Are Adam Driver & Keanu Reeves The Same Person?

Adam Driver was born in California, and has a Scottish, English, Irish, German and Dutch heritage. He made waves last year for his brilliant performance as a man going through a painful divorce, opposite Scarlett Johannson, in Netflix’s drama Marriage Story. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for the performance; it was his second Academy Award nomination.

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Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor, born in Beirut, Lebanon, with an interesting heritage. His mother is English, from Essex, and his father is a Hawaiian-born American with Portuguese, Irish, English, Chinese & Native Hawaiin heritage. Keanu has a career that is still going strong. He first got noticed by Hollywood in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, was the handsome detective in Point Break, and finally reached cult status as Neo in The Matrix trilogy.

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Both Adam and Keanu have Irish and English blood and take the lead in their films. They certainly look similar, and they’re almost the same height – Adam is 6 foot 2” and Keanu is 6 foot 1”.

It looks like they both have long careers ahead of them, and it’s nice knowing there’s a Keanu lookalike who is such a brilliant actor!