10 Nail Polishes for a Classic Look

In the world of nail art, many styles and trends come and go. While most of them are really creative and pretty , cartoon-inspired styles and “cracked” nails aren’t always fit for the occasion. If you are looking for a nail polish that will look good for all occasions and paired with whatever attire, these all-time favorite colors in trusted nail polish brands are your best bets. Here are 10 nail polishes for a classic look.

Nail polish

1. Editor’s Choice: OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath

Going for neutral colors that are of the same family as your skin tone can make your fingers look more slender, and give your hand a simple yet classy look. There are a variety of beige hues available in the market, and many of them are colors that show a mix of pink, grey and peach as well. The Bubble Bath is a favorite color among many nail polish fans. Its beige tone has a hint of pink, giving off a conservative feminine vibe. Adding 3-4 streaks of it on your nails is enough to give your fingers that sleek, elegant appearance. It doesn’t chip as easily as other nail polish brands.

2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Silver Sweep

Metallic is definitely the go-to color when you are a woman wishing to exude maturity and sophistication. A luminescent, smooth silver color of nail polish is sure to bring your nail bed to a whole new level of classy. Sally Hansen may be on the pricy end when it comes to nail polish, but its Insta-Dri collection promises to perfectly cover your nails with a single coat in 60 seconds. Another plus with silver is that you can match it easily with your clothes and jewelry. The Silver Sweep nail polish is also a good for nail art stamping.

3. China Glaze Nail Polish in Passion

Another metallic must have is a gold colored nail polish. China Glaze understands the fine line between classy and flashy. By using Passion nail polish, your nails will have a beautiful sheen of gold that doesn’t shine too bright or bold. Also great for nail stamping, this gold nail polish boasts of easy application and longer stay without chipping.

4. OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx

Nothing screams classic like black. However, it may not be the best nail color to wear in every occasion, and some nails might not look too good with black. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping one like the OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx on your dresser. OPI is definitely one of the top brands of nail polish on the market, and while it’s more on the pricy side, the California-based company makes up for it with its very good reputation. The Black Onyx is a no-nonsense nail polish. It delivers everything as it should: easy application, little to no streaking, and a wonderful smooth finish. Unlike other cheap nail polishes that sometimes give out a dark ugly green, the black onyx stays solid black under whatever lighting.

5. KBShimmer Rollin’ with the Chromies Linear Holographic Nail Polish

Admit it, there’s something charming about a girl’s nails when they look like a galaxy filled with a hundred little stars. To have multi-colored nails resembling the different spectrum of the night sky is probably a part of every manicure maniac’s dream. Now, every girl can fulfil her holographic dreams with KBShimmer’s multi-chrome linear holographic nail polish. Watch in awe as your nails reflect different hues of color like blue, violet and red. It can look great on your nails in 2-3 coats, and even with another color (preferably black) painted underneath. Now, everyone will be staring at your nails.

6. Orly Nail Lacquer in Gilded Coral

Move over, diamond. Pearls are a girl’s new best friend! A polished, lustrous look never fails to give your hands an elegant appeal, and what better way to do so than to use pearl colors? The Orly Nail Lacquer in Gilded Coral is easy to apply to your nails without streaking. Watch your nails begin to look like deep sea treasures with their beautiful shiny pearls surface that has a hint of pink undertones. The nail polish also contains UV inhibitors which prevent color fading.

7. Maybelline New York Express Finish 50 Second Nail Color in Racy Red

More often than not, people are more drawn to your nails than your outfit if they were painted red. There is certainly something about this bright, bold color that screams attention. But the fact that it can still maintain an air of chic sexiness is what makes this nail color a timeless piece. The Maybelline Racy Red stays true to its promise by drying up perfectly on your nails in less than a minute. It also has a beautiful, attractive hue of red that may be hard to find in other brands.

8. Essie Nail Lacquer in Vintage Wine

If you’re not too keen on attention-grabbing red, don’t worry; try burgundy! Vintage Wine waters down the boldness of vibrant red, but still hangs on to its classiness. The nail polish is also DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free.

9. Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Sheer Pastel Pink

Whether it is pastel, rose, or hot pink, at the end of the day we all have an Elle Woods deep in our hearts. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, as pink is a color that will suit most skin tones and occasions. Kleancolor’s Sheer Pastel Pink gives a very fun and youthful vibe with its baby pink color.

10. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Sometimes, we tend to forget that less is more, and simplicity is beauty. Seche Vite is a very strong top coat that can ensure the durability of your colored nails. You can also use it and go colorless for a clean, polished look, or use it to create a classic French tip.