Troubleshooting VLC Volume

VLC is an open source video player that’s available for free. The program doesn’t require heavy amounts of hardware and is very user friendly. VLC is also available for nearly every operating system that is currently out on the market. However, there are a few things that you should know about VLC before using it for all of your media.

Sometimes, since VLC is an open source program, it can cause some odd problems that many people have no idea how to fix. Here a few ways you can trouble shoot those issues.

Incorrect Volume Loudness

Sometimes when VLC is turned off and then turned back on, the volume is incredibly low for some reason. Here are some steps to try and fix the issue.

Check the volume on the VLC and then on the computer.

If both are at 100%, continue on to the next step.

Left-click on the volume mini-icon.

Left-click on the speaker icon in the volume window.

Left-Click on Enhancements

Make sure that everything is unchecked.

If everything is like it should be but you didn’t change anything, and then restart the computer.

If restarting the computer doesn’t do anything, the run System Restore.  This can be found under System Tools under Accessories once you left-click on the start button.

Incorrect Volume Balance

Sometimes a song or movie simple doesn’t have the correct balance. VLC has a free equalizer underneath the Tools menu option. You can also access this by pressing Ctrl-E while VLC is open.

Player around with the equalizer until the sound is correct and if you don’t feel like putting that much time to it then there are preset options to the top right of the equalizer screen. If you wish for a much deeper and richer tone then enabling a second pass can do that for you.

Volume sounds scratchy

If the volume of the media you’re trying to play is scratchy, you must do three things before trying to find a solution to the problem that will require some severe programming knowledge.

First Step; Connect VLC to a different Speaker

Sometimes when a media file is too low or extremely scratchy, it’s because the speakers we’re playing them through are broken and we don’t realize it.

Second; Restart the Computer and Use System Restore if Needed

Sometimes the computer skipped a line of code when it was trying to multi-task more than one program at a time. This can happen even if the only program that has been open is VLC. Restarting the computer will reset the code if the computer has done this.

Third Step; Download the file a second time

Sometimes the very problem is the media itself, which may have become corrupt because of some error in the networking area. This is rather are but it does happen frequently to those who use their computers for gaming or social media, where the bandwidth exceeds its normal limits. Downloading the file again may fix the problem.

This troubleshoot may not have helped you find the answer you need but you can always look for your answer at the official VLC community board, which is here;