Who Is Billie Eilish? Facts About Today’s Biggest Pop Sensation

When it comes to recognizing achievements in the music industry, no award proves to be more coveted than the Grammy. Naturally, this has led to every annual Grammy Award show turning into a hotly contested spectacle. This year was different, however, with Billie Eilish making her first strides onto the music scene.


While she may be a novice, this didn’t stop this edgy, nonconforming artist from sweeping up a colossal five wins at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards! Due to her songwriting ability and sincere yet catchy lyrics, Eilish’s debut album was met with unparalleled acclaim, while her public image has reached new heights due to her unique fashion sense consisting of baggy, ill-fitting clothes, and an intimidating attitude. Let’s take a look at some of the more obscure facts about this pop sensation that you may not have known. Find out what shaped Billie’s special voice….next!

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