Who Is Billie Eilish? Facts About Today’s Biggest Pop Sensation

When it comes to recognizing achievements in the music industry, no award proves to be more coveted than the Grammy. Naturally, this has led to every annual Grammy Award show turning into a hotly contested spectacle. This year was different, however, with Billie Eilish making her first strides onto the music scene.


While she may be a novice, this didn’t stop this edgy, nonconforming artist from sweeping up a colossal five wins at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards! Due to her songwriting ability and sincere yet catchy lyrics, Eilish’s debut album was met with unparalleled acclaim, while her public image has reached new heights due to her unique fashion sense consisting of baggy, ill-fitting clothes, and an intimidating attitude. Let’s take a look at some of the more obscure facts about this pop sensation that you may not have known. Find out what shaped Billie’s special voice….next!

An Innocent Start To Music

One of Billie Eilish’s major selling points (apart from her music, of course) is her dark and grungy persona. Not only does she come across as intimidating and edgy during her performances, but her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, was centered around night terrors. Ironically, her musical background was not frightful or rebellious by a long shot.


Eilish started singing at the tender age of eight, when she became a member of the Los Angeles Children’s Choir. In one interview, she stated that the choir helped her to properly develop her voice as well as learn what practices to avoid so that it would not get damaged. She also stated that she naturally enjoyed singing on a continual basis, with family members even having to shush her when her singing got excessive. The reason she made history…up next!

Age Is Just A Number

Considering she is just 18 years old, a lot of the praise that is directed at Billie Eilish is focused on how remarkable her musical abilities are for her age. Not only is she a talented singer, but she also writes a large portion of her songs.


This young artists’ talents have been well-received, with Eilish becoming the first artist born in the 21st century to have a number one hit on the Billboard US chart. In addition, she is the youngest woman ever to have a number one hit on the UK singles’ chart. What’s even more impressive is the fact that each of the 14 tracks on her debut studio album entered the Billboard Top 100- the most at one time for any female artist in history! Her love for this family member caused her to reach number 1!…Next!

Music Runs In The Family

While Billie might be the most famous member of her family, her musicality did not just crop up out of nowhere. Her mom, Maggie Baird, is an actress, screenwriter, and singer songwriter who has racked up more than 50 acting credits. Her brother, Finneas, is a musician and songwriter as well as a record producer. It is actually Finneas who produced Billie Eilish’s debut album in his studio which he runs out of his bedroom in Los Angeles.


These siblings share a particularly close bond, with Finneas having collaborated with Billie to co-write most of the songs on his sister’s debut album. This is in addition to Finneas performing alongside Billie during her on-stage performances.  He also featured in the music video for Billie’s single, “Everything I Wanted”. Find out why Billie called Steve Carell for permission…up next!

Why Billie Needed Steve Carell’s Permission For Her Hit Song

As one of the most in-demand artists at present, Billie’s schedule is packed to the brim with concerts around the globe. Despite constantly travelling on the road, she still found the time to binge watch her favorite TV series, The Office, for an unbelievable 13th time!


If this seems like dedication, Billie decided to take her obsession one step further. While on The Ellen DeGeneners Show Steve Carell (one of the stars of The Office) spoke of how Billie called to get permission to use some samples of dialogue from one of The Office’s episodes in her song, “My Strange Addiction”.  He also mentioned that allowing Billie to do so won him his kids’ approval- after all, his daughter is a hardcore Billie Eilish fan! Her biggest crush comes as no surprise!…Next!

Billie’s Diverse Influences

From classic icons such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to edgy pop phenomena such as Madonna and Britney Spears, plenty of successful music artists are known to have drawn their inspiration from some groundbreaking performers who came before them. While Billie is no different, she does happen to have a set of influences that seems to be more diverse than most.


Throughout her childhood, Billie Eilish listened to the likes of the Beatles, Green Day, and Avril Lavigne. With hip hop also being a major influence on her style, Tyler, the Creator and Childish Gambino were also some of her favorite performers. One of her all-time favorite artists is Justin Bieber, whom she confessed to developing a long-lasting crush on when she was 12 years old. Find out why her sense of style stays the way it is!…Up next!

A No Care Attitude

As any hardcore fan would know, Billie Eilish has an incredibly unique dress sense. Every time she makes a public appearance, she seems to know exactly how to create an outrageous new outfit that grabs the attention of everyone else in the room. Of course, this attire is not made up of the typical clothes you expect to see on the catwalk, but rather street wear such as track suits and sneakers.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

In addition, to her clothing is typically baggy if not a little ill fitting. When questioned on her appearance, Billie explained that she avoids wearing tight and revealing clothes so that people can’t judge her based on her physical figure. This way, people continue voicing their opinions about her music, as opposed to her body or material possessions. Billie’s strong political views affected many…up next!

Involvement In Current Affairs

From events such as the 2016 Presidential Election to issues such as Climate Change, plenty of celebrities have decided to use their fame and popularity to their advantage when voicing their opinions on political issues. Such actions have mobilized members of the public to get involved to a greater extent than ever before. Like many other music artists, Billie Eilish has also publicly broadcast her beliefs.


In 2018, Billie made an appearance at the campaign of the Mayor of Los Angeles in an effort to encourage young people to register to vote. She explained how young people, as future leaders, have the power to make a difference when determining who will lead America into the future. She has also been highly vocal about changes in U.S. abortion laws. Billy’s genre of music can’t be defined…up next!

Confusing Critics

While some artists happen to cover a range of sub-genres, fans and critics are normally able to determine which genres music artists are associated with at large. Even in something as simple as being categorized into a music genre, Billie Eilish continues to push the boundaries of the music industry.


Because of her wide musical influences and incorporation of highly differing genres into her work, critics never seem to be able to agree on how best to describe Eilish when analyzing her performances.  One can hardly blame them, however, as this edgy pop star has used dance-pop, synth-pop, EDM, jazz, R&B, and Avant pop among other genres in her work. Of course, her style has also continued to evolve during her brief yet explosive career. This is where Billie drew inspiration for her debut album…up next!

Billie’s Frightful Delights

Whether talking about her album artwork, song lyrics, or on stage-antics, it’s safe to say that Billie Eilish likes to get a little creepy from time to time. After all, she did once explain how her album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” is based on lucid dreaming and night terrors.


Her album’s gloomy cover- along with the chilling lyrics in several of her songs- can definitely be attributed to her love for horror movies while growing up. With fans continuously sending her questions about her unique album cover art, Eilish shared an eerie sketch via an Instagram story. As it turned out, this sketch was inspired by the 2004 Australian cult horror film The Babadook, from which Eilish drew much influence while recording her debut album. Find out why Saturday Night Live loves Billie…up next!

Broad Exposure

In addition to her sold out concerts, Billie Eilish has also delighted fans with live performances on an array of talk shows and other live broadcasts, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Saturday Night Live. Just some of her hit songs that have been featured on live television include “Bad Guy”, for which Eilish was awarded the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Record of the Year.


Eilish’s songs have not just featured on live TV, but also in other popular tv series. Her song “bored” was featured on the soundtrack for the first season of 13 Reasons Why, while “lovely”- on which she collaborated with DJ Khalid- featured on the season two soundtrack of this hit drama. In fact, alternative rock band Bastille covered “Bad Guy” in 2019. This motor disorder almost stopped Billie’s career in its tracks…up next!

Overcoming Obstacles

The road to the top is never easy. As can be read in countless biographies detailing the lives of famous and successful people, becoming the best in your field takes guts, determination, and plenty of time and effort. When it comes to Billie Eilish, her story is no different.


While she may be just a mere 18 years of age, this does not mean that Billie did not have to overcome her fair share of struggles to get to where she is today. Billie has long dealt with the difficulties of Tourette’s Syndrome- a condition whereby the sufferer makes involuntary physical movements and vocalizations. Billie has credited her fans as being a major source of inspiration in overcoming her struggle; especially since many of them are also dealing with Tourette’s. Your senses will explode with Spotify’s Billie Eilish Experience…up next!

A Personal Touch

Billie Eilish is the type of artist who strives to reach out to her fans and give them some insight into her innermost thoughts and feelings. Just one of the ways in which she has communicated with fans on a deeper level is by opening up about her struggles with synesthesia- whereby something that is processed by one sense, such as hearing, gets other things such as smells, colors, and shapes associated with it in the person’s mind.


In order for fans to experience the colors, scents, and shapes that Billie Eilish associates with each of her songs, she partnered with Spotify to launch the Billie Eilish Experience- an interactive exhibit whereby the 14 tracks that are featured in her debut album were translated into room-by-room sensory experience. Florence and the Machine will never forget Billie for this reason…up next!

Not Always The Headliner

Before becoming household names, plenty of iconic music artists got their start either by playing in front of a small crowd or by being the opening act for more famous bands at the time. Some of the best-known examples of this, are legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who toured with the Monkeys, as well as Stevie Wonder who opened for the Rolling Stones. Billie Eilish’s start to music was no different.


In 2018, Billie Eilish was selected to perform as the opening act for indie rock band Florence and the Machine. While expected to continue this gig in 2019, Eilish had to withdraw from Florence and the Machine’s Australian tour due to scheduling conflicts- no doubt that this was due to Eilish’s rising fame. Find out the real reasons Billie chose to go vegan!

A Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism has become a rising trend in today’s society, with concerns over animal cruelty and the environment leading to more and more people adopting a vegan lifestyle. As for Billie Eilish, she decided to opt for a plant-based diet in 2014, citing “animal welfare” as a main reason for this choice.


Eilish took to Instagram with footage from a large-scale undercover dairy investigation on dairy farming. She did so as a means of advocating for the better treatment of animals. Animal cruelty is not the only reason for Eilish becoming vegan however- she also believes it forms part of a healthier lifestyle. In addition, she is a big-time advocate for doing everything possible to save the planet in the face of climate change. Find out the reason Billie made James Bond history…up next!

No Time To Die

With its first installment, Dr No, being released in cinemas in 1962, the 007 film franchise is one of the most wildly popular and long-lived movie series in entertainment history. So much so, that this year will mark the release of the 25th film in the James Bond franchise. While each Bond film features an iconic them song that is performed by a popular artist of that time, this Bond film will be no different.


After all, the theme song for No Time To Die is performed by none other than Billie Eilish herself. The song, which was released in February, was co-written by Billie and her brother Finneas; the latter of whom produced the track. Consequently, Billie has become the youngest singer in history to perform a 007 film theme song. Billie really is the most different teen on the planet for this amazing reason…up next!

Saying No To Peer Pressure

When it comes to smoking, drinking, or any other rebellious activity, peer pressure often leads to people performing dangerous activities that they may not want to even be involved in. This is not just an issue that affects high school pupils, but adults as well (including famous musicians). Excessive drinking and illegal drug use saw beloved singers such as Elvis Presley and Amy Winehouse pass away well before their time.


Billie Eilish is strongly opposed to becoming another victim of peer pressure, as she stated on Twitter that “I have never done drugs, I’ve never smoked anything in my life”. She further explained that just because people are doing things that may seem appealing to you, doesn’t mean that you have to follow suite. Through her Twitter updates, Eilish hopes to protect her friends as well as her fans from the harm associated with peer pressure. Contact Billie through social media, and she may just make you famous…up next!

Inspired By Her Fans

As has been shown by her frequent use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Billie Eilish loves engaging with her fans. After all, Eilish has more than 56 million Instagram followers and almost four million followers on Twitter. In addition to having a significant influence on her fans, Eilish has also received some inspiration from her admirers in return.


One superfan decided to send Eilish a picture that she drew of the popstar with blacked out eyes and tears dripping down. Eilish loved this picture so much that she used it as inspiration for the creation of one of her music videos. This turned out to be the music video for her song, “When The Party’s Over”. Billie will never let the public change who she is inside…up next!

Breaking The Status Quo

While most people may be concerned with following social queues and keeping proper etiquette, Billie Eilish is not one to conform to societal norms. In fact, she is someone who embraces her quirks and enjoys flaunting her uniqueness. In addition to embracing her synesthesia and rocking an outrageous clothing style, Billie’s also displays a rebellious attitude.


Billie once stated that she prefers not to smile when taking photos. While this may seem like an unusual preference, she says that she wants to avoid feeling weak and vulnerable while posing. She also admitted that while she understands that she is a role model for many young fans, she will not allow her time in the spotlight to change who she is. Billie is completely in charge for this reason…up next!

In Control

In order to succeed in all aspects of their careers, most music artists have a team of industry professionals behind them to perform the essential music production and business functions that the artists cannot perform on their own. From backing musicians to producers, album cover designers and social media managers, there are an assortment of crucial roles that need to be filled by qualified people.


Billie Eilish is unique in the way that she generally refuses the help of others to perform such crucial functions. While her brother, Finneas, does assist her in music production, she generally takes charge of all of her music videos, social media activity and decisions regarding style. She goes so far as to say that she would rather die than give up control. Find out why Billie has two Guinness World Records at only 18!…Up next!

Exploding Onto The Scene

While she may still be a tender 18 years of age, Billie Eilish has enjoyed a rapid career climb unlike any other. Today, she is a Grammy Award-winning and American Music Award-winning artist who has earned two Guinness World Records (including youngest solo artist to win all four general Grammy Award categories) on her way to the top of the music industry.


Given her many accomplishments, it is difficult to believe that, in 2015, Billy was performing in front of crowds that consisted of just 500 people. In addition, she was over the moon when her song, “Ocean Eyes”, got a mere 1,000 hits on Spotify. Later that year, Eilish’s career gained traction and she was soon performing shows in front of more than 40,000 people. Billie recorded her debut album out of a place we have all visited…up next!

Working From Home

Having been born in Los Angeles, Billie Eilish was in close proximity to a number of major US-based record labels. From the likes of Sony BMG (that represents the likes of Beyoncé and Shakira) to Def Jam Recordings (representing Hip Hop legends such as Jay-Z), the United States boasts a broad range of esteemed labels that Eilish could have chosen to work with.


Despite being spoiled for choice, Eilish decided to pave her own road to success. While she released her debut studio album through Interscope Records, she actually recorded the tracks on her album in her brother Finneas’ home studio. This studio was actually run out of his bedroom in the siblings’ childhood home. The reason for this choice was due to the location feeling “homier”. You’ll never guess what Billie’s natural hair color is…up next!

A Colorful Career

One of Billie Eilish’s greatest selling points (apart from her music, of course), is her outrageous sense of style. Her constantly changing wardrobe filled with baggy, mismatched pieces of clothing have got plenty of her younger fans eagerly following her fashion trends. In addition to her clothing, Eilish is also effective at attracting attention with her variety of hair colors and styles.


From platinum blonde to grey, black, and patches of green on top, Billie Eilish has sported a large variety of unusual hair colors over the years. This has probably led to many, including some of her most devout fans, forgetting what her natural hair color was in the first place. Eilish is a natural blonde, as she revealed in a throwback photo on Instagram. Billie’s real name will leave you baffled!..Up next!

What Is Her Real Name?

While not every performer does this, there are a number of high-profile stars who use stage names or alter egos when appearing in front of the camera. From Eminem to Flo Rida, Pusha-T and 50 Cent, plenty of esteemed musicians go through their entire careers without making use of their birth names. In fact, some acts such as Marshmallow and Daft Punk wear helmets to prevent fans from even seeing their faces! Has Billie Eilish been hiding anything?


Well, “Billie Eilish” does form part of the pop star’s actual name, however it is not her entire birth name. Her real full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell- quite the mouthful! While it may be hard to believe, Pirate is in fact one of her middle names! Ocean Eyes was written for this person…up next!

A Sentimental Artist

While it has been established that Billie Eilish has been a singer since childhood, she also happened to partake in another artform, namely dance. Before she first broke into the music industry, Billie was a member of the Revolution Dance Center, where she and her brother developed their passion for dance.


As a tribute to her old dance studio and her dance teacher, Fred Diaz, Billie wrote her hit song “Ocean Eyes”. She then decided to take her sincere tribute one step further by recording another music video for the song in the dance studio itself. In actual fact, Billie’s original reason for recording the song was so that Diaz could have a new track to choreograph a new dance number to. This neighborhood shaped Billie’s life…up next!

A Rough Neighborhood

Typically, when thinking of a music artist that had grown up in Los Angeles, people tend to imagine a wealthy individual who has led a lavish lifestyle. According to Billie, this is little more than an overgeneralized misconception. The singer further explained that most people’s visions of her childhood are far from reality.


Billie grew up in Highland Park, an area that she described as not being the most well-kept neighborhood.  She furthermore explained that the main reason for her parents deciding to move there was because of the more affordable cost of living. In fact, some of Billie’s neighbors were even arrested by the FBI! Billie did have some beloved memories from her childhood there however, as she described Highland Park as providing a warm environment. The number one item banned from Billie’s concerts…up next!

Going Green

With her vegan lifestyle and concern for animal welfare, Billie Eilish has proven to be a popstar who cares about the world she lives in. She urged fans to watch videos published by animal rights organization PETA on how minks are exploited in the wool industry for the sake of fur slippers and mink eyelashes – an act that saw PETA award her with their “Best Voice For Animals” award.


While this is already a great deal of activism, Eilish partnered up with non-profit REVERB in an effort to take on an eco-friendly stance with regards to her live concerts. Plastic straws have been banned from use at all of Billie Eilish’s upcoming concerts, with recycling bins being made available throughout the concert venues. Find out the reason Billie has the “Midas Touch”…up next!

Eruptive Sales Figures

Naturally, a recording artist who has won five Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, three MTV Music Video Awards and two Guinness World Records, is bound to have a widespread fan base. This sure is the case with Billie Eilish, whose debut studio album went 2x Platinum in the United States with more than 2.3 million sales.


This groundbreaking album skyrocketed to the number one spot on the US Billboard 200 as well as second spot on the Rolling Stone Top 200. Furthermore, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? received a platinum certification or greater in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom while achieving the number one spot on each of these country’s charts- thereby showcasing Billie Eilish’s international appeal. Why Apple Music loves Billie…up next!

A Hit Across Digital Mediums

While Billie Eilish’s album sales may have exceeded all expectations, there is still another entertainment medium where the popstar has performed remarkably well- namely digital music streaming. Spotify and Apple Music are the leading competitors in this field, with Billie’s music performing outstandingly well on both services.


This alternative popstar has earned a colossal 15 billion streams worldwide on Spotify to date! In addition, she became the 2nd most-streamed artist on Spotify for 2019 with 6 billion streams, courtesy of her newly released debut studio album. Eilish has also become one of the most successful artists on the Apple Music streaming platform, winning the award for artist of the year at the inaugural 2019 Apple Music Awards! Find out why Lana Del Ray respects Billie so much…up next!

A Respected Industry Figure

While Billie Eilish has won over the hearts of fans and earned the respect of critics, she has also gained the admiration of another important group- her fellow music artists. While she may have been the first female artist to sweep all four major Grammy Awards in one evening, there was another artist who did so 39 years prior- namely Christopher Cross.


Upon Eilish replicating his unbelievable feat, Cross sang her praises, stating, “Congratulations to Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell for their remarkable contribution to music history. Well done. Records are made to be broken, and I could not be any more pleased with their achievement.” Lana Del Rey- an artist who Billie cited as an inspiration- also opened up about her respect for Billie, stating “I love Billie Eilish. And I feel like I’ve been waiting for this time in pop music culture.”

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