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The Private Jets and Yachts of These Celebrities Will Have You Stunned




The era of purchasing expensive sports cars to show off your abundant fortune is long gone. Now, it’s all about purchasing classic luxury yachts and jets that the common man can only wish for.



So, let’s take a look at the jets and yachts of some of the wisest celebrities who know how to make ample money out of their time!


This U2 singer owns a lush ship named Kingdom Come with a master bedroom, a jacuzzi, and gold-plated furniture. The ship is of old European furnishings with gold-plated fittings, marble bathrooms, and a hot tub.

It demands a crew of 17 people and can entertain 15 people. We let you be the judge whether riding on a big boat opposes the environmental work he seems to be so determined to get everyone to ‘be on board’ with.

Angelina Jolie

This wonder-woman owns the Cirrus SR22, which is a compact plane that can hold only about four or five people. She has a flying license, so that will save some space on this miniature plane.

These types of aircraft are great fun to fly, and while the planes are not too costly, they are quite serious, which adds to Jolie’s life and health insurance payments. The small aircraft might not be as large as others, but it acts as a flying car for Angelina, who has picked practicality over extravagance.

Brad Pitt

Everyone’s favorite Midwestern actor owns an equally stunning Supermarine Spitfire, which is worth $3.3 million. It was in 2013 that he bought this vintage World War II-era aircraft

The plane has custom controls that make it a lot tougher to fly. Since this plane is retro, it’s relatively dangerous to even Angelina’s plane, but she won’t be flying that anytime soon. He was inspired to buy it after acting in WWII films like Fury and Inglorious Basterds

Nicole Kidman

Not only is she insanely beautiful but also pretty talented and intelligent. She made a wise business choice by purchasing the luxury private cruiser, the Sunseeker Manhattan 74, which is worth about $2.5 million!

It is created with loads of deck space, a swim platform for swimming in the sea, and an entertainment system. It appears that the Academy Award winner is used to luxury. It also includes a VIP stateroom and enough cabin space for ten guests.

Roman Abramovich

The Russian billionaire is the proud owner of the second-largest yacht in the world. Eclipse measures in at a whopping 536 feet! With a grand fortune of $11.4 billion, who wouldn’t want to splash out on a few toys?

When he’s feeling bored, he can take his private jet to his private yachy and relax with friends and family. Known as the ‘billion dollar yacht’, Eclipse is actually *only* worth $500 million. We would love to see what’s inside!

Tiger Woods

Golf superstar Tiger Woods owns his very own Gulfstream G550, which is the perfect way to travel to all the courses around the world. Considering how public his life and marital issues have been, it’s no surprise the golfer called his 47-meter yacht Privacy

Woods can invite up to 21 friends with him and keep them entertained with a gym, a Jacuzzi, a theater, and jet skis! Fancy a quick round of golf in Scotland? No problem for this champion.

Jim Carrey

Everyone’s favorite funnyman Jim Carrey is quite the fan of aviation. As one of the most famous comedic actors of our generation, Jim Carrey did not waste any resources when he made the decision to own a jet.

The Dumb & Dumber star owns his own Gulfstream V – known for its performance and safety capabilities. Since he is clearly a practical person as well, Carrey has the jet suitable for hire for the expected price of around $8,000 per hour.

Donald Trump

This businessman-turned television star-turned US President has been the owner of his own plane since 1997. He used it vigorously to travel to all 50 states, included Wisconsin, during his election campaign in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, the mogul had to depart from Trump Force One for the real thing – but it is unclear which one he finds more glamorous. Today, the jet remains in the family and will be surely used by him again once he leaves office and returns to private life. 

Steven Spielberg

The film director of your favorite summer blockbuster owns Seven Seas, an impressive 282-foot yacht suitable for 12 guests. It can travel up to 20 knots and even has a swimming pool on board.

The Jaws director is quite keen on the sea and ocean and wants to upgrade to a larger yacht. If you are interested, Seven Seas is up for sale! But considering the asking price, we couldn’t buy it even with ten loans.

Sir Richard Branson

With a total worth estimated at over $5 billion, Virgin’s Richard Branson can have basically whatever he wants. His Necker Belle comes in at almost 105 feet and acts as the perfect getaway from his busy business life on land.

Since 2003, Sir Richard Branson has offered the public an opportunity to charter it, sharing his lifestyle with people who can afford to keep up! Suitable for hosting seven people, Necker Belle is unmatched for speed-cruising along the coast.


Rupert Murdoch

The media mogul owns and operates Vertigo, a boat he uses to sail the seven seas when he isn’t budding up with politicians and film stars. We imagine this has been quite the setting for ‘off the record’ conversations, providing the privacy they need.

Little is known about the jet, but it has been in the Murdoch family for a few years and hosts plenty of friends and family members throughout the year. You can find it in parts of Europe and the Caribbean. 

Mark Cuban

Planes aren’t just a luxury – they’re a necessity. That’s according to entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who owns both this Gulfstream 500 and a Boeing 767.

 A $40-million purchase won’t leave too much of an impact on the bank for Mark Cuban, as he sure has plenty more cash where that came from. He uses the Boeing 767 to transport his football team, the Dallas Mavericks.

Paul Allen

If you co-found a company like Microsoft, then the chances are you have some extra cash floating around. For Paul Allen, he decided to turn it into this yacht.

Octopus measures in at 414 feet – looking like something out of a James Bond flick. It has a crew of 57 people and a total capacity of 26, which means guest won’t have top lift a finger once they come aboard. 

Sergey Brin and Larry Page

The famous ‘Google Jet’ was bought by the co-founders in 2005. It’s rumored to be the venue of many parties and gathering for the young billionaires as they fly above Silicon Valley.

With guest space suitable for 50 people, the aircraft has two lavish meeting rooms, a dining area, and even actual first class seats. The two tech guys also believe that it is a solid investment, keeping in mind how much they travel.

Steve Jobs

As sleek and elegant as the devices his company makes, this beast is owned by the family of the late Steve Jobs. The Apple co-founder never got a chance to enjoy any time on Venus, but his legacy now lives on in water as it does on land.

Today, it is owned by Laurene Powell and rests in the Cayman Islands until someone decides to take it out into the waters. It is a whopping 256 feet in length and weighs more than 1,800 tonnes! 

Eric Clapton

The Layla singer bought Va Bene in 2005 and enjoys it as his summer getaway. It’s a 156ft yacht which can easily accommodate 12 of his guests in six massive bedrooms while traveling along the Mediterranean.

Hopefully, no sheriffs were shot in the purchase of this beauty. We would love to think of all the songs that were written on the seas when Clapton is inspired by the water around him. 

JK. Rowling and Johnny Depp

This beauty has had the honor of being owned by both Harry Potter writer JK Rowling and actor Johnny Depp. Once known as Vajoliroja, the Harry Potter author bought it and renamed it Amphitrite

On board, it has a gym, a pool, an entertainment room, two bedrooms, and can host 15 people at once. She sold it in July 2017 to an undisclosed buyer. 

Billy Joel

The Piano Man singer is the proud owner of Vendetta, a commuter yacht measuring in at 55 feet. It’s just one of the many boats that he bought all at once!

A fanatic for boats and yachts, Billy Joel once owned up to five different ships that he would use to travel to his Madison Square Park concerts from his Long Island home. It also serves as Joel’s place to go and escape – a space where he can relax and write songs.

Harrison Ford

Another celebrity with a pilot’s license and eight air crafts to his name, Harrison Ford owns the grand Cessna 680, Sovereign. It looks like the pilot of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars became a pilot in the real world as well.

He has a passion for flying, but unfortunately, he has been in several accidents while pursuing the passion of this Star Wars celebrity. Perhaps it’s time to invest in some life insurance, Harrison?

Celine Dion

This famous My Heart Will Go On singer owns a $42 million private jet with a luxurious kitchen. Her music career takes her to all the corners of the world, so having her own private aircraft gives her the autonomy she needs.

However, maintenance of this jet costs her about $3 million annually.
Of course, that doesn’t suggest it is not amazingly furnished – with a leather finishings, designer furniture, and her own on-board chef to cook meals.

Selena Gomez

Whether or not she owns a private jet is still up for debate, but Selena Gomez recently shared a photo on her social media featuring a private jet, the Bombardier Challenger 300.

Even though the superstar, who has $50-million in her bank account, is only 24, it’s never too early to start a savings account and put some money aside. We look forward to seeing where the career of this singer/songwriter goes!

Matthew McConaughey

This Oscar-winner, Matthew McConaughey, was one of the first ones to be on board the new Bombardier Global 7000 that includes a fully equipped kitchen, master bedroom, and bespoke cabin space. And recently, he has considered purchasing it for himself.

Considering he has a $95 million net worth, his manager may not approve this investment. McConaughey owns the most spacious business jet with a kitchen, a master suite, and much more – the Bombardier Global 7000.

Bill Gates

This co-founder of Microsoft and former richest man alive, Bill Gates, spoiled his family to an ultimate vacation on board the 440-foot lavish yacht, Serene, for the little price of $2 million per week.

As well as an indoor seawater swimming pool, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, and another swimming pool on the roof, this attraction boasts a submarine docking station, a gym, two helipads, and a cinema. Why would you ever leave?

Chris Brown

He doesn’t own his private aircraft yet, but he occasionally rents the deluxe Gulfstream IV. This jet costs a whopping $110,000 per two-way trip for social events and vacations.

Let’s hope we see him purchase his own jet soon so that he doesn’t have to pay this huge rent anymore. It appears that for all his traveling about, the rapper is not considering the thought of buying his own private jet. 

Enrique Iglesias

What Chris Brown rents, Enrique Iglesias has bought. That’s right, the Gulfstream IV. It cost him about $3.6 million dollars! The singer has such a passion for planes that he actually learned how to fly one!

However, since Iglesias has a passion for air crafts and also holds a pilot’s license, the investment is definitely worth it for him. The Latin singer’s jet is worth $3.6 million, but he certainly hasn’t got a problem spending money on what he loves!

Tom Hanks

He celebrated his anniversary with his wife on the grand Enigma, which cost him about $275,000 per week! He took the 246-foot superyacht along the Turkish coast.

The Forrest Gump actor was accompanied by Rita Wilson aboard the Enigma sailboat, which hosts 12 passengers and 16 crew members. The ship is super stylish, with an elegant dining area and relaxation center, and even a fully operational gym. 

John Travolta

Of course, you would expect John Travolta to own an airplane. After all, he has a pilot’s license to his name and is passionate about aviation.
The legendary actor has turned his own home in Florida into a special airport to home his fleet of seven jets.

The total amount of planes reach a total of about $50 million. However, he gave this one away as charity to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society. Qantas Airways recently named him an honorary pilot.

Oprah Winfrey

Chatshow star Oprah Winfrey cashed out $45 million on her very own Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS. Her jet has been altered to increase the space available for facilities at the cost of seating. That means it can only carry ten travelers but is furnished with extra bathrooms and dining and rest areas

As a special touch from Oprah herself, the inside is all leather. With a modest size of 19 passengers, this jet can fly anywhere in the world for a nice break away from her showbiz lifestyle.