TurboTax Home – is it the right tax software for you?

Turbo Tax is a gigantic tax industry that has paved the way for online tax programs everywhere. This company is trusted by a vast population and nearly no one has a problem with the Turbo Tax service because it does what it’s meant to do but is it worth the trouble for you?

What Turbo Tax Home does?

Turbo Tax Home is the tax software that simple workers use, meaning that you have one piece of paper; W2 or 1040. What might take hours’ worth of time on paper can be done in mere minutes on Turbo Tax Home. The average time spent doing taxes with Turbo Tax Home is around twenty minutes.

How problematic is Turbo Tax Home?

If you have everything right on the first time that you enter it, there’s no annoyance or any hassle with the Turbo Tax Home because it’s very simple. However, if you make a mistake then you may find yourself having to start completely over because one mistake can lead to several different mistakes.

This is the one Turbo Tax Home design flaw; the tax software is so simple and decisive that one mistake can ruin entire sheets of tax papers. Mistakes such as entering the wrong birth date or a number in the wrong box can completely throw the entire program off of the right path.

How easy is it and what else do you get with it?

Provided you do not make any mistakes, you will find that entering a W2 into the Turbo Tax Home will be very painless and that you will be done within minutes. Even if you’re entering two W2’s, the Turbo Tax Home software makes the process extremely easy.

In addition to the tax preparation and electronic filing, there’s always an extra bonus when filing through them in a selected option. The Turbo Tax Home is one of the only software’s that doesn’t charge you in order to file your taxes and simply sends the refund check to the account of your choice.

If you’re looking for an extremely easy way to do your taxes and you ONLY have a W2, then Turbo Tax Home is the program you want. However, if you have any 1099’s or any of the other tax forms, then you need to look somewhere else because the Turbo Tax Home only handles W2’s.