Going To The Airport? Look Out For These Hilarious Signs

Going to the airport is usually a stressful experience. We need to pack our clothes, remember our passports, sit on an uncomfortable chair, and adjust to the time difference. What makes it all worthwhile is seeing your friends or family on the other side.


What happens if they try to pull a trick on you? Here, we’ve outlined some of the most shocking and hilarious signs that people have used to pick up passengers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Not Now, Simon!

Poor Simon. He’s just crossed the Atlantic and been met with this terrible sign outing him as a selfie lover. It appears as though Britney has gone and given up on our friend Simon. How many selfie sticks are too many sticks? It turns out, just the one.

Sins Too!/Pinterest

We’re sure it’s all fun and games between these two – after all, why would she go all the way to the airport? Still, it must have been shocking to see this upon arrival!

Too. Much. Info.

Sarah must have done something to annoy this signmaker before she traveled abroad. For those that don’t know, Imodium is a HIGHLY effective medicine to reduce diarrhea. Could it be that Sarah is returning from Thailand or India?

Cheryl Moss/Pinterest

Either way, we’re sure this sign made her feel even more queasy. After all, who would like to know that their stomach secret is out on display for everyone to see? We hope everything is ok for Sarah and her airport visitor!

Charming Or Cringy?

This guy, who is on the search for a ‘Smokin Hot Italian Chick’ reminds us of someone out of Men In Black. Oh, if only our memories could be wiped of this experience. Would you want to see this guy rock up at the airport?


Hopefully, it’s just a man waiting for his girlfriend and not a CIA or FBI agent looking for a spy. Can you imagine how unprofessional that would be? We would love to see her reaction.

Um… Thanks?

This writer doesn’t have any children (that he knows of), and so he can’t comprehend the excitement of seeing your child at the airport. We DO remember the feeling of waiting for a parent, and boy was it special.


This daughter wanted to write her own love letter while waiting for her parents. Sadly, she hasn’t quite mastered her penmanship just yet. Can you read it? No? Neither can we! All they need to do is hug and kiss their child – that’s all that matters!

You Might Have The Wrong Person

If your best friend could write anything on a card for you, what would it say? These two are either BEST friends or they haven’t spoken since. After all, who wants to be a ‘noisy pale-faced lady’? Not us!

Fun Mary/Pinterest

We hope this is an inside joke between the girls and they the reunion was a nice one. After all, who would drive to the airport to roast someone? And who would fly just to get roasted? We have questions!

Oh Great, So Kind. Yay. Whatever.

This boyfriend may have been a little too cynical when he welcomed his girlfriend back at the airport. We imagine that she had just gone traveling, or on an expedition – and thankfully she came back alive and well!


Well, it turns out that the boyfriend was trying to play it cool with a sign that played down his happiness. Let’s hope he did something kinder afterward! Are those flowers in her hand? Good job!

100% Dedication

Wow, this is a real sign on dedication – no pun intended. Here, we can see a man dressed as an entire Oompa Loompa to pick up ‘Chocolate Johnny’ from the airport. We wonder where he was coming from?

Denver Int’l Airport/Twitter

Do you think this guy did his makeup AT the airport? We love the idea that he did it at home and drove to the airport in his whole costume. Either way, this must have been a total surprise. We love it!

Use The Kids

Sometimes, kids can say it all. It must be amazing to see your wife and kid meet you at the airport after a business trip. But we love that this sign reminds him that things will quickly go back to normal! Don’t think about a break, buddy!

Spring Johnston/Pinterest

“Don’t Worry Daddy, I Took Care of Mommy… But It Is Your Turn Now. She Is A Lot Of Work!” We love this! Would you write something like this? We wouldn’t blame you.

A Coincidence, Surely?

Michael Jordan? MJ? The actual number 23? Nah, we can’t believe it! There are a few things that could be at play here. First, it’s most likely that he is simply waiting for someone with the same name. Or, it could be a joke between this guy and his basketball-loving friend.

Funny Family Life/Pinterest

Still, we can’t imagine how funny it must be to think that he’s waiting for the REAL Michael Jordan and this modest sign is all he could organize.

Um Yes Please

Now, THIS is how you welcome someone at the airport! After a long flight that could be tens of hours, what better way than seeing a cocktail at the end of the tunnel? This man clearly knows all of life’s greatest tricks.


Who do you think he’s meeting? We hope it is his wife of 40-50 years and they can share a drink together. Maybe it’s his children? As long as it’s not his grandchildren! Can you imagine the family reunions?

Always Tell The Truth. Or, Never Lie

It looks like this guy took these wise words a little too seriously. While it’s true you should never lie, it is worth oversharing? For this guy: yes.


We’re sure this is just a joke. After all, he’s at the airport, isn’t he? Either way, Can you imagine how shocking it must have been for Jody to see this? Back to Cali, Jody! We’re sure she’s back from school for the holidays and this is her little brother. Cute.

Think Of The Planning…

This welcome clearly wasn’t designed in the car on the way to the airport! These friends went through the effort of making this HUGE sign of their friend’s face to slap on a stick and wave around arrivals. Can you imagine how embarrassed he must have been?

cjoti elaichi/Twitter

It looks as though he would probably share the same sense of humor as his friends, otherwise this is pretty mean. On the plus side, at least now he has a memento of the experience.

Hugs Not Drugs

It’s always nice to be welcomed at the airport with a sign – regardless of what took you away in the first place. This young woman wanted to treat the flyer with a not-so-subtle congratulations to completing their rehab program.

Cold Hard Truth/Pinterest

We’re not sure whether or not this is a joke, but it’s nice to see such a humble welcome anyway. After all, rehab is a huge commitment and deserves all the praise and celebration it can get. Hugs, not drugs.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

As we get older, it becomes harder for entire families to get together for the holidays. That’s why, on the rare occasion it happens, it should be celebrated! These two made the perfect sign for their siblings.

Sarah Black/Pinterest

It looks like they’re picking up the rest of the gang for a few days with mom and dad. We’re glad to see the weekend starting with laughs – how much do you want to bet it didn’t end that way…

Hiding Bad News In Good News

Ok, so something bad happened when your partner was away. It’s ok, it happens. But how do you break the news to them? Well, this person thought of the creative message on an airport sign.

Bored Panda/Pinterest

The good news is that the dog is excited to see you. The bad news is that they ate the entire couch? Well, at least the flyer can process the info in the car before seeing it for the first time as a surprise!

Who Has Two Thumbs And Made A Sign? This Guy.

There’s always one guy who takes it a little too far with the joke. But if the joke is hilarious, then what’s the problem? Judging by the names, Taylor and Steven, we imagine this dad is waiting to pick up his sons from a summer camp or school trip.

Bored Panda/Pinterest

Can you imagine your dad holding up paper like this as you walk through the gate? It would be so nice to see your dad so excited to see you. You have a good dad, guys!

Welcome With A Dad Joke

If you ask your dad to pick you up from the airport, what do you expect? For this father, he thought the opportunity was too good to pass up! Who wouldn’t dress as Darth Vader just to shout the iconic line to Rebecca?


We think she must have been absolutely mortified at her father’s actions. She’s so embarrassed that her face is blurred from the photo! We’re sure that with age, she learned to appreciate the humor.

A Crazy Couple

These siblings decided to have some fun while picking up their parents from the airport. ‘Looney Lynn’ and ‘Crazy Craig’ have had their faces planted on these sheets of paper, promising a giggle from a mile away!

Bored Panda/Pinterest

Let’s just hope they’re in good spirits and appreciate the humor from these two kids. It’s nice to see how the fun and games haven’t disappeared over time. What do you think their reaction was when they saw their faces? Find out about more funny sibling antics here.

Too Close To Home?

Now, this MUST be an inside joke between two friends. Can you imagine being defined by such character traits? This tall white writer can’t. Just think about how funny it would be to see your friend at the airport with this sign.

Bored Panda/Pinterest

Better yet, imagine her response as she sees you holding it up. The people around must have thought it was pretty provocative of this friend to do such a thing. We reckon there were plenty of laughs to be had by these two.

A New Brother?

This guy is clearly excited to have a new brother join the family. As well as becoming an uncle soon, it appears that this guy has recently welcomed a new brother-in-law into the family. And what’s the best way to greet him? With an embarrassing sign, of course!

Arcadius989 Reddit

We hope these two have a nice relationship – we don’t think it would be so nice to be greeted like this if not! The smile on his face shows he’s clearly ok with something knocking his sister up. Best of luck to these guys!

Always Making You Feel Special

Here’s a cute sign from three siblings waiting for their parents to return from a vacation. As we can see, it’s all smiles here so there’s no reason to think that they’re as sassy as they claim! Still, if we were locked up with our brother or sister we might get sassy, too.

ClaryF / Instagram

It must have been so nice for the parents to see their children with this sign. After all those years of raising a bunch of cheeky toddlers and teenagers, these are lovely young adults!

Rule One Of Friendship: Always Be Embarrassing

The airport is the perfect place to embarrass your best buddy. And what better way to do it than with a large, romantic gesture in the form of a love note? We bet he’s never felt so lucky!

Reemusk / Reddit

We particularly appreciate the homage to Brokeback Mountain at the bottom. As well as the inability to quit each other, it seems they also can’t quit the jokes between each other! Poor Woody has never seen anything so graphic.

Too Many Boyfriends?

This is clearly a dad who is protective over his daughter and her boyfriend. We heard that he doesn’t like to remember their names since Alice brings a new boy home each time she visits. Why waste time with a new sign?

rndm_ctzn / Instagram

Or, it could be a power-play from the dad to the boyfriend to show who is boss. Hopefully, this is just a joke between two loving family members. Although we can’t be too sure! Good luck, Alice!

Who’s The ‘Idiot’ Now?

Everyone acts like an idiot at the airport when meeting loved ones. But this poor girl might actually be an idiot. Did no one tell her the sign she made was upside down? Oh no! Still, we appreciate the glitter decoration.

PotatoMuffinMafia / reddit

We bet this is only a joke between these two close friends. After all, look at that beaming and shocked smile she’s wearing! We reckon there will be plenty of laughs to be had in the future.

Two Messages; One Sign

What do you do if you’re running out of paper but need to make two different signs? You combine them, of course! Here, these guys have told Matt that his sister is pregnant. But which one of these guys is the father?

TheErradicator / reddit

In terms of airport signs, this is one of the most shocking on our list. Why is it ‘your’ sister and not ‘our’ sister? Does Matt know the father? Does he like him? This reads just like a Stephen King novel. Spooky!

Subtlety Is Key…

We all have that friend that likes to keep a low profile when it comes to airport arrivals. It can be so embarrassing to have your friends or loved ones jump on you and make a public scene. So what happens if you want to remain, ahem, Anonymous?

SavBuck / Reddit

Well, this friend clearly told his buddy that he wants to be discreet upon his arrival. Well, who is the most discreet person in the world? Yep, Edward Snowden. We can be sure this garnered a giggle.

So What Was Dad Doing Away?

Who’s parent hasn’t had a midlife crisis at some point? Hopefully, it was nothing worse than a new car or cheesy earring. For these kids, it looks like Dad was in the business of getting a brand new bride – ordered straight off the internet!

CheekyBeck / Instagram

We’re sure this is just a joke designed to make him feel embarrassed. We reckon it probably worked a treat! The other side of the sign said ‘fourth time’s a charm’, which is a nice second joke on top of this.

Do You Think They’re Together?

Look, we can’t even believe this is our second Star Wars-based photo! But we think this one is a great joke to be played on some of the other people in the airport. Can you imagine how strange it must have seemed to see these Stormtroopers waiting for someone? What a great payoff to see Vader himself!


This looks like the start of a bachelor party about to go absolutely ‘wild’. Let’s hope the rest of the night was as crazy as this initial shot.

Quick! Run!

You have to have some serious guts to play a joke like this on your future in laws! In fact, these two are risking so much that they’re not even showing their faces in the photo! Oops! We love how they can be so lighthearted about picking up their in laws.

zaralou6789 / Instagram

This future family clearly has a good relationship with one another since they can be so relaxed and have so much fun together. Here’s hoping everyone can have fun like this one day!

Throwback Thursday Signs

Perhaps no single worded message can cause as much embarrassment as old pictures of ourselves. That’s exactly what this person thought when they made a sign of Danna using all of her embarrassing photos.

via postfun.com

She doesn’t even look that bad – this writer looked much worse! – but it’s a funny thought that counts. It’s definitely an original way to make people in the airport smile as they’re waiting to collect someone. Would you like it if someone did this to you?

Everyone Has A Nickname, Right?

Poor Smelly Fart Fetishists. They probably never thought they’d see their nickname up on a bright green sign like that. We wonder what their real name is? Either way, this is quite a unique greeting which was sure to turn a few heads at the airport.

Daily Mail/Pinterest

We can only imagine how a person obtains such a specific nickname. We can think of a few stories, but would rather leave this one up to the imagination.

We See What You Did There

Either this is a funny pun or this man is waiting for the most unfortunately named person ever. Mr. Hugh Jarse. If you don’t get it, try reading it out loud. Yup, there it is! We bet this a joke on his friend – although we DO hope his name is Hugh.

Daily Mail/Pinterest

Anyone who watched The Simpsons growing up knows that Bart Simpson has created a bunch of these over the years. How many can you remember?

Exploiting Happiness

Of course, we all smile when we’re reunited with our loved ones at the airport. Only an evil genius would exploit that with a hilarious sign to hold up to their friend and shock them silly. Well, this girl is that genius.

Funny Family Life/Pinterest

You’re already excited enough at the airport, but imagine reading this funny sign there too? We can only think of the giggles these two must have shared together. We wonder what the next sign will say in the future?

Coming Back To Family

Moms are the unsung heroes of the family. Here, we can see what happens when they go away for only a few days. While the daughter is relying on a soft message reminder her how much she’s been missed, it’s the husband who has some sobering news!

Cold Hard Truth/Pinterest

Who could have IMAGINED that the house isn’t maintained to its usual standard once the homemaker goes away? Mothers are the heroes who never get the credit they deserve.

Friends Fans, Rejoice!

This boyfriend clearly shares many personal jokes with his girlfriend – many of which probably resolve around the TV show Friends. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Princess Consuela is the name Phoebe chooses when changing her name.

Daily Mail/Pinterest

Can you imagine how many people saw that sign and thought of the iconic show? We can just see him get greeted by so many strangers who repeat some of the famous lines. She’s a lucky guy, indeed.

What Happens When Dad’s In Charge

These two cheeky monkeys must be delighted to see their mother again – and not for the reasons you would think. It turns out, time with dad has been less than pleasant. And lucky mom gets to come back and clean up the mess!


Actually, this was just a harmless joke – the boys DID have laundry done while mom was away. However, they also had too much pizza delivery! Back to normal, boys! Vacation’s over!

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