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The World’s Best Food, Finally Ranked



Feeling the afternoon slump in the office? Perhaps you had too many carbs and now you find that your concentration is feigning. Some of the best food in the world exists to help us get through particularly difficult days – because who doesn’t like food?


As George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “there is no love sincerer.” Dig into some of these leading recipes. Our ‘extensive research’ included taste, appearance, accessibility, price, and creativity. Read on, and enjoy!

24. Buttered Popcorn, USA


In a world divided by salty and sweet, the USA is miles ahead in their passion for butter on most if not all of their food. You don’t need to go far to smell its odor in a theater, office, or shopping mall.


23. Masala Dosa, India


This local breakfast dish mixes spicy varieties of potato, lentil, pickle, and coconut-based sauces in a rice batter crepe. The carbs and protein will keep you going well into the day when it’s time to have another one for lunch.

22. ‘Crisps’, UK


Known as potato chips by their American cousins, the English have perfected this snack and provide them in a myriad of flavors for all ages.


21. Seafood Paella, Spain


Imagine the scene: you are sitting on a beach in Spain with this majestic dish next to you. With its mix of seafood and seasoned rice, there’s no better Mediterranean reminder. Shrimp, lobster, and mussels all contribute to the national dish.

20. Chicken Rice, Singapore


This national dish of Singapore appears modest at first: steamed or boiled chicken on top of rice with some cucumber as a vegetable. However, if you throw some chili, soy, or garlic in the mix? You have a taste-bud party in on your plate.


19. Poutine, Canada


Even the Canadian locals agree this is best enjoyed after 2 am with a few beers in your system. The cheese curds and brown gravy are generously put on top of a portion of fries, allowing the oily juices to flow in and soak up the carbs. You’ll sleep like a baby after this treat.

18. Tacos, Mexico


These delightful tortillas filled with meats and sauces are a staple dish from Mexico. Choosing from guacamole, sour cream, black beans, and fresh meat – there’s never not a time of day to enjoy them.


17. Buttered Toast and Marmite, UK

Phil Noble © Reuters

Before Brexit divided a nation, there was a multigenerational debate about the taste of Marmite. The potent ‘love it or hate it’ spread is (mostly) enjoyed by many with some butter to help dilute some of its strong salty taste.

16. Marzipan, Germany

Maneula Zangara

With a lot of knock-off versions floating around, it can be hard to spot the real deal. From Germany, the decorative almond and sugar candy are so good but so heavy, you’ll enjoy every bite of it before feeling sick for hours after. Don’t worry, it will all be worth it.


15. Ketchup, USA

Priya Vantalu – Youtube

The definitive condiment on almost every food table worldwide, this ‘miracle of persuasion’ has earned a place on this list. Even Malcolm Gladwell has called it the perfect food – we tend to agree with him.

14. French Toast, Hong Kong

Alpha/Flickr CC

The Eastern version of this brunch dish is deep-fried with peanut butter or jam – topped off with a healthy dollop of syrup. The sugar rush is strong with this one – you’ll want to run home from the restaurant where you order.


13. Chicken Parm, Australia

Tristan Kenney

You simply cannot go wrong with cheese. Down under, they have perfected the Parm with its peppery tomato sauce that separates the mozzarella cheese and the tender chicken fillet. Yes, it’s an Italian dish – but the Ozzie’s make it so well you won’t even care.

12. Hummus, Israel

This dish is both healthy and delicious, with endless possibilities for additions to make it unique. The chickpea, garlic, and lemon base can be applied as a dip or spread for meat or vegetables. The incredibly versatile nature of the dish has helped its popularity spread around the world.


11. Maple Syrup, Canada


There’s syrup, and then there’s Canadian Maple Syrup. Once you try this unique pancake-topper, you won’t believe you used to eat anything else. Kids love it, too, so throw some on their broccoli and see what happens (we’re kidding, obviously, kind of).

10. Fish ‘n’ Chips, UK

Charles Haynes

When a dish has been a constantly popular choice since the 1860s, you know it’s a stellar recipe. It’s just so perfect – fried fish, chips (fries) with vinegar, and a side of mushy peas. You’ll have a hard time walking into an authentic British pub across the country and not see it on top of the menu. Can you tell this writer is English?


9. Parma Ham, Italy

Italians have some of the best foods out there, not to mention their take on ham. This finely-cut meat can be put on pizza, in a salad, in a sandwich, or basically anywhere that is acceptable. When wrapped around a fresh slice of melon, the fusion of tastes will make you yell, ‘Mamma, Mia!’

8. Goi Cuon, Vietnam

This summer roll is perfect for when you don’t want such a heavy alternative. The snack contains pork, shrimp, rice, and more wrapped in a delicate rice paper. Not too filling, once you get a taste for this you’ll be sure to grab a few more.


7. Butter Garlic Crab, India

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a global dish that incorporates butter which we wouldn’t include on this list, and India’s Butter Garlic Crab is no exception. Chefs literally dunk an entire crab into a gallon of melted butter-garlic sauce. There’s no escaping the wonderful taste of it once you devour the dish – filling you up for hours after.

6. Lasagna, Italy

Don Giovanni’s “GOOD Fellas”

Another Italian addition, this layered dish works on many ‘levels’ – no pun intended. Mixing tomato sauce, pasta, minced meat, and cheese all in one cooked pot makes for a meal enjoyed by every generation. Everyone’s mother adds a special touch – and we know you’ll remain loyal to your childhood recipe.


5. Croissant, France


I mean, you really can’t go wrong with the OG breakfast snack. Enjoyed alongside chocolate, jam, and a strong cup of coffee, the pastry is iconic with breakfast lovers and fans of European cuisines.

4. Hamburger, Germany

It may be popularised in the States, but this German food remains a top contender for everyone’s favorite food. Look at a franchise like McDonald’s: even a place that doesn’t serve nearly the best type of burger gets people spending $20 billion every year for their fix. The repercussions of the dishes popularity have made entire countries adapt their ecosystems to breed more cows. Yum.


3. Sushi, Japan


Perhaps some of the most ‘Instagrammable’ foods in existence, sushi is a favorite among most people who enjoy the aesthetically-pleasing Japanese dish. A simple merger of raw fish and rice, the food is enjoyed by families and couples across the world. Every country adds its own touch to the roll formula, and its fresh nature makes for easy and enjoyable consumption.

2. Chocolate, Mexico


It may have been popularised by countries like Switzerland and Belgium, but the cacao bean was first discovered and eaten in Mexico. It has since reached global acclaim as some of the most romantic and enjoyable snacks around. Name one environment where it’s not acceptable to eat chocolate. You can’t. And that’s why it’s so great.


1. Pizza, Italy


The final dish on the list needs no introduction. Many countries fight over its origin, and for good reason: all want to be credited for inventing the world’s best food. You can put anything on it (pineapple, anyone?) and can be easily shared by friends, families, and couples. Hosting a party? Order a pizza. Having a bad day? Even a good day? Pizza is affordable, easy, and delicious. It’s number one.

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