Here Are Some Of The Biggest Dogs In The World

You thought you liked dogs? Did you imagine having one around the house? We hope your house is big enough for some of these animals!

Dogs can be a man’s best friend, but they can also be a huge responsibility that takes up a lot of room.

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Check out some of the biggest dogs we could find – you won’t imagine how some of these people live with such large animals walking around at home. Could you do it? Click ahead to see them…

Huge Hugs!

As we can see, dogs love having hugs regardless of their size. This derpy doggy is quick to jump up and hug her owner – who seems happy to oblige. Her jeans look ripped – let’s hope she didn’t do that while climbing up to get a lick of her face.

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We can see smiles all around in this photo, which shows love is love regardless of size. Would you be able to carry this huge dog?

Waiting For Snacks

Who’s a good boy? When you’re a big dog, it’s not always so easy to get into public stores. Don’t worry, this doggy is used to it and happy to wait outside for his owner!

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Who knows? Maybe the owner will return with a treat! Most dogs panic that their owners don’t return when they leave. Not this puppy! He’s stuck smiling about to enjoy time with his owner once he returns. What a cutie.

Talk About Bear Hug!

Wow! Here we can see just how big some dogs can get. Look at him, he’s basically a bear! With his tongue happily sitting out of his mouth, his owner is aiming to take him out of the house.

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Do you think they do this often? With a dog that size, it wouldn’t surprise us if this owner is trying to retire from carrying such a large dog. Does the pup see himself walking on his own? Hm… not just yet!

A Loving Owner

The look of love is real in this photo! Here, we can see this owner stroke his massive dog as they take a walk in the park. We can only imagine how often a dog this size must be taken out to walk around.

Source: appurse

The amount of energy he/she has pent up inside all day must make him desperate to get out. That’s why this owner takes his pet out all the time. We can’t see any other pets around them – we wonder why?

Acting As Protection

When you’re a dog the size of a horse, others will look to you for protection! This is adorably on display here with these dogs who are caring for each other. Just look at the beaming smile from the huge dog who is enjoying having a smaller dog underneath her.

Source: appurse

Still, it looks like the Boxer underneath is still pretty big anyway! We’re glad the photographer managed to catch this sight with his/her camera. Let’s hope they’re still friends.

A Protector of Babies

Just because you’re a massive dog, it doesn’t mean that you don’t like children! It’s always amazing to see the relationship between dogs and babies, especially when the size difference is so apparent.

Source: appurse

Not only is this dog looking out for her owner’s baby, but the infant seems very happy to be sitting there. There is no fear from either of them as they enjoy each other’s company. What an amazing partnership. The owner is very lucky they get on.

A Trip to the Vet

This vet was probably in for quite a shock when this pup turned up to his office. Here, we can see how the doggy can barely sit on the designated table due to his size.

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Luckily, the vet is doing a fantastic job at keeping him calm as he undergoes a routine checkup. Just look at that face! This dog is seen looking straight into the camera with his tongue hanging out – he must be hungry.

Never Too Big For Hugs

You can never be too big for a hug! This owner seems delighted that his dog is still happy to jump up and greet his human. Just look at that face! The doggy can barely contain his joy as he rests on the shoulders of the guy who raised him.

Source: appurse

We can see that these two are clearly very close as they embrace with hugs. Who’s a good boy? Both of them! Their smiles say it all.

‘Shhh, I’m Trying To Watch Netflix!’

Nothing can stop this dog from catching up with this week’s The Bachelor. Here, we can see her jump onto the couch and join her owner as they sit down to watch TV at the end of a hard day. Can you imagine having such a big dog join you on the sofa every day?

Source: appurse

We think it must be so cozy to get together each evening and cuddle together. Let’s hope this owner doesn’t have a girlfriend – she would surely get jealous!

Going To The Hairdressers

What happens when your dog gets trapped in the humidity? Oh, no! As we can see here, this poor pup can hardly see through his afro of fluffy hair. It doesn’t stop him smiling, though, as he stands next to his owner.

Source: appurse

She doesn’t seem too surprised by his hair, so it must be a common occurrence. We just hope the doggy isn’t in a hot climate – we would hate for him to be uncomfortable in the heat.

‘Give Us A Kiss!’

This female owner absolutely loves her doggy – regardless of how big he becomes! Even in the cold snow, this pet stops for scratches under the chin, probably because he’s been such a good boy! You can look at this photo and see that these two have been inseparable for years.

Source: appurse

Who knows how big he will eventually become – maybe he hasn’t even reached his biggest size? We will have to see how big he becomes over time.

‘Where Did I Put My Keys?’

What do you do when your dog is big enough to climb and find his treats? His owners knew he was up to something when they saw him climbing up to find where they keep his favorite treats.

Source: appurse

Now they need to find a new hiding spot! The best thing about having a dog this size is that your house will always be protected from intruders. The bad news? You might have to change your fridge every now and then.

A Partner In Crime

Again, we can see how dogs and babies get on so well! This fearless young boy is taking this huge doggy for a walk, with no major problems so far. Can’t you just imagine the dog running away and taking this poor toddler with her?

Source: appurse

Thankfully, these two seem to share a mutual respect that will continue for years to come. These two look more than happy to walk each other, leaving the parents to sit back and relax!

This Dog Sits Where She Wants!

Nothing will stop this dog from sitting where she wants – even if she’s fully grown! It looks like everyone is having fun at this moment that the pet decided to take a seat. Clearly, she has been doing it for years and doesn’t realize how big she is.

Source: appurse

How big do we think she will become? We know she knows she’s big enough – look at that cheeky grin! It looks like the three of them are at the vet and she’s scared before getting a shot, which is very cute.

Cuddle Buddies

This dog looks big enough to be a very large spoon in the cuddle game! Imagine waking up every day to this beautiful dog that chooses to have morning cuddles? We imagine this started when he was just a puppy, but old habits die hard!

Source: appurse

For years, these two have enjoyed their morning routine – let’s hope the wife or girlfriend doesn’t get jealous! Would you like to hug a dog like this in your bed in the mornings?

‘Do You Even Lift?’

Clearly, this dog got a little bit too used to getting carried from place to place. Over the years, he became a little too big but it didn’t stop his owner from trying to carry him!

Source: appurse

Both of them clearly are happy to continue the trend. It must be so amusing to see the dog use his puppy eyes to convince his owner to lift up this huge animal. As long as he’s not going too far and doesn’t hurt his back then it’s all ok!

‘Aren’t You Too Young To Drink?’

This father looks very unimpressed as his dog tries to take some beer! He might be 21 in dog years, but in human years he has a bit more to go! Just look at the way his tongue is hanging out his mouth, desperate for a sip of his owner’s drink. Can you blame him?

Source: appurse

After a long day of walks in the park, cuddles, and napping, this dog deserves a break! He fits right in among this family, and it’s great to see.

Freddy The Great Dane

Freddy has been named by Guinness World Records as the world’s biggest dog. Just how big do you think? Well, how’s a massive 7ft 6in? He comes in at a massive 203 pounds in weight – making him heavier than most people. His owner, Claire, spends £12,500 every year just to look after him.

Matt Writtle / Barcroft Media

According to an interview with the Daily Mail, Freddy’s favorite food is chicken and peanut butter. To date, he’s already munched through 23 sofas, making him quite the burden to look after. Still, can you see the look of love she gives him? She doesn’t mind a bit!

Time To Do The Dishes!

Everyone in the household needs to be responsible and take it in turns to clean up. At least, that’s what this owner was telling her puppy as she was growing up! It appears to have paid off.

Source: appurse

Just look at how this beautiful doggy cleans up after herself at the end of a meal. It’s a good thing she’s big enough to reach the top the kitchen counter – she will be cutting the veggies next! We love that the dog here clearly wants to help.

There’s A Big… Boy

Wow! If ever we were impressed by the size of a dog, it’s now. It looks as though these two are partners in some kind of dog show. And boy, is he excited to participate!

Source: appurse

What’s amazing is how completely at ease his owner is about him pouncing her like this. Deep down, she knows she’s not in danger and so she has nothing to be scared of.

‘What You Lookin’ At?’

How do you know a dog loves its owner? When it gets THIS CLOSE into his face! Here, these two are clearly best buddies since there’s no invasion of personal space between the two.

Source: appurse

Judging by the huge size of the dog, we can expect him to be at least fully grown. That means that these two must have been friends for at least a few years. What do you think about the two of them? We think it’s adorable.

‘I Knee-d A Snack!’

This huge pup better not get too hungry, or he might end up eating his owner’s leg! You can tell that these two are clearly very close and the trust has been built up over time. Just look how relaxed he is!

Source: appurse

We would love to know how it feels having such a big dog on your lap like that. Imagine needing to get up and having to negotiate with this buddy!

Just Going For A Walk

Obviously, we all know that horses are normally much bigger than dogs. But this isn’t a normal article! When we show all the big dogs, it’s pretty funny to see it next to a mini horse, too. See: Exhibit A.

Source: appurse

Here, this dog clearly enjoys taking this horse for a walk – leaving the owner to stay home and rest! We love how the dog here is acting like she is in charge. Let’s be honest: she knows what she’s doing!


This guy’s face says it all: he’s gonna be there for a long time! Once a dog gets comfortable, there’s almost no moving her. As we can see here, she’s calling for all other humans to know that she’s getting what she wants.

Source: appurse

Still, we can obviously see the relationship that these two have together. It must be nice to sit and cuddle together, despite the apparent no end in sight! Let’s hope he has a busy Netflix list…

Room For One More?

One of the greatest phenomenons is when a baby joins a family with a dog, and how quickly they bond. Here, we can see just a smile coming from the doggy who now has a younger brother!

Source: appurse

Of course, they have been probably been bonding for a few years, considering it isn’t an infant. Still, we think this is a pretty cool family photo of the three boys together.

The Next Best Sitcom

We will be honest. We would pay good money to see a sitcom starring this huge doggy and this tiny kitty. What we love most about this awesome duo is how comfortable they appear next to each other.

Source: appurse

It’s as if the kitty is exploring this giant animal trying to work out how to make it smile, and the dog is being a patient parent making sure the cat is ok. We absolutely adore it and would definitely renew this show for another season.

An Entire Bed Of Cute

OMG. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any cuter! Here is a little kitty living her absolute best life on a large doggy that is enjoying his new tummy scratcher. It’s a match made in heaven.

Source: appurse

We can imagine these two being friends for years to come, and why not? One gets a soft and squishy playground, while the other gets a masseuse for life. Not a bad deal, if you ask us!

1000 Kisses

We bet that this girl is just coming back from college, which is why her dog is practically attacking her! Any dog owner can tell you how amazing it is when your dog greets you for the first time in months. It’s a really special moment.

Source: appurse

We think that this dog was a member of the family way before he grew to such a big size. He’s probably been licking her face ever since he was a small puppy! She can look forward to many more hugs in the future.

This Huge Dog

Here, we can see this poor trainer try to train her horse. Did we say horse? We meant dog! Amazingly, this is a real dog that has grown way bigger than its owners imagined. Of course, once we fall in love with our pets, we can’t just send them out the house on their own.

Source: appurse

This owner is trying to get her over-sized pet to sit – although its head might still hit the ceiling! We can’t imagine how big it is standing up!

TV Partners

Can you imagine these two solving crimes together? Turner and Hooch, K-9, and now these two! We think it would be wonderful! And they’re even wearing matching colors – it’s too perfect.

Source: appurse

We don’t think these two are actually solving crimes, but maybe one: who hid the TV remote!? Together, these two can sit back and relax as they watch hours of fun together.

Time For A Cleanin’

It’s expected that such a big dog would attract large amounts of dust or dirt. As we can see here, this owner takes her hoover and literally hoovers her dog when he needs cleaning.

Source: appurse

He doesn’t seem to mind too much: he is calmly sitting and waiting to be free again! Can you imagine how much dirt this dog must bring in every time he goes outside? We’re not surprised the owner has wooden floors inserted.

TV Buddies

Again, we see how doggies love the sofa regardless of how big they become with age. What do you think these two friends are watching on the TV? We’re sure that the owner’s owner (his wife) couldn’t resist snapping this picture to show them halfway through an episode of Breaking Bad.

Source: appurse

We can just imagine how the dog picked his spot when he was just a puppy and has refused to move ever since! Good luck getting that space back.

Kitten Cuddler

For big dogs, it can be hard to make friends with other canines. Many feel intimidated or scared by big dogs and the threats they can perceivably pose.

Rita Kochmarjova/Shutterstock

These kittens don’t think it’s such a problem! We love that they find this Saint Bernard so comforting and a place for safety. With his paws around them, it looks like he’s enjoying their company, too!

As Big As A Horse!

We’ve seen other images on this list that compare horses and dogs, but this one is just another shining example! This English Mastiff is an enormous dog that can reach up to 30 inches in height and 250 pounds in weight!

Kachalkina Veronika/Shutterstock

These record-breaking dogs are usually considered to be the heaviest dog breed, so don’t rush to pick one up any time soon. This horse has some serious competition.

Hug A Rug

Ok, so we’re not even sure if this is a dog! It looks like a floor rug has come alive and is trying to hug its owner! Despite its size, we can see this doggy has a heart of gold – like look at the lady’s smile!

Earth Porn

Next time these two go on a walk together, we’re sure they will turn some heads. Can you imagine walking a dog this size?

If I Fits, I Sits!

Something here doesn’t quite add up – can you guess what it is? We can’t help but think how this happened. Do you think the small pup stole the big bed for himself? We love that the mother is letting the puppy have it for herself.

Viktorija G.

Of course, any dog owner knows that they can become attached to their bed. So, maybe the large dog just loves the same bed for her whole life? Either way, this is super generous.

Um… Little Help?

Another example of a dog not realizing how big he is! This owner might need to invest in a new cage for his canine – he’s no longer a puppy!

He still loves crawling in and finding comfort in the cage that he has probably known his whole life. This is very cute if you ask us!

Is This How You Humans Do It?

If there’s one thing we love, it’s animals that pretend to be human. We can see that on full display as this doggie climbs onto a bench and attempts to take a seat. Just look at him!

He might need to learn a thing or two about how to sit on a bench. While he scores 10/10 for effort, his technique could do with some improvement!

Resting Your Butt And Your Snout!

This doggy has got it all figured out! As he gets home from a long walk, he touches down on the couch and rests his tooshie. He deserves a break!

But what he does next is simply inspired! He lowers his head all the way to the coffee table and rests his entire head on it. This might not be good for his back, but we think he should be able to stretch his back every now and then.

Sometimes It’s Just Nice To Be Held

This Malamute isn’t as small as he used to be, but that doesn’t stop him from jumping into his owner’s arms! Now at a massive 80 pounds, it’s a good thing the man in the photo has also grown!


We can just imagine that there is a mouse, or something innocent, on the floor that has scared the doggy into the sky. We hope the human exercises enough so he doesn’t pull a muscle.

Taking A Rest

Do we think this pup is a Lap Dog? She sure thinks so! We love how the poor girl was probably just sitting and minding her own business before her pet jumped up to take a seat!


We don’t think this is as comfortable as they hope – but there’s a comfort in just being close to each other which we think is wonderful.

Nap Time!

This Irish Wolfhound is the perfect buddy to curl up and get into bed with at the end of a long day. The only problem? It looks like they have trouble fitting together!


The good thing is that she doesn’t seem to mind. We love the way they are looking into each other’s eyes. It is real, true love! We wonder how many years they have been doing this – must be a long time.

A Running Mop

Is this a dog?” We’re not entirely too sure! Just look at the size of this beast which is taking its owner for a walk. We would hate to see how much rain and mud it must bring into the house.


This breed of dog is actually called a Komondor and is a traditional Hungarian guard dog. Would you mess with someone who had this guy by his side?

Too Big To Lay

Some dogs become too big to fall into ‘their’ spot in the living room, but don’t think for a second that that will stop this one from taking her rightful place on the couch.

Forcing herself to sit upright, this dog has no idea just how big she is and how much of an adult she looks. Can’t you just imagine getting home late and seeing you mom sitting like this?

Piggybacking To The Store

Let us guess. He just happened to injure his foot so he can’t walk to the store. It’s a good thing this owner is being so accommodating for this big guy! He’s practically bending over about to fall.


Regardless, these two clearly get on well and find themselves friendly to one another. Size doesn’t matter for these two!

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

What do you get when your small pup turns into a big spoon? We can see it here! No matter, there’s no changing the order for these two. They love things just the way they are.


You can see they’ve just been playing outside together and so a cuddle is definitely warranted! We wonder how they will spend the night together with Netflix.

Great Perks of a Great Dane

There’s no need to get yourself an electric blanket when you have a Dane like this one! Although, judging by the look of the human, it may not be such a welcomed treat!


We can imagine how cute it was when this guy was a puppy, but now it doesn’t look ideal each morning. But look at that face – how can you say no? We think it’s a wonderful way to wake up each day.

What A Good Boy!

Is it a bear or mammoth? Nope, just your normal giant dog! We can’t believe the size of this one. It looks like he’s off to a health checkup and look at his huge smile! He looks ok to us.

It doesn’t look like the nurse here is too afraid of this doggy, which is great to see. They must have grown up together which is what is helping their relationship.

Who Needs A Lap Dog When You Have A Shoulder Dog?

This Greyhound has no problem sitting comfortably on her owner’s lap at the end of a long day. Regardless of her size, she’s making it known exactly where she wants to be!


We think it’s very cute to see how cozy they can be together. How long do you think they stay like this for each night?

Ridin’ Solo

This dog finds it so hard to fit in the car that her owners have to open the roof! Now when they venture into the center of town, the doggie can see all around as she peeks out the roof.

Of course, we all know how much dogs like to be outside when a car is driving, so maybe it isn’t a necessity. Either way, we think this is very cute.

The Mixing Generations

There’s so much to love about this photo. Not only do the old man and young boy act as a window into past and future, but so too do the dogs. The dog and human counterparts are even striking the same poses!

We love to imagine all the adventures the old pair had with each other, and fantasize about the future ones coming up for the younger pair. The circle of life continues!

Roadtrip Ready!

There’s one thing stopping this doggy from taking the driver’s seat – opposable thumbs! We love how he’s ready to get going and is patiently waiting to hit the road!

He’s clearly been sitting in the same seat since he was a puppy. Why would such a big dog still want to sit in the back like this? Either way, it’s cute.

Teach Them Young

Here, we can see just how well young children get on with dogs, and vice versa! It must be great to grow up in the countryside, causing days like this.


Look how happy these guys are to be around each other in a summer afternoon. Imagine all the walks they’ll share in the future. Although, it’s hard to tell here who is walking who!

Friends Forever

Who says size matters? For these two, the differing size means nothing. You can see how when it comes to feeding time, there is no prejudice between these two.

Guinness World Records

It’s always nice to see animals of different sizes get on – especially when they are a cat and a dog! There’s no animosity between these two. We can’t believe how big he is! His name is Zeus and he is officially the world’s tallest dog.

Horse or Dog?

One of our favorite games on this list is working out if an animal is a horse or a dog. With these two, they might as well swap places! This Saint Bernard seems to be much bigger than average, and this is a very mini horse.

The result is a weird trade in expectation. We can’t believe these two are friends. Do you think they get on as well as the photo suggests? Judging by his cheeky smile, we think so!

Young Love

Here we see a young girl fall utterly in love with her family’s dog. And we always love to see when love is returned in the way we can see here. They are so comfortable around each other!


It’s amazing to think about how many more hugs these two will share with each other in the future. Hopefully, he won’t miss her too much when she starts school.

Still A Fan Of Kiddy Seats

We’re not sure what exactly is going on here. Was this always his seat or does he miss the smell of the young child who isn’t in the car? Either way, we think it’s very sweet that this buddy likes to sit here.

We think that the parents and drivers probably just keep the chair in the car to keep the pup happy. And we can tell it works – look at that huge smile! What a good boy.

Home Is Where The Bed Is

This good boy is called Fraggle. He loves his bed, even though it’s way too small for him. And for that, we love him! We all know how attached animals can get to things, and this is a prime example.

Amarand Agasi

Let’s hope Fraggle gets a new bed soon – we wouldn’t want him getting uncomfortable! Either way, he looks happy so we’re not complaining.

Guardians of the Porch

These two humans can sit back and relax knowing that they have Douglas looking after them! He and his canine friend have become the unofficial kings of the home with their large stature.

Would you mess with these two? We think that robbers would think twice about trying to break into this place. But here’s a secret: Douglas has an absolute heart of gold. Don’t tell the baddies!

Runt of the Litter

This is Rudy. As well as being an absolute beauty, Rudy was also absolutely massive! Amazingly, he’s only 16 months old here. He definitely has no idea how big he is. / Faith Elemenohpee

He won’t be getting that much bigger as he gets older, but his poor owner now has a massive puppy to look after. Let’s hope they can keep up with all the energy.

Sleepy Boys

Before you think that this guy isn’t that big, keep in mind that the human here is 6’6! It just goes to show that perception is everything. Here they both are after a long day at work, cuddling in each other’s arms. / Samantha Muscarella Brown

This is exactly the kind of friendship that people yearn for when they get a dog as a small puppy. Just imagine all the fun they had together across their lives.

Another Parent

Can you believe how comfortable these two are next to each other? We are always amazed at how babies and big dogs can cuddle together with no threat felt between each other.

TheStephanierich – BoredPanda

We can’t wait to see how this little girl will grow up and bond with her big, beautiful dog. They will probably be watching TV together for years to come.

Can’t Sleep

This poor pup looks as though he’s just had a scary nightmare! It’s amazing to see how he can still run up into his owner’s arms to feel better after a bad dream.

Lski23 – boredpanda

This woman also seems happy to help. We just know that these two are pretty accustomed to taking care of each other in troubling times. It is very cute and we hope they both get a good night’s sleep soon!

They See Me Rollin’, Hatin’

This dog doesn’t care what you think. With an attitude like this, he’s just happy to stay to himself and ride the day away. Can you blame him? That dog is legitimately cooler than most humans.

We’d love to catch a look at this guy’s owner to see how similar they look. You can just imagine that they look almost identical. Where do you think they’re driving to?

Summer Lovin’

Is there anything better than enjoying your summer with a lovely book and cigar? For this human, it’s the perfect set up. He also just happens to be in the company of his dog.

Reddit: wtwerner

He weighs 150 pounds, and yet still thinks he’s small enough to be a lap dog. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind the smell of cigars. The look on his face tells us he will do just fine!

Winter Nights

For comparison on how big this dog actually is, the man in the photo is 6″3. That means this pup is absolutely huge – but look at that face! Who could resist having this guy on his lap all afternoon?

Reddit: wtwerner

This massive doggy never stops acting like a puppy, even though he’s on his way to middle age. Special shout out to the Batman pajamas, too! Great taste all around in this photo.

“Oi, That’s My Chair!”

Uh-oh! This Irish Wolfhound puppy is NOT happy that this human has taken his seat in his cage. Would you look at that face? He is so upset to see that his chair has been taken. It’s a good thing he loves her!

Imgur: aap71

Here, we can see how the photo was taken just when all three of these family members were bonding on the chair together. Let’s hope he eventually got his rightful seat back!

Addicted To Netflix

What do you do when your pet is addicted to Netflix? We guess you don’t have much of a choice than to stay curled up on the sofa and finish your season together! This lady isn’t going anywhere any time soon…


These two have probably watched countless hours of TV together when they cuddle each day after a long day at work. It’s a tremendous sign on good friendship!

At A Crossroads

We’ve all faced a crossroads in life – and this doggie is no exception! We can just imagine how, as a small puppy, he didn’t know what door to take so he ended up napping in the middle of the corridor.

avboden – imgur

A few years have gone by, and nothing has changed! Now, he still spends his time sleeping in the middle of a hallway – even though he’s much bigger than he used to be. As long as he’s a happy puppy…

“This Is My Reading Chair”

We all have our favorite reading spot – just ask this cheeky pup. The sassiness of her determination to stay in the chair shines bright as she gets comfortable. When she’s around, that chair belongs to no one else!

Flickr – Lindy Pfaff

Of course, you know she’s been sitting in the chair for years now. Who knows how many hours she’s spent resting in her favorite spot. The only problem? Now she’s a little too big!

VERY Excited For A Drive

This dog really likes his roadtrips. Like, REALLY likes them. Of course, that’s his tail between his legs – but we almost fooled you! here he is with his teenager owner as they prepare for a drive somewhere.

You can tell that this doggy used to sit on this boy’s lap when he was growing up – well, not anymore! They’ll have to find a new way for him to get comfortable. We don’t think this is very convenient now!

Never Too Big For A Hug

We all know you’re never too big to have a cuddle – that goes for the dog and her owner! We can clearly see how close these two are after all the years of being together.

We can’t get over just how big she is! (The dog, not the girl). It must be amazing to have such a close bond with such a large animal, especially one as friendly as a dog.

Growing Old Together…

When you look at these two, you can imagine the whole life they shared together. As both human and dog approach their golden years, we can’t help but admire their close bond with one another.

And the fact that the dog is copying her owner is just adorable. Clearly, she’s seen years of practice and can successfully sit like a human on the chair. Very, very cute indeed. What a wonderful way to spend your golden years.

Just A Man And His Dog

The look of love these two share transcends all other romance – clearly! This big puppy is absolutely massive, considering his owner stands taller than six foot tall.

Like we’ve seen with so many other photos, you can’t beat the relationship that can form between animals and humans. It almost looks like a prom photo! We love how they have their arms around each other and they’re both ready to strike such a pose.

A Reading Buddy

The best thing about a dog is the constant companionship they provide. Just look at this owner – she has this huge dog to provide a hand when she’s feeling lonely. And the pet?

Source: appurse

Well, he always has a shoulder – literally – to rest on. Here they both are enjoying some quality time in a park as the owner enjoys catching up with the news. It’s nice to see how the dog seems to be there for the owner through thick or thin.

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