Treat Yourself To One Of These Affordable Watches

Watches are a dying accessory. Today with our smartphones, we often bypass the need to invest in a stylish watch to accompany our outfits. Once upon a time, we used pocket watches, then we attached the time to our wrists, and now they’re back in our pockets!

It’s never too late to buy yourself a nice addition to your outfit. We’ve highlighted some of the best-looking (yet most-affordable) watches to treat yourself to while the sales are still going.

Time to read on!

Timex Weekender Chronograph 40 mm Watch – $51

This watch oozes masculinity and wraps perfectly around any man’s wrist to impress all that see it. It’s incredibly precise – measuring every 1/20th of a second – as well as showing the date on one of its faces.

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The Timex Weekender lights up in the dark so you won’t need to reach for your phone, and is full of battery-saving features to keep it going for months at a time. A solid analog watch looks great on most people and this is no exception.

Fossil the Commuter 3-Hand Date Leather Watch – $56.50

Fossil is known to provide affordable yet study watches for people of all ages. This model perfectly merges the rustic and modern look to make it appropriate for all occasions.

Its firm leather strap is bound by large stainless steel making an impression for those who catch a glimpse of it. The beauty of this watch makes it suitable for casual lunches or more formal occasions. Time to strap in!

Kenneth Cole Men’s Brown Leather Strap Watch 42 mm – $95

Sometimes, less is more – demonstrated perfectly by this Kenneth Cole watch. It’s designed specifically for men who seek a ‘dapper’ style by removing any additional information.

This wristwatch is for the man who seeks a simple accessory that shows the date and time – nothing more, nothing less. Its Brown and silver color scheme makes it appropriate for casual and formal wear, so the choice is yours! When would you wear this?

Mondaine SBB Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch – $99

This Mondaine watch mixes the casual and sports elements that make it the perfect hybrid. It has a simple design but offers a ‘pop’ with its unique red second hand.

This particular watch remains modest and readable, yet still garners attention from watch lovers. For under $100, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything nicer. Next time you split your time between the gym and the office, consider this beauty.

Braun Analog Display Quartz Black Watch – $99

This all-black design helps the white design pop loudly for anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this Braun. The band is made with a stainless steel mesh and its numerals light up in the dark, making it easy to read at all times of the day.

For those who want to invest in a sleek watch without attracting too much attention to it, this is a perfect choice.

Nixon Time Teller Watch – $64

Not all that glitter is gold – and for $64 you can bet that saying rings true. This Nixon is specifically designed for gold-lovers who may not want to buy a solid gold watch, at least right away.

Despite the color, its design remains pretty conservative with a simple face not showing anything other than the time and the company. You would need to make sure a watch like this is worn with the right outfit.

Skagen Hagen Steel-Mesh Watch – $98

Unlike the conventional black or brown design, the Skagen is a striking blue hue. The original design has just one whole color, although recent variations have become available to swap the band.

The modest design is intended to complement more striking clothing choices since it is relatively calm in its appearance. For less than $100, you won’t find another watch that has the slick look. Its face doesn’t show anything other than the date and time.

Timex for J. Crew Watch – $128

This Timex promises a lot in terms of the design of its face. It’s casual and doesn’t need to be worn in formal settings. The watch can be worn with a suit or casual wear due to its band and the bold design.

It’s also waterproof up to 320 feet, so feel free to take it to the beach! For $128, you’ll be able to invest a bit and look relaxed with a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Seiko 5 SPORTS Analog Dress Automatic JAPAN Watch – $141

This choice really demonstrates Seiko’s ability to make watches affordable yet classy. The firm face expresses a strong personality while keeping things casual with its strap to match. A watch like this is perfect or more active people who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Adventurers and athletes alike can enjoy Seiko’s Sports series at an affordable cost. Uniquely, the face also has a 24-hour appearance for Europeans who observe a 24-hour clock.

Citizen Men’s BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch – $199

You’ll be spending a bit more for the Citizen Men’s model, but the rewards are worth it! The watch has a tachymeter bezel and Japanese quartz movement.

The unique part of this watch is its reliance on solar energy – it doesn’t require a battery! Its face may look rather busy for the casual watch wearer, but others will love all the information on the face that it has to offer.

Ted Baker Classic Collection Custom Multifunction Sub-Eye with Contrast Detail Date Leather Strap Watch – $155

This simplistic watch can suit casual and formal settings. It combines sophistication and minimalism and also offers 24-hour time formats for the European wearers.

The large leather band complements the stainless steel face and includes additional information like the days of the week and month, too. For such a simple design, the Ted Baker watch brings all the necessary information together in one place.

MVMT Modern Sport Bracelet Watch – $160

This MVMT watch is a must-have for everyone who wants to make a solid first impression. The firm black design of the face and strap is contrasted with the brass tones of the dials and numbers.

The unique symbols that replace some of the numerical digits also give the watch a strong design. It’s good for a work setting and also useful for nights out with friends. Do you like the color scheme?

Jack Mason Aviation Chronograph NATO Strap Watch – $255

This isn’t the most subtle watch on our list, but informal dressers will love it. This Jack Mason was based on aviation designs, as demonstrated by the strap and cluttered face with information on it.

For all you frequent fliers out there, this watch might be the one for you! Just be sure not to wear it in settings that require a more formal dressing – this one is more for fun and games.

WeWood Alpha Swiss Rough African Blackwood Watch – $150

If you’re looking to make an impression with a choice in watch, make it the WeWood! This unique wristwatch is built with blackwood taken straight from Africa. The strap may look wooden, but it’s a comfortable leather that’s durable enough to last for years.

The brown color scheme makes it more informal and suitable to be worn for outdoor trips! Next time you are looking for a watch to make an impression, consider this natural beauty.

Ferrari Speciale 3H Black Silicone Strap Watch 44 mm – $95

If you can’t afford a Ferrari car, why not settle for one of its watches? The company doesn’t just make $50,000 cars, as demonstrated beautifully by their 3H watch. We can immediately see the contrast in the black and yellow – making for a striking design.

It wouldn’t be complete without the signature logo on the top of the face to remind you that you’re wearing an Italian gem! If you can’t invest in a Ferrari car, you can always bank on this watch.

Wenger Attitude Watch – $194

One of the more expensive watches on our list is one of the most durable. This Wenger isn’t particularly flashy or exciting, but it’s a good exampleof a strong and solid watch to last years.

The face is fairly conservative – a simple dial and subtle red second hand, but if that’s what you like then this is for you. It’ll set you back a few more dollars than the other watches on this list but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Bulova Men’s Silverstone Watch – $210

This merges style with functionality. The Bulova blue face has sparkling orange-tinted hands which perfectly complement the silver strap that makes for a convergence of color and design.

For $210, you’ll be able to proudly wear this Marine Star Collection item in formal settings, like work meetings or evening celebrations. Its busy face contrasted with the elegant strap which helps bring it into a formal setting worthy of attention. Do you like the Bulova watch?

Techne Merlin 296 Watch Navy – $200

Another example of mixing present and past, the Techne Merlin technology originates from World War 2. Even though the face has a lot of information on it, it is easily departmentalized into three readable circles which can be easily read.

The strap keeps the watch informal and suitable to be worn in almost any situation. It’s a heavier investment than some of the watches on this list, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a watch more elegant than this!

Hawker Hurricane Chronograph Leather Strap Watch – $230

Can you spot the homage to the British Air Force in this design? The watch is classy and inspired by the colors and devices used to operate warplanes. The face contains a tachymeter and a chronograph for additional time-reading accuracy.

By buying this watch today, you’ll be sure to invest in a valuable product in the future. Even though you might not use all its functions, all wearers can appreciate the beauty in its design.

Larsson & Jennings Men’s Lader Watch – $245

The most expensive watch on the list is simple yet classy. The gold frame that surrounds the numerals on a solid black face makes for an elegant contrast in color and design.

This is a true Swiss watch by any account: it even has a durable strap made of the finest leather. For $245, it might take a bit of a beating on your wallet, but you’ll struggle to find a watch that looks as elegant as this for less.

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