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Married Life Drawn By Husband In Amazing Artwork




It is an artist’s role to take the ordinary in life and turn it into the extraordinary. We see this in many examples of work, be it photos, paintings, sculptures, or cinema. Capturing the nuances and intricacies of everyday life is what makes art so special. This illustrator – Curtis Wiklund – is a devoted husband to his wife and has shared some of his most intimate pieces with the public. These 16 pictures each show us different aspects of the couple’s life, highlighting specific ups and downs of married life.

Weekend Vibes


What is in a weekend of relaxing? In the days of Netflix and Chill, Wiklund shows us how simple intimacy with our other half can be just as satisfying as binge-watching your favorite show. These small acts of love, like a hug or kiss on the neck, can turn staying in at home into one of your most cherished nights.

Some Place I’d Like To Be

What difference where you are, as long as you’re with your better half? This picture highlights how a simple walk can turn into an adventure when it’s an experience shared with a loved one. As long as they’re together, they can go anywhere. In the specific picture, they are walking along a beach. Whether they walk along the coast or to the top of the highest mountains, they are together. It beats the craziness of a city and gets them out the house on a loving adventure.

Trip From Ikea

It’s often a joke about how a trip to Ikea can make or break a relationship. It can be a big challenge for the best of us to buy all the things we need – let alone assemble it when we’re home! The overwhelming journey represents so much more than just a new wardrobe or bed, but it symbolizes a new life together. Here, we see Wiklund and his wife smiling as they drive to their new home to start the next stage of their life.

Comfort Zone

It is not always about the adventures you have or the fun-filled activities you do together. Sometimes, being part of a couple means that you simply share a bed together and read silently. One of you can read your book, while the other one could be watching a sitcom on Netflix. Either way, you are together and spending time enjoying each other’s habits.. Having your own space is important, and sharing your personal time with someone else is truly special.

Such a Wonderful Morning

Let’s face it: no one is romantic in the morning! The hustle and bustle up getting up and going to work is hardly a fun experience, with everyone reacting to the morning in different ways. Here, the artist shows us the humor in sharing the bathroom as the couple comb their frizzy hair and brush their teeth. Some of us need coffee, and some of us need 10! Either way, these two understand each other – even if it means not talking for a few hours!

Love Bugs

When staying in at home on a Saturday night with your other half is the highlight of your week, you know you’ve found someone special. Here, we can see how simply relaxing on the sofa and staring into someone’s eyes can reignite the feelings of love and lust day after day. Wiklund perfectly captures how relaxing it can be to enjoy time together as a couple. Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do when it’s with your soulmate.


It’s totally normal for couples to sometimes engage in arguments. Here, Wiklund juxtapositions the attitudes of the couple during and after a fight. It’s important to remember that even if we say or do things we don’t mean at the time, our love is stronger than our temporary fights. You should never go to bed with your loved one in an argument, and here we can see the couple falling asleep on the sofa after successfully making up with each other.

Constant Learning

An important part of life is that we keep learning and developing. Just as much as we learn in our careers, it is expected to learn about our partners, too! Wiklund is in awe at how amazing his wife is in things he never knew until they moved in together. She can do the handwork around the house as he falls deeper in love with her than ever before. Just wait until she finds out what a great cook he is! A match made in heaven.

What Should I Draw?

Every artist has a moment of creative blanks which seem impossible to get out of. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas, but it’s never unpleasant when you get to brainstorm with your loved one. As we can see, one of the most joyous experiences is working with your loved one. We never know where we can get inspiration from – and it’s often our loved ones that push us to our creative limits, helping us make the best things we can.

Tough Times

One of the biggest tests in a relationship is looking after your other half when they get sick! However, nothing is more important than making sure they feel better, even if this means you get sick straight afterward. We all love a bit of tender loving care when we get the flu, and healthy relationships work to look after each other when they are unhealthy. If anything, it’s an excuse to watch TV together. And if you both get sick? Well, misery loves company!

Nap Time

Sleep is already pretty great, but napping next to your loved one is even better. When your husband or wife comes home from work and takes a nap on the sofa, take the chance to watch them sleep in peace. As Wiklund draws, it makes for an intimate moment. Sleep is an important aspect of trust and comfort with your loved one – if you can sleep in their arms, and they can sleep in yours, it’s a sign of true respect and love.

Holidays Together

Having a husband or wife means you have a travel partner for life! What better place to visit than Venice – one of the most romantic cities in the world. Riding a gondola in the center of town on a tour is the perfect way to fall in love all over again, as clearly depicted by the artist. When you love someone, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you share the experiences together.

Time to Go to Bed

Little acts of kindness go a long way. Remember when you were a child and your parents would take you to bed once you fell asleep? It was a sign of protection and care we will never forget. Here, we see that couples do the same things to each other. We imagine this isn’t the first time that he has done this – and it won’t be the last! Perhaps they were cuddling on the sofa or it’s a night out in a bar – either way they look out for each other.

Fun Activities

When you are a part of a couple, the boring everyday errands you used to do become newfound adventures. Instead of going to a supermarket, you visit a country market with local produce, or you redesign the apartment. Here, we can see Wiklund and his wife sharing the experience of shopping for food and cooking a meal. Cooking can be an incredibly intimate experience, as the couple can explore tastes and senses through a shared activity.


Kissing is an intimate and classic sign of love and affection. Here, Wiklund draws an equally intimate depiction of the couple engaging in the romantic act. We kiss each other to be as physically and emotionally close to each other as possible. Whether it’s after a first date or on your 40th wedding anniversary, a kiss with your loved one should always evoke the same feeling. Here, we can see each kiss only adds to their love they have for one another.

Enjoying The Holidays

As a couple, you begin to share more precious moments together and the holidays start to mean more as you fall deeper in love. With Christmas around the corner, the Wiklunds embrace the holiday season together as husband and wife. When they close their eyes and wish upon a star, who knows what family member might be joining them this time next year? Endless possibilities and dreams lay ahead.

Sleep Tight

Sharing a bed is a big part of being a couple. Even if your bed is big enough for both of you to have your space, you won’t want to be too far from each other as you cuddle until you both fall asleep. It’s a large part of our evolution, as Wiklund observes, that we like to share space and body heat with those with who we are intimate. When we cuddle, we remember all the nice times we have with each other.

Date Night

Sometimes going out and partying is a little too much when you’re in your 30s and settled down in married life – as we can see here! Here, we can see how the happy couple is relaxing after spending a little too much time outdoors and about. After a long day and night out exploring the city, it is wonderful to see them relax next to each other. Next time they plan a date, they will be sure to be home by bedtime!

We’re Pregnant!

What most wonderful marriages eventually lead to – a family. Once the home is set in order and both partners are equally satisfied in their lives, it’s time to welcome a new addition to the dynamic. The sheer joy on their faces is a delight as they realize they will soon be bound to each other for the rest of their lives. The happy couple will now embark on a brand new adventure – one they have never experienced before. Good luck!

Working Away

A couple can learn a lot when they spend some time apart from each other. Here, Wiklund draws us his experience from working in a cafe for the day. This was probably done to give each other some space before the big day arrives. With a wife resting at home, Wiklund rewards himself with a quiet day to work. Still, we see his smile is nowhere to be seen…

About To Pop

The faces on this happy couple say it all! Wiklund is glaring into the distance thinking about his future, while his wife is sitting back loving her pregancy. It’s one of the last times the couple can enjoy on their own, lost in their thoughts as they consider how their lives will change. Here, nothing is greater than the experience the are soon to share with each other once the baby arrives.

‘It’s Here’

Finally, after all the years of being married and all the months preparing, the couple are finally becoming parents. The love that bonds two people through the birth of a child is unmatched with anything else that could be imagined. We see the cries of the wife and the concerns of the husband – both of them helping each other through the difficult moment. Still, it’s a few hours that will have a lifetime of impact.

In His Arms

Is there anything more special than a father holding his son in his arms? Here, we see Wiklund simply relax and embrace being a father for the first time – something he had never felt before. His drawings demonstrate how amazing the experience can be to hold something that you have brought into this world. The miracle of life is large, indeed.

The Afterparty

Finally, they welcome their child! Wiklund here depicts some of the chaos that appears after the calm once the baby is born and joins the family. Here, he cradles his son while his wife is cleaning up some of the mess that has appeared after the entertained for the first time as parents for their son’s birthday. They better get used to this mess – it will happen for another 18 years at least!

Holding Hands

Described as one of the greatest feelings, Wiklund draws what matters most to him which is his child holding his hand. The angle in which the drawing is creating shows him looking down from above, like a guardian angel who protects a person on earth. We can glean that he feels ‘over the moon’ about his role as a father and rejoices at being a father to such a beautiful child. It’s moments like this that makes him want to expand his family…

Family of Five

…And expand he did! Over the years, Wiklund and his wife had three children, following the birth of two daughters. Here, we can see them all playing together in the corner of the bedroom. Wiklund takes the same standpoint of looking down from above, this time a simple observer to his children and the way they interact with each other. What a feeling it must be to see your children play and interact with each other.

Sunday Bliss

Can you imagine a bigger smile on a father’s face? In what is the first family sketch from Wiklund, he draws a harmonious and peaceful morning while all the family members share a bed. The smile from his face and the look of love from his wife is what all dreams are made of – and something we can all aspire to. Over the years, the five of them will make memories to last a lifetime.

Road Trips

As the family grows up, the Wiklund family started to go on holidays – and the artist recorded every step of the way! Everyone is strapped in and ready to go as they venture into the countryside to spend a few days out of the city. Funnily enough, Wiklund actually talks about some of the pressures of fitting three car seats in one place! “It’s tight, but these car seats fit and it actually feels really sweet. Cozy in a way.”

Letting Daddy Work

Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the craziness of family life and focus on a career. As we can see here, the artist usually works from home, which can be tempting for the children who want to spend time with their dad. It must be hard for Wiklund, too, who sometimes feels trapped working when he wants to play with his children.

Snow Adventures

Adventure time for the family! As a father to young children, Wiklund takes the role of protector as they leave and go exploring in the snow. Here, less is more when sketching the snow and the subtle footprints between young and old travelers. Of course, we see the paternal instinct here with the father holding a young daughter on his shoulders. Where are they walking to, into the distance? An adventure in nature and in life, too.

Dental Denial

Part of being a parent is being there for more difficult times in your child’s life. When you are five years old, one of the worst parts is definitely the dentist! Thankfully, mom and dad are there to keep the son calm while he waits. Wilund draws us looking in at the intimate family moment, as both parents seek to relax. It seems to work – look at that cute smile!