Best Asian Restaurants For Takeout And Deliveries In Tel Aviv 2019

Minna Tomei

Minna Tomei’s kitchen is based on five different cuisines, India, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Thai. They hold a nice combination of salads, Like Papaya salad (Som Tam), Vietnamese Salad, or a refreshing chicken salad.  Popular dishes among the noodles are the Chilli rice with Shrimps or Chicken, a Classic Pad Thai, or the Pad kra pao (beef, onion, garlic with a sunny side up egg).  Except for the location in Tel Aviv, the chain holds also a restaurant in Kastra Haifa, and another in Kyriat Bialik.


Delivery is 10Nis, while delivery time can easily reach 50min. Minimum order for delivery is 70Nis. Open for orders from 12:00pm.

Sushi Bar Bazel

One of the most respected restaurant and establishments in Tel Aviv which was initially founded at 1997. Between 12:00-17:00 a business menu is also available in the delivery menu, which includes either a Sushi deal (Salad or Miso soup + 2 Sushi rolls), Stir Fried deal, or a combination of both.


Prices start at 49Nis for a basic sushi deal. Some popular dishes are the Curry Salmon dish or the Yakisoba Chicken. 

Minimum for delivery is 50Nis and there is no Delivery fee.

Tiger Lilly

Focuses mostly on the Thai Cuisine. Delivery dishes include starters such as, Soups, Wok based stir-fried dishes, Curry and even desserts. There is no business deal, and the Classic Pad Thai starts at 50NIS. The Tom-Yam soup which include sea-food as well as mushroom, cherry tomatoes, shallots, lemon-grass and coconut milk is a delicious yet rather expensive dish at 74NIS. The delicious Pad Kar Pao is served with Oysters Sauce, and the takeaway menu includes a wide variety. Unfortunately, dishes can not be modified or updated.


Minimum delivery is 75NIS, delivery cost is 12NIS, and delivery times start at 55min, making the Tiger Lili a  costly yet an upscale Thai solution for those of you that have the time to wait. Opens at 12:00 pm.


Moon is rather established Asian chain in Tel Aviv area. The menu is focused on Sushi as well as the combination business deals which start at 61NIS and go up to 195NIS for 32 pieces sushi combination.


The non Sushi offering is highly limited and consists mostly of Ramen where the classic version is priced at 62NIS. The downside is that Moon supports only Take Away and doesn’t support delivery yet. Opening hours 12:00PM to 12:30AM. 

Moon holds a 3 restaurants. One in Bugrashov st. , Tel-Aviv. One in Pinsker st. Tel-Aviv, and another one in Herzelia.

Oban Koban

The Oban Koban is an interesting interpretation for Japanese street Kitchen. The common dishes include Curry in variety of formats (Indian, Japanese and Thai), Ramen with the classic Abiso starting at 64NIS, and noodles dishes.


Although the menu is changing quiet often, some of the classics are the Pad Thai (61NIS – 71NIS), the Boloense Odon (62NIS). Delivery minimum is 12NIS and the delivery time is often long around 75Min. The restaurant is open every day starting at 12:00PM.

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