Best Baby Swings Under $300

Babies find the rocking motion very soothing. New parents will soon learn that gently rocking a baby is one of the best ways to get a baby to sleep. That’s why babies tend to love swings. To get the most out of the experience (while still being able to afford things like diapers and food) here’s a list of some of the best baby swings available for less than $300.

Baby swing chair

1. The Playful Pals Portable Swing


Aside from its fun name, this swing set from Bright Starts is a steal of a deal at just $55. It will adjust its position automatically to the weight and size of your baby and features six different swinging speeds.

2. The Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing

Made by Bright Stars, this swing is small but mighty and boasts features not often found in portable models such as multiple swing speeds and songs. All of this at the low cost of $60.

3. The Gliding Swing

This swing’s main claim to fame is its innovative frame and resulting tiny footprint. Made by Graco, it is easy to store and for just under $100 has two speeds and vibrates. This makes it a good buy for parents on a budget that also can’t fit a large chair in their available space.

4. The Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing

From the well known and trusted Fisher Price company, this swing features all sorts of goodies to keep your baby occupied including mirrors, a mobile and calming sounds. It rocks forward and backwards as well as side to side and adjusts to face any of three directions at the low price of $125.

5. The Polly Swing

Made by Chicco, this swing comes with a nifty remote so that you can adjust it from afar without accidentally rousing your baby when he or she is close to falling asleep. It also comes standard with music at a price of around $150.

6. The Magic Globe Rocker


This Swing comes courtesy of the Mamas & Papas company. At $299 it just barely makes the list but includes a host of useful features such as a calming light display and your choice of motions (sideways or forward and backwards). Additional features can be purchased separately but there’s no need if your budget is strict.

Any one of these swings will easily provide your little one with hours of pure simple entertainment and uninterrupted sleep.