Top 10 Make-up Products for Under $50

They say that true beauty is priceless, but try telling that to the lady who has very little to spend but needs to look good every day. Wouldn’t it be great if beauty products were cheap but made you look like a million bucks? The good news is, they are and they can. Here are 10 make-up products for under $50.

 Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque

1. Vaseline

This is often called the beauty staple because it has so many positive properties. You can buy it in any drugstore for under a dollar and use it, well, anywhere. Vaseline adds moisture to your skin but it has numerous other uses. It can plump up your lips, seal cracked heels and even helps with the fine lines around your eyes.

2. Hemorrhoid cream

Varying in cost from a dollar to $10, beauty queens have been using this cream to reduce puffiness around their eyes for years.

3. Revlon Skin Renewal Face Brush

You may be wondering why anyone would brush their face, especially with a $20 brush, but Revlon has made this item with the understanding that dead skin cells, dirt and other bad things need not sit around waiting for your next cleanse. A quick brush of the skin will renew the skin cells and believe it or not, get blood moving in your face.

4. Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

Many women tend to ignore their lips during their beauty routines, but even these poor cells need a little love and moisture. This $24 scrub will exfoliate the lips, leaving them plump and ready for moisture.

5. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

If you haven’t been using this since you were a teenager, start now. Almost every woman around the world knows that this cream is a brilliant moisture injector, and at just $25, is perfect for moisture on the go.

6. REN Micro Polish Cleanser

Though it’s not the cheapest of the cheap, at just $30, this exfoliator helps rid your skin of dirt, oil, grease and about a million other impurities too.

7. Philosophy Help Me Night Cream

At $47, it’s not the cheapest on this list, but this fantastic night cream is a skin booster. It helps to heal acne scarring, lines and even the tone of your skin and best of all, doesn’t dry your skin out.

8. Talika Skin Retouch

This stunning serum is a skin illuminator and though it is $49, it still makes the list of budget beauty products. It has a matte finish and leaves your skin clear and ready for make-up.

9. Caudalie Divine Oil

Another one that is not cheap, this $49 oil pours moisture back into your skin and that is something no woman can say no to. This is not oil in the traditional sense and won’t make your skin look greasy. Rather, it is a moisturizing oil easily absorbed into the skin that leaves your face glowing.

10. Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque

Anyone who tells you there is no need for a mask is wrong, pure and simple. This $50 mask will help to plump up your skin, remove dead cells and leave your pores smaller too.