6 Degrees – Gwen Stefani & Jared Leto

Welcome back to our 6 Degrees column, where we discuss the connections between celebrities by 6 degrees, (a theory made famous in popular culture by Kevin Bacon). Unsure what 6 Degrees are? Visit our original column to learn more about it!

Last week, we discussed Scarlett Johannson’s and Naomi Campbell’s “6 Degree” connection, and revealed the fact that they are connected through only 2 degrees.  


The next pair of celebrities we are looking at are singing sensations Gwen Stefani and Jared Leto. 

Gwen Stefani & Jared Leto

Gwen Stefani has been in the music business for a long time, leading the pack in popular American ska music with her band No Doubt. She later branched off as a solo artist and won a Grammy Award for 2002’s Let Me Blow Your Mind. Gwen’s Hollywood pin-up looks with her platinum blonde hair and feminine style is admired by many around the world. She founded the fashion company L.A.M.B (Love. Angel. Music. Baby) in 2003, which has done very well over the years.  

Jared Leto started acting when he was really young opposite Claire Danes in the TV series My So Called Life, which remains a cult classic. He showed off his acting chops throughout the years, starring in many movies like 1999’s Fight Club, 2005’s Lord Of War, and Dallas Buyers Club, where he took home the Oscar playing an HIV-positive transgender woman. He is also the frontman of his band 30 Seconds To Mars, and has toured around the world. 

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So, how are these two superstars connected? Well, besides the fact that they are both absolutely beautiful, Gwen Stefani was in The Aviator with Ian Holm, who starred in Lord Of War with Jared Leto. This makes their connection only 2 degrees apart. Also, Gwen Stefani was in Trolls with Jeffrey Tambor, who was in Girl Interrupted with Jared Leto.

Up next week on “6 Degrees”….You’ll never guess what the connection is between Julia Roberts and Justin Bieber!

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