What is Popcorn time?

For years, there’s been a battle between the free streaming content kings of the internet world. Popcorn Time is like a free Netflix for those who want to watch streaming content without paying. Similar sites have produced programs like this but Popcorn Time is the first program that isn’t accompanied by viruses. What is Popcorn Time? Popcorn Time is like a free Netflix not only for the streaming content but the fluid programming in the Popcorn Time user interface. Popcorn Time is an open source program, which means that it is considered a “project” and cannot be taken down nor does anyone have a specific copyright claim to the program. It also means that anyone who wants to improve the Popcorn Time streaming problem can change the program’s coding themselves. In addition to all of this, the fact that Popcorn Time is open source and provides a disclaimer stating that you assume all responsibility means that the creators can lay untouched by lawyers. This makes the program almost untouchable in legal matters. shutterstock_70218601

What is Popcorn Time used for? The Popcorn Time is a streaming program that provides the user with non-copyrighted and torrented movies, like a free Netflix. While accessing the torrent movie files is still illegal, the program makes torrenting easier than ever before. Non-copyrighted movies are considered classics that have had their copyright claims removed due to numerous reasons. While you may watch these same movies on Hulu Plus, why not use a free Netlix program like Popcorn Time to avoid the advertisements and monthly subscription fee? Why should you use Popcorn Time? It’s not suggested that you use the program due to the fact that it does provide you with illegal content. However, if you are used to downloading illegal content then the Popcorn Time is the perfect program like it and there’s no other free Netflix like streaming program without suffering advertisements. Normally, going to a torrent site for a movie entails looking at a long list of files and gambling on the trustworthiness of the file. These files could be laced with simple malware viruses or they could be filled with a virus that literally kills a compare and even worse the torrent files could have a federal tracking Trojan in them. The Popcorn Time program removes the hassle of choosing these files by providing you with a streaming feature. For this, the Popcorn Time developers have come under legal heat and decided to walk away from it but the program is still available.

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