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Here Is How Much A Big Mac Costs In Each Country



The Big Mac, McDonald’s’ famous burger, has reached unparalleled levels of success around the world. Ever since its debut in 1967, people all over the world have traveled to try it – when was the last time you tried one? In fact, the signature burger is so famous and popular that it inspired The Big Mac Index, an economist’s estimation of each country’s purchasing power.

Credit: McDonalds

This is because of how simply accessible the meal is, offering a cheap and easy way to track the progress of countries’ economies.

Look at this list of some of the countries in the world and how their value changes depending on the economies. We have ranked them for you – read on to find out the cheapest one near you!

Switzerland – $6.54

The world’s most expensive Big Mac can be found in Switzerland, costing $6.54 for the sandwich. Citizens are less likely to eat the fast food due to other local dishes for a similar price, although it’s always nice for those late night meals after a few drinks!


Sweden – $5.83


Another country that may choose not to indulge in the famous patty is Sweden. For $5.83, the price is about 70 cents cheaper than their Swiss counterparts.

United States – $5.51

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The flagship location of the Big Mac, the United States sells them for, on average, $5.51. Each state sells them for different prices – for example, New York might cost a little more than South Carolina. This might contribute to obesity levels across the country.


Norway – $5.22

Another Scandinavian country, Norway, sells its burgers for $5.22. 

Canada – $5.07

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True or false? The Big Mac was first called the Baller.

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United States’ northern cousin serves their Macs at $5.07. Maple syrup is optional.


Denmark – $4.72


At $4.72, it’s unlikely that many Danish people would choose a burger over something else. Although now we’re getting more into the modern-day expected price for the fast food dish, with servings now under $5 – yum!.

Israel – $4.68

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Famously difficult to welcome large American corporations like Starbucks, Israel does indeed have McDonald’s and serves up their Big Macs at $4.68. When you can buy local, healthy dishes for the same price or less, why would you go to a franchise?


Australia – $4.52

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Ozzies can eat their Big Macs for $4.52, but it’s unlikely you’ll see them sacrificing their beach bodies for the burger.

Uruguay – $4.47


$4.47 might be a bit cheaper than the cost of a South American gourmet steak, which could explain why so many of them choose this and not the other.


Brazil – $4.40

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The same nation that offers some of the best meat, as a steak, also offers the best burgers, as a Big Mac! $4.40 is all you need to taste the delightful dish.

Lebanon – $4.30

For only a few cents less than Brazilians, the Lebanese can enjoy their local take on the Big Mac.


Singapore – $4.28

Why eat their delicious local noodles when you can dive into their Big Macs, valued at $4.28? Considered undervalued, it’s something to choose from if traveling there and don’t like the look of the food.

New Zealand – $4.23


Even though it’s a close neighbor to Australia, New Zealand offers their burgers 29 cents cheaper at $4.23.


Great Britain – $4.23

Credit: McDonald’s

The English love a good McDonald’s burger at the end of their night, with the fast food joint proving popular among teenagers and university students. They won’t have to dig too deep into their pockets for a midnight snack, costing the exact same as New Zealand

Colombia – $4.14

Colombian Big Macs come in a bit cheaper at $4.14.


Chile – $4.05


Staying in the South American territory, for $4.05 you can get a Chile Big Mac, but not a chili Big Mac.

United Arab Emirates – $3.81


Seeing a sharp decline into the $3 territory, customers here can buy their McDonald’s burger for $3.81.


Thailand – $3.59

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Next time you’re traveling South East Asia and miss your home comforts, you can buy a Big Mac for $3.59.

Croatia – $3.33

A lucky number for some, Croatians can order the signature dish for $3.33.


China – $3.10

In China, more than a billion people have access to the staple dish that costs only $3.10.

India – $2.51

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If you want to travel to India, you won’t need to save money for food. Aside from all the local dishes and street food, Big Macs are an affordable $2.51. Budget accordingly!


South Africa – $2.32


The African country serves its Big Macs at a modest $2.32 each, appealing to families and adults alike.

Russia – $2.09


For $2.09, Russians can enjoy the double patty – although for that price you’ll probably want to wash it down with a vodka.


Egypt – $1.75

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The county with the world’s cheapest Big Macs is Egypt, for $1.75. Considering the contrast to Israel’s $4.68, Israelis might want to take note and plan a trip next door!