SlideShare – presentations that get you up to speed on everything

A business is incomplete without presentations. No matter how great the basic idea is, it would fail badly if not presented well. The showmanship is considered as one of the biggest quality of a successful businessman. For this purpose, presentations are used in almost every business all over the world.

These presentations are sometimes required to be shared within and outside the entity. Before 2006, it was a heck of a task for anyone to share presentations and other professional content. In October, 2006, a web 2.0 based slide hosting service introduced itself with the name of SlideShare.

It allowed users to upload presentations, business documents, PDF files, info graphics and webinars. SlideShare converts the PowerPoint presentations into flash presentations which are then, easily shared and embedded. Since its foundation, it achieved countless milestones. Its importance in corporate world is evident by the fact that only 6 years after its foundation, LinkedIn acquired it.

Rashmi Sinha who is the CEO and co-founder of SlideShare, was named amongst the Top 10 Women Influencers in Web 2.0 all over the world. SlideShare was voted among the world’s top 10 tools for education and e-learning in 2010. It is now one of the top 120 most-visited websites all over the world. gets approximately 58 million different visitors every month. According to report, it has about 16 million registered users.

Sign up process for SlideShare is very easy and only takes a nominal amount of time. Alternatively, you can also log-in via Facebook account or LinkedIn account. The contents on SlideShare are properly organized and categorized which makes it easy for the person to search for the desired content. It accommodates PowerPoint, pdf, keynote and OpenDocument presentations

You can share the content with your customers, suppliers, business associates, co-workers, employees or friends. The contents can be embedded into other sites or blogs. This feature makes it more user friendly.  With the advent of technology, the use of social media has become a necessity. With slide share, you can share directly with your other contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and of course LinkedIn.

People have always wanted larger audience to communicate their thoughts, ideas and other useful information. With SlideShare, it’s easy to reach, engage and communicate with audience all over the world. International audience adds a star on the reputation of the business. It can also be used as an effective advertising tool. The brand name of the business gets known to the world by sharing of documents and presentations. It’s a way, and I must say, an effective one, to present yourself to the world by using SlideShare.

By joining the world on SlideShare, the geographical distance doesn’t matter. Whether you be in your office or home, or travelling abroad on a business trip or a family vacation, the contents of the SlideShare can be accessed everywhere easily. According to an analysis report, majority of the successful business, have benefitted from SlideShare. With comments option, you can have immediate feedback of your presentation or documents which helps in timely review of your performance.