Top 10 Internet Fax Services 2017

Online fax providers

Online Fax services provide a user friendly and flexible way to send and receive faxes from anywhere. If you are searching for the best Internet Fax services for 2017, whether it be for business or personal use, check out our list below.



RingCentral allows you to use a fax number solely dedicated to you. You can send and receive faxes through the desktop interface or through the online service or via an existing email address. RingCentral Fax boasts some of the lowest prices that range from $7.99 to $49.99 per month.  It has the most tools as well as the highest monthly page allotment.  RingCentral has no setup fee and provides options that make faxing easy and efficient. It supports more than 50 different file formats, which include Microsoft Office documents, CSV files and image formats – such as PSD, XML and HTML files. You can attach files to your outgoing faxes from Dropbox and Google Drive. It also provides spam protectors, filters, and blocking options to prevent wastage of pages by spam.

Nextiva Fax

Nextiva Fax is a flexible online fax services that provides you with a range of faxing packages and payment options.  You can choose to pay monthly or annually. Nextiva fax provides a refund option on the annual plan if, you cancel their service. You can fax up to five recipients (fax machines or email addresses) at a time. Nextiva Fax provides up to a year in free storage of sent and received faxes after which the faxes are deleted automatically. One of the biggest flaws with Nextiva Fax is that it does not provide blocking capabilities. This means that spam can use up your page allotments.


Fax87 guarantees excellent prices and subscription rates with a monthly fee of $9.99. There are no sign-up or hidden fees and Fax87 gives you 500 free pages per month. The service is easy to use and only requires three easy steps: attach cover page, attach documents and click send. It is however limited to the number of files it can support which include PDF, TXT and DOC. It also does not have any existing mobile apps. Fax87 allows you to fax to multiple recipients (up to 20) and also receive faxes with an unlimited number of email addresses. This plan is best suited for a company with multiple employees who fax often. .


SolidFax provides some of the cheapest online fax services. It has three different plans with prices ranging from 500 pages at 5.9 cents per pages to 2500 pages at 3.9 cents per page. Solidfax has many features that include online fax storage, encrypted faxing process, smartphone compatibility and multiple document types within the same fax. All these features are available across all plans,


TollFreeForwarding provides customers with flexible, affordable pricing plans ranging from $9.00 – $159.00 per month. You are provided with an international number or an 800 number which forwards all your faxes to your number. It is easy to setup. It allows you to send and receive faxes from multiple recipients. It also allows you to send and receives multiple documents at once. The security measures utilised are strong firewalls and SSL data encryption.



FreedomVoice allows you to send up to 2500 monthly pages per month with their subscription costs ranging from $9.95 – $59.95. Faxes are sent to your toll free number and then stored online as a PDF files. You can then access these files using your Web LINK portal. Other options include forwarding faxes to your email address or to a physical fax machine. FreedomVoice allows you to send faxes to up to 5 recipients.