Where To Download Popcorn Time – Mac and Windows

Popcorn Time Official Download Links

To download Popcorn Time for Windows click here (techspot recommended)

The current place to download Popcorn Time for Mac is here;

Since its release, Popcorn Time has suffered numerous blows from the movie industry because of its free Netflix like streaming of illegal movies. The original spot for this application was Windows 8 App store, in which this program was downloaded by thousands before the movie industry was able to inform Microsoft of its existence.
Once removed from Microsoft, the new downloadable place was GitHub and then later also taken by Techspot. However, GitHub has been known to deliver malicious content with its downloads to an unaware user but this is still the official download page for the Popcorn Time developer team; if you want an unstable version.

Popcorn time download links
Why You Should Know Which Site To Download Popcorn Time
Techspot is a well known site for testing out programs before they host them. This allows them to choose whether or not a program still has too many bugs to deal with. The downloadable versions of the free Netflix like Popcorn Time coming from GitHub are beta programs that might begin to act strange on your computer. Techspot will only allow downloadables that do not cause problems to the user because it does not rely on file sharing like GitHub.
In addition to this, the Popcorn Time streaming program does not allow you to update from the program. Instead, you have to download a new version every time you wish to update the program’s interface.
Additional “Need to Know” Fact About Popcorn Time
Another spot that you can download the free Netflix Popcorn Time program is www.time4popcorn.eu. However, looking at the source code (web page HTML) for the website will allow you to learn that when you click on the download button the site will index your I.P. address.
Afterdawn.com is also hosting the Popcorn Time program but when the beta number for the official page does not match that of the Afterdawn page it makes the downloadable file very untrustworthy.
Currently, YTS is hosting the program and there will be continued updates as YTS is a pirate movie site. YTS has been around almost as long as Pirate Bay and can handle the legal pressure that comes with streaming illegal content. It is best to continually check with YTS as they may make a version solely for their site and discontinue the previous beta version.