Review: Bare Minerals Makeup Products

Natural makeup products have been around for quite a while but perhaps the first entrant into the field of mineral based cosmetics was the Bare Minerals product line. It is made out of fine grains of mineral powders rather than the somewhat toxic combinations of chemicals from which most commercial makeup products are made. Its pigments are also safely sourced from minerals.

Bare Minerals

Good for Acne Prone Skin


This mixture of ingredients is much healthier for acne prone skin so that clogged pores will not lead to even more breakouts in part of a vicious cycle of concealment and damage that only makes the problem worse. It’s unlikely that Bare Minerals will cure your acne but if it stops aggravating it and still allows you to diminish the appearance of your blemishes, you’re onto something good.

Natural, Cost-Effective Alternative

The fine grains in a mineral makeup also mean it sits a lot more lightly on the face than some of the heavier types of makeup. If, like me, you don’t particularly enjoy the way that makeup feels, Bare Minerals is a good compromise in that it gives surprisingly good coverage without that heavy, pancake-like feel. It also does this at a fraction of the cost of some of the higher end Makeup lines that are often considered the best whether or not their products live up to their hype.

Quality Range and Good Selection

A little extra care must be taken in the way mineral makeup is applied, however. Luckily it comes with its own brushes in the starter kit which are of high quality and made for the product and therefore are well suited to applying it. It may get onto clothing items during application so be sure to cover up if you know your hand is not always steady. While the company only offered a very limited range of items at first it has since expanded to include eyeshadows, blushes, lip colors and other products.

Unfortunately, matching your skin tone to the foundations available may still be a task for some complexion ranges. If you feel so inclined, you do still have the option to mix two or more different colors together to get a better match for your skin tone however other mineral makeup makers are out there now too, so you can always decide to check their options out as well if they seem to match you better.


If you enjoy your current brand of makeup, there is no real reason to switch but if you happen to feel the need for a change or you are new to makeup altogether, this brand is worth a second look. No makeup will be perfect for everyone but this particular type may just be the right fit for your skin.