The Best Albums of the Decade, Ranked

40. Kendrick Lamar, DAMN, (2017)

In his fourth studio album, Lamar shifted focus from the political issues affecting the United States (the main focus of To Pimp A Butterfly) to a journey of self-reflection. This hard-hitting album was painted with some of Lamar’s innermost thoughts on fame, success, and even his own spirituality. Boosted by guest performances from Bono and Rihanna, this album takes listeners on a journey through Lamar’s heart and soul.


While Fear depicted some of Lamar’s greatest concerns at the ages of 7, 17, and 27, Feel depicted Lamar as a wounded artist yearning for the approval of his loved ones. This sentimental album received widespread acclaim, with significant praise being directed at Lamar’s use of multiple subgenres and the resulting balance between old school and modern rap.

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