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The Cutest Young Monarch Members Around The World



Even though the British Royal family remains the world’s most popular and talked about monarchy, there are actually 26 royal houses each with growing families.

The next generation of royals is banking of ruling over a progressive and forward-thinking world than their ancestors, but it doesn’t stop them from being as cute as ever! We highlight some of the current members of royal families and their cuteness from when they were growing up – before they are burdened with their destined duties.

Princess Louise of Belgium


Born in 2004, Princess Louise is your normal 14-year-old, except she could one day be a Queen! She has twin brothers as insurance to the throne and is 12th in line to the Belgian throne, so it’s not looking too likely for now.

Prince Nicolas, Duke of Ångermanland

Prince Nicholas was sixth in line to the Swedish throne when he was born in 2015. However, he has since been demoted to ninth, due to the policy of ascension. He is the only son and second child of Princess Madeline and Christopher O’Neill.


Kate Gabor

This little guy is set to enjoy a lifetime of royal engagements and fancy parties without the duties and responsibilities of reigning monarchs. We wonder if he will get up to anything risky in his childhood, like some British monarchs?

Prince Christian of Denmark

Born in 2005, Prince Christian will inherit the crown from his father, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. Currently, his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II, is the ruling Queen of Denmark. His dream policies as ruler right now would include football as a national sport and TV past his bedtime.


Steen Evald/PA

Perhaps his management skills still need refining until he reaches the crown! Until then, this 13-year-old enjoys all the normal teenage boy activities, even enjoying a Zoo he helped open in 2014. He often travels with his parents on Royal duties.

Prince Oscar, Duke of Skåne

As the younger brother of Sweden’s Princess Estelle, his older sister will one day be queen – so he better be polite to her! He most likely won’t be crowned as the reigning heir but will engage in Royal policy and engagements.


Erika Gerdemark,

Here he is preparing for his royal duties by eating some delicious cake. Due to Royal traditions, he was Christened in the same gown as one of his ancestors in 1906. He may not be the baby for long – who knows if they want more adorable children?


Prince Hisahito of Akishino (Japan)

Born in 2006, His Imperial Highness Prince Hisahito of Akishino is a member of the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world. He is currently third in line to the throne and will one day become its Emperor. Prince Hisahito is the only grandson of Emperor Akihito.


The Imperial Household Agency

As a fan of nature, his policy as Emperor toward the environment would be gentle. This makes sense since his name means “virtuous, calm, everlasting.” He was the first male to be born into the family since 1965.

Prince Louis of Cambridge

Born only a few months ago in 2018, Prince Louis is the third child of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge. His birth broke the traditional ‘heir and a spare’ rule of royals having only two children, devised as an insurance for the continuation of the monarchy.


Matt Porteous/PA Wire

Due to a new policy, he will not usurp his older sister, Princess Charlotte, in the ranking. He will enjoy a peaceful life without many Royal responsibilities – but all the fanfare you can expect.


Prince Hashem of Jordan (right)

Prince Hashem bin Abdullah of the Hashemite family is currently second in line to the throne of Jordan. He shares his birthday with his father, who claims their heritage goes back as far as prophet Mohammad. This would make him the 42nd consecutive offspring of unbroken and recorded heritage.



It is not clear if this is true or not – and perhaps we will never know! Prince Hashem was born in 2005 and will enjoy a lavish lifestyle of luxury and travel.

Princess Amalia of Nassau

This cutie belongs to the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg. Princess Amalia was born in 2014 and marks the start of the next generation of Royals for the country. She is third in line for the throne and the daughter of Prince Felix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg.

Getty Images

Her brother, Prince Liam, was born in 2016 as an insurance for the throne to continue, as is the common tradition. Currently, her favorite policies as ruler include naptimes after lunch.


Princess Athena of Denmark

The youngest of the Danish royal family, Princess Athena was born in 2012 making her just six years old. She is currently 10th in line to the throne and so she can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in Denmark while she embarks on Royal duties throughout her life.



She has two half-brothers – Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix – from her father’s first marriage. Her full name is Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie, after her grandmothers and mother. What a cutie!

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco

A rarity for Royal families to be blessed with twins, but Monaco wanted to be the exception to the rule! Even though Princess Gabriella is technically two minutes older, it is Prince Jacques who will take the throne eventually.

When they were born, it was announced that each twin had the right to a salvo of 21 cannon shots – and so 42 were shot to keep the policy. They have half-siblings from their father’s first relationships, and act as each other’s insurance for the throne! 


Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland

This absolute darling was born in 2014 and is eighth in line to the Swedish throne. She is the first born of Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill and was fifth in lone at the time of her birth.


Facebook/Princesa Magdalena de Suecia

Princess Leonore was born in New York City despite being a part of the Swedish Royal family which is not against policy – although deemed highly unusual. She was Christened in Sweden on her parents’ anniversary – June 8, 2014.

Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie, born in 1990, is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew.

Getty Images


Princess Isabella of Denmark

Denmark has its own Royal family, and Princess Isabella sits firmly as third in line to its throne. Born in 2007, she was the first female to be born into the family since the Second World War.



Her brother, Prince Christian, will one day take the throne, but we bet she’s banking on an abdication. Even if not, she can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of tiaras and gowns to wear at royal engagements in the future. 

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant

Born in 2001, Princess Elisabeth is the heir apparent to the Belgian throne. As the eldest daughter of King Phillippe, she assumed the title and role after her grandfather abdicated in 2013. Let’s hope there are some good life insurance policies in this family – 17 is a little too young to take the throne!

Either way, Princess Elisabeth spends her days studying and preparing to be Queen. She will be Belgium’s first queen regnant due to a change in the succession laws in 1991.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. At age 68, she was second in line to the throne until her younger brother, Prince Andrew, usurped her position at birth.

Getty / Bettmann

Today, that rule has been reversed and younger men will not usurp older women (a modern example of this is Prince Louis not outranking Princess Charlotte). Her children, Zara and Peter Phillips are the Queen’s oldest grandchildren and have kids of their own – making Princess Anne a grandmother.


Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine of Denmark

Another set of twins born into royalty include Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, both aged six. Their brother, Prince Christian, will take the throne one day and they have another sibling – Princess Isabella. Talk about heir management!

Pernille Rohde, PR Photo

These parents managed to collect four kids and make sure one will certainly take the throne one day. Prince Vincent was born 26 minutes before his twin. Due to a change in the law in 2009, if this was reversed she would have outranked him.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Always a cheeky monkey! Prince Harry has forever shown signs of being one to show off for the cameras. This famous photo taken when he was only a few years old shows him break royal protocol while posing on the famous palace balcony.

Source: //

Not much has changed since we can see him pulling funny faces even today with his new wife, Meghan Markle. Together, they are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They are expecting their first child in 2019.


Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein

Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein was born in 1995 and is the eldest grandchild of the nation’s current ruling prince. He was born in London, UK, and spends his days there but not before taking a gap year traveling the USA.

Daniel Ospelt

He is technically tied to two dynasties: the Princely House of Liechtenstein and Royal House of Stuart to the British throne. This means that when he becomes King upon his father’s death, he will be the first Jacobite to rule another country since 1688. Risky Business!

Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland

Let’s hope the current Queen of Sweden has good life insurance – this cutie is second in line to the throne! At only six years old, she would make quite the ruler: bedtimes would be abolished and we could all have our desserts before dinner.


Her birth was met with fanfare across the entire country back in 2012 – and even inaugurated her first street at two years old! Now that’s some royal dedication. We have a feeling she’ll be engaged in many duties before she becomes Queen.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Princess Cambridge was born in 2015 and is the great-granddaughter of the current Queen, Elizabeth II. Her brother, Prince George, will likely take the throne as future King. She was the second born to the royal tradition of producing ‘an heir and a spare’.


At the time of her birth, City Management orchestrated all the iconic London monuments turn pink to symbolize the gender of the newborn. As is usual tradition, gunshots were also fired in London’s Hyde Park. Retailers have estimated she’ll add $3.5 billion to the commerce economy throughout her life.


Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway

This little prince is known for his wicked sense of humor, demonstrated finely here as he celebrates his grandparents’ – the King and Queen of Norway –  80th birthday in 2017. His older sister, Princess Ingrid, will one day take the throne (read ahead to learn about her!).



The family is related to King Edward VII, meaning he is also in line for succession in the British Throne. We bet he would like to take the chance to swap and be King in Britain! Speaking of Kings in Britain…

Prince George of Cambridge

Is this the face of a future king? We will bank on it! Billions of people around the world were captivated by Prince George’s birth in 2013, waiting to find out who would one day take over the British Monarchy.


Aged 5, he is already one of the most famous people in the world, and will likely remain one for the rest of his life. He has two younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and is one of the Queen’s great-grandchildren. 


Prince Jigme of Bhutan

This fella is next in line to the throne of Bhutan, South Asia, despite being born as recently as 2016 – the current ruler better have good health insurance! His full title is His Royal Highness Crown Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck, Druk Gayalsey (Dragon Prince), and his birth inspired a nation to plant 108,000 trees as a way to honor him.



Minutes old, and already environmentally friendly! We bet his policies as the ruler would include environmental awareness and risk management for forestation. 

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Queen Elizabeth’s third child (and second son) is 58 years old today, but he was adorable back in the 1960s. Here he is playing on a rocking chair and enjoying the luxuries that Buckingham Palace invested in during simpler times.

Getty Images

Prince Andrew has since had two children of his own – Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice – the former which has just gotten married herself. His birth was very exciting since it was the during the Queen’s reign as monarch.


Princesses Leonor of Spain

Princesses Leonor is the second in line to the Spanish throne and is banking on becoming Queen eventually. Born in 2005, she is 13 years old and so she still has a bit of time to wait! For now, she is enjoying a relaxing lifestyle before embarking on her Royal duties.

It is important for all children to find the time to be children – and Princess Leonor is no exception! Pretty soon she will implement policy to benefit Spain and its millions of residents.

Princess Sofia of Spain

The younger sister of Spain’s future monarch is 11 years old and looks eerily similar to her sister, if not for the difference of eye color. Princess Sofia and Princess Leonor have developed a close bond over the years that can be compared to a younger Prince William and Prince Harry.



The two are inseparable and are often seen enjoying each other’s company when taking a break from public life. It’s a good thing her older sister will be queen – usually, younger royal siblings are freer to explore more ventures.


Princess Alexandra of Hanover

At 19, this charming princess is turning heads around the world with her Figure Skating. In 2015, she competed in the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival in Austria. Since Hanover no longer exists, her title is not recognized by Germany.


Getty Images

She has two half-brothers from her mother’s first marriage. Princess Alexandra is the only one of Princess Caroline’s four children to hold any royal title. She was in the British line of succession until she was confirmed into the Catholic church.

Grace van Cutsem

Ok, so we might be cheating here a bit! Technically, Grace van Cutsem isn’t a member of the Royal Family. She was a flower girl at William and Kate’s wedding and is Prince William’s goddaughter.

Here she is stealing the show in one of the most famous photographs taken from the special day. Covering her ears from the large, cheering crowds, Grace captured our hearts and appeared in newspapers around the world – we bet her parents weren’t banking on that!


Prince Taufa’ahau Manumataongo of Tonga

This fella was born in 2013 in New Zealand and is second in line to the Tongan throne – one of the six monarchies in the Oceania region. His birth was celebrated by thousands online as it was revealed who would claim the Tongan throne.



Unfortunately, he’s still a bit too young to reign just yet – we imagine the current ruler renewed his insurance policy to make sure he had a few more years! At least until Prince Taufaʻahau can hold his own head up! 

Princess Diana of Wales

Although not technically a member of the Royal Family, there has been no member more iconic than Princess Diana. As the mother of Prince William, the future king, her legacy will live in forever through the bloodline of the world’s most famous family.

She was only 20 years old when she married Prince Charles in 1981. Tragically, The People’s Princess died in 1997 in a car accident in Paris, France. Her death shook the entire nation – and the world – and her presence is still felt today.


Princess Leonore of Sweden

This sweet Swede has the full title of  Royal Highest Princess Leonore Lilian Maria Bernadotte of Sweden, Duchess of Gotland. She is ‘only’ eighth in line to the Swedish throne and probably won’t bank on being queen. This jet-setter was born in the United States and lives in London.

Today, she spends her time traveling with her parents and slowly becoming accustomed to her future Royal duties. Princess Leonore will remain in Sweden’s public eye for the rest of her life.

James, Viscount Severn

James is the only son of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and is also Queen Elizabeth’s youngest grandchild. Born in 2007, he is only a few years older than Prince George, his first cousin once removed (and future king!).

His sister, Lady Louise, is a few years older than him and is farther on in our list. Their mother, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, worked in public relations until her full-time commitment to the British Royal Family in 2002.

Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco

This strapping prince is only 15 but eligible bachelorettes are already queueing round the corner for him. Upon ascending to the throne when his father dies, he will reign as Hassan III. Here he is practicing his diplomacy and policy skills with President Macron of France.

Getty Images

At the moment, the prince is balancing his schoolwork with royal engagements, something requiring a bit more management than he first thought! He has been appearing in public alongside his father since 2015.


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

What do we expect from the face of our future King? It’s hard to ask for much when he’s only a young man. This charming photo of Prince William in his younger years shows us the character of a future monarch.

This photo was taken during his university years at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. It was in these formative years that he met Kate Middleton – his future wife and the future Duchess of Cambridge. The couple has three children.

Savannah Phillips

This 8-year-old monkey is the Queen’s oldest great-grandchild and Princess Anne’s oldest granddaughter. Savannah Phillips is the daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips. She is 15th in line to the throne, down from 12th at the time of her birth.

The Mega Agency

She enjoys a private and privileged life away from public scrutiny while appearing at royal events every so often. Savannah has a younger sister called Isla, who she can bank on being just as cheeky as she is. Here she is risking royal protocols by silencing our future king!

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

Queen Elizabeth’s youngest child, Edward, was born in March 1964 making him just 54 at time of writing. He has two young children, Louise and James, who are The Queen’s youngest grandchildren.



Prince Edward grew up far from a spare to an heir: the fourth child for the Queen and Prince Philip and 16 years younger than Prince Charles! He has enjoyed a life of relaxation by being an insurance policy to the throne but still takes his role seriously.


Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

This 14-year-old is next in line to the Norweigan throne after her father, Crown Prince Haakon. When it comes to her time to rule, she’ll be Norway’s first female monarch since Queen Margaret in the 15th century and second ever.



A rarity among Norweigan Royals, Princess Ingrid was not usurped by her younger brother, Prince Sverre, due to a constitutional amendment in 1990. She is the first member of the Norweigan Royal Family to attend a local school – the rest of the family usually travels to Oslo.

Princess Beatrice of York

This throwback image shows us Princess Beatrice in the 1990s. As the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew, she is one of the Queen’s granddaughters. Here she is as a baby in the 1990s, sporting her signature large blue eyes.

Getty Images

Her sister, Princess Eugenie, recently got married but Princess Beatrice remains single and yet to settle down. Today, she does a lot of charity work – including selling her famous hat from Prince William’s wedding for $85,000.

Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark

This poor fellow had his destiny taken from him before he was born! Prince Constantine’s grandfather, Constantine II was the last king of Greece before the Monarchy was abolished. Even though he won’t be King, this 20-year-old can enjoy his life as a medical student at Cornell, New York.


He was born in the USA but attended school in London. He has an older sister and younger brother, who risk feeling a bit jealous at their British counterparts – either that or they consider it a lucky escape!


Charles, Prince of Wales

Here, we see a young Prince Charles with his grandfather, King George VI – the Queen’s father. Today, Prince Charles turns 70 without having yet ascended to the throne. This makes him the oldest heir apparent in history.


Fortunately for him, he still has both his parents at such an old age and enjoys three grandchildren of his own. While he waits to fulfill his destiny, he is heavily involved with charity work having founded The Prince’s Trust and promoting environmentalist issues.

Prince Lerotholi Seeiso, Lesotho

Prince Lerotholi Seeiso is the heir-apparent of Lesotho, a small African nation enclaved within the border of South Africa. Since its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966, the state has had a Royal Family and this 11-year-old will be king, despite having two older sisters – quite the outdated policy!

Facebook: Royal Archives, Museum and Information Centre

He was named after Lerotholi, the Paramount Chief of Basuto between 1891-1905. Today, the nation’s population hovers at around 2.2 million people. Prince Lerotholi Seeiso is set to rule over a growing population upon his father’s death.

Mia Tindall, United Kingdom

Mia Tindall can enjoy a quiet life in the British Royal Family since she is 18th in line to the throne and isn’t banking on being queen anytime soon! Born in 2014, she is one of Queen Elizabeth’s great-granddaughters and is the second cousin to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Her sister, Lena Elizabeth, was born in June 2018. Their parents, Mike and Zara Tindall are both athletes and it’s expected these two will follow in their footsteps!


Queen Elizabeth II

The little girl seems born to rule! A young Elizabeth, and future queen, was always attracted to the regal outfits and manner that was part of the Royal Family. She would grow up to rule over Great Britain and The Commonwealth for 60 years.


Today, she has four children, eight grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. She became next in line to the throne after her uncle, King Edward VIII abdicated and her father became king. She even appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine in 1929!

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, UK 

This strapping young man has been by Queen Elizabeth’s side since their wedding in 1947. Today, he is 97 years old and has officially retired from public life, after 70 years in service to his country.



He has invested time, energy, patience, and goodwill to the role which has surely evolved since the time they entered the Royal Family. Originally, he had to abandon his ties to the Greek and Danish monarchies when they married. Prince Philip is, in fact, Queen Elizabeth’s third cousin.


Princess of Orange-Nassau Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria

That’s a big title for such a small girl! The young princess will one day take over the family business as Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These countries include the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten.


At 14, Princess Catharina-Amalia currently attends school alongside her younger sisters – Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane. At 18, she will assume a seat in the Advisory Division of the Council of State of the Netherlands.

Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, Thailand

Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti is the only son technically recognized of the current King of Thailand, due to divorces and disowned sons from previous marriages. Polices on who would reign varied throughout history, but today he is the only son viable to take over the throne upon his father’s death.


In fact, he is the fifth son and seventh (and youngest) child of King Vajiralongkorn. Imagine how upset his older siblings must be! Let’s hope the king has good life insurance – he’s only 13.


Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise, born in 2003, is the eldest child of the Queen’s youngest son, Edward, the Earl of Wessex. Her brother James (above) is a Viscount and their mother is Sophie Rhys-Jones. At 15, she has the luxury to enjoy most things a teenage girl can – she is 12th in line to the throne.


She and her brother had their first overseas engagement in 2015 when they visited South Africa. The risks and rewards for being so close and so far to the throne make for some enjoyable experiences!

Aiko, Princess Toshi

Princess Aiko is the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan. In a break of Royal Policy, her name was chosen by her parents and not the Emporer. She is 16 years old and is currently prevented from taking the throne since the line of succession still favors male heirs.


Until laws are changed, her male cousin will take the throne upon the death of Princess Aiko’s father. Do you think the policies should be updated?

Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco

Princess Lalla is a descendant from the same family that has ruled Morocco since the 1600s. When she was born in 2007, her father gave thousands of royal pardons to prison inmates as a celebration.


Today, she is 11 years old and has an older brother – Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco, who you can read about soon! Find out what makes these two so special when you learn more about her brother and his royal responsibilities to the throne…


Princess Salma bint Abdullah of Jordan

This charming 18-year-old recently graduated from International Amman Academy, founded by Queen Rania – her mother – in 2018. She and her sister are born only one day apart, albeit in different years.



She is the second daughter and third child of King Abdullah II; so even though she won’t reign she can enjoy a life of little worry. The risks and rewards of being a member of a royal family without many duties can be weighed up – but they all carry their responsibilities with grace.

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