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Actors Who Defy Expectation With Their Height Off Screen



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They say the camera adds 10 pounds – but how much height does it add?

We often see leading stars on the big screen – whether it’s a Rom-Com or an action flick. Do we ever stop for a second and consider the real people who play our favorite characters? You will be amazed to know the actual heights of some of the brightest stars in Hollywood. Some of these are common knowledge, and some are the best-kept secrets in the movie industry. Read on to find out how short and tall our favorite celebrities are!

Laura Prepon – 5’10

Credit: Getty

This Orange Is The New Black star is one of the tallest women in Hollywood, coming in at 5’10. Funnily enough, she is the same height as her former co-star, Jason Biggs. Prepon rose to fame from That 70s Show and is still popular among audiences even today. You’ll be hard-pressed to find her wearing high heels on the red carpet, even next to other tall superstars. Orange Is The New Black has been a critical success that is saying goodbye next year with its seventh and final season.

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge – 5’10

This Duchess is all about grace and poise, coming in at 5’10! Still, she is a whole five inches shorter than her husband, Prince William, who is a whopping 6’3 tall. These two met while studying together at the University of St. Andrews – and have been married for seven years. Princess Diana was also 5’10, so we have a feeling their three children will all rise above average height, too! We hope she remembers to feed them their veggies!

Danny DeVito – 4’8

Television Academy

Danny DeVito has made a career off of being unusually short. During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, it was revealed that the actor has multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, also known as Fairbank’s disease, which limits his growth. Regardless, he has gone on to act in some of the most notable roles in television, such as Taxi’s Louie De Palma and Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He is widely considered to be one of Hollywood’s biggest actors.

Khloe Kardashian – 5’10

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

This Kardashian is heads and shoulders above her sisters coming in just shy of six foot. Despite being much taller than Kim and Kourtney, Khloe is the same size as her half-sister, Kendall. It raises conspiracy theories on Khloe’s true parentage since it is often rumored that she is the love child of Kris Jenner and OJ Simpson. In April of 2018, the 34-year-old welcomed her first child with Tristan Thompson. The basketball player comes in at a massive 6’10, so no doubt their child will be tall!

Sigourney Weaver – 5’11

Getty Images

This Alien star is just shy of six feet tall. Apparently, Weaver was already 5’10 and 1/2 at the age of 14 and only grew a bit after that. Her tall stature gave her an iconic screen presence ever since her breakout role in 1979 as Ripley in the space horror. Her first role was actually two years prior opposite Woody Allen in Annie Hall, although she didn’t have a speaking role. She can next be seen the sequels to Avatar – the world’s highest-grossing film.

Ken Jeong – 5’5

The Wall Street Journal

Jeong is best known for his work on Community and The Hangover. The funnyman is only 5’5 but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t leave a large mark on any role he takes on. Weirdly, Ken Jeong is a real-life medical doctor and even took time out of his day job to play one in the film, Knocked Up. He most recently appeared in the critically-acclaimed Crazy Rich Asians and has an agreement to star in any film produced by Jamie Foxx, strangely.

Gwendoline Christie – 6’3

Business Insider UK

Only 4% of Americans are over 6’2, and it’s even rarer to be part of that group if you are a woman. Amazingly, Gwendoline Christie comes in at 6’3 – making her way taller than most, if not all, of the co-stars she will work with. The Game of Thrones star is rarely seen in high heels due to her amazing height, which she says was the source of childhood bullying in her early years. She is married to Giles Deacon, the English fashion designer, and the two live happily in London.

Elijah Wood – 5’6

Vanity Fair

Despite Wood often being mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe, the Lord of the Rings star can rest easy knowing he has a whole inch on him! Elijah Wood is only 5’6 which has apparently made it hard for him to shed the childlike persona he garnered with his breakout roles in the 1990s. Speaking with Conon O’Brien, Wood has even admitted to getting mistaken with Radcliffe, something the Harry Potter star has also confirmed. These two may not look like Tom Cruise, but they sure look like each other!

Elle MacPherson – 6’0

Copyright: 2016 George Pimentel

Supermodel Elle MacPherson is one of the tallest women in the world hitting the six-foot mark. The Australian stunner was nicknamed The Body during her time as a model, and it’s easy to see why. Her height has contributed to her career on the catwalk and she has even had a successful stint on television, appearing on Friends and Australia’s Top Model. Today, she keeps healthy and clean through a cosmopolitan diet and leisure routine she follows each morning.

Michael J. Fox – 5’4

Copyright: 2017 Roy Rochlin

Surprisingly, the Back To The Future star is more modest in height than you might believe. During his career as an actor, it had to be hidden with camera angles and shots that could easily mask any height difference. Today, he is an advocate for Parkinson’s Disease, often raising close to billions of dollars for the cause. Fox has taken a break from Hollywood and acting in recent years but believes his philanthropy is close to achieving its goal.

Kristen Johnston – 6’1

This former star of Third Rock From The Sun is taller than most people in the world – let alone her co-stars! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, her male co-star, was considerably shorter than her so their scenes together were restricted and she often sat down in them. Still, she didn’t have to worry about standing next to John Lithgow – he’s a massive 6’4! Today, Kristen Johnston can be seen in the sitcom Mom. She is a recovering alcoholic and advocates for sobriety.

Jonah Hill – 5’7

Credit:Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock2018

Conversations surrounding Jonah Hill are often pertaining to his weight gain, but he’s also quite short. At 5’7, the star is shorter than most of his Hollywood friends. Although he started with comedy roles like Superbad, he has garnered a reputation for working with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood. His fluctuating weight is due to overeating, but he often takes diet advice from co-star and friend, Channing Tatum. There isn’t much that men can do about their height, but they can look dashing through healthy eating.

Jane Lynch – 6’0

Credit: Latour/Variety/REX/ShutterstockJane Lynch Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala, Arrivals, USA – 02 Jan 2017

This Glee star is heads above many of her co-stars coming in at six foot tall. She often towered over her co-stars Naya Rivera (5’5) and Lea Michele (5’3) during filming, which suited her antagonist character perfectly. The seasoned television star has appeared in shows like Two and a Half Men, Friends, and Married…With Children. Today, you’ll see the 58-year-old working on films like Ralph Breaks The Internet and Amazon Prime’s The Marvellous Ms. Maisel. She was married to Lara Embry but the two divorced in 2014.

Martin Freeman – 5’6

The Independent

This Hobbit star didn’t just get the role for his boyish charm. The British star is surprisingly short, coming in at 5’6. Freeman first made a splash on our screens as Tim (the original Jim) on the British version of The Office. Today, you can see him in Sherlock and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The star is known for his cutting British humor and has highlighted his height in the past, even saying “There’s no denying, however, I’m in the (expletive) Hobbit.”

Venus Williams – 6’1

Us Weekly

One-half of the famous Williams sisters comes in at an impressive 6’1. The world-champion is four inches taller than her sister, Serena Williams, but they two are equally-capable players. The two have even played competitively against each other in Wimbledon, but the bond between them remains strong. This stunning sports personality has a number of medals and awards under her belt due to an impressive talent on the court. Perhaps her height is an advantage? We bet it helps!

Seth Green – 5’4

Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

You might recognize this actor as Dr. Evil’s not-so-evil son in the Austin Powers trilogy. It turns out, Green is only 5’4, making him quite a bit shorter than his supermodel wife. He married Clare Grant in 2010 and they live together in Los Angeles. As well as appearing on screen, Seth Green also provides the voice of Chris Griffin in Family Guy and works on Robot Chicken.

Jennifer Lawrence – 5’9

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It might surprise you to know that this Oscar-winning actress is much taller than the average girl, coming in at almost five foot and 10 inches. Her height became the talk of the town in Hollywood after she co-presented an award for Best Picture at the 2018 Oscars with Jodie Foster. Maybe next time the Academy will partner people with more similar heights! The Hunger Games lead has also appeared in films like Passengers and Silver Linings Playbook – earning her first Oscar at just 23.

Blake Lively – 5’10

Copyright:2018 James Devaney

This original Gossip Girl star is only a few inches shorter than her Deadpool husband, Ryan Reynolds. The two have two daughters, James and Inez, who will most likely be as tall as their superstar parents. The couple met when they starred in the critically-panned The Green Lantern from 2010. Thankfully, the film gave us one of Hollywood’s best couples. Lively and Reynolds are often seen trolling each other on social media. Do you follow the power couple?

Taylor Swift – 5’11

2015 Kevin Mazur

T-Swift is an impressive 5’11, which often makes her well over six foot when she wears high heels. The Bad Blood star travels the world and sings to sold-out arenas to fans everywhere. They might not know how tall she actually is, and has actually towered over some of her famous exes, such as Joe Jonas who is 5’5! Her relationship with this particular star inspired Forever & Always. She has also briefly dated Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston.

Allison Janney – 6’0

Credit:AFP/Getty Images

This Mom and The West Wing star describes herself as “5 feet 12 inches. I’m definitely 6 feet.” This doesn’t scare the sitcom royal, however, from wearing heels on the red carpets. She told NPR: “In my heels, I’m 6 feet 3 inches. … [As a kid], I was always sort of a late bloomer in a lot of things. I always felt that way. I felt like my career started late and I think it was because of my height.” She admits it caused confidence issues in the past.

Al Pacino – 5’7

Credit: Vanity Fair

Despite being known for his intimidating gangster characters, the The Godfather actor is only five foot and seven inches tall. Apparently, it even almost cost him the role! While he was speaking at a Tribeca Film Festival panel in 2017, he admitted the producers thought he wasn’t right for the part. Thankfully, director Francis Ford Coppola was on his side and the rest is history! Did you know the Scarface actor was as short as he was?

Aziz Ansari – 5’6

Vanity Fair

Everyone’s favorite Parks and Recreation comedian isn’t too tall, but he makes up for it with his fashion sense and a cracking sense of humor. In fact, GQ Magazine even pointed out how much better Ansari looked than Jon Hamm when they both wore blue suits on the Red Carpet. They said he looked dashing and that it was a “win for short men worldwide.” Ansari has also starred in hits like Masters of None, which won multiple Emmys and Golden Globe awards.

Ivanka Trump – 5’11

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The self-declared ‘First Daughter’ is a striking 5’11, and has her parents to thank. Her mother, Ivana Trump, is an even 6’0 and her father, President Donald Trump, is 6’3 – the second-tallest president after Lyndon B. Johnson. The tall family certainly make a striking set when they appear in public, but it is hardly the most shocking thing about them.

Tilda Swinton – 6’0


Part of what makes Tilda Swinton such a striking actress is her presence due to her height. The performer is an impressive 6’0 which has helped her take on some of the weirdest and most wonderful roles in Hollywood. Recently, she appeared as The Ancient One in Marvel’s Doctor Strange – a role she is rumored to reprise in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. As well as acting, Swinton is a seasoned fashionista and social activist.

Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5

Credit: Parade

The star of one of the biggest film franchises in history is anything but. The British lead comes in at a modest 5’5, often limiting the roles he plays. Of course, he was much smaller when he first started playing the boy wizard in 2001, but as time went on he would remain average height. He once said that if he were cast in a football movie, it would be as a general manager, not the team’s quarterback!

Nicole Kidman – 5’11

Nicole Kidman is almost six foot tall, making her above average in height among everyone, not just women! Her husband, Keith Urban, is only 5’8 making this pair look unusual on the Red Carpet. Despite her height, Kidman is considered to be one of Hollywood’s most treasured assets with her iconic roles. Today, she is worth around $150 million. She recently starred in Aquaman and Destroyer. She was famously married to Tom Cruise, who’s actual height might surprise you…

Tom Cruise – Unconfirmed


The official height of Tom Cruise is listed at 5’5, but there are claims that even this is inaccurate. The Mission Impossible star has wowed us with his amazing action films for decades, which makes his height rather surprising. Although listed at 5’5, which is even still short, there are rumors in Hollywood that he is shorter. You wouldn’t know it when you see him jumping from planes and driving in amazing car chases. How tall do you think he really is?

Charlie Chaplin – 5’4

One of the world’s most famous silent movie actors stood at a modest five feet and four inches. According to his obituary, in The New York Times, his small size helped with his comedy skills. He had spoken publically about his height, saying: “If I am being treated harshly, it is always a big man who is doing it; so that, by the contrast between the big and the little, I get the sympathy of the audience.” Despite his size, he is considered one of the world’s biggest stars.

Johnny Galecki – 5’5

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The Big Bang Theory star suits his awkward and geeky character as a small 5’5 in height. He has used his fame on the US’s inexplicably popular show to raise awareness of real-life scientists. “The image of a scientist in the last 10 to 15 years has changed drastically. It used to be pasty guys in a basement with beakers and now it’s Steve Jobs — they’re almost the rock stars of our age.” This year will see the end of The Big Bang Theory after an impressive 12 seasons.

Dave Franco – 5’7

Getty Images

The youngest of the Franco brothers is significant;y shorter than Hollywood star James Franco. Dave Franco is a modest 5’7 0 four inches shorter than James. The Warm Bodies star hasn’t let his height affect his career: he’s starred in films like The Disaster Artist, Scrubs, and Bad Neighbors. Commenting on his height, he says: “I’m a small shifty kind of guy, I think I would be up in the hills… shooting from above, while the big guys are going at it from below.”

Gisele Bundchen – 5’11

It’s quite normal for Gisele Bundchen to be heads and shoulders above most of the people in the room. This rule is broken, however, when she’s with her quarterback husband, Tom Brady. The two married in 2009 after meeting three years prior on a blind date! Today, they share two children and care for a third from Brady’s first marriage. She is a big philanthropist and often donates her fortune to charities. Bundchen was previously attached to Leonardo DiCaprio, whom she dated for four years.

Joe Pesci – 5’4

20th Century Fox

Actor Joe Pesci may have built a career around a tough guy image, but his height will tell a different story. The Goodfellas star stands proudly at 5’4 but makes up for it with his large performances. He was one-half of the famous ‘wet bandits’ in the Home Alone series and was also in Casino and My Cousin Vinnie. Famously, he gave a five-word Oscar acceptance speech n 1991 – short, just like him! Do you like this famous bandit?

Queen Latifah – 5’10

©Nino Munoz/CPi Syndication

This actress, rapper, and singer stands proudly above her female counterparts at 5’10. Dana Elaine Owens started as a rapper from New Jersey in the 1990s and became an actress later on in her career. Today, Queen Latifah is widely considered one of the leading voices in rap and hip-hop, responsible for bringing it to the mainstream. Despite being prominent in the 1990s, recently she has taken a backseat in music, voicing characters in Ice Age and hosting The Queen Latifah show.

Martin Scorsese – 5’3

James Gourley /REX/Shutterstock

He might be behind some of Hollywood’s biggest films, but Martin Scorsese is one of Hollywood’s smallest men! The famous director and producer is 5’3, and admits that sports were never an option for a career choice! He confesses, ‘anything with a ball, no good!’ But that doesn’t stop him from continuing success at the box office, making films such as Goodfellas and The Departed. On screen, he has appeared as himself in shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and 30 Rock.

Michelle Obama – 5’11


The former First Lady is tied with Elenor Roosevelt for the tallest First Lady in American history. At nearly 6’0, Michelle Obama is taller than many of the men who lived in the White House as President! Obama was in Washington from 2009 to 2017 while her husband, Barack Obama, served the nation. Today, she is enjoying life back in private while promoting her book and frequently commenting on the actions of the current First Lady. Do you miss her in the White House?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas – 5’6

TV Guide

This former child star grew up in age but not in height – the adult now stands at 5’6. You definitely heard about Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 1990s – he was just about everywhere! He starred alongside Tim Allen in ABC’s Home Improvement and voiced Simba in the 1994 classic The Lion King. He took time away from acting to go to school and even attended Harvard University. Today, the 37-year-old spends most of his time behind the camera writing scripts and sometimes directing.

Uma Thurman – 5’11


The Pulp Fiction star stands tall at 5’11, making her an inch taller than her ex-husband, Ethan Hawke. This blonde beauty always makes an impression while walking along the red carpet due to her large presence and good looks. Thurman has also appeared in other Tarantino films, such as Kill Bill Volumes 1&2, where she famously injured her head and neck in a car crash. Today, Uma Thurman stands up for all of Hollywood’s victims in the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Bruno Mars – 5’5

Even though Bruno Mars is behind some of the biggest hits of the last decade, his height would tell another story. Mars isn’t just as seasoned song-writer and performer, he has also lent his voice to the big screen, recently starring in Rio 2. You will definitely know Mars’ songs: he’s been directly involved with some instant hits such as Marry You,  The Lazy Song,  Just The Way You Are and Grenade. What is your favorite Bruno Mars song?

Liv Tyler – 5’10

At 5’10, Liv Tyler is the same height as her father, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. The 41-year-old is an actress, producer, and former model. In 2001, she starred as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings and has been in pop culture ever since. Her impressive height has given her invaluable screen presence and stature while she chases her philanthropic efforts. Today, she is a supporter of the UNICEF and donates to Cancer research.

Humphrey Bogart – 5’6

Creator: Picasa

He may have looked tall in striking in Casablanca, but actor Humphrey Bogart was actually an inch shorter than his co-star, Ingrid Bergman. While filming the 1942 classic film, the actors had to navigate together to make sure he looked taller! The director would have Bergman sit down for certain scenes and Bogart would sit and stand on cushions. 60 years after his death in 1957, Bogart is still a cultural icon today.

Maria Sharapova – 6’2

At 6’2, Maria Sharapova isn’t only one of the tallest women in showbiz, she’s one of the tallest people on the planet! The Russian tennis player clearly used her height to her advantage: she has been ranked the number 1 tennis player on five separate occasions! Sharapov has won Wimbledon (2004), Tour Finals (2004), and the French Open (2012, 2014). Today, Maria Sharapova is 31 and still playing strong: she is currently competing in the Australian Open.

Jonathan Lipnicki – 5’8

Becoming a massive actor at only five years of age didn’t stop Lipnicki fro remaining humble, The Jerry Maguire actor got his big break alongside Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger but appears to be out of the spotlight recently. The actor is only 5’8 and admits to taking theater classes to help improve his craft. In the early 2000s, he also starred in films like Stuart Little,  The Little  Vampire, and Like Mike.

Aisha Tyler – 6’0

Credit: AMC

Aisha Tyler is a seasoned television actress and talk show host who has been on our screens for 20 years! Today, the 48-year-old stands tall at 6’0 – taller than most of her guests! Tyler notably appeared on Friends and lends her voice to Archer, playing the character of Lana. Aisha Tyler is a passionate advocate for LGBT rights and often campaigns on their behalf. Recently, she has been directing episodes of Criminal Minds – a show in which she also stars.

Richard Dreyfuss – 5’5

Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

After starring in films like Jaws, Stand By Me, and Mr. Holland’s Opus, Richard Dreyfuss quickly became a household name. The Hollywood actor stands at a modest 5’5 and frequently comments on the attention that his height garners from fans: “It’s like being ashamed that you’re 5-foot-6 or something,” he said in the interview. “It’s just part of me.” His short stature clearly didn’t stop him from becoming a huge star in the 1970s and 1980s. How many Richard Dreyfuss films have you seen?

Famke Janssen – 6’0

This X-Men star isn’t just affected by her height – apparently, her feet are also large! The actress has a size 11 foot size and has her shoes custom-made for her roles. Janssen appeared opposite Pierce Brosnan in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye and had a guest appearance in Nip/Tuck as Ava. Most recently, the 54-year-old has appeared in Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, which ran for three seasons until it ended in 2015.

James McAvoy – 5’7


Speaking of X-Men stars, Professor X himself is only 5’7 – which is maybe why they put him in a wheelchair? In a 2007 interview, James McAvoy played down his height and his status as a leading man: “I’m 5-foot-7, and I’ve got pasty white skin,” he said. “I don’t think I’m ugly, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not your classic lead man, Brad Pitt guy.” Little did he know he would star in one of the biggest franchises on the planet!

Rebecca Romijn – 5’11

Getty Images

Rebecca Romijn is one of the most beautiful women on the planet – and one of the tallest, too! It didn’t come without a cost, however. Rebecca Romijn says she suffered from scoliosis and chronic pain because of her height. After a particularly large growth spurt at a young age, she nicknamed herself Jolly Blonde Giant! Today, you’ve probably seen her as Mystique in the original X-Men franchise, The Punisher, and as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Dustin Hoffman

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Dustin Hoffman attracts large crowds and large box office results for his films – not bad for a small man. Hoffman has been in Hollywood since the 1960s and won two Oscars for his work. His most notable work includes Rain Man, Kramer vs. Kramer, and Midnight Cowboy. Commenting on The Graduate and the director’s choice to cast him, Hoffman said: “[Mike] Nichols chose to give this short, funny-looking Jewish guy the role usually reserved for a tall, handsome protestant.”

Geena Davis – 6’0

Geena Davis is in the elite group of women in Hollywood taller than six foot – there aren’t too many! The 62-year-old has had an impressive career spanning more than 35 years! Davis has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy,   Thelma & Louise, Beetlejuice, and Stuart Little. Today she still stands tall at 6’0 and even runs her own film festival out of Bentonville, Arkansas. She has been married four times and tried out for the 2000 Olympics in Archery – a woman of many talents!

Prince – 5’2

Getty Images | Jonathan Daniel

This iconic performer wasn’t just a singer – he also acted in the 1984 movie Purple Rain. Many people didn’t realize that Prince was actually only 5’2 – shorter than most women! He has commented on his height and his use of high heels, saying: “People say I’m wearing heels because I’m short. I wear heels because the women like ’em.” We love the fact he was proud of who he was and didn’t care what others thought!

Brigitte Nielsen – 6’1

Robert Zepeda/ABC News

This dashing Danish model dated actor Sylvester Stallone in the 1980s. We might think of him as a big bodybuilder and action star, but Brigitte Nielson was actually three inches taller than him! At 6’1, Nielson is definitely one of the tallest women working in Hollywood today. Today, the 55-year-old can be seen in Creed 2, playing Ludmilla Drago – so their relationship hasn’t been too damaged from their divorce!

Dave Faustino – 5’3

Credit: Getty Images for Race To Erase MS

Dave Faustino rose to fame when he appeared in Married… With Children, where he played Bud Bundy in the 1990s. After that, he tried to launch a rap career, going under the name ‘Lil’ Gweed’. We’re not sure if the ‘Lil’ before his name refers to his modest stature of 5’3, or whether he’s copying the trend set by Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Jon, etc. Either way, Faustino is certainly one of the shorter men on our list! He recently appeared in Bones.

Kristanna Loken – 5’11

Kristanna Loken is a model who rose to international fame as the Terminatrix in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Her tall stature of 5’11 helped her enter the industry as a model in the 1990s. Fans might have caught a glimpse of her early career in Boy Meets World, as Jennifer Basset – a role she later reprised in Girl Meets World. Her most recent film appearance was in 2014, with a role in Mercenaries. Did you like her performance in the third Terminator outing?

Kevin Hart – 5’4

Hart has a large voice and personality – a stark contrast from his height. The standup comedian and actor stands proudly at 5’4, but it hasn’t slowed down his career! To date, the actor has appeared in films such as The  Upside, Night School, Jumanji, and lent his voice to The Secret  Life of Pets. Commenting on his height, he says: “Hey, what’s going on, I’m Kevin Hart, and one thing you may not know about me is … I’m 5 foot 4-1/2. A lot of people think it’s just 5-4. It’s not. Five-foot-four-and-a-half.”

Brooke Shields – 6’0

This 53-year-old actress and model is as tall as her ex-husband, Andre Agassi. At six foot, she is taller than most people – let alone the tallest woman in most rooms. Shields’ fame started at the young age of 12 when she was a child model, but she developed into a well-rounded actress regardless. Her one-time appearance in Friends directly led to her being cast in the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan, which ran for four years and earned her a People’s Choice Award.

Jack Black – 5’7

Photo: Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

He may have played a giant in Gulliver’s Travels, but this actor is anything but. In real life, Jack Black is a modest 5’7, making him shorter than average. He rose to fame as one half of the rock band Tenacious D but has since built an impressive film career, appearing in School of Rock,  King Kong, and Jumanji. He’s no stranger to big franchises, leading the way for Goosebumps and Jumanji into critical and financial success. Have you seen his films?

Mandy Moore – 5’10

Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

Mandy Moore takes her height so seriously that she even entered a business dedicated to tall persons’ garments. In 2005, the actress-turned-entrepreneur opened Mblem, which was designed specifically for people like her. Outside of business ventures, Moore has also appeared in films like The Princess Diaries, A Walk To Remember, and lent her voice to Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled. Do you like her work and would you also shop at a place dedicated to tall women?

Josh Hutcherson – 5’7

This Hunger Games star is actually two inches shorter than his co-star and love interest, Jennifer Lawrence. Hutcherson is a 26-year-old star who appeared in small films and television shows before making it big with 2014’s The Hunger Games. Today, he can be seen in Future Man and advocating for LGBT rights and freedoms in California. He has described himself as ‘mostly straight’ and is a firm ally of the community.

Leslie Jones – 6’0

Credit:Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Leslie Jones is currently on SNL making millions of people in New York and California laugh each week. She has a huge personality which is no surprise – she’s a massive 6’0! Surprisingly, the comedian is 51 years old, making her a seasoned performer. Despite this, she couldn’t help save the Ghostbusters franchise which was a critical and financial failure. In 2016, she was criticized for posting anti-white and anti-semitic tweets, which led to her being shamed on social media.