Monte Kaolino

If you don’t have a death wish, you might opt for something a bit safer and select sandboarding as an option. Our great planet has some truly amazing places to sift through the sand while keeping yourself intact. Take Monte Kaolino, for example, just outside of Hirschau, Germany. Less of a mountain, and more of a man-made slag pile, Monte Kaolino is still not to be overlooked. Home of the sandboarding world championships, you can’t go wrong with some great surfing, camping, and a dip in the lake when you’re all done.

4.  Duna Grande

If you’re in it for the entire experience, go Duna Grande in Ica, Peru. The largest sand dune in the world lays claim to the Sandboarding Cup, but the venerable venue is what you want. While you’re there, you can hit the Valley of the Incas, the amazing Machu Picchu, and lean over the Nazca Lines. This is one trip you can’t afford not to take.

5. Sand Master Park

You could also swing over to Sand Master Park in Florence, Oregon. The world’s very first sandboarding park, Sand Master not only features 40 sculpted acres on which to ply your trade, but can outfit you with any and all of your sandboarding needs from their onsite pro shop. For the fun you’re feeling, find your way to Florence.


Great Places to Stay during the 2014 World Cup

World Cup season is upon us once again, and this time it’s in Brazil. In a country nearly the same size as the United States, and with 12 venues scattered across its vastness, it’s a good idea to have some knowledge of where you’re going to hang your hat once you get off that long flight. Don’t forget your sunscreen, don’t forget it’s Portuguese (not Spanish), and don’t forget to check out our Top 3 Places to Stay during the 2014 World Cup!

World Cup

1) Editor’s Choice: The JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro

Having a home base in Rio just seems like good common sense if you’re planning on hitting the World Cup this year. Not only are you probably coming in through their international airport, but Rio is nicely located, providing easier access to the venues in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia, not to mention its own.

Originally we were going to advise you to take the Royal Tulip in Rio. About 30 kilometers from the airport, this flower sure smelled sweet to us, providing you with some awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains from an equally awe-inspiring pool. Sad to say, it’s sold out!

Not to worry, we’ve picked you another 5 star flower, and are presenting you with the JW Marriott Hotel as an alternative option. You might think twice before staying at “just another Marriott” when attempting to experience a foreign country, but think again! You’ve got a spectacularly located hotel boasting views of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christo Redentor, a raging rooftop lounge and pool, and you’ll be sitting right in front of Copacabana beach! Smells pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

2) The Ocean Palace Beach Resort and Bungalows – Natal

Natal is located in the northeast of Brazil, and will grant you access to venues at Fortaleza, Recife, and Salvador with relative ease. There are some nice hotels here, some really nice hotels! Sadly, the Serhs Natal Grand was a bit too rich for our blood, which left us with the very good Pestana Natal Beach Resort as an extremely close runner up. This place is definitely worth checking out, especially since it’s one of the cheapest hotels on our list as well. It truly is a gem in itself, but not enough so to take the crown from the Ocean Palace.

A nice midrange hotel, the Ocean Palace blends beautiful rooms with beautiful surroundings. Multiple pools and waterfalls create islands from which you can lay back and relax, watching the wandering river features. A humongous boarded balcony overlooking Ponta Negra beach has plenty of places for you and the family to catch up on your tans, while the sheer variety of rooms, apartments, suites and bungalows will have you wondering not which hotel to stay at, but where to stay once you get there!

3) The Amazon Plaza Hotel – Cuiaba

The 4 star Amazon Plaza upsets the 5 star Gran Odara for our choice in Cuiaba, one of the most remote destinations of the Cup. Located in the exact center of South America, Cuiaba touts some fierce natural attractions, but you’ll need a siesta from all that sightseeing! Whether you’re relaxing under a palm tree in one of the many poolside hammocks, or falling asleep at the sound of the waterfall, we’re sure you’ll agree that the Amazon Plaza is the place to be.


5 Best Travel Destinations

With the average global I.Q. in the 80’s and falling, it’s time to get out of town!  Escape the internet and expand your mind with the experience of travel, as we take you to some of the world’s hottest hot spots in our countdown of the Top 5 Best Travel Destinations! 


1)  Rome  (S, F, C)*

They say if you visit Rome, you’ll find yourself always wanting to go back.  It’s true.  There is literally something here for every need in this beautiful, walkable city.  The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican; the list goes on and on without even mentioning the food, the shopping, or the people themselves.  Throw a coin in Trevi Fountain to guarantee yourself a return trip to retrieve your heart, which you will always realize you’ve left behind, in Rome.    


2)  Japan  (C, F)

Kids might be ok here, but keep an eye on them in the sheer masses of people that plague Tokyo streets and subways.  This modern capital of 30+ million has a variety of attractions, from the mystical to the modern, that will never leave you with nothing to do.  Head down to Kyoto for a more historical taste of what you might think Japan truly is, or was.  English in big cities only, and only maybe; bring a phrase book or app. 


3)  Thailand  (S, C)

In spite of recent unrest, Thailand cannot be overlooked.  Trek out a few days, elephant style, from Chiang Mai in the north.  Bangkok may be thought to be a boy’s town, but there is a lot to see here for men, women, and those in-between!   Phuket and Koh Samui are just a couple of the southern island paradises you might select to wrap up your journey.  See the country north to south, and head home from there, even though you won’t want to.


4)  Belize  (S, F, C)

This small country south of Mexico on the Caribbean is sure to suck you in!  With, quite frankly, some of the most amazing attractions for eco-tourists on the planet, the ice-blue waters and the people alike will surprise you with their astounding warmth.  Ruins too!


5)  The Disney Cruise Line  (F, C)

Technically a mode of transportation, DCL is a destination unto itself, for certain!  Couples without kids will love it just as much as those who leave theirs with the staff.  The onboard activities are endless, and beautifully intermingled with the Disney theme in their trademark manner.  Hit Alaska for a week, cruise the Caribbean, or try a transatlantic crossing and feel like a tourist of old.  Truly magical and memorable. 


*S-F-C Ratings encourage suitability for Singles, Families, and Couples.

*There are a lot of great places on this planet of ours, but some of them were not included at this time due to global safety concerns.