Chromebook: The Best Choice for Students

When you’re a student it can be hard to know what computer offers the best value for your dollar. Names like Apple may have name recognition, but a simple computer will set you back by hundreds! Not to mention the hassle of set up and maintenance. But a Chromebook saves you not only time, but money as well! Read on to learn why Chromebooks are the perfect computer to meet a student’s needs!


1. Google integration 

Full integration with Google makes it easy to work from any computer, be it at home or on campus. Pick up and leave off wherever you need, knowing any edits or changes will be saved automatically in Google Drive. No more emailing yourself papers or losing track of your latest revisions!

2. Battery life

Chromebook’s long battery life makes marathon study sessions a breeze. You won’t have to worry about your computer powering down suddenly with Chromebook’s up-to 7 hour battery life. But just in case you do run low on battery, your Chromebook will give you plenty of notice so you have time to wrap up your project or find an outlet. Just one of many ways Chromebook is looking out for you!

3. Light-weight

Chromebook is light-weight and thin, so it won’t take up much room in your bag. It’s easy to bring your Chromebook to campus without struggling with an overloaded book bag. In fact, the Chromebook is probably lighter and smaller than a few of those textbooks you have to carry around!

4. Virus protection 

Built-in virus protection keeps your Chromebook safe without a headache. With the number of viruses swirling around the internet, the peace of mind offered by Chromebook is a huge perk. No additional cost involved! It’s an end to pop-ups and sales pitches.

5Fast downloads

Downloads are fast, easy, and immediately available. Plus, Chromebook makes it easy to keep files at your fingertips with simplified organization. Create folders, save to either the Drive or your computer, and know that you’ll have access when you need it. And when it comes time to download your papers, you have a variety of choices for format. It makes it easy to meet all your professors’ needs and land an A!

6. Easy search

The search button makes last minute fact checks simple! Just hit the button you’re used to using for Caps Lock and a Google Search will be pulled up instantly without opening another window. Access all the information of Google without losing your place!

7. Access anywhere

Never worry about losing your files again! Things happen, drinks get spilled, and sometimes computers become casualties. But say good-bye to the stress of recovering files with Chromebook! Anything saved to your Drive or any other Google site, any websites bookmarked, and any apps can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

8. Affordable

All this for a low price! You don’t have to drain your savings to get a computer that works for you. With prices starting at $249, Chromebooks are among the best value on the market, and you’ll be paying low prices for top-of-the-line performance. Nothing beats that when you’re a student on a budget!