Think YOUR Neighbors Are Difficult? Think Again!

Having neighbors can be a blessing or a curse. Hopefully, people can rely on neighbors for help in times of need and even leave them a spare key in times of emergencies. What we all fear are those who drive us crazy – all the while being stuck living next door to them.


We’ve collected some of the funniest pictures of really bad neighbors. Some of these are simple nuisances, while others are full-blown attacks on each other. You’re going to be happy you don’t live next to these people…

Home Of Grass

Talk about an eyesore. This poor family needs to look out their window each day and see a neighbor who has not mowed the lawn in a while – to say the least! Not only is this attracting a bunch of wildlife, but it will also raise water usage taxes in the area.


Why do you think this person has decided to grow out their lawn like this? We can’t imagine having to deal with this all day. Would you mind living across the road from someone like this?

Time To Tidy…

We all love Christmas decorations in our home. Sometimes, we can even marvel at impressive fixtures outside, too. But we can all agree that there should be a cut off point. Let’s say, a week after New Year’s?


These neighbors have clearly left their decorations out a little too long. We can even see the green grass turning lush, suggesting this photo was taken as late as March. What can be done about this? We would hate to live here!

Enjoying The View

We can all agree that it’s nice to sit on the porch and enjoy a cold one with the guys. But how many people think it’s ok to sit on the roof of your own house? We imagine the view is probably a little better from up there, but is it worth it?


These poor neighbors need to see (and probably hear) this guy all day long while he enjoys the summer sun. What do you think he does up there all day?

Topsy Turvy

Ok, this is pretty cool. Still, we don’t think we would want to look at it all day. These homeowners have avoided planning permission laws and successfully turned their house upside down. It certainly is turning a few heads. Who do you think their favorite superhero is?


While we think this is pretty impressive, we wouldn’t want to look at it all day long. These poor neighbors probably need to put up with people coming to visit the property all day long, too.

Always Be Polite

We would never encourage people to go straight to the cops. If you have a problem with your neighbors, you should always try to talk to them face to face first. Unlike this guy. He clearly went to the police instead of talking about, we imagine, this spooky number of flamingos on the lawn.


Now, the other house has retaliated with a passive aggressive sign. That surely won’t be good for diplomacy or future relations. Here’s hoping they sort it out.

Making Gardening Fun

Of course, it’s a gift to have a large lawn. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get burdened by errands like having to mow or water them. For this guy, he decided to make the chore a fun activity by attaching it to his scooter.


This probably doesn’t best please the neighbors across the road. Imagine having to see or hear this everyday? We hope they put a shirt on next time! Whatever happened to walking with the mower?

Taking The Party Outside

We get it. When the weather is nice outside we want to relax in the sun. But where do you draw the line? For these neighbors, they took the chairs and drinks outside, as well as basketball hoop, canopy, and AN ENTIRE SOUND SYSTEM.


Let’s hope the party didn’t continue into the evening. We would hate to know that the folks across the street had a young baby who couldn’t sleep because of partying all night.

Toilet Decorations

Talk about tasteless. These folks thought it would be funny to decorate their entire road with toilets that have flowers in them! We don’t think this is a public road, since that would require permission, but still – everyone can see it!


Can you imagine being the ones who had to drive past this thing every day? We wonder where they got the inspiration for this kind of design? Perhaps they wanted to copy some famous modern art

Say Cheese

We knew that the hills were alive, but we didn’t know the houses were alive, too! This unfortunate homeowner has to live across the road from this house that has a pretty terrifying design.


We definitely wouldn’t want to be neighbors with a house that looks like it wants to eat us! This house is probably only good one day a year: Halloween. That night, we imagine the house would be the street’s main attraction! Do you like it?

No Flatscreen? No Problem.

Before most televisions were built as flat screens, many of us had to navigate the space in our living rooms to make them fit! It required a lot of planning and coordination to make sure we could sit and walk comfortably with these things in our homes!


This homeowner had a unique solution to the problem, which resulted in him cutting a hole in his house to make space for the TV! We hope the neighbors weren’t too bothered by the sticking out device across the road!

Doggy Doors

Let’s hope this was a healthy and happy compromise for these two neighbors. Clearly, the doggys in the photo enjoy peering over the fence and saying hi to their buddies across the garden.


Are they looking at another dog from a different house or are they waiting for treats? Either way, you can’t deny the love they obviously have for their neighbors. Very cute! Thankfully, we have this amazing photo to share with our readers. Would you have these set up in your garden?

Technically He’s Right

Talk about passive aggressive notes! Clearly, Bob wanted his neighbor to paint his fence. And while it was probably an innocent request, this neighbor didn’t take too kindly to the ask. It probably wasn’t the only time he asked…


Well, these neighbors sorted out their feud by painting the fence, as requested. And while it wasn’t the kind of paint job that Bob was hoping for, he can’t argue that it’s technically correct. We love the smiley face at the end!

Toilet Plants (Part 2)

Amazingly this is a different house and yet they adopted the design we saw previously. Clearly, this house also sees the appeal in planting flowers in toilets and keeping them on the porch. We have no idea where they got these toilets!


Do you think it’s a plumber’s home or they are collectables? Either way, we can’t help but feel sorry for the neighbors who need to look at this all day every day. Hopefully this is just a one-off yard sale!

New Second Floor

Yeah, we doubt these folks received the necessary planning permission for this! It appears that they wanted to turn their bungalow into a full-blown two-story house. As have to admire their dedication to the project.


Unfortunately, we don’t see this as the nicest thing to live across the road from. We reckon it took a few years and a heck of a lot of noise to make sure this project was complete. Not something we would like to be next to all day!

Male Donkey Box

We can all appreciate a novelty mailbox, as we’ve previously seen, but what design draws the line? We think reaching into the back of a donkey might be a little too much for us. And look at that face: the donkey doesn’t like it either!


Perhaps the mailman is used to this and doesn’t mind inserting the mail into this box each morning. Still, we wouldn’t want to be neighbors with something looking at us like this. What would you do living across from this?

Sleeping Under The Stars?

Somehow, we don’t think this is a charming and nice camp night under the stars. Sadly, these folks live across the road from a man who has passed out drunk in a park. Come on, dude, there are kids around!


Imagine taking your young kids to the park by your home and finding this man sleeping on the bench like this. Despite his uncomfortable position, he even has a smile on his face. Maybe he’s dreaming of better days?


We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here, but if you think this tree will help keep this basketball hoop up in the air, then you might want to get your brain fixed! We imagine these neighbors cause quite a mess if it means they do this.


It would be annoying anyway to have kids playing basketball all day. Can you imagine how loud and dangerous it must be if they have to tie it to a tree? Yeah, you can count us out of this one, thank you very much!

Collect Your Garbage?

What can be better for a small community than a family business that sells broken chainsaws and lawnmowers? Well, if these folks didn’t think they were living in a horror film before, they definitely do, now.


The family business – ‘Husqvarna’, apparently – likes to place all their deadly items on the grass outside. We imagine it’s probably not the best folks to have when trying to sleep at night. Would you like to see these neighbors each day?

One Of Those ‘Fancy’ Trailer Parks

We get it. It’s not great to have one trailer park across the road from your house. So imagine the surprise from these homeowners when they saw an entire trailer park VILLAGE being built across the road from them.


We’re actually pretty impressed with the infrastructure of the whole thing. Although, we can’t help but wonder: how did this get planning permission from the council? We think they adopted the mantra: “Don’t ask permission, seek forgiveness”.

Party Girls Next Door…

If you’ve seen the Seth Rogan comedy film, Neighbors, having a Greek fraternity or sorority next door to you can be catastrophic for your sleep schedule! Now, look at the picture of these folks and ask yourself: are these guys any different? We didn’t think so!


These neighbors are not like the other family-minded people in the community. For them, 2am is early and reason to turn the music UP at night. Boy, we wouldn’t want this.

That’s One Way To Do It…

What do you do when you build your furniture INSIDE your home? Think Ikea flatpack desks or beds. When you decide to move house, you might just realize that they can’t fit through the front door!


It looks as though these folks were faced with this very problem. Still, they seem to have come up with a solution for it – throwing the sofa out the window! Judging by how they treat their property, it’s good that they’re on the way out.

Taking The Leaves Out?

It’s hard to look at this photo and immediately know what is going on. Why are they collecting these fallen leaves? Do they think that they will never fall again? Are they trying to make a large heap to jump into? We might never know.


What we DO know is that these are the kinds of neighbors who will probably do this with a lot more things. Think acorns, snow, clothes, or anything that catches their eye. Keep us out of this, thanks!

Corrupted Garfield

Your neighbors have to be pretty bad if it causes them to corrupt Garfield the cat! Look at him: passed out in the garden surrounded by beers and using the sidewalk as a pillow. What could have happened to him?


Ok, we’ll let you in on a secret: this isn’t actually Garfield. It’s a human dressed up as him. But, it shows what kinds of guys these are if they dress up and party all night leaving a mess. Yeah, you don’t want to live next to these folks.

Glass? Who Needs A Glass?

Speaking of partiers, here’s another example of people taking it a little too far each night when they enjoy time in their sororities. It’s one thing to cause a mess with your bottles, or noise, or possessions, but look – she’s not even sharing!


You can see her friend clearly trying to get in on some of the action and the partying. The blonde girl doesn’t even need a straw – nothing is going to stop this girl from going hard. Sadly, her neighbors might not appreciate it too much.

Squatting Squatters

Due to some loopholes in the law, the building across the road from you might get infested with squatters. These are people who live rent free in the building and aren’t allowed to be removed by the state. This can cause a bunch of problems, as you can imagine.


Well, this one squatter is literally squatting in front of the house showing his neighbors who he is. He knows there’s nothing anyone can do to move him, and so he’s going to stay there as long as possible. What would you do?


Sometimes, neighbors aren’t even separated by a garden and a fence. Often, we see examples of how two families share the same building split down the middle. Well, this photo tells us everything we need to know about both these folks!


Whereas the first family is clearly taking control and pride in their home, it can’t be said for the second one. How would you feel if half your building was being wasted like this? We have to be honest, we wouldn’t like it!

Improvised DIY

It can happen to everyone: mailboxes can break or fall off their poles. But what happens then? Well, if you’re these folks then you decide to improvise and use the next best thing – a microwave?


It’s so stupid it’s almost genius. Still, we wouldn’t want to look out our window each morning and see this microwave looking back at us. We’re just happy it’s not plugged it. That would be a big mistake! Can you imagine accidentally zapping a parcel?

Cat Crossings

We probably all agree that we would want to live in a quiet neighborhood that is safe for children and animals. Well, these citizens took the extra mile and made a crossing for their cats! Are these good samaritans or vigilanties? We’re not sure!


Sadly, we don’t think that these animals will be using the path as much as these folks would want them to. Either way, we think it’s quite cute and not SO bad. What do you think about the crossing?

Get The Message, Greg

How many times can you tell Greg that you don’t like him? Well, these poor neighbors had a bit of a bother when one guy just didn’t get the hint. What do you think he did to get such a large sign made in his honor?


No one likes those folks that come by unsolicited. Maybe it’s to borrow some milk, or maybe it is to ask for some career advice. Either way, These guys want nothing more to do with him. See ya, Greg.

Artistic License

We all like to decorate our homes in ways that make us feel comfortable. Well, if you’re these guys, then you like a certain kind of ‘human’ theme to your design. As we can see by the drainpipe here, they love the look of him as a child.


Do you think this was a coincidence or was it deliberate? Either way, we wouldn’t want to look at this each morning. Just the idea of trash pouring into his head is enough to give us the creeps!

Counting Cows

Pointing out how weird this is really is a moo point. Did we say moo point? We meant a moot point. Either way, can you imagine living next to this and seeing it every morning? We think it would be pretty creepy.


What’s more – there’s no clear sign as to why these neighbors have decorated their lawn like this. Is it a birthday party? It looks like Jonathan is turning 18 – well, happy birthday to the happy cow! Um… we mean human.

Hot Tub Roof Machine

We don’t get it: it was a million-dollar idea – how did it fail? Well, these homeowners clearly thought they had everything figured out when they decided to put a hot tub on a roof during a hot July day.


Of course, if it isn’t done safely by a professional then you’re going to have a problem. These folks saw their passion project blow away like a leaf in the wind. Are you surprised? There’s always next season!

Don’t Come Closer!

These guys really don’t like the idea of anyone on their lawn. So, they did what any normal person would do and built an extra long mailbox in the shape of a giraffe. Makes sense when you think about it…


Still, the mailman probably finds it helpful to pop the letter in the box near the road and not have to walk all the way down to the front door. Do you think the letters slide down the throat? Either way – it’s quite the eyesore!

So… Nearly… Home…

She was so close! We wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning and see one of our neighbors passed out on the floor like this. Let’s hope she at least had a nice night out. Well, from what she can remember of it…


We’re not sure if this is a one-off time or a regular occurrence. What we ARE sure of is how unpleasant it must be to climb over her to get the bus each morning!

The Inception of Pools

What happens when your portable pool gets a crack or leak? It’s a sad day to know that the water will pour on to your grass and ruin your lawn. When it’s time to replace your pool, you might want to make sure you remove the old one first.


These folks just put their new pool inside their old one! While the old pool might act as a privacy barrier, we would be interested to know how many pools they’re willing to go into?

I Spy With My Little Eye…

It might be fake, but we wouldn’t want something like this looking at us each day. Sure, it’s made of wood – but what is this guy trying to tell his neighbor? ‘I’m watching you?’ ‘Don’t step out of line?’ Jeesh.


We’re not sure what we would do if we had to look at this all day. Maybe we would paint over it? After all, most of it is on OUR land. Either way, this is super creepy.

Friendly Neighborhood Gettogether

Don’t mind these guys. It’s just the monthly gettogether for this community’s goth community. Activities include screaming, being depressed, and unbearable ‘moshing’. Is that a machete in his hand? Oh boy, these guys are totally normal…


We have to be honest: we wouldn’t want to live near this goth community. There’s something weird about seeing them out in the middle of the day. Maybe it’s a summer night? Either way, time to move house!

Bears and Kids Welcome

Welcome to this friendly neighborhood – suitable for bears AND children. So inclusive. So progressive. Wow. We’ll be honest, we’re not sure if we want our children raised in a village that values bears the same as them.


We would hate to think of the arguments if these bears ALSO like a seesaw. Those turf wars would NOT be pretty. Let’s hope there are a few barriers in place to stop these two groups meeting too easily!

Not In My Backyard!

When they say that neighbors are supposed to be giving, this isn’t what we thought! After a particularly heavy storm, we can see this man ‘gifting’ neighbor with some of his snow. So generous! So kind!


This isn’t a big deal since snow melts and there’s no long term problem. Still, it’s not a very nice act, to make it more inconvenient for the person across the fence from you. Do you think it was unprovoked or is he exacting revenge?

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