Turbo Tax Premier – Probably not the best Tax Software for you

Turbo Tax is a gigantic tax industry that has paved the way for online tax programs everywhere. This company is trusted by a vast population and nearly no one has a problem with the Turbo Tax service because it does what it’s meant to do but is it worth the trouble for you?

What does Turbo Tax Premier do?

The Turbo Tax Premier is the tax preparation set that is intended for investments and rental property. Filling them out yourself can be hazardous and taxing on your precious time, especially if you have a long list to keep track of. The Turbo Tax Premier is intended to make the process easy and cut down on said precious time.

How problematic is Turbo Tax Premier?

The Turbo Tax Premier is extremely problematic and for a couple of reasons. In the Turbo Tax Premier, if you make a mistake on any page it’s easier to just start over. The Turbo Tax Premier tends to have random glitches and even refuses to print specific pages of returns at random.

Glitches, Software Nuisances, and Errors include;

Not updating properly

Data entry duplications

Lack of Depreciation Information

In-acceptance of Foreign Data Banking and Tax Credits

ESPP doesn’t calculate correctly

Will not take credit cards

Unable to Amend Returns

Unable to show Previous Years

Inaccurate Reporting even with correct data

People have complained so much and even stated they would prefer to deal with taxes on paper with an accountant. This program is severely flawed in many ways and makes filing out taxes more difficult than it would be to just fill out the paper tax forms.

What does Turbo Tax Premier offer and what does it include?

What Turbo Tax Premier is supposed to do is act like Turbo Tax Deluxe but add in the sale of stock/bonds/mutual funds, automate calculation of cost basis, and include rental properties along with all of the deductions.

In addition to this, if you like and stick with the Turbo Tax Premier, the Turbo Tax Premier will keep all of your previous tax preparation files done through Turbo Tax Premier. This means that if you get audited without the audit protection that they offer, you will have all the files that you need in order to protect yourself because they’ll be stored in an online database.

While the Turbo Tax Premier may look tempting, you’re better off working with a program or an accountant that doesn’t have so many potential problems. Many people have used this program and have had to suffer monetarily when the IRS comes after them. It is not suggest that you use Turbo Tax Premier.

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